Shield maiden 4

Zinah is now looking at the Shield maidens reacting to the rare portions in concern as their eyes are glowing, even their nerves are now glowing as the Maidens are in agony due to the reaction

Rohan brings pots filled with cold water and splashes them on the shield maidens to cool their bodies as the proceedure now starts coming to an end. We need to light up the herbal fumes so that the shield maidens will heal soon when they breathe it in, I was lucky enough to find them in the valley caves ! Zinah says

Ahh the rare herbs whose fumes can heal even the wounded ones with deep internal injuries ! the medicinal knowledge of the Ancient shield maidens is unbelievable ! Rohan says . Stop praising me and sit on my shoulders wizard ! Zinah laughs , sit on your shoulders ? But why ?

You are aware of the ancient energy combination which shield maidens and wizards perform right ? Which is done by the wizard sitting on the shoulders of the shield maiden and their energy flow is combined ? Zinah asks . 

Of course , it was a lost knowledge which I revived through my studies of ancient scrolls ! Rohan says, you might be pleased that I have a small army of my own shield maidens in the ancient castle. I brought Amyra, Sonia and Tasha to explore the ores and I also found ancient manuscripts that this place might be a ancient hidden school for Shield maidens, Rohan says

I am really impressed ! Zinah smiles looking into Rohans eyes , I suppose you have hidden your identity from everyone, to retain your magical strength too ! She says . Rohan says in affirmative

I really have a liking for scholars and teachers you know, men of knowledge always intrigued me , Zinah says. We shield maidens might be strong, but it is the intelligent thinking men who have the power to change the world, I always respect that ! Zinah says 

I think it will be a honour to carry a Wizard on my shoulders for a shield maiden who is 3000 years old ! Zinah smiles and bows down, as Rohan sits on her shoulders, she easily rises up with him sitting on her shoulders, Rohan feels quite warm sitting on her shoulders

So what is your actual age ? Rohan asks looking down at Zinah, I am 24 ! She smiles . Impossible ! Rohan replies, you are younger than the three girls ! And your are already an elite shield maiden with fighting skills and strength I have never seen !

I had been trained since childhood master wizard ! Zinah smiles , and don’t forget the training was much more intense and rigid in those times ,she says , shall we power up ? She asks looking up at Rohan who is still sitting on her shoulders

Sure he says, Zinah powers up and Rohan suddenly feels a huge surge in energy from Zinah who is carrying him on her shoulders ! Oh my god I am feeling like riding a storm ! Rohan says as his eyes glow , Rohan point his hands above to light up the herbal fumes. Oh my god that was really intense ! Rohan says 

That’s the power of ancient Shield maidens master wizard ! And this is less than even one percent of my power ! Zinah laughs and stands on one leg playfully while still carrying Rohan on her shoulders . Do you know what a wizard does if he is not combining his powers with his shield maiden ? Zinah asks 

I don’t know ! Rohan says, he slides and sits on her single shoulder, and if he wants to get down, the shield maiden simply bows down and catches him into her arms into a cradle, that is the ettiquete, she smiles, but you are welcome to sit on my shoulder as long as you want ! She says 

Why do all the shield maidens I have seen till now have been extremely beautiful and attractive ? Even this ancient shield maiden can give the most beautiful of princesses a run for their money ! Rohan thinks as he looks into the eyes of Zinah while sitting on her single shoulder

Will you come into my arms ? We can repeat the same etiquette after thousands of years ! Zinah smiles , sure ! Rohan says. Zinah effortlessly bends down and slowly rolls him over into her arms in a cradle, Rohan is in disbelief that she shifted him from her shoulder into her arms with so much ease , Zinah kisses him on cheeks 

Rohan is cooking food for all the shield maidens as Zinah is sharpening her swords with a stone when the rest of the shield maidens regain consciousness, they have food for the night and rest up till morning. 

