The Shield Maiden-5

Halt ! Nobody touches the daughters of the kings ! The commander of the army comes riding . All these shield maidens are the daughters of the kings , they are on a mission to stop Zoltan ! The commander says, and looks at Zinah

But I don’t know who this shield maiden is ! He says and lifts up his helmet from his head . Emsel ! It is my father’s commander in chief ! Amyra shrieks in disbelief and happiness, she runs towards Emsel and easily lifts him up into a front lift , all the soldiers are taken aback to see their commander lifted up so easily by a younger woman

Oh my god Amyra, you have grown much stronger and bigger than last time I saw you ! He exclaims feeling her hard shoulders and biceps while still lifted up by her . But how come all of your are here ? Amyra asks

Your father and the kings of all the region came together to help you shield maidens , how can your fathers let you girls fight this war alone ? Emsel laughs looking at Tasha, Sonia as Amyra puts him down . Oh my god ! Our father’s have arrived too ? They ask in happiness

Yes, all the kings have assembled near the old fort near the peak of Rhoaden with whatever army and warriors they were able to muster, we have been expecting you all at any moment ! Emsel says . But I don’t understand, how did you all know that we will come here ? Tasha asks

Actually I had sent messages to all your fathers ! Rohan says , We have been preparing a paralled front against Zoltan since some time ! Rohan says. Master wizard, you are quite a strategist ! Zinah smiles looking into his eyes , Tasha and Sonia nudge at Amyra

Tasha and Sonia also reunite with their father’s who are kings and are surprised that Rohans small army of shield maidens have also arrived for the battle from the old palace

Have we already spotted Zoltan yet ? Amyra asks . By my calculations and the old texts, Zoltan was cursed by the desperate wizards with the maximum possible time of 3000 years, and by the description of the texts , it should surely be tomorrow at noon ! Rohan says after consulting the mathemeticians and scholars

Just then even the grey tribe warriors arrive on boats , Amyra is surprised that even the grey tribes have become allies to them . You know how to make friends well Amyra ! Zinah says looking impressed

Sonia, Tasha and Amyra are now spending time with their father’s in their respective tents while Zinah is sharpening her swords and cleaning her armour in the camp . If we suppose win this war by actually defeating Zoltan, what will you do next ? Zinah asks Sonia, Amyra and Tasha as they are know eating together

I want to go back to my kingdom and take over the rule from my father, he is too tired now ! Tasha says. I will go back and open a Shield maiden school ! Sonia says raising her glass. I want to go back to the old fortress of Rohan and play with Koi ! Amyra says . All the girls spit out the wine from their mouths in disbelief

You mean that chubby cow shepherd koi ? Are you in your senses ? Tasha asks . From where on earth did you get a liking for an irrelevant cattle herder like koi ! Sonia asks laughing. He would only visit us twice a day to sell Milk and fruits, how did he befriend you ?

I don’t know, I somehow miss that chubby shepherd ! Amyra says feeling embarassed, infact I always get a feeling he is nearby at all times, ever since we left to the mines ! She says looking around. hold on to your senses girl , who knows he might have come with the army to sell Milk and cheese here ! All the girls laugh

It is almost midnight and Amyra comes out of her tent, Zinah is meditating On a small rock as her tattoos are glowing slightly, Amyra thinks she should meditate too when she suddenly hears a tune from a flute in a distance, that’s is Koi ! Amyra realises in disbelief

Amyra barges into the forest uprooting small trees on the way and jumps a steep hill landing on a small clearing, she runs full speed inside the forest and looks in disbelief as it is really Koi sitting on a tree branch and playing his flute ! Strong Amyra grabs the tree branch and breaks it , Koi falls down and is looking with his mouth wide open as he is caught by Amyra in her arms

Before Koi says anything, Amyra smooches him tightly , Koi is helpless as he is lifted in a cradle by a super strong woman with huge muscular arms and being kissed forcefully ! He is just mumbling helplessly when Amyra lifting him in cradle jumps out of the forest carrying him effortlessly and takes him into her tent

How were you able to come here ? I missed you so much ! Amyra says carrying him on her lap and hugs him. I accompanied the remaining shield maidens from Rohans old palace ! Koi says. By why take so much risk and come all this way here ? Did you come for me ? Amyra asks looking deep into his eyes , while still carrying him on her lap

Yes my princess, I was not able to live a day in peace without you in front of me ! Koi says. I love you ! Amyra says and smooches him tightly again while still carrying him on her lap . I must leave now my princess, I have lot of work to do for the morning ! Koi says. Please come back later ! Amyra requests holding his hand as he is about to leave . As you command my princess! Koi says

As Koi steps out of the tent , Zinah is standing there, she smiles at Koi with a sarcastic expression as he leaves. Zinah, why are you roaming around carrying a big pot with you ! And what is this sticky thing inside the pot ? Eww ! Amyra exclaims in disgust

