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My sister grew taller(tall girl story)-3

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Sonya falls down first , Romy then slides away from the bar and falls down

Romy senses in surprise that he had a soft landing , he looks below and is shocked that he has fallen on the tall sonya

Oh No ! I fell down in my little sisters friend ! This is horrible, what will people nearby think ? He thinks

Suddenly an old lady who is looking at all this says

” Good move girl, you swiftly moved below and let this smaller boy fall over you, he is safe now “. You are Smart , she says and walks away

What ? Romy thinks , he looks below and realizes that Sonya is so much bigger than him, she easily withstood his full weight falling on her ! I cant believe this , Sonya is treating me like a little kid !

The soft feeling he is getting as he has fallen on the body of the much taller Sonya starts to turn him on slightly

Romy gets up hurriedly feeling embarrassed when the tall Sonya now stands up beside him towering over him

Are you ok ? Romy asks worried looking up at Sonya . why did you jump below me as I was falling ? You could have hurt yourself !

How can I let the only guy in our group get hurt , specially if he is my friends elder brother ? Sonya asks and hugs him tightly , she starts feeling his backside and thighs to make sure no bruises are there

Little Romy is literally crushed by the much taller and bigger Sonya, her long thick hair now covers his upper body completely and Romy is almost invisible , drowned inside by Sonyas taller body and long hair

Tanya comes riding her bicycle searching for Romy , she is only able to See the tall Sonya from afar, the much smaller Romy is totally invisible as Sonya has hugged him, completely covering him

Were you feeling scared ? Sonya asks Romy who is now totally embarrassed as he is looking like a kid in front of her .

Bending below , Sonya looks at Romy into his eyes deeply . Romy is feeling powerless when Sonya bends down and suddenly kisses him tightly on his lips

Romy is shocked and overpowered by the tall Sonya who is kissing him passionately, he is moaning in shock and pleasure now while looking above

Tanya now rides close, searching for Romy as he is totally invisible behind the much taller Sonya

Satisfied by the long and deep kiss, Sonya now stands straight while still holding Romy in a hug, Romy is breathing heavily with his eyes closed and looking up . he is feeling a little tired after the tight kiss

Sonya ? Where is my elder brother Romy ? Tanya asks as she is now walking towards her . Here he is ! Sonya says and pushes Romy to the front

Tanya is shocked to realise that Sonya is so much taller than her elder brother Romy , that he is completely invisible when she is standing on front !

OMG what happened ? And why is there dust on your pants ? Tanya asks Sonya

Romy clothes are fully clean . so it means .. Romy ! Did you push Sonya from the bicycle ? How could you be so mean ? Tanya shrieks

What ? No ! Romy protests

There is no use of giving excuses big brother ! Tanya thunders , just because your little sister has grown taller than you . You are taking revenge by harming her friends ! How could you ?

Aww.. Dont be so harsh on your brother ! it was not his fault, the tall Sonya says and hugs Romy protectively . Romy is now again crushed inside the tall Sonyas arms

Tanya looking at all this suddenly realizes in shock that her elder brother Romy is looking so small and helpless hugged tightly by the Tall sonya, that she should be more concerned about Romy now

All other girls are waiting outside the pizza shop when they notice Romy now sitting on the bicycle which is being rode by his little sister Tanya , Sonya is behind riding the bigger bicycle

Soon all have pizza, Romy and Tanya are back into their house

Romy is inside his room, sulking at how all the girls have become taller, and how humiliated he was, as all were towering over him and treating him like a kid

But more stressful for him, is when He remembers how the tall Sonya had grabbed him by his backside. and kissed on his lips, a cold chill runs over his body as he remembers it

Suddenly a knock is heard on his window . what ? Who is on the window ? Romy thinks in surprise and opens the window. He opens the window and is shocked to find Sonya hanging outside !

