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My sister grew taller(tall girl story)-2

by rickishi
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Hi Tanya ! her friends shout and come inside

Has Sonya also come ? Oww. I must meet her ! Romy who has a crush on her, thinks to himself

Tanya stands in front of the door to greet her friends. Romy stands beside her, searching Sonya

Hi Tanya, hi Romy ! all the girls greet them both after parking their bicycles

Hey Girls ! Can you Guess what has changed between Me and Romy ? Tanya asks the girls

What has changed ? The girls ask looking among themselves

How come they did not notice ? Tanya thinks and looks at Romy. Romy is standing one step higher than hers, and both are now appearing the same height

Oh.. That’s why they couldn’t make out ! Tanya realizes

Tanya now climbs up and stands on the same step on which Romy is standing

Oh my god ! Tanya has grown taller ! All her friends exclaim in excitement. I can’t believe she has grown so much in just a few days ! her elder brother Romy is dwarfed by her ! The girls comment

Sonya who has bent down to tie her shoe laces , hears what the girls are saying. What ? Tanya has grown too ? She asks and stands up

Tanya is surprised and Romy is shocked to realise that Sonya has grown way more taller, and appears taller than all the girls there now !

What ? Sonya was so little a few months back , and now she is looking like a beautiful giantess ! What does her parents give her to eat man ? Romy thinks in despair

Wow Sonya ! You look like a tower amongst us girls ! Tanya exclaims in shock realising that Sonya is way taller than her too now .

Hey, we have grown taller too, you know ! the other girls say together .

hey come in you all ! Lets see who has grown how much ? Tanya says in excitement

Congrats baby ! Sonya says and holds her hand. You are now officially the tall girl in our group ! She says

Sonya now stands in front of Romy, Romy is feeling humiliated standing on front of such a beautiful and tall girl , whose shoulders is as tall as Romys head

Hi Romy, Sonya greets with a deep voice , looking below at Romy

Romy is unable to reply anything as he is still in shock. Goodness, This Sonya has grown taller than even Tanya ! Romy thinks . I will be looking like a dwarf to others eyes now !

Tanya and her friends now enter the house on by one, Romy follows them and is jumping and trying to compare his height against the tall Sonya as she is walking ahed

All the girls are sitting on the sofa and chair, Tanya is now standing in between with Romy beside her, see ? I grew so much in just a few days !Tanya says comparing her height with Romy

Romy is looking embarrassed as the girls are now giggling. Your elder brother was never tall in the first place Tanya. Sarah says

What do you mean ? Romy asks surprised. Romy is hardly taller than any of us girls here, Sarah says. I think even I am taller than him, she says and stands beside him comparing heights

This is too much ! I had enough of you girls making fun of me, I am leaving he says and turns to leave

Tanya hugs him from behind bending down and stops him. Don’t feel so bad bro. She says, we were just having fun that’s all. She says

Romy is now heating water to make tea when he realizes that the tea powder is stored on the top shelf. He is struggling to reach it when he senses someone standing behind him

Some one from behind grabs Romys hand as he has held it up trying to reach the top shelf. Romy is shocked as the hand is really soft, but her hands are way bigger than his !

what ? it is looking like a mother has held her child’s hand ! Who is this ? Romy thinks and turns behind and looks up

It is the Tall Sonya , Romy leans towards the platform taken aback by such a tall girl standing so close to him .

Hey, you are leaning towards the stove , you will get burnt ! Sonya says and grabs Romys waist from behind in one hand and pulls him towards her

Romys face is now smothered against Sonya ! Romy is both embarrassed and turned on by what just happened ! Romys cheeks turn pink as he looks above towards Sonyas face high up

What is the matter Romy ? You were always the stronger and responsible elder brother of Tanya, since when did you start becoming so careless ? Sonya asks while still holding the smaller Romy in a hug and looking below at him

Still holding Romys smaller palm inside her bigger palm, in another hand, she presses his palms and pulls him closer . Sonyas long hair now touches Romys forehead

Romy is totally scared as he is being hugged by a much taller girl in her arms , as she is looking at him below into his eyes