Relax princess ! Just apply this potion to all your weapons, I have prepared this and supplying to all the soldiers, this is a special poison we shield maidens use to face opponents who use magic ! Zinah says

Even a very little amount is enough to stun a wizard , if it enters his skin through a sharp object , his spells and attacks immediately becomes weak ! Zinah says. Rohan has specially recommended this to all the soldiers ! Zinah says

It is morning and all the shield maidens and Rohan are busy preparing for the battle. Rohan has meditated all night and the shield maidens have sharpened their weapons and applied the potion provided by Zinah

The kings soldiers have also formed special groups and have even brought their war machines with a big squad of archers and spearmen . Remember soldiers, the Wizard is really powerful, but he is still one man , whenever we are facing him, we have to attack him together with multiple fronts, he will not be able to face all the attacks together and will be vulnerable at some point ! Zinah says announcing them while riding a horse

This ancient shield maiden is a very efficient commander! Amyras father exclaims , Emsel is heading his own army of archers and is ready to command as per Zinahs direction. Suddenly the sun starts getting dull. Rohan starts feeling the presence of a powerful wizard , he looks up as the sky seems to be pierced by a bright light . He is here ! Rohan announces

A large bubble appears and an old wizard wearing the same attire as seen by Amyra and shield maidens in the time bubble in Rohans old palace is seen again. It is Zoltan, after a travel in time through 3000 years , he has grown half insane and double angry. Curse these people ! He shouts as his voice echoes through the whole of Roaden , Zoltan is using his magic and is floating on air

Oh my god ! This wizard is capable of even flight ! How is this possible? Emsels shrieks , Archers ! Shoot arrows towards him together ! He commands . The archers start firing arrows towards Zoltan, these soldiers are hopeless he says , I have been away for three thousand years and the people have become weaker ! He laughs

The bubble created by Zoltan around him is also a strong shield and the arrows are unable to pass through it , Emsel commands his war machines with huge sharp arrows with metal heads to point towards Zoltan, Tasha and Sonia are single handedly carrying the giant heavy arrows each and placing on the huge catapults, which is possible only by
efforts of twenty men together.

Zoltan notices the tattoos of the shield maidens and realizes that they have survived to this day. Amyra is shooting heavy arrows with her huge bow , but it is unable to pierce his bubble. The huge metal arrows shot by Emsel starts affecting his bubble when Zoltan gauges the situation and plans to attack

Zoltan chants spells and suddenly from the clear sky, fireballs start raining on all the soldiers , Shield maidens , make formation! Zinah commands and all of them take out their shields and protect themselves, the soldiers also take out their shields

Just then Zoltan chants spells and out of thin air, there are multiple zoltans raining firebolts on the army ! The arrows and bolts are passing through Zoltan now without affecting him at all. Rohan concentrates and realizes that he needs to attack the main Zoltan and these are just his reflections

Rohan is trying to sense the real Zoltan, when Zoltan also figures out that there is a wizard in the army , Zoltan throws powerful firebolts towards Rohan, the soldiers on the way are sent flying as the firebolts have a lot of power and are exploding too, a firebolt is on way towards Rohan when Zinah jumps in between and puts the ancient shield , the shield absorbs the immense power of the bolt and Zinah is pushed back by the inpact, the marks on the shield is glowing

Looking at the marks on shield which glowing makes Zoltan realise that there are ancient shield maidens too among the army ! Maybe I underestimated the enemy ! Zoltan thinks when Amyra has climbed up a rock and is planning to jump on the floating Wizard when opportunity comes from the top of the rock

Rohan spots Amyra and runs towards the bottom of the rock drawing Zoltan near to her location , the soldiers are still firing arrows when Sonia and Tasha start throwing heavy metal spears towards Zoltans protective bubble , Zoltan despite so much attacks is concentrating on Rohan

Amyra, I just figured out, the ancient shield which you have is capable to pass through the magical bubble of Zoltan ! Rohan shouts . Just then Zoltan flies towards Rohan and is within the jumping distance of her. Zoltan is firing bolts at Rohan and is flying towards him carrying a sword when Amyra jumps towards Zoltan holding the shield on front

The ancient shield passes through the bubble with Amyra behind, Amyra still on air gives a strong punch on Zoltans chest, the powerful punch from Amyras muscular hand disorients him and he falls down on the ground

Zoltan is now without the magic bubble and all his reflections disappear. Shield maidens, Soldiers , attack Zoltan ! Emsel and Zinah shout together.
The poisoned arrows have made cuts in Zoltan now and his powers are decreasing

All run towards Zoltan who has fallen down when suddenly Zoltan sits up with his eyes glowing , he chants a spell and creates an explosion which throws everyone behind

Except the super strong shield maidens , all are now on the ground almost unconscious, Shield maidens, create formation ! Amyra says and all bring out their shields.

You fools, do you half powered shield maidens with this amateur wizard, feel you can fight an accomplished wizard like me ? Zoltan shouts with his blood shot eyes looking at them

We might not be as strong as you , but we will make sure you will suffer ! Zinah thunders and bang their shields with their swords, the sword and shield both start glowing . Zoltan is further worried . Zoltan starts throwing powerful firebolts , the strong shield maidens withstand the powerful strikes with their shields, the ground which they are starting also starts to crack

Impossible, no human being can withstand the powerful firebolts by me ! Zoltan thinks when the shield maidens start coming closer. Zoltans firebolts now start damaging, the big rocks nearby . A boulder comes loose and is about to roll over Rohan when Zinah comes below it and lifts the huge boulder overhead !

Impossible ! A shield maiden so much powerful like the ones who were in my time ? How Zoltan thinks. Zinah now shouts carrying the huge boulder and throws it towards Zoltan, Zoltan barely manages to escape and avoids being crushed by it

Zoltan reforms the bubble when Sonia, Tasha and Amyra start punching the magical bubble with so much power that the bubble starts getting weaker . Zinah now holds the shield in front and barges towards Zoltan like a rhino and the bubble collapses , Zinah now hits Zoltan with her shield with such intensity that he flies behind and falls into the ground

All the shield maidens now attack Zoltan, Zoltan draws out twins swords of his own from behind and they both glow , you fools. the combat technique of shield maidens have been mastered long back by me, now taste my powers ! Zoltans says

Zoltans twin swords glow of different colors and each strike by them has much more impact than they appear to. The shield maidens strike one behind other with coordination and techniques , but Zoltan seems quite skilled and strong as he dodges the strikes and even counterstrikes with great impact

Amyra, carry me on your shoulders, Rohan says .What are you going to do ? Push me for another 3000 years ? You cannot do that , you don’t have that skill ! Zoltan laughs

Sonia and Tasha are now striking Zoltan one after the other with their twin swords, when Zoltan decides to throw them all into the future, I had enough of your flies ! He says and starts chanting spells . Zinah carry me on your shoulders ! Rohan says , Zinah easily lifts him up by armpits and places him on her shoulders.

Amyra, carry Zinah on your shoulders , I need two shield maidens one on top of the other to pull off this magic ! Rohan says. Amyra bends down and slowly lifts up zinah on her shoulders, Zina is now sitting on Amyras shoulder, whereas Rohan is now sitting on Zinahs shoulders

Both of you power up ! Rohan says. Zinah and Amyra both have their tattoos glowing, the combined power of both shield maidens , Rohans eyes are now glowing brightly . A wizard who does not even know the basics will throw me into the future ? Impossible! Rohan laughs as he tackling Sonia and Tasha

Rohan now suddenly chants a spell and throws a mirror above, the mirror reflects sunlight towards Zoltan when Rohan transfers the combined powers to the mirror, the beam from the mirror suddenly gains both intensity and heat and suddenly There is a big glow

Zoltan is now gone and only ashes are left of him. All the shield maidens are in disbelief ! That was it ? You burnt Zoltan to ashes ?

How did this happen ? Amyra asks above to Zinah who is sitting on her shoulders, I have no idea, what did you do ? Zinah looks above asking Rohan who in turn is sitting on her shoulder

Nothing, I just combined the powers of us all and intensified the sunlight through the mirror, it is simple magic, but it was so powerful because of two enhanced shield maidens and wizard combining their powers together ! Rohan laughs

An ancient evil wizard burnt to ashes by a amateur wizard and two shield maidens ? Who could have thought of that ? Amyras father laughs as they are now feasting on wake of the victory

Tasha is carrying Rohan on her shoulders and dancing while the other shield maidens are stuffing themselves with food. Where is Koi ? Amyra asks searching for him.

He is closer than you think ! Zinah smiles at Amyra when Rohan comes near them , he is half drunk and wobbling around, he loses balance and falls into Amyras lap. Master wizard, I never saw you drunk like this ! Why have you let go off yourself so casually ? Amyra asks in surprise

No worries , my purpose of life is over, Zoltan is dead, you can even remove my mask , hic ! Rohan says

Go ahead , don’t lose this chance , take away his mask ! Zinah winks at Amyra. gathering courage Amyra removed the cloth mask from Rohans face and her eyes widen in shock and disbelief ! It is Koi

What ? All the shield maidens scream in disbelief, it was Koi all along ? But how is this possible ? Of course , Tasha realizes, we never saw Koi and Rohan together at any single time , and remember Rohans personal room had a door from behind, he would sleep early and wake up late , between that time he would finish his business activity

Of course ! Hic .. Koi replies, your miserly father’s gave very little funding for my work, so money had to come from somewhere, that’s why I became a cow and shepherd, hic… Koi says

What ? All shriek in disbelief

The end

Halt ! Nobody touches the daughters of the kings ! The commander of the army comes riding . All these shield maidens are the daughters of the kings , they are on a mission to stop Zoltan ! The commander says, and looks at Zinah