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Alia and Her Secret Power (part 2) (Bollywood Lift Carry Story)

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A couple of days later , Varun is back in the parking lot of the same studio , when Alia again comes in autorickshaw, Arey Alia , your driver is still sick ? He asks surprised
Ya varun, my driver is still very sick and has not recovered yet , again I had to cover my face and search for an auto , Alia says . Varun notices that there is no power again. Look Alia , there is no power again, shall we wait till generator is on ? Varun asks 
Eh.. not really . And varun , can I ask a favor from you ? Alia asks . What is it ? Varun asks . Because the driver is sick, I missed my gym today, can you help me have a workout for today ? She asks with a grin . But How can I help you a with your workout ? Varun asks 
Aah…you don’t need to do anything, you must just let me carry you on my arms , you know into a cradle , like a child ? Varun can’t believe what Alia is asking ! You want to carry me on your arms like a child ? What is wrong with you ? Arey it makes a good workout ! Alia says . Since I have to carry you anyways in the photo shoot, this will be a good warm up, come na, Alia pleads and stretches her arms towards varun, inviting him to let her carry him on her arms 
Varun knows that if a much slimmer Natasha can cradle him, Alia can easily too , he goes near her and hugs her from the side when Alia easily sweeps him off his feet, Varun is surprised at the ease with which she lifted him ! Still standing with varun carried cradle , Alia then says, Varun .. I have an idea 
Varun is not getting a good feeling from her tone, still carried on her arms , he asks .. what ? Now that I am already carrying you cradle on my arms, shall I climb one floor of steps while lifting you ? Alia asks
Varun can’t believe what Alia is saying ! There is a limit for overconfidence Aalia , how can you climb up those stairs with a fully grown muscular man carried on your arms ? Varun asks . Alia starts laughing while still cradling varun, Arey I can climb steps at my home carrying Rahul bhaiyya , compared to him , you are lightweight ! Varun though shocked does not beleive her .. come on . Don’t bluff he says 
Arey I am not bluffing ! Alia protests , I always loved carrying the menfolk of my home, even from childhood . Be it Rahul bhaiyya or daddy ..  what you can carry Mahesh uncle ? He is so fat.. and heavy ! Varun exclaims
How dare you call my daddy fat ? Alia thunders while still carrying Varun in cradle , Varun gets a little intimidated as Alia stares at him with her big eyes angrily while still carrying him . My daddy is so cute , like a big teddy bear . I love to lift him up in a bear hug and turn around carrying him. It is such a cute feeling . Alia says 
Come on, what kind of a girl will lift her father ? Varun asks . What is wrong ? Alia asks , father’s struggle to bring up their children when kids, that’s the least they deserve , Alia says . Now enough of arguing Alia says while still cradling varun , and walks towards the steps
Varun gets a little nervous and hugs her more tightly while still carried on Alias arms , he then is shocked when Alia starts climbing the steps slowly while still carrying his full weight on her arms ! I never imagined that my childhood friend Alia would one day climb steps carrying me in a cradle like a princess ! Varun thinks 
Varun is further shocked when Alia climbs up one floor of steps while still cradling him ! Alia is now sweating and breathing a little faster. I think you’re tired now Alia, better put me down , varun says. Arey no ! I am enjoying this ! Alia says , I am planning to carry you another floor after a break Alia says and puts varun down 
After a minute of resting , Alia then says , come hop onto my back, i will climb the stairs piggybacking you ! Varun by this time is fed up of being lifted , arey I had got lifted enough for today, let’s climb the steps he says . NO ! Alia says , today was leg day for me , if you cannot hop onto my back, then stand still and hug me from behind, I will lift you from ground on my back she says . Varun disinterested hugs her from behind , but is surprised at the ease with which Alia bends down between his legs and easily lifts him up onto her back from the ground , into a piggback
Oh my god, this girl lifted me up so easily as if this is a daily business for her ! Varun thinks while carried on a piggback now by Alia . So how does it feel to be carried in a piggback by your childhood friend varun ? Alia asks , as she starts walking towards the stairs . Actually I am feeling very warm, comfortable and safe carried by you Alia , varun says
Alia is glad hearing this , thank you varun, I think i am very previliged for being able to carry the men in my life she says and starts climbing the stairs slowly while piggybacking him. 
