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Welcome Back 2 (Tall Girl Story)

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Soon it is evening and Ayesha is busy in the kitchen cooking snacks for her family members , Ayesha father is feeling worried that his daughter is now much taller than his grown up son . Armaan is looking so short and small compared to Ayesha now, the dad says . And Ayesha still has some years to grow . He tells his wife 
Arey don’t worry , The mom says , these days many girls are becoming taller than boys. Armaan will do just fine , Ayesha has become tall and beautiful, both will do well for themselves, she says .
Soon it is next day, Armaan thinks to meet his friends in the neighborhood and plans to ride his dad’s motorbike, he sits on the bike which had long not been ridden, and brings it out if the garage , struggling as he is able to reach the ground with his legs with great difficulty, he somehow brings out the bike and struggling to start the bike 
Ayesha now comes out with her college bag. Ready for college, when she looks at Armaan struggling to start her dad’s bike which has not been used for a long time . Hey brother, what are you doing ? She asks . Can’t you see ? I am trying to start dad’s motorbike, Armaan says while kicking it continuously and starts getting exhausted
Here hold my bag , Ayesha says to Armaan and gives her bag to him , she then kicks the bike starter with her long leg a few times and the bike starts , Armaan is embarrassed that his little sister is now not only taller than him, but also stronger
Ayesha now lifts her long legs above the seat of the bike and sits on it, Armaan is surprised that Ayeshas long legs easily reach the ground with her sitting on the bike . Come on brother, I will ride you till your location, later i will take an bus, she says 
Armaan is surprised as his little sister Ayesha is driving the bike more comfortably than him and because of her height, she can easily maneuver the bike in many tough roads where he cannot drive easily . Take me near Sids house , Armaan says to Ayesha looking up . Oh Sid ? Ayesha reacts with a twinkle in her eye , sure I will take you there , Ayesha says . I will take a bus from there to college, she says 
I cannot understand, when you can ride this dad’s motorbike so easily , why are you taking bus to college ? He asks . 
Arey ever since I got taller and started riding motorcycle a few months back, half of the boys stopped talking to me in embarassment , and another half of boys started showing unwanted attention to me . That’s why i thought i will become less visible and be more like other girls . In that way the boys will not become uncomfortable, Ayesha says 
Soon Ayesha drives the bike and comes near Sids house , Sid is suprised to see Armaan after a long time and also that he looks so small and short sitting behind his much taller sister Ayesha . Ok brother , I will go to the bus stand now Ayesha says . Hey ! Why are you not meeting Sid ? Armaan asks . Come on, I knew you had a crush on him when small. Armaan’s says 
Arey ever since I got taller than Sid, he is also embarrassed to speak to me , also I feel wierd to speak to him while towering over him , so I try to avoid him so that we both are not embarrassed. Ayesha says . Armaan can’t believe his little sister is having so much problems being a tall girl 
Come on, I am there with you , don’t feel shy . Armaan says . Actually brother, there is another thing . Even Sids younger sister , pinky has gotten taller than you now . Ayesha says embarrassed. What ? Even that irritating little girl pinky has gotten taller than me ? Armaan realizes in shock. Actually most of my friends are taller than you bro, Ayesha says . It is like we girls are becoming taller and you boys are becoming shorter these days . 
Suddenly pinky comes in front Armaan and Ayesha , oh my god ! It is Armaan and Ayesha , pinky exclaims and stands on front of Armaan , towering above him . Armaan is a little embarrassed by the taller pinky , but he realises that she has grown into a very attractive tall girl . Arey Ayesha , you have grown taller than your brother, just like me , pinky says . Armaan then realizes that even pinky has grown taller than her elder brother Sid !
Armaan and Sid are embarrassed to realize that the little sisters of their childhood friends have also grown taller than them. Pinky brings in tea from kitchen and are chatting in the sit out of Sids house now 
Hey do we still have our childhood photos ? Ayesha asks while drinking tea . Yes ! Sid says , we have framed it and hung out on the walls of our hall you know , he says . Wait I will bring it , Sid says and goes into the hall 
Ayesha notices that Sid is searching for something in the hall , she goes in to find out what . What are you doing Sid ? Ayesha asks . Sid a little hesitatedly says that he is searching for a chair . Why are you searching for a chair ? Ayesha asks smiling and comes in front of Sid , Sid a little intimidated by the towering Ayesha says that he is unable to reach the photo frame which is hung high on the wall behind him 
Ayesha comes a little imposingly towards Sid, who goes and stands with the wall touching his back , tall Ayesha comes close to him while towering over him and easily grabs the photo frame while towering in front of Sid. Sid heart is beating fast . 
Why did you suddenly stop speaking to me ? Ayesha asks Sid while Sid is almost reaching her eyes level . because you had become so tall recently, I thought you are now too way above my level to even be friends with me , Sid says.
Fine , the vast majority of the girls are not at all interested in shorter boys, but these days many girls are becoming taller than boys , so where should they go ? I am surprised you are intimidated by a girl just because she is taller than you ! Ayesha says . Of course I am intimidated, see how you are towering over me and pushed me into a wall, and now you are standing imposingly over me . Sid says , Do you realize how hard my heart is beating now ? Sid says 
What ? Let me check Ayesha says and bends and places her ears on his chest . It is really beating very fast , Ayesha says. Does it beat so fast every time I come near ? Ayesha asks . Yes Sid says looking above at her eyes 
Why are you boys afraid of us tall girls ? There are some tall girls who find shorter boys cute you know , Ayesha says and holds Sids hands with hers and comes closer. Sid is scared to death, what are you doing ? He asks . Your brother, my sister all  are here ! Sid says 
I don’t care , Ayesha says and suddenly pins Sids hands against the wall forcefully and starts kissing his lips while forcefully pushing him against the wall , Sid is totally overpowered by the tall Ayesha and is helpless as she is kissing him from above
Armaan is wondering what is happening inside , he comes into the hall and is shocked to see his little sister forcibly pinning the shorter Sid against the wall and kissing him forcefully. Oh my god ! What should I do ? My own tall little sister is overpowering and kissing my childhood friend  forcefully against the wall ! 
Ayesha, Sid ! What in the world are you both doing ? Armaan abouts . Pinky drops the glass of juice she is holding in her hands 
To be continued…

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