We need to move out of this place and reach the ancient port city of Roaden, from there I know to reach the place where Zoltan used to practice and master his wizardry, if we reach the place before him, we may stop him from strengthening again ! Zinah says 

Well what are we waiting for ? Sonia asks, we have a problem, the path which we entered is blocked as it collapsed, we have to find another route , Rohan says. Zinah, you are familiar with these parts, do we have any alternative route to reach Roaden ? He asks 

There is a hidden passage from the mines which passes through a big network of underground caves , we can reach sea shore through that path and then sail to Roaden , Zinah says. But there is a problem. what problem ? Tasha asks 

Those huge underground caves are inhabited by the half mad grey tribe, I tried to communicate with them a few days back , but it looks like the grey tribe stopped contact with rest of the humans long ago, and they survive only on self grown food, but the problem is they also consume a type of mushroom which affects the mind , Zinah says 

The type of mushroom they consume is said to reduce intelligence and increase agression, as a result the grey tribe is more dangerous and less wiser than other tribes ! Zinah says. They will likely won’t allow us, unless we fight our way through them and reach the sea shore 

This is not good, the grey tribes originally are a warring tribe known for great achievements in battle, and if they have gone half insane due to the consumption of those mind altering mushrooms from a long time, then it will be a tough battle ! Rohan thinks 

Well we don’t have any other option, Amyra says sharpening her swords, we have to pass without being caught by them and swiftly too, she says. yes, Zinah says, even I will be coming out of this anci training school after quite some time to the outside world

my fellow Shield maidens, let me gift you something because of which our sister hood was called The shield maidens , Zinah says and opens an old and dusty armour room door, she brings out the ancient shields used by the original shield maidens , the design is beautiful ! Sonia says, this sheild is really tough, but also light at the same time ! Amyra says and puts one of her twin swords in the sheath

Wow , I can easily perform strong defensive maneuvers with this single sword and shield combination! Amyra says and starts practising the shield holds . This shield was a thing of legends to us ! Tasha says, it is an honour to hold them in real. Of course, this shield is designed specifically to serve the shield maidens in battle, A shield maiden is literally unbeatable with the combination of sword and shield you have ! Zinah says 

Anything available for Wizards like us ? Rohan asks . I have an ancient metal shirt made from metal chains which can stop the strongest of arrows ! Zinah says and helps him wear it, she also gives him armoured trousers to shield his lower part of the body. For a wizard your lower part of the body has a good shape ! Sonia giggles 

All now pack food and water for the journey and are now climbing down the mines and reaching to the caves below , they have to climb down steep slopes and at one point, Amyra is standing on a rock with a big rope , all are climbing down holding the rope and strong Amyra is able to carry the weight of the whole group alone

Rohan is a little surprised at the biceps which are bulging as Amyra is carrying the weight of the whole group using her sheer strength, soon all of them reach the caves , put out the fire of your torches, let’s try to sneak outside taking advantage of the dark ! Zinah says 

It is fully dark as the whole group is sneaking through the huge caves, the cave inside is both slippery and has lots of loose rock and pebbles, the shield maidens are struggling hard to prevent any noise as they are carrying weapons and armour , they reach the middle of a huge cave when suddenly someone starts igniting torches around them

God’s save us ! The grey tribe already knows we are here Zinah says in despair ! Looks like we will get the fight we wanted, Amyra smiles, Shield maidens, perform the formation ! Sonia says. Tasha literally lifts up Rohan using her one hand and places him on her hip, Carrying Rohan in a hip lift, she runs inside the circular formation the other shield maidens have formed using their shields 

The leader of the grey tribe now comes in the front , I can smell a wizard, he is under the protection of the shield maidens ! It is very rare to find both these people in today’s time ! He laughs, 

Hand me over the wizard ! The flesh of the wizard is said to be very tasty, specially if he has been combining his strength by sitting on the shoulders of a shield maiden regularly ! The leader laughs , he has piercings and rings on all his face as the shield maidens are watching him with a defensive stance 

Don’t lie to me that there is no wizard, even now I can sense the wizard lifted on the slim hip of that shield maiden standing in between your group, hand him over and I will spare your lives ! He threatens to Amyra who is standing on the front with her Sword and shield 

Impossible ! Tasha shouts from inside and makes Rohan sit piggyback on her back, she now ties a cloth tightening Rohan to her as she is carrying him piggyback, she now’s holds her sword and shield in each hand while still carrying Rohan piggyback. Shield maidens make the formation ! Zinah says 

