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Alia and Her Secret Power (part 3) final (Bollywood lift carry story)

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IT is the next day and varun is now in the airport field shooting for another film which has Illeana and Nargis as heroines , see varun . You need to come fast in the bike , if possible do a wheelie or some stunts , then come and stop stylishly in front of Nargis , the director says 
Sir , there is a bit of a problem, I cannot drive a bike properly, forget about stunts at all. The maximum i could do is pose with sitting on it , or maybe ride it down a slide varun says 
The director, Nargis and Illeana can’t believe what varun is saying ! How can this be possible varun ? Nargis asks, even almost all girls know how to ride a bike these days . I learnt riding a bike easily for movies, even i have seen Alia riding bikes in FB and insta . She says . Don’t show off Nargis , varun says . How about Illeana ? varun asks 
I have been riding bikes since my college days, Ileana says . I even borrow my friends bikes to roam around cities in a helmet. It is convenient and easy. Ileana says . Varun is embarrassed. Fine fine… you girls are making me feel useless. I will try riding the bike varun says
I don’t want to take any risks varun, the director says . I enquired and found out there is one stunt biker close to your height available in short notice nearby . Let the biker do the riding part wearing helmet and jacket. you just shoot for closeup shots and posing, the director says . Both Illeana and Nargis are giggling 
Varun , Illeana and Nargis are now inside the shooting van , when the bike rider arrives , Nargis you go and stand in that open field , the rider will do a small stunt and stop the bike near you . The director says . Nargis runs quite a distance and stands on the spot . 
The biker covered fully in helmet and jacket does a wheelie and rides fast close to Nargis and stops with a stoppie , oh my god ! The biker is really good ! Nargis smiles with a little fear as the biker comes too close . Cut ! The director says and asks varun to run near Nargis wearing similar jacket like the stunt rider , the rider still wearing helmet and jacket moves away now 
Varun now removes helmet and sits on the bike with Nargis sitting behind, varun ! Ride the bike a little bit ! The director says from a distance. Varun starts the bike with Nargis sitting behind and slowly struggling to operate the bike and slowly starts moving ahead , suddenly he loses balance and he falls down with a thud along with Nargis 
The biker comes running in tension while still covered Fully by helmet and jacket . Nargis is expecting the biker to help her first , but is surprised that the biker runs towards varun and is surprised when the biker easily lifts varun off from the ground on arms into a cradle ! Nargis is shocked at the strength of the slim biker !
The director is confused at what is happening there .. cut cut ! The stunt rider just lifted off varun straight from the ground into a cradle ! What strength ! The director exclaims,  and the shooting unit starts running towards varun worried as to what happened
Come on Varun, why are you letting yourself carried like a baby on the arms of the stunt rider , like a princess ! Nargis laughs , you Just had a small fall that’s all , she laughs looking at varun lifted on the arms of the slim stunt rider . Arey he had already injured his legs a few days back , his legs are hurt at the same spot now, the rider says . Both varun and Nargis is surprised that it is a female voice 
Still carried on the arms of the rider, but how does she know that I fell down a few days back ? He thinks . Also varun feels the voice is familiar and lifts up the visor of the helmet covering the stunt riders face , Varun is shocked to realize that it is Rinky ! His GF Natasha’s younger sister ! 
Oh my god ! Little Rinky not only does stunts while riding heavy bikes, but is now lifting my full weight on her arms in a cradle and standing like this ! How did this happen ! Varun thinks .
Sorry varun jiju , Rinky says . I ride bikes and perform stunts as a hobby , I did not tell others as my parents will not like it , Rinky says while still carrying varun in a cradle . Oh my god it is  Natasha’s little sister ? When did she learn to ride and perform stunts with such a heavy bike . Does her sister know about it ? Nargis asks 
Arey Natasha didi herself taught me how to ride bike , Rinky says , varun can’t believe what he is hearing ! Rinky is still carrying varun on her arms when the director and the unit comes running to the spot , what ? The stunt rider is a small girl ? The director asks in shock . Arey no sir , I am a major, i have a valid driving license too , Rinky says while still carrying varun in a cradle 
But why did you carry varun first ? You should have taken care of Nargis first , The director says . Arey she has done the right thing, she first took care of the weaker sex, which in this case was varun,  who is a male, Nargis says . And sir , varun cannot walk now , because his leg is injured in the same spot . Maybe you should shoot without him. Rinky says while still carrying varun on her arms 
Oh, in that case, take varun and Nargis with you, he says to Rinky . I will continue the shoot with the rest of the crew, the director says . Rinky is confused with varun still carried on her arms when Nargis now comes riding the heavy bike . You seat varun in front of me and sit back , she says 
Varun sitting on front of Nargis , who is now driving the bike is embarrassed to realize he is looking like a small kid taken by his mother to school, Nargis with her long legs and arms is completely dwarfing varun as he is sitting like a small kid on front , Nargis effortlessly rides the bike with varun sitting on front and Rinky at the back .