Tell me one thing Alia , when the director first suggested that you lift me , why did you act so delicate and weak in front of him ? Whereas the real fact is you are strong enough to even carry me on stairs ? Varun asks
Alia carrying varun piggback stops on a step and bounces him up once on her back , Arey this is showbiz na , She says. If I readily agree to what directors ask, then they will take us for granted she says , she then looks above at varun who is carried on her back . Now I will claim I am working out hard for this and ask for extra compensation . Alia smiles and winks at varun 
Varun can’t believe what Alia is saying ! Alia now climbs up another floor of steps while piggybacking varun . Ok Alia , it is enough, varun says . If the director gets to know that you were only acting weak and delicate. But in fact are super strong and can carry all the men around you , then forget that extra compensation he says . Oh ya . Better not risk that Alia says and puts varun down 
Oh and varun….let this be out little secret ! Alia says and winks . Ok , varun laughs . Soon both reach the shooting spot when varun and Alia notice that even Illeana and Nargis are present there . Arey hi Nargis and Illeana , such a pleasant surprise ! Alia exclaims. Hi you both ! Illeana replies . 
We thought we will meet up with you guys and wait till varun is done with the photo shoot, Nargis says . And later Varun can join us for our movie shooting ,she says . Good idea. Alia says , and oh my god Illeana , you are looking so gorgeous in the saree ! Alia compliments her . Soon all the three girls get busy chatting 
Ok Alia and Varun, the director says . Let’s do the photoshoot now , varun is a little nervous and holds Alias hands , Alia then whispers to varun. Look varun, I will now act delicate and weak like before, if the director insists, then only I will just carry you briefly and put you down , like I am struggling, you just play along with it and don’t tell how strong I am really . Alia says 
Don’t worry Alia, I will keep your strength a secret , varun winks . Sir .. Alia speaks out loud . I already told , It is next to impossible to lift varun, can we try using graphics or photoshop ? Alia asks 
No ! The director says , it will not look authentic. 
Arey what is wrong ? Nargis asks . The director is asking me to lift varun for the photoshoot ! Alia says . You only tell him na, how difficult it is for a girl to lift a man ! Alia says 
Arey , because you are a girl, it should be easy to lift a man Alia  ! Nargis says . Varun is giggling. What do you mean ? Alia asks . Arey Girls are naturally stronger than boys , from where i come from , women lift men all the time, even in function and celebration, women lift their men . Some countries in that region even hold husband carrying competition ! Nargis says 
Alia can’t believe what she is hearing ! Maybe your country girls are super strong and like to show off , Alia says . Arey it is not about showing off,  we just show how much we value and cherish our men , Nargis says . And besides what kind of a girl would refuse to lift a cute guy like varun , Nargis winks . Varun cheeks are getting pink
The director is wondering, Nargis.. if you don’t mind , can you try to lift up varun ? Maybe we can use the pic morphing Alia’s face for the poster ? He requests. Arey sure ! Nargis exclaims . Come here my baby , Nargis comes towards Varun . Varun already intimidated by the tall Nargis is a little tense 
Wait wait .. varun says and before he could react , Nargis embraces him and grabs him by his butt and easily lifts him up into a front piggy . Oh my god varun is fitting so comfortably carried on my body , Nargis exclaims and starts jumping a bit . Varun shocked at the strength of the tall and strong Nargis is scared and hugs her tightly while still carried in a front piggback 
Aww .. look, he his hugging me more tightly , Nargis exclaims and starts feeling his butt . Oh my god ! This is so gross .. Alia exclaims . Yeah , the director says , Nargis is much taller than Alia and taller than varun too. Look, he looks like a little koala bear carried on a much larger woman, like a child ! It will look unrealistic even with photoshop , the director says .