Tasha, Sonia Amyra and Zinah now place the shields forward and hit the shields with the handle of their swords, the shield starts vibrating and the carvings on it start glowing. Remember my fellow maidens, we should not kill anyone here, were are the ones intruding into their homes, they are only defending their home ! Amyra says , you have spoken like a true leader ! Zinah says 

The shield maidens shout and charge at the army of tribes with such force, the grey tribe warriors are literally flying on the impact by the shields, the shield maidens are charging like rhinos, they are too strong ! The grey tribe warriors shout , the grey tribe warriors are attacking with wooden clubs and stones, but they are having no impact on the Shield maidens 

The grey tribe archers are trying to Aim at Rohan as he is being carried piggyback by Tasha who is also fighting and carrying him at the same time. The shield maidens realize that the Grey tribe warriors are too weak for them, they put back their swords and start punching them with bare hands and shield with another

The shield maidens are banging their shields against their opponents and it is hitting the warriors with such force, many are falling unconscious or writhing in pain, their punches are of such force that the warriors are flying behind due to the impact and are unable to stand up 

Sonia has lifted a warrior each on both her shoulders and charging at the enemy with great force despite carrying two fully grown men together, the combined strength of many grey tribe warriors is not sufficient to push back even one shield maiden fighting there 

Tasha while still carrying Rohan in piggyback l, flips a warrior using her single arm and he flies high above before falling on the ground, Sonia has lifted up a muscular warrior on a overhead lift with ease and shouts a warcry with such ferocity that it  drowns the spirit of the other enemy warriors completely !

Realising that the warriors are totally overpowered by the enhanced shield maidens, the leader takes a bow and aims at Rohan and shoots an arrow. Tasha hits the arrow with her Sword despite being in high speed deflecting it, and is surprised at her own ability, while still carrying Rohan piggyback

Amyra smashes her shield on the leader and he flies behind and falls flat on the floor behind due to the impact, curse this shield Maiden, I think she has brocken all the bones in my body ! The leader exclaims when Sonia grabs him by the throat and using her single hand lifts him up high in the air !

We surrender, please spare out chiefs life ! All the warriors plead and fall to her feet . Sonia immediately puts him down to avoid causing any more harm to the leader . We accept our defeat , we shall be your slaves till death oh Shield maidens ! The leaders cry 

What ? We have not come here to make you our slaves ! Tasha says while still carrying Rohan piggyback, we only want a safe passage into the sea shore through your caves ! We fought with you only because you wanted to eat the only wizard alive today in this time ! Tasha says

We shield maidens are preparing to fight against a grave danger which can destroy this world we know, and the wizard is a key Ally, we will keep him safe at any cost ! Amyra says , now will you help us reach the sea shore or should we fight our way till there ? She asks

There is no more fighting to do, oh strong shield maiden, just the four of you have defeated my entire army of grey tribes ! The leader says, we have no other option than listen to what you command ! The chief says in despair 

Then the first command I have is, feed us ! Sonia says in glee. Sonia , Tasha, Amyra and Zinah are now feasting on milk and fresh exotic fruits . The girls are carrying Rohan piggyback turn by turn as they are enjoying the food and drink, to keep him safe as they don’t trust the grey tribe 

How can we be sure that the grey tribe will not poison us ? Amyra asks Zinah, don’t worry I can smell it if they put any poison, Zinah laughs, just don’t eat those mushrooms, she warns . We have to carry Rohan with us until we reach the sea shore, there is no saying when these grey tribe people will kidnap him ! She says 

It is morning and all the shield maidens come to the edge of the cave which leads to a sea shore . Zinah has been carrying Rohan piggyback all the way till the end of the cave as Rohan has fallen asleep on her back. When Zoltan cursed me into the past, I thought my life is over, but here I am getting the pleasure to carry a wizard all through the night ! She thinks on glee

Here, I have led you to the destination as promised ! The tribe leader says. Thanks for keeping your word as promised ! Zinah says, In return, I can clear the effects of the mushroom which has afflicted your mind all your life, but you must stop eating the blue mushrooms forever ! Zinah says

What ? The blue mushroom is our staple diet, how can we stop eating it ? The leader asks. Well soak the mushroom overnight and then cook it after draining the water , Zinah says . And to clear the effect of the mushroom which has veiled your minds , we have an ancient Shield maiden cure for it , but it also needs a wizard ! Zinah laughs 

The open air of the sea and bright sun wakes up Rohan who was still asleep till now as Zinah carried him piggyback. Rohan, we need to perform the ritual of mind cleansing on the grey tribe chief, so that his mind will be clear of the effect of the mushrooms he has consumed all his life ! Zinah says . 

