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Visit to the village – 1

by rickishi
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Raju is a young man in his twenties who has been bought up in the city and is living there with his family. But Raju is working in a government job, and he will have to serve a few years in a small village, this is a rule and he must obey that if he wants to keep working.

Raju is in his twenties and still not married, so he thinks it is best he finishes the difficult years of serving in a village, when is alone, so that he can serve the rest of the years comfortably in the city when he gets married

Raju is now in a village bus to reach the remote village. He is now standing as the bus is fully crowded , the bus of filled with Village people, the men are smoking and women are chatting and chewing betel leaves . There is total chaos as some even have hens and goats , with them

Between all the chaos, the roads are bumpy too and Raju is struggling to stand still , some young girls are sitting on a seat beside him and giggling amongst them , chatting and laughing

These village girls are slim, beautiful and fit, much better than the overweight and pampered city girls ! Raju thinks . As he notices that all the girls have good and fit looking physique and have a conservative attire

Look at that city guy. He looks so dumb and clueless, the girls speak amongst themselves. I had heard that city guys are charming and flirt a lot. But this guy is scared and is in confusion always ! they laugh

The bus stops near the village and Raju gets down, where is the village? You said this is the bus stop for the village ! Raju asks the driver . This is the nearest stop to the village, the village itself is 5 kilometres away, you will have to walk on foot ! The driver says and drives away

What bad luck ! I have to walk five kilometers carrying all this luggage? Raju thinks in despair. How do the villagers manage ?

It is becoming evening slowly and Raju is walking slowly carrying the luggage, he is tired and thirsty with no shop in sight . He feels like using the bathroom and unzips near a tree on the side of the deserted road

He zips his pants after finishing when he hears a growling sound from behind. Raju is terrified ! Oh no… Looks like a tiger is behind me , what do I do ?

Raju drops the luggage he is carrying and suddenly starts running for his life straight into the fields beside the roads as fast as possible !

The growling sound is still coming from behind , Raju is running for his life shouting for help, without even looking properly what is coming on the front ! Suddenly Raju falls down inside a deep hole and hurts his leg when he lands in the bottom

Raju cries in pain holding his leg , he shouts for help, but nobody is around . The pit is not very deep , it is a little deeper than Rajus height, but the walls are loose and slippery, Raju is unable to climb out of it as he is injured also now

Help ! Raju screams hoping that the animal which was chasing him does not spot him , and that his voice will be heard by a passerby soon . Raju spends some time shouting and finally sits down tired

Who has fallen inside the pit ? A female voice is heard from above . Raju is relieved to find that someone knows he is trapped inside . Please help me ! I fell into this ditch trying to escape from the tiger , he shouts

Tiger ? There are only wild dogs around this village the lady laughs and a hand wearing bangles comes from above . Grab my hand ! She says . How can you pull me out alone? I am a fully grown man of average height and weighting 70 kgs. Raju says

Just grab my hand tightly, let me see whether I can pull you out ! The lady says from above . Raju grabs her hand tightly and asks her to hold on, while he tries to climb up

Raju holds on to her hand without putting all his weight and tries to climb, but he soon notices that the ladies hand is solid, he puts more and more weight and slowly he is hanging now with all his weight fully lifted up by her !

Don’t try to make sudden moves, I will pull you up straight ! The lady says. What ? You will pull my full weight up? Are you joking ? Raju says

The lady with one hand pulls Raju with such power that Rajus whole body is lifted up above from the pit ! Raju is shocked beyond belief as he is lifted up single handed by the lady and placed back on the edge of the pit

Raju is taken aback , the middle aged lady is quite beautiful and strong looking , her shoulders are broad while she is wearing a traditional outfit . He is literally the same size as her !

I can’t believe you single-handedly lifted me up so easily from that pit ! Raju says and looks at a middle aged lady standing beside him . Come on ! Any lady from our village could lift it ! She laughs . Where are you going ? She asks

I am new to the village, I want to search for a house to rent there , he says . Ok, then come with me, I will show you the way to the village she says and walks towards a big metal pot which is filled with water . Raju relaizes that the lady is carrying the water to her home in the village, like how all ladies in village do

Let me help you he says and notices that the metal pot is unusually big, he limps towards the big pot and tries to lift it, but he is unable to even lift it by even an inch despite putting all his strength !

Hey, you are already injured ! How can you carry a heavy pot when you can barely walk ? She says and grabs the pot and easily lifts it up , and places it on her shoulders. Raju is looking at her strength with an open mouth when she further carries the heavy pot overhead and places it on her head !

