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you have a courier part 1

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It is about to rain and the sound of thunder is heard loudly 

outside , A young Man runs into an apartment building and enters 

the lift and presses the button for his floor , he starts noticing 

outside as it starts to rain when the lift door starts to close , 

just then he notices a courier delivery employee wearing the 

company uniform and hat running towards the lift , trying to get 

in before the lift door closes . The young man presses the button 

to open door as the delivery employee with a big heavy backpack 

enters the lift just in time .

The lift door closes just as soon as the delivery employee enters 

it . The employee is breathing heavily while the young man is 

surprised that the employee is wearing a very big delivery bag at 

the back . Thanks a lot ! the delivery employee says while 

breathing heavily and removes the cap from the head . The young 

man is shocked to hear a female voice , and then notices that the 

delivery employee is a girl, and a beautiful and very tall one too 

The young man is immediately embarrassed to see a much taller 

beautiful girl standing in front of him and he hardly reaches her 

shoulders in height . Can you show me this address ? The delivery 

girl asks , showing him her phone with an address in it . Oh , 

this house is just beside my flat . Come with me , I will show you 

the house he says . Thanks a lot ! the delivery girl says and 

starts retying her long black hair while holding the hair clip on 

her mouth . The young man is mesmerized by her figure and looks . 

Just then a transformer blast is heard outside and power cut 

happens, the lift stops abruptly midway between two floors. Oh no 

! The girl exclaims , I have got so many deliveries to do and this 

power went off now only ! All my deliveries will get late and my 

colleagues will have a nice opportunity to show me down ! She says 

sadly . 

But why your colleagues want to show you down ? He asks . Arey I 

am the only girl in this courier office na , also I am much more 

effecient than the boys , and also I can drive the company 

motorcycle much better than them, so many are jealous and have 

this inferior complex towards me . I can’t understand why they 

feel like this , I am just one or those rare girls who can do 

things which almost all guys can do ! What is there to feel 

jealous about ? She asks . Ya you re right , he says .

The lift has stopped in between the floors , The safety door of 

the top floor opens and the Watchman peeks in . Arey It is you 

Bunty  ! The transformer has blown . Also the generator of the 

apartment is not starting , the power will not come back any soon 

. I suggest you climb up from this lift ! He says . Just then 

somebody calls the Watchman and he leaves telling he will be back. 

So your name is Bunty , the delivery girl says and gives out hey 

hand, I am Misha . Nice to know you Misha , bunty replies and 

shakes her hand, he notices that Misha has a strong grip. But how 

to climb up now , Bunty says and tries to jump and hold the floor 

of the lift entrance, but overweight Bunty is unable to hold on 

with his weight 

Misha is giggling as the saggy Bunty is struggling. Just then says 

, maybe you could get some support for climbing up you know she 

says . Arey I can hold on to my weight, but I am not able to get a 

grip he says , breathing heavily and tired . Well I can help you , 

Misha says and comes near him, Bunty is a little intimidated by 

the tall Misha nearing as he looks up to her face . How ? He asks 

. You jump up, I will grab your legs and push up , she says . 

Bunty is feeling uncomfortable, come on . How can I use a girl for 

climbing up ? Bunty says embarrassed. Arey what is wrong ? Misha 

asks laughing, girls are much stronger than you think. I have 

handled heavy weights , you jump na , I will support you from 

behind she says . Bunty reluctantly turns around and jumps , he 

fails to get a grip and comes sliding down when suddenly he feels 

he is being pushed up ! He looks behind and is surprised to see 

Misha pushing him up against the wall !

Bunty again tries a few times and gives up . Misha let’s him down 

when Bunty asks her , wow Misha ! How can you support an 

overweight guy like me ? Misha laughs , if you consider yourself 

heavy , then you are mistaken ! The rains are falling very heavily 

now and the metal walled lift is getting cold . Because of the 

huge bag, the space is already less in the lift , Bunty and Misha 

sit at one side on the cold floor , Misha is busy calling her boss 

and explaining that the lift is broke and also replying the 

customers and apologizing for the delay when Bunty falls asleep 

sitting in the floor beside Misha . 

Misha is busy talking on the phone as the rains are falling 

heavily whereas lazy Bunty is deep in his nap. As rain falls 

heavily , water starts dripping inside the lift from above , it is 

getting cold inside the lift and the metal walls of the lift is 

making it worse , Bunty wearing only a thin t-shirt and Bermuda 

starts shivering in cold and wakes up with his teeth chattering . 

Misha starts feeling sorry for him . Maybe you can come sit on my 

laps for warmth you know , Misha says , Bunty is shocked to see 

that a young girl is offering him to sit on her laps ! Are you 

joking , how can I sit on a girls lap like a kid on his mother’s ? 

Oh come on, look at you ! Your face has become pale due to the 

cold , you need to keep warm , besides my clothes are thick and 

warm , see ? I am also wearing a sweat shirt over it she says .