Hi ! Sonya smiles , dont tell Tanya I am here , and please let me in. I cannot hang for long, she says

Romy lets her in, he notices as the tall Sonya looks looks like a long serpent as she slides in through the window

Romy and Sonya are now sitting on the bed. The smaller Romy is nervous and anxious as Sonya comes close to him and looks below into his eyes

You know, I always found you cute since childhood, Sonya says and comes close breathing heavily .Romys heart is beating fast as he is looking up at her nervously

But now that he we have grown up, you are now super short compared to me ! Sonya says . Romy feels like his heart his sinking as he hears this ! So now I don’t look cute anymore ? Romy asks

No… Now you look hot ! Super hot ! . Sonya replies

Before Romy could reply, Sonya bends down and smooches him tightly , Romy is caught unawares and struggling to breath as Sonya has held him tightly and kissing him , her thick hair has covered Romys head completely and he is moaning in helplessness

Romy is enjoying being dominated and kissed by the tall Sonya, when he suddenly feels like his backside has been grabbed

Shocked he looks below to see that Sonya has grabbed his backside with her single big palm, he starts getting hard and Sonya now starts kissing him with the double the passion

She now grabs his hands and puts it on her cheeks. press it with your little palms ! Sonya says .

Romy presses her cheeks when Sonya pushes him on the bed and starts to sniff and kiss his neck, Sonya is further turned on now and holds both his hands against the bed and rolls over onto him

Look at those smaller palms and fingers , Sonya exclaims and kisses it, she then proceeds to his hands and shoulders kissing and comparing that how small it is compared to hers

Still kissing him aggressively , Sonya has pinned down the helpless Romy on the bed and pulls out his shorts with one hand. Look how little those thighs and legs are ! Sonya exclaims in passion .

Bro , I need to use your bathroom, Tanya says as she walks in opening Romys door, which he has forgotten to lock .

Tanya barges in suddenly and is shocked beyond belief looking at the scene !

Oh my god ! Who is this broken into my elder brothers room ? Overpowered and forcefully assaulting him , help ! Tanya screams

No no.. It is me ! Sonya .. She says and gets up abruptly as Romy is still lying helplessly almost crushed by the taller girl, lying on him since long

Tanyas head start spinning for a second, my own childhood friend is overpowering , and forcing herself on my helpless elder brother ! She says and sits on bed feeling uneasy

Sonya gets water in a glass and Romy comes near Tanya to give it to her . Tanya still sitting on the bed notices her brother standing and immediately pulls him towards her, making sit on her lap

Why did you not tell me bro ? That this tall Sonya was forcing herself on you ? She asks Romy who is sitting on her lap

Hey , wait a Minute ! Sonya says and sits beside Tanya, she pulls Romy from Tanya’s lap and makes him sit on her lap . me and Romy like each other ! Sonya says and hugs him tightly while he is still sitting know her lap

Ewww… How can you find my elder brother attractive ? And look at him sitting on your lap ! Like he is the woman and you are the man in the relationship

And besides , Romy is shorter by more than a foot compared to you ! How can you like him ? Tanya says and pulls the shorter Romy from Sonyas lap into hers

Romy is embarrassed that there two tall girls are treating him like a kid and pulling him turn by turn onto their laps

Of course you will find him unattractive, because he is your elder brother ! Sonya replies while hugging the smaller Romy on her lap. To me he is the hottest guy I ever know ! She says

This is too much . I cannot even imagine you both together ! Tanya stands up. Romy and Sonya also stand up now. Romy is looking up at the tall Tanya and the taller Sonya arguing amongst themselves now

Look how you both look standing together ! Tanya says . Romy looks like a child , rather than a partner to Sonya, look at the height difference ! Tanya says and compares their heights using her palm

You better stop this now ! You will never come to our house from now Sonya, Tanya says

Hey, just because you have grown taller than your elder brother, does not mean that you force your opinion on him. Sonya protests and pulls Romy towards her and hugs him bending below

Look how she is treating you Romy ! Tanya says to Romy , how will you handle the relationship where the girl is way taller than you ? Tanya asks . you cannot even handle your taller little sister now

Hey, now wait a minute , what do you mean to say ? Your elder brother cant handle any of you here ? Romy asks furiously .

Of course, you always prevented your friends coming near me, because you wanted to protect me. But now being a sister I cannot do that ? This is not fair ! Tanya replies in tears and storms out of the room crying

Tanya is now cycling fast on the road in anger , Sonya is cycling behind with Romy sitting on the front

We are sorry Tanya, please stop ! Both shout

The end

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