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Priyanka’s secret friend – 3

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Don’t think that I have not noticed it Aman ! Neelima aunty thunders , I was just waiting for the right opportunity. and today I caught you lifted up in the arms of this guy 

Arey Aunty, I am not a guy, I am a girl ! Diana speaks from inside the helmet while still carrying Aman in cradle , and standing halfway on the staircase

What ? Neelima aunty replies in shock . Yes aunty , The person who has lifted me up in cradle is a girl , Aman says and lifts up the visor of the helmet, and pulls up her long black hair from inside the jacket 

What ?Neelima aunty is taken aback. So it was a girl who was carrying you daily and dropping you on the bike all this time ? How can a girl do all this ? She asks in shock
Come on aunty , Diana laughs , any girl can do these things , she says and continues to climb the stairs, still lifting Aman on her arms , Aman rings the doorbell
The door opens and Diana steps inside carrying Aman in cradle . Neelima aunty is still in shock
Diana now comes out still wearing the helmet and looks at Neelima aunty watching her in shock. Are you and Aman a couple ? She asks 

Come on aunty, Diana laughs . Just because a girl lifted up a boy on her arms or dropped him on her bike, does not mean that they are lovers 

Aman is just a dear friend to me, and he is injured. if we girls don’t lift and carry our boys when in need, then who will ? Diana asks 

Why Am I feeling that your face is familiar ? Neelima aunty asks in suspicion.

Arey Aunty, you too ? Many people say the same to me. Diana smiles wierdly and immediately starts her bike and zooms away

Neelima Aunty is not convinced, something is definitely wrong with this Aman, she thinks 

Aman gets a call from Priyanka the next day. Dude ! What is with this nosy neighbour aunty of yours ? Diana was saying that she was looking at you both suspiciously

Arey yes. Aman says , Neelima aunty hates me totally, pick me up from the corner of the street today, I will tell you, Aman says 

Priyanka is now standing with the bike a little distance away from her home when she notices Aman coming towards her , she is pleased to see Aman walking a little more comfortably as he is recovering well now 

Why is this Neelima aunty after you ? Priyanka asks as Aman is now sitting behind her on the bike .

That’s a wierd story , Aman says . 

Good, then tell us that today evening. Priyanka says , we are planning a small event today. And we would love to have you with us . Priyanka says 

Sure, It will be my pleasure ! Aman replies as Priyanka drops him at his college

It is evening now and Aman is surprised that neither Priyanka or Diana have come yet

A Big luxury car comes near him now. The driver speaks to Aman, Priyanka madam is inside, she has asked you to join her, get in

Aman opens the car door, he gets inside and is shocked when he looks towards Priyanka. 

Priyanka is sitting on the car seat and Nick is sitting on Priyankas lap. Aman is surprised and pleased looking at the scene

Nick, this is that guy Aman, Priyanka says while still carrying Nick on her lap and introduces Aman to him

Ahh. This is that guy who had an accident with you ? Sorry for the trouble mate. Nick says while still lifted on Priyankas lap

Hey Aman, me and Nick will be going back to US for a new project in a few days. So we were thinking to invite you to our house now. Just a small party with  friends. Can you join us ? Priyanka asks

Sure, it will be my pleasure, Aman says. The car now reaches Priyankas home, Aman is impressed by the nice house Priyanka has

Nick still sitting on Priyankas lap is in a romantic mood and is lost looking into Priyanka’s eyes .

Get up, The house has come, Priyanka says to Nick who is still sitting on her lap. What ? The house came so soon ? Nick replies. Aman is smiling now

All reach the stairs leading to Priyankas house entrance , Hey Nick, are you in mood to be “The princess” ? Priyanka asks smiling 

But we play “The Game” only when alone. Nick replies in hesitation, Are you ok with Aman being here ? He asks

Come on, Within this short time, Aman has already become a close friend to me. Priyanka smiles.
Infact He has already been lifted up by me and Diana many times, she says

What is this “Game” you both are talking about ? Aman asks in curiosity

We have been playing this game, ever since we got married, Nick says. You see, We are the usual husband and wife in front of others

But when we are alone together. She is the Man and I am the Woman. Nick says. 