There is no ambulance on wheels near the airport field , an ambulance helicopter is available, the director calls the medical team to lift off varun in that 
Nargis rides the bike to spot where the ambulance helicopter is waiting , while flying above the ground. Bring the helicopter a little more below , the patient cannot climb , Rinky says 
Sorry madam, we cannot land the helicopter, also the ladder is damaged, you will have to raise him up, the pilot says .  Arey how do we raise him till the helicopter ? Rinky asks 
Make him sit on my shoulders ! Nargis says and squats down. Varun can’t believe the slim Nargis is suggesting to carry him on her shoulders ! Are you serious ? Varun asks . Come on, you are probably the lightest to have been carried on my shoulders, now don’t hesitate, sit on my shoulders ! Nargis says 
The helicopter pilot is surprised to see tall and strong Nargis now standing with varun carried on her shoulders like a kid .  sitting on her shoulders , varun grabs the rails and pulls himself up into it 
Varun is now lying in the airport dispensary stretcher when Alia and natash come to visit him . Nargis is already there with Rinky . I already told you not to drive bikes and all, you simply can’t ride it ! Why did you try that ? Natasha asks complaining to varun . And Rinky ! How can you let this happen to your jiju with you present there ? Natasha asks Rinky 
Sorry Natasha, if I would have been there , I would have done that stunt myself, and would never let varun in risk .. Alia says .
Enough Natasha l didi, dont you remember varun fell down from your back while being carried by you ? Why are you telling that all is his fault ? Rinky protests
Look how all these girls becoming so protective to varun ! Nargis tells to Illeana , this is how women should treat their men you know, Illeana smiles 
Soon it is the poster inauguration of varun and Alia’s movie , varun has still not recovered fully from the injury on his leg , but he can now walk slowly. See varun, you don’t need to move a lot since you are injured, just come and stand on the stage , Alia and the rest of the crew will do the rest . The director says 
The show starts , varun comes slowly to the stage trying not to limp, Alia then comes from the other side with costume and makeup, she comes near varun , how are you ? She asks . I am fine,  thank you for asking Alia , varun says . But my leg injury is still not fully recovered, i dont know how much longer i can stand he says , just then press and videographers start taking pictures
Oh, is it still nor recovered fully ? Don’t worry, i will make sure you want stand long on your feet Alia winks, and then in full sight of the press and media, she bends down, grabs varuns butt and easily lifts him up into a front lift . Varun is shocked that Alia actually lifted him up publically 
Wow, the poster is not just graphics, Alia is actually very strong ! She can lift and hold the much muscular and heavier varun on air by carrying him ! All exclaim in shock, the photo clicking gets more vigorous and varun is surprised that Alia is comfortably carrying him and posing at the cameras for a long time .
Arey Alia, how long can you lift me up and hold my full weight like that ? Is it not tiring you ? Varun asks . Of course not , Alia says while still smiling for the cameras. Did I not say that I can carry you how many times you want , how long you want ? I was not bluffing ! She says
Alia still lifting varun in a front lift starts walking towards the center of the stage, all the audience is wowed by her strength. The director can’t believe what he is seeing ! Alia, how did you become this strong ? He asks . Sir it was not easy Alia says still carrying varun, i had to do a lot of workout, exercise diet  and what not ! I hope you will compensate me adequately for this ! Alia says while acting like struggling
Alright, I will ! The director says  , thank you sir ! Alia says in jubilation and puts varun down . A press member then asks Alia in Mike . Ma’am why are you Carrying varun and not the vice versa ?
What is wrong ? Alia asks , when boys can lift girls, why should girls not lift boys ? We are stronger.  and why should boys have all the fun ? She asks
After the show, varun thanks Alia gratefully, thanks Alia , because of your secret power, this film of mine got a dhamakedar poster opening, thanks a lot ! Varun says 
Oh come on, lifting and carrying a childhood friend is nothing for a girl. What are friends for ? She asks . But your secret power is no longer a secret now Alia  ! Natasha says, the whole world knows you strength now . Oh no ! In my eagerness to help varun, i forgot that this pic will be spread everywhere !  Even ranbir will know now . My surprise plans for him after marriage is ruined now ! She says
She then recieves a call on mobile , oh no it is Ranbir… hi dear , ya . But that poster lift is photoshopped you know, the video ? Even it is staged you know, using cables and all .. Alia replies to ranbir . All start laughing
The end…..

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