Raju is looking in disbelief when she stretches her one arm towards him . Come ! She says . What do you mean ? Raju asks . I will carry you on my hip ! She says

Raju is in disbelief ! How can I let myself lifted on the hip of an unknown woman ? That too in the middle of nowhere ? He asks . Raju is a little scared by the strong woman and her long and strong looking arms

Carrying the heavy metal pot on her head, she now comes close to him, can’t you see your leg is injured ? And the village is quite far, you cannot limp all the way till there she says.

Using her another hand, she grabs Raju by his behind and easily lifts him up on her hand , lifts him above and makes him sit on her hip . Raju is in disbelief ! Oh my god ! This lady easily picked my up from the ground and placed me on her hip like I weigh nothing !

Lifted up by the strong woman and sitting on her hip, while she is also carrying the heavy pot on her head . Raju is having a shocked expression on his face . The strong lady bounces him up higher on her hip while he is lifted by her and starts laughing

Are you crazy ? How can you carry a fully grown man on your hip, and also carry a heavy metal pot on your head like this, and then laugh in the middle of this secluded place like this ? Put me down ! Raju says

Young man, this place is very risky when dark, she says and starts walking slowly towards the village while holding him with one hand and also holding the pot on her hand . But my luggage is still lying there ! Raju says . Relax , nobody will steal it. My family members will help you find it at morning, she says

Since you are looking for a house to rent, we have just constructed a good room with attached bathroom and kitchen, it is almost ready ! You can have a look at that . Thanks lady, not only did you save me , but also providing a home for me to stay !

Come on ! This is beneficial to us also , she says. and also my name is Ayesha , you can call me Ayesha Aunty. she says looking up at Raju who is still sitting on her hip , while is still carrying Raju on her hip and walking uphill on the road with the pot on her head

I can’t believe this ! I am being lifted up on the hip of a lady and being carried into the village, I will be a laughing stock in the city ! He says

Come on ! There is nothing wrong lifted up by a woman, besides you are injured, any woman in this village would have carried you on her hip specially since you are a guest in the village, Ayesha aunty says

The evening is getting cold and Raju still lifted up on the lady’s hip, hugs her sideways on the shoulders, strong Ayesha aunty despite a long distance, still is walking solid . carrying Raju on her hip and with the pot on her head

Soon they enter Ayeshas house and her daughter is excited. Mom is back ! She says and runs towards her . Seeing her mom carrying a fully grown man on her hip and with a top on head, she starts laughing

Shireen is wearing loose salwaar with a top having long sleeves , she also has her head covered with a scarf and dressed traditionally. Almost as tall as her mom, even she has broad shoulders, but has a very beautiful face,slim figure and long black hair

Mom, what have you carried home from the fields ? Is this also some kind of a new challenge ? She asks .

Raju still lifted on Ayeshas hip is surprised. What ? Do you keep challenges in your Village to carry men ? He asks . No no … The heavy pot which I am carrying on my head , this was a challenge.

This is the heaviest metal pot ever made, and none in our village were able to carry it. So I held a challenge that I will carry it daily ! Ayesha Aunty says

Raju can’t believe what he is hearing ! What is this lady made of ! No wonder I was not able to carry it .

Ayesha aunty now lowers the metal pot using her hand and places it on the ground and still carrying Raju on her hip walks inside and places him down with her one hand

The newly constructed room is just on the next floor, but the stairs are still under construction. But still we will arrange for you to reach upstairs. Don’t worry . Ayesha aunty says . Shireen, help this boy get some first aid . And arrange for some food for him . Ayesha aunty says and goes into her room

My name is Raju ! He says to Shireen , Ayeshas aunt’s daughter. Raju is impressed by how homely and simple the beautiful looking girl is despite being so beautiful, she is quite slim and has a normal looking physique

Hi, I am Shireen, I am glad mom found a tenant even before the house is ready, Shireen says and notices that Raju is limping and walking .

Now I understand why mom said to help you. You are injured and can barely walk ! Shireen says

It is ok , I can manage, your mom already embarassed me by carrying me on her hip till here, I cannot ask for more ! Raju says. Shireen comes close to him and stands beside him smiling

Suddenly she bends down and scoops up Raju into her arms and easily stands up carrying him into a high cradle with a bounce . Raju is unable to believe how easily this slim girl scooped him up into her arms !

What is this ? Your mom carried me on her hip and came walking all the way here , and within just minutes, you are standing here carrying me on your arms . Why are you doing this ? Raju asks in desperation

Shireen starts laughing while still carrying Raju on her arms in cradle. If you are ok with my mom carrying you on her hip, then what is wrong if her daughter carries you on her arms ? Besides you are not at all heavy . Trust me, I will not drop you ! She says

Carrying Raju in cradle, Shireen walks towards the cot and places him on it, Raju folds up his pant when Shireen brings warm water , after cleaning his bruises Shireen applies medicine. Ayesha aunty gets him some food .

