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The Wizard’s daughter – 5

by rickishi
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Grandmaster Wizard had never imagined, even in his dreams .That the Enchanted tower would be destroyed by his enemy, the Royal Wizard !

This is impossible ! how did he dare to destroy the source of all my powers ? Grandmaster thinks furiously

Stop the March ! he commands his female wizards who are already getting affected by the tower being destroyed

Master, we are suddenly feeling weak, and our magical powers seems to have reduced greatly. How can we attack the enemy camp with them having numbers much greater than us now ? His commander asks the Grandmaster

I must confess, this move by the Royal wizard has totally changed the situation of this battle. I forgot that even he knows about the Enchanted tower !

I have based all my training’s and magic based on the power got by the enchanted tower, Now with that gone, almost all my students are weak and vulnerable. I must stop this attack and call for the soldiers from my Allies , Grandmaster thinks

Meanwhile. Shirin has jumped from the crumbling Tower carrying the Prince on her piggyback, What have you done ? we will fall to our deaths ! The Prince shrieks . 

Shirin with her eyes glowing, Opens a portal below and both fall through it. passing through the portal, the prince senses that Shirins shoulders and Biceps are getting bigger, as he is still lifted in a piggyback by her

The Portal opens above the Royal Wizards camp, Shirin still carrying Prince piggyback drops through it and lands on her legs on the ground absorbing the full weight of hers and the Prince on her legs 

Her father, The soldiers , Ishaan and Mayah are looking at Shirin in awe, as she is looking much stronger now standing on the ground,with the Prince hanging on her piggyback 

The glow on her eyes slowly fades away. The Royal Wizard is deep in thought looking at his daughter, as others rush in towards Shirin congratulating her for the brave deed

It is good Shirin is still wearing the black robe to hide her powers from the Grandmaster, The Royal wizard thinks 

Grandmaster is furious with himself for being in such a major disadvantage now .

I had been such a fool ! I was in such a hurry to give the Royal wizard a humiliating and painful defeat. I forgot completely about that Ancient Tower !

The Cursed Royal Wizard made use of this opportunity and destroyed the tower, now my Female Wizards can never gain their former powers. Or even me !

But that Gives me another advantage, even Mayah will be weaker now. and she relies more on her muscles than magic 
With Shirin and the Royal Wizard also weakened because of the tower destroyed, we can still pull out a victory ! Grandmaster laughs
Shirins father senses the Royal Wizard and his army turning back in retreat and is relieved 

Does that mean that the Grandmaster has accepted defeat ? and the war is over ? the former king and the Captain of the army, ask together
Of course not, Shirins father says. Grandmaster has come too far, to turn back now. In fact I expect a more surprising and nasty attack anytime soon from him, he says

What ? so this battle will not end soon ? they both ask in despair 

End ? When Grandmaster is defeated by someone, he replies by attacking in a more personal way against his rivals. We , our children are in a bigger risk now. The wizard says

Ishaan is now sitting on Mayahs lap, on a tent a little far away from the main camp. Mayah is caressing his behind and both are lost kissing each other .

I am Sorry Mayah, But I need you for training our armies now. The royal wizard says barging inside in a hurry. 

Oh , how can I be of service to you ? Mayah asks and stands up lifting Ishaan on her arms in a cradle now 

You are the only person who has undergone full training by the Grandmaster, I need to study your strengths and weaknesses. So that we will be ready when he will attack with his wizards. The Royal wizard says 

Mayah is glad to help and smiles in agreement, with Ishaan still lifted on her arms in cradle. It will be just like the old days, she exclaims 

Lets meet up in the training area within an hour, You arrive with all the devices you have . The royal wizard says 

looking at the Ishaan lifted up in a cradle on Mayahs arms, the wizard gives a disgusted expression at him and leaves 

Shirin and the Prince are now having breakfast in the eating area as both are starving . The prince is surprised as Shirin is eating bigger portions of food .

Shirin what exactly happened when you broke that ancient artifact on that tower, and the light of that crystal entered inside you ? he asks 

How should I know ? Shirins replies with her mouth stuffed with food. Dont disturb me, I am feeling more hungry than usual today, she says 

Thats What I am saying ! The Prince exclaims , you are looking bigger and taller now ! ever since we came out of that portal in the morning. He says 

Oh No ! Am I looking weird and ugly now ? Shirin asks in worry 

No .. you are as beautiful as before, The Prince says. But let me explain.. stand up now, the Prince says

Holding the food in her hand , Shirin stands up , The prince now stands beside her and compares his height with hers

See