Bunty is unsure when Misha opens the zip of her sweatshirt and 

asks Bunty to sit on her lap , Bunty is a little intimidated as 

the tall Misha with her sturdy long legs sitting on the floor 

pulls him onto her laps, Bunty falls on her lap with a thud , but 

strong Misha is least bothered, she stretches the sweat shirt and 

covers it over Bunty keeping him warm while she is hugging him ! 

Bunty can’t believe his luck that a tall beautiful girl is 

carrying him on her laps inside a lift! He starts feeling warm 

very quickly and exclaims , wow Misha , your company has provided 

a very good sweat suit for you , along with the usual pant and 

shirt he says .

Ya , actually the local office is run by a friend of my brother 

you know , Misha says . The owner and his wife run the office and 

treat me like little sister she says . Just then the Watchman 

peeps inside and is shocked to see the fully grown Bunty sitting 

on lap of Misha and hugging her ! Oh my god Bunty . Why is that 

girl carrying you on her lap ? He asks . Arey nothing uncle , 

bunty says . It is was getting too cold, so we both are keeping 

ourself warm that’s all , he says. 

The power will not come anytime soon, I have called a technician 

to look into the generator, you come out Bunty , the Watchman says 

. Arey but i cannot get a grip on the top to climb Bunty says. At 

least help that girl to come out the Watchman says . Misha, can I 

help you by carrying you so that you can climb out ? Bunty asks . 

I am not sure you can carry me Bunty , Misha says hesitatingly, I 

mean you boys are usually weak . If it was a girl maybe it could 

be possible. Bunty can’t believe what he is hearing ! Come on.. 

don’t joke .. he laughs . I am not joking ! Misha says seriously 

and gets up . Boys of your size can be easily carried, come sit on 

my shoulders misha says and squats down, the watchman and Bunty 

both are shocked at her confidence ! 

Come on , don’t waste time , sit on my shoulders fast ! She says . 

Bunty hesitatingly sits on her shoulders slowly . Are you sitting 

properly ? Misha asks . Yes Bunty says , expecting that she will 

have a tough time with him sitting on her shoulders. Misha stands 

straight with Bunty sitting on her shoulders without much effort 

and also with a slight bounce ! Bunty can’t believe the strength 

of Misha ! Ok now climb up Bunty,  she says smiling from below . 

Bunty helped by the Watchman climbs into the floor and helds his 

hands for Misha below. 

Arey wait ! Misha says , what about my delivery bag ? Take it 

first she says and lifts up the heavy bag overhead, the Watchman 

and Bunty hold the bag to pull out and are shocked that it is very 

heavy ! Oh my god , if this girl moved around carrying this heavy 

bag all the time , it is no wonder she carried you on her 

shoulders Bunty ! The Watchman says . Bunty and the Watchman 

finally pull out Misha from the lift . After thanking the 

Watchman, Misha and Bunty now start climbing the stairs . 

Overweight Bunty is huffing and puffing while Misha is a little 

irritated with the unfit Bunty climbing so slowly. 

They both finally reach the floor , Bunty is totally drained and 

tired , there , my house is there he shows his flat door , and the 

address you are searching is next to my house he says . Misha is a 

little worried as Bunty is breathing and sweating very heavily . 

Are you ok ? Why are you struggling to breath Bunty ? Misha asks . 

Arey it is just that I have never climbed so many steps , I never 

indulged in physical activities right from beginning since I had a 

slight asthma in childhood, Bunty says 

Misha feels really sorry for him. Sorry I was irritated, come let 

me help you she says and helps him up , she then notices that 

Bunty is not in shape to walk till home , she slowly slides her 

hand under his knees and lifts him up into a cradle ! Bunty is 

shocked that Misha despite carrying the heavy courier bag is also 

carrying him in cradle ! He is further shocked when she starts 

walking towards Buntys house while carrying him In cradle !

The bell at Buntys house rings and his mother opens the door , she 

watches her fully grown son carried on the arms of a delivery girl 

is shocked in disbelief ! Oh my god , why are you delivering my 

son to me carried on your arms,  like he is some item ! Sorry 

aunty , I felt your son had an asthma attack and carried him here  

, Misha says still carrying Bunty on her arms , arey he only had a 

slight wheezing problem in childhood, and oh my god you are 

carrying my overweight son since so long , get inside ! Buntys mom 

says .

Thanks for carrying me into my home on your arms , Bunty says 

embarrassed to Misha . Come on , any girl would carry a cute guy 

like you when in need Misha says . Buntys mom gets tea when 

chutki, Buntys sister comes in . As misha leaves , chutki looks at 

her suspiciously. Bhaiyya , did you give your number to that 

courier girl ? Chutki asks , yes bunty says . Oh god , why did you 

do that ? You don’t know today’s girls bhaiyya chutki says . They 

make friendships , trap boys with their Talking , and then they 

make boys lose consciousness by looking into their eyes and sweet 

talking, then they make the boys lose conscienceand . Slowly they 

lift the boys up and then carry them into a room and close the 

door … That’s it , All over ! Bunty can’t believe his little 

sister is worried that a girl will overpower and misuse him ! 

Bunty later receives a message from Misha that she would be coming 

to his apartment the next day too

To be continued…..

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