I did not understand, Aman says. It means she will behave and Act like a man, whereas I will be the woman, Nick says. Infact when we both are alone, Priyanka calls me Princess, and I call her my Prince. Nick laughs

We get into the Game mode whenever we are alone and feel romantic, Nick says, don’t we Priyanka ? 

Yes my Princess, Priyanka says and comes close to him and lifts him up into a front lift in a romantic manner, still lifting him, she starts turning round and round and looking into his eyes. Slowly she lowers him and when his face is close to hers both kiss

Aman is feeling warm and somewhat surprised at Priyankas strength. 

Hey, you were supposed to be the Princess, Priyanka says to Nick while still lifting him up. Oh yes Nick says and Priyanka puts him down

What is this princess thing ? Aman asks

It means, Priyanka will lift me up like a princess and will carry me on her arms into the house like a Prince, Nick says and jumps into Priyankas arms into a cradle carry. Aman is surprised how Priyanka is standing rock solid carrying the heavy Nick on her arms, despite him jumping on her arms ! 

You look so hot when lifted in my arms, you know that my princess ? Priyanka asks and slowly starts climbing the steps with Nick lifted on her arms

goodness , this is what Priyanka meant, when she said, she has good practice of climbing steps while carrying a man in her arms ! Aman realizes 

Priyanka now climbs up the steps carrying Nick in a cradle, and Aman is following them from behind. Still lifted up in cradle, Nick brings out the key and opens the door. Priyanka now enters the house carrying Nick in cradle and sits on the Sofa

Nick is now sitting on Priyankas Lap, so Did you like our game ? Priyanka asks Aman. Yes I loved It ! Aman replies 

Nick now leaves to have online meeting with his friends in US, Priyanka now steps out with her workout gear . Come on Aman, let’s do the evening workout together in our home gym. Priyanka says

What ? You already work out at mornings daily, how do you have the strength and energy to workout again in the evening? Aman asks 

We actors are equally strong as athletes and sportspersons, Priyanka says.all of us workout twice daily, that’s why we are strong, and that is the secret of our figure too ! Priyanka winks 

Come with me, don’t waste time , Diana is already waiting in the gym ! Priyanka says and grabs him by the wrist and pulls him towards her home gym 

Aman enters the gym and Diana is on the pole dance section of the gym, Diana is looking absolutely stunning with her leg and ab muscles flexed as she is exercising with different poses hanging on the pole

Aman is mesmerized looking at the tall and gorgeous Diana when Nick also comes inside in workout gear . 

Diana now comes down from the pole and squats on the floor still holding the pole. Nick,  Aman, can you both help me with the weight training ? Diana asks .

Sure. How much weights do you want ? Nick asks . 
Arey I want you both as weight for me to workout with , Diana laughs 

Ooh.. not bad girl ! Priyanka smiles at Diana, you want to test your limits today ? Are you sure ?

Of course ! Now that they are here today, Why not take the help of the men ? Diana asks 

What is Diana asking ? The confused Aman asks Nick 

Come with me mate , Nick says 

As Diana is squatting, Nick now sits on her shoulders, Diana taking support of the pole, slowly stands up carrying nick on a shoulder sit 

Aman is shocked to see Diana lifting the heavier nick on a shoulder sit ! 

Don’t be shocked yet ! Priyanka laughs looking at Aman, even you have a part in this scene , she says 

What do you mean ? Aman asks , still in shock 

Still carrying Nick on a shoulder sit, Diana stretches both her arms towards Aman . Come into my arms , I want to carry you in cradle . Diana says 

Aman is unable to believe what he is hearing ! 

Go na. Priyanka laughs, not many men get the chance to get carried by a single girl together ! She says 

Aman comes hesitatedly near Diana, Diana still carrying Nick on her shoulders, scoops up Aman slowly into a cradle with a groan 

Aman is now lifted in cradle by Diana while she is standing up carrying nick on A shoulder sit 
Aman is still in disbelief when Priyanka starts clicking pics on her mobile . Diana soon puts both down

It is dark now and Aman is in the garden. Priyanka now arrives carrying Nick in piggyback. What ? Your Game is not over yet ? Aman asks

Nick is in the mood to be Carried today, Priyanka says while still carrying him piggyback. Do you know, Aman had never been carried before by a girl Nick ? Priyanka tells Nick