After food and water, Raju is ready for some sleep . But you said the staircase is ready , how will I reach the top ? Raju asks . Shireen brings a stool and climbs up to the top Floor . Mom, you can pass him to the top . Shireen says

What ? How can Ayesha Aunty pass me to the top ? Raju thinks . Ayesha aunty comes close to Raju and grabs him by the armpits and with some effort easily lifts him up by his armpits over head ! Carrying him overhead, Ayesha Aunty walks towards the edge

Raju is feeling like a weighless doll lifted up ! Before he could realise, Shireen from top grabs him and pulls his full weight up and places him on the top floor. Raju is in disbelief ! This mother and daughter are lifting and carrying me like some pet animal !

Come , I will take you to your bed, Shireen says and easily pulls him to her side and comfortably lifts him on her hip. Raju is taken by surprise, but he looks how high he is now above the floor and hugs her tightly from the side, as he is now sitting on her hip.

I can’t believe the strength of you and your mother ! Raju exclaims in shock while lifted up on the slim Shireens hip. Raju now lifted on Shireens hip holds her shoulders and realizes that her shoulders are rock solid !

Why are you shocked ? Shireen laughs, don’t you have any sisters or girlfriends who have lifted you ? She asks looking at Raju whom she has lifted on her hip. I don’t know why you men get shocked when they are overpowered or lifted up by women. It is so easy for us, she says . Impossible ! Raju replies

See ? Shireen says and now stands on one leg while carrying Raju on her hip and balancing both their weights on her leg . Please put me down ! Raju pleads .

Alright ! Shireen laughs , You sit comfortably on my hip, I will take you safely she says and places him on bed. Mom said that you need to search for your luggage in the fields , let’s go there once my workout is over and you are ready tomorrow , good night ! Shireen says . I will see you here tomorrow morning

Raju is admiring Shireens slim and shapely figure as she walks towards the edge and jumps down . A simple looking traditional girl who is also super strong ! What a combination, Raju thinks in admiration

Raju is asleep and is dreaming of Shireen when it is already morning and sunlight falls on his eyes. Raju hears heavy breathing and some one doing workouts below . He limps to the edge and peeps below

Shireen is doing push-ups with full weight on her arms, Raju is curious how strong a girl can be and starts counting her pushups. 10-20-30 reps and Raju is surprised to realise that she is much stronger than he imagined !

Shireen now squats with loud breathing and then picks up the heavy wooden clubs and starts exercising . These are those exercising clubs the wrestlers use in those movies ! Raju thinks

But Wait ! She is lifting such heavy clubs in a single hand and swinging it with ease, which I cannot lift even with two hands, is she practising wrestling ? He realises in shock . Shireen now sits down for a little rest and notices Raju looking at her in awe

Good morning ! She says and gets ready for another set of pushups. Oh my god , you are doing so much pushups in a single day. Are you practising wrestling? Raju asks . Shireen just giggles

Can you help me with my workouts ? Shireen asks . I would be glad to, but how can I help ? I am myself crippling. Raju says

Shireen smiles and comes near the edge, jumps and grabs the edge and easily pulls herself up to the top floor Using the strength of her shoulders. walking towards Raju she smiles as she stands next to him

You know I always wanted to do pushups along with the weight of a boy, can you help me fulfill this wish ? Please.. Shireen asks . Raju is in disbelief ! How can I let an unknown girl carry me and do pushups with my weight just like that ? This is impossible , Raju says

Please .. I will do whatever you say, please do this for me ! Shireen holds Rajus hands and looks at him with her big eyes . Raju is unable to say no . Don’t tell mom ! Shireen whispers

Shireen is now ready to do pushups as she is on all fours , come..lie on me with all your weight and grab me tightly . Shireen says

Raju lies on her with his chest on her back and is surprised she has no effect when he slowly puts his full weight on her. Shireen slowly comes down to the ground and pushes up using her arms and shoulders lifting up hers and his full weight together, Raju is in disbelief !

Shireen does few more deep pushups with Raju lying on her and his Full weight carried on her. Shireens hard biceps and shoulders are being felt nicely by Raju.

whenever Shireen inhales and bends down with full weight of Raju on her, and rises up exhaling while lifting up Raju using her arms and shoulders , Raju’s starts feeling stiff more and more . Oh my, what is that ? Shireen thinks and asks Raju to get down, troubled by the poke. Raju is embarrassed

I am sorry, I did not mean to .. Raju Apologizes. don’t worry, I know it is a boys thing .. Shireen giggles. enough of pushups, I also want to squat carrying a boy , Shireen says .

Raju is not getting a good feeling about this , But you said only pushups ! Raju says . If your mom spots me lifted up by you so early in the morning, what will she say ?