But that will require the combined power of a wizard, a shield maiden and the patient in a single circle, we don’t have the tools to achieve that ! Rohan says remembering the proceedure he has read from the old records, you may have the thoery knowledge, but I have the practical knowledge ! Zinah laughs 

Amyra are you in a mood to carry two men together today ? Zinah asks , I am always ready ! Amyra replies . Rohan is now sitting on the broad muscular shoulder of Amyra sideways and the tribe chief is now sitting on her other shoulder facing Rohan. Stand on a single leg and Activate your power Amyra ! Zinah says . Rohan you also enable your magic and focus on the tribe leaders head ! She says 

Carrying Rohan and the tribal leader together on each of her shoulders, strong Amyra effortlessly stands on one leg and concentrated her energy and her tatoos start glowing, as the energy reaches Rohan, his eyes start glowing, he holds the head of the tribal chief as both are still sitting on the shoulders of Amyra together , the tribal chief is now screaming as his head is feeling like being washed from inside 

The proceedure is over as Tasha carrying the tribal chief in cradle now walks to the other tribe members, still carrying the tribal leader in cradle , she adresses the tribe people, your chief has become unconscious, but he will wake up after a few hours, most importantly you should not feed him with the blue mushrooms and avoid eating them yourselves, she commands 

All the tribe members bow down to Tasha who is still carrying the tribal leader in cradle now. Oh shield maidens, we have arranged a boat for you to travel to Roaden as requested, you are free to leave whenever you want, we have also stored the boat with food and water ! The tribal members say

But sailors say that Roaden is an abandoned port city with nobody living there, that place has been in ruins since centuries ! Amyra says, I know, such a place is ideal for Zoltan ! Zinah says, we will head into the cold northern part, the journey will get both cold and wet, we need to care for our master wizard like a child there ! She says

The boat is now sailing in the rough sea and the weather is really cold, the boat has only a simple roof with no rooms ,Rohan despite all the warm clothes is shivering in cold, Tasha has lifted him up on her lap and has hugged him tightly for warmth, all the shield maidens are worried primarily for Rohans health now 

We have to keep master wizard warm throughout the journey by carrying him all the way close to us, and share the warmth of our body with him ! Zinah says concerned as Tasha covers herself and Rohan sitting on her lap with a blanket together

Zinah is watching outside using an old telescope and trying to find the directions as it is raining and cold together, Sonia has lifted up Rohan in piggyback now and tied him up to her back and is performing chores as Rohan is trying to read old scrolls despite the movement as Sonia is moving 

Yes !  I can spot the Peak of Roaden under which the old port city is situated, we are almost there ! Zinah says and looks inside, Sonia is doing push-ups with Rohan still lifted up as she is working out with both their weights combined, Master wizard has gained weight thanks to being lifted and carried by us all the time, so I thought why not make use of it ? Sonia grins 

The Boat now reaches the shore , Zinah, Tasha and Sonia packs up all the supplies in their backpack and jump below to the shore. Amyra now comes near the boat edge carrying Rohan in cradle , why do you want to carry me in your arms and jump below ? Rohan asks and looks down , the shore is almost 30 feet below , oh my god it is so much below !  He says hugging Amyra tightly as she is still carrying him in cradle 

I want to be remembered in history as the shield maiden who landed on Roaden carrying the wizard on her arms, Amyra laughs and jumps below carrying Rohan in cradle, Amyra lands on the shore and absorbs the full force of their weights falling down on her legs easily, but as she takes the next step, she slips and both fall on the rocks 

All laugh when suddenly sound of drums is heard, a big group of soldiers now surround them completely with sharp weapons, oh great, we are in trouble again ! Zinah says to herself

To be continued ……

Zinah is now looking at the Shield maidens reacting to the rare portions in concern as their eyes are glowing, even their nerves are now glowing as the Maidens are in agony due to the reaction