Oh…now thats surprising. But Priyanka broke that bad luck in your life na, Nick laughs while still carried in piggyback by Priyanka. Do you enjoy swimming ? Nick asks Aman 

Actually I don’t know swimming, Aman says embarrassed. Aww don’t feel so bad, Priyanka says while still carrying Nick. Marry a girl who knows swimming, and she will save you if you are drowning, Priyanka says

Nick jumps into the swimming pool wearing swimming shorts, Priyanka now comes in wearing a Bikini. Aman is mesmerized by Priyankas beautiful figure and long shapely legs

You are looking absolutely gorgeous ! Aman says in awe. Awww, am I really looking so good ? Thanks, Priyanka says and comes close to him. Amans heart is beating fast now as he looks up towards her

Since you complimented me, I think you deserve a gift, Priyanka says. What gift ? Aman asks. A dip in the pool, Priyanka laughs

Before Aman could react, Priyanka scoops him up into a cradle on her arms. Aman is still in shock when Priyanka starts walking towards the pool carrying him in cradle 

What are you doing ? Aman asks and gets scared when he notices Priyanka going towards the pool carrying him. Oh no.. HELP ! Aman shouts and hugs her tightly in fear 

Aww .. I really love it when you guys hug me tightly when lifted up in a cradle on my arms, and when I am about to throw them in the pool, Priyanka laughs 

Still carrying Aman in cradle and laughing, Priyanka jumps into the pool with him

Aman falls into the water and is struggling inside inside trying to swim when he suddenly starts rising up from the water . He looks down and realises that someone has lifted him up into a shoulder sit 

He looks forward when Priyanka rises up with Nick sitting on her shoulders. If Priyanka is there, then on whose shoulders am I Sitting on ? Aman wonders and looks down 

Hi Aman, Diana says looking up at him as he is sitting on her shoulders ! While inside the swimming pool

You were unnecessarily creating some much drama, the pool is hardly five feet in height ! Diana laughs as she is still standing inside the pool carrying Aman on her shoulders

Sorry , I panicked. Aman says in embarrassment.

Priyanka now stands up with Nick lifted on a shoulder sit . You know what is the best idea , when you have your men sitting on your shoulders? Diana says . What ? Aman asks 

Play chicken fight ! Priyanka laughs , soon Nick and Aman are pushing each other lifted on Diana and Priyanka’s shoulders.

Hey Aman, why is Neelima Aunty behind you like that ? Priyanka asks, while still carrying Nick on her shoulders

Actually, when I was young, I had written a love letter to her daughter. Aman says embarrassed as he is still carried in a shoulder sit on Diana’s shoulders

All start laughing, and what was her daughter’s reaction ? Diana laughs 

Her daughter slapped me so hard, I fell on the ground, Aman reacts with a frown. Priyanka and Diana are laughing hard now 

And not just that, She told about this to Neelima aunty, and from then, she is always spying on me ! Aman laments

Diana starts to shake while laughing uncontrollably and Aman falls down into the pool, unable to withstand the stronger Nick’s pushes 

Soon they Finish dinner and Priyanka is now with Aman and the taller Diana near the bike . Ready to send them off 

It was really special for both of you to come, thanks a lot  ! Priyanka says. Diana walks into the parking lot to get her sports bike 

Here.. Priyanka says and hands over her bike keys to Aman. What is this ? Aman asks surprised

This is the keys of my superbike, since me and Nick will be away for some years, the bike will just stay idle in the garage. Better use this and impress some girls . Priyanka winks 

What ? Really ?  Aman asks in surprise when Diana rides in wearing bikers attire and helmet. But how can I take this ? Aman asks 

Arey , give it back when we return ! Priyanka smiles 
There is one problem.. Aman says .. I don’t know how to drive a bike 

Diana and Priyanka start laughing. Aww.. come, I will drop you on my bike , Diana says

Hey, even I will accompany you ! Let’s have one last bike ride before we leave to US , Priyanka says 

Soon Priyanka is on her bike with Aman sitting behind and Diana on hers. How about we have a race ? Diana says rising the throttle of her bike 

What ? No… Aman shrieks when both Diana and Priyanka rise up the throttle , and start riding the bikes in high speed 

The end ….

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