What ? But I am liking it so much carrying varun, Nargis says while still carrying varun . Arey you will have plenty of opportunity to lift varun in the coming film, now put him down na , Alia says .. Nargis puts him down with a frown. I am not going to leave you , Nargis says and slaps varuns butt . Varun comes near Alia fully embarrassed 
Come on sir , Nargis is tall and strong, how can a slim and shorter girl lift and carry boys ? Alia says , Let’s ask Illeana here , Alia says . Don’t you agree with me Illeana ? How can  Slim and average height girls like us lift and carry boys ? Alia says 
Actually I don’t agree with you Alia , Illeana says , I have been in acting and dancing classes and shows since young age , and in all places , I had a reputation. What reputation ? All ask
I was known as “That girl who can lift all” , Illeana says . What ? All exclaim in disbelief , yeah . I mean how hard it can be to lift boys ? It is more to do with attitude and technique , Illeana says . I mean Varun is a light weight guy for me , Illeana says . Alia thought impressed by Illeana confidence,  acts like she is surprised
Actually, I am wearing a saree , otherwise , I would have offered the director to help before itself she says … But wait .. Illeana says , maybe i could carry him on my hip, Illeana says
Wow ! Alia thinks for herself whereas varun feels warm just imagining himself on the slender hip of Illeana. Come na , Illeana says to varun and slides the pallu from her hip, either you jump , or hug me sideways and i willl bend down between your legs and lift you up , she says pointing her arms towards him 
Varun is in two minds, he is already feeling turned on by the slender Illeana who is looking very sexy in saree . But what if he gets an erection ? He is wondering. Come na , Illeana says , varun hesitatedly comes near her , Illeana hugs varun from the side and easily bends down between his legs and lifts up his full body weight on her hips ! 
Sir , is this pose ok ? Ileana asks while carrying varun on her slender hips wearing a saree. The director and Alia , Nargis are  speechless as the scene is looking too sexy , varun starts feeling warm . Arey this scene looks more like a poster of an adult movie Alia laughs nervously. Illeana, you look so hot and sexy carrying varun on hips .
Oh do i ? Shall i change the pose a little ? Ileana asks and bounces varun once on her hips , varun is getting desperate. Alia please do something ! All the girls here are lifting me except you . How long should i get lifted like this continuously ?  Varun asks 
Arey , leave it sir , Alia says . I will somehow manage to lift varun, no need to tell others to do it , Alia says . Illeana puts varun down from her hips, when varun says he needs to go to bathroom and leaves 
Soon photo shoot happens and Alia acts delicate and weak , but she is lifts varun just long enough for photos and asks to finish the shoot soon telling she has back pain . 
I just hope Ranbir does not know how strong I am and how easily I can lift boys , Alia says while drinking coffee, why is that ? He does not like you being strong ? Will it hurt his male ego ? Varun asks 
Arey no ! he loves getting carried by girls ! Alia says . What ? Varun is shocked ! He always pesters me to carry him and i somehow find excuses not to ! Alia says. But what is wrong to carry him ? Varun asks . Actually i want to surprise him . Alia says with a smile .. what surprise ? Varun asks 
When we get married , the first night , as soon as he closes the door , i want to sweep him off his feet into a cradle , then i want to carry him all the way to the bed on my arms , and then throw him on the bed and pounce on him. Alia says extatically, imagine the look on his face when he realises that his weak and delicate wife is actually super strong and can lift him easily !
Varun starts laughing, what kind of a fantasy is that ? Bride lifting up groom and doing a role reversal ? How funny , he says . Don’t laugh so much Alia says Taunting him , now that Natasha has found out that she can lift you so easily , imagine what wil happen with you on the first night ! Alia says 
Varun stops laughing, when the director comes inside . Varun , tomorrow there is a bike stunt scene near the airport runway . Be ready for the shoot he says and leaves .. varun is nervous, what happened varun ? Alia asks, why are you worried ?
Actually I dont know how to ride a bike properly varun says 
What ? Alia exclaims in shock 
To be continued…

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