Just then , the other girls in the hall who are chatting amongst themselves unawares, start to laugh loudly and Sonya comes back to her senses . she reaches the tea jar from the top shelf and gives it to Romy

Thanks Sonia, Romy says in embarrassment. it was my pleasure, Sonia smiles, if you can’t reach any high place, please remember to call me.. Ok ? Sonia says

Hey Tanya ! A friend asks . now that you have grown taller than your elder brother , have you asked to take his bigger bicycle ? You always had eyes on it na ? She asks

Of course , Tanya says beaming with pride , the tallest member of the house will ride the biggest bicycle , is it not ? She says looking at the embarrassed Romy

What is wrong with today’s girls ? all have grown so much taller than me ! Romy thinks in despair. Worst thing is Sonia is the tallest among them ! And I always had a crush on her ! Why did this happen to me ?

No girl will like her boyfriend to be someone more than a foot shorter than her ! My heart is broken now

Hey girls ! Tanys suggests , how about we go to this new place for pizza ? It’s been long since we went out together riding our bicycles.

Ya, that’s a great idea ! All the girls agree .

All come out and stand with their bicycles . There is a bicycle short now when Tanya comes in with Romys bicycle which has its seat adjusted highest

Wait girls ! Sonya says . Who is the tallest girl in this group ? She asks

You of course ! The girls reply

Then Who gets to ride ride the tallest bike ? Sonya asks

Of course you ! The girls says . Tanya hands over Romys bicycle to sonya

And who gets the privilege to carry the only boy in our group on her bicycle ? Sonya asks

You of course ! The girls giggle

Romy is crying from inside !

Yesterday my little sister, and today, my little sisters friend is riding my own bicycle ! With me seated on the front bar ! How much more should I feel shorter and smaller in front of these tall girls

All girls start riding their bicycles , Sonya lifts her super long leg and easily sits on the seat of the bicycle. Come ! she invites Romy and points to the front bar

Romy embarrassed, comes and sits on front bar, he feels warm as the tall sonya bends towards him to grab the handle, and comes real close to his face

Shall we start ? She whispers into his ears bending down

Romy gets a feeling that tall Sonya does not have good intentions . she starts the bike and starts pedaling with him sitting on the front bar

Sonya now starts riding the cycle and is in good speed, when she suddenly makes a wrong turn , the other girls are far ahead riding on without realising that Sonya with Romy sitting , has turned the bicycle to another way

What Are you doing ? Romy asks looking above in difficulty as Sonyas long thick hair is blocking his view in the wind

I wanted some time alone you know . sonya replies and while still pedaling with the scared Romy on the front bar, leaves both her hands from the handle and rises them in the air

Romy is shocked ! Sonya is enjoying the breeze with her long thick hair caught in the wind and her hands up in the air with Romy sitting on the front .

Hey ! What is wrong with you ? Romy asks shocked and holds the handle of the cycle steady as it moving ahead without control

Tanya and her friends are now already in the restaurant and all pick a table and sit on the chairs

Listen now girls ! Tanya announces, Now that we have all grown taller, all the shorter guys are below our range from now on. If a guy is short, then don’t even speak to him !

Of course! but that will also be a problem, except Sid, Ricky and Jay. All boys are shorter, and as more and more girls are getting taller, the boys are seeming to get shorter ! Sarah says

Yeah, it will start becoming a competition for us girls ! some girls will have to date shorter boys , whether they like it or not . another girl says

No way ! Other girls say . shorter boys are like …eewwww !

Maybe Sonya is the only person who can do that, she is the only girl among us , who has a thing for short boys you know . she finds them hot ! Sarah says

Hey , wait a minute ! Tanya says looking around , where is Sonya ? And where has she gone taking my elder brother !

I am so happy today ! Sonya exclaims in glee . I am riding the bicycle in a carefree manner , alone with You ! The tall sonya says and hugs the smaller Romy bending below tightly , who is still sitting on the front bar of the cycle

Romy sitting on the front bar of the bicycle, and somehow keeping the cycle steady is totally crushed inside the long and strong arms of the taller Sonya , he loses control and both fall from the bicycle

To be continued ….

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