Arey nothing will happen ! Please let me workout by carrying you daily, I will even get milk every morning myself from the diary and cook eggs for you. Please .. Shireen pleads .

Oh, that’s not a bad deal, But .. getting lifted up by a girl daily at the morning ? I somehow feel this wierd ! Raju says .

Come on , it will be warm and comfortable, jump on my back, I will show you ! Shireen says and turns her back towards him . Raju wraps his hands around her shoulders, Shireen bends down and picks him up on her back and comfortably stands up carrying him piggyback

It is a nice feeling na ? If a girl carries you piggyback like this ? Shireen says and bounces him up a little . Just relax and be comfortable, you can even hug me tightly to feel warm. I like it ! Shireen says and stands on one leg while carrying him piggyback

Raju is in tension. If I am Lifted up piggyback on the back of slim girl like this daily in the morning, how will I be able to control my poke ? He thinks

What are you thinking ? Shireen asks while still carrying him piggyback and looks above to him. You are doing a good deed by letting a girl carry you for her workouts now cheer up ! Shereen says and walks up near the edge carrying Raju piggyback

Shireen ! Has our new tenant woken up ? Ayesha aunty calls from inside the house . Oh..Get down, I will inform my mom that you have agreed to be my workout partner when she is in a good mood ! Shireen says and puts him down

Ayesha aunty comes out and notices Shireen and Raju looking below from the first floor . Good, you both are up, why don’t you help him get down ? She asks

Sure mom ! Shireen says and immediately scoops up Raju into a cradle without even asking him. Raju is terrified as he is lifted up in cradle on Shireens arm just beside the edge of the first floor .

Raju hugs Shireen tightly as he is lifted on her arms and looks down in fear . Are you crazy ? What If you drop me to the ground floor by mistake ? He asks Shireen

Still Carrying Raju in cradle , Shireen starts laughing, that’s exactly what I will do with you now ! Shireen says. Oh no …What are you going to do now ? Raju asks in fear

Still carrying Raju in cradle , Shireen squats down near the edge, Raju shrieks in fear . Mom catch him no.. Shireen says and rolls Raju from her arms towards the ground floor . Raju is now falling down from Shireens arms .. no…. He screams

Ayesha Aunty comes below and catches the falling Raju into her arms absorbing the full weight of his body using her strong arms . Raju is in disbelief ! You caught me into your arms like I am a baby ! He says and hugs Ayesha aunty in fear , while she is still carrying him cradle

Don’t get so scared my child Ayesha aunty says . Aww..this is so cute , Shireen says looking at Raju lifted up on her mom’s arms in cradle and hugging her in fear . Me and my daughter will make sure that you will be safe always in this village she says and places him on a chair using her arms

Shireen, looks like you have not finished your workout ! Ayesha aunty says and lifts up a club . You better finish workout and bath soon. She says and lifts up another, with two heavy clubs together and places it on her shoulder each . Raju is shocked looking at the scene !

Are you and Shireen training for wrestling competition ? Raju asks . Only Shireen is training, I have Retired from wrestling and all you know . Ayesha aunty says , but I am worried you know, Shireen is still not as strong as I was, when I was at the same age .. she says

No way ! I am stronger than you were mom. I do more workouts than you ! She says . Come on..Ayesha aunty laughs, even at this age I am stronger than you . Want to bet ? She asks , Yes ! Shireen replies with confidence

Let’s have a arms wrestling match ! Ayesha aunty says and both clear the table . Ayesha aunty pulls her sleeves up and Raju is surprised at her massive arms and biceps , Shireen pulls up her sleeves and her slim but rock hard muscles is now visible with perfect definition. Oh my god ! No man catch match the strength of this mother and daughter duo ! Raju thinks

Both hold each other’s arms in opposition, Shireen tries with all her might, but is unable to even move Ayesha aunty arms . Raju is in disbelief !

Raju why don’t you help my daughter ? Ayesha aunty asks . Raju grips Shireens hand from behind and also exerts his full strength against Ayesha aunty . But with the combined strength of his and Shireens, they are still not able to defeat Ayesha aunty in arm wrestling

Finally Raju gives up tired . Yahoo ! I won..still I am the strongest person in the village ! Ayesha aunty declares flexing her massive biceps and stands up. Raju is looking up at her in fear

I think we need a celebratory picture for this ! Ayesha aunty says . Shireen has now taken her cellphone camera and says smile . Ayesha Aunty had made Raju sit on her single shoulder , and carrying the heavy metal pot on her another shoulder, and is posing like Hercules while comfortably carrying his full weight on her single shoulder

I think I made a big mistake coming to this village .. Raju thinks with a gloomy face while still sitting on Ayesha aunty’s single shoulder when Shireen clicks picture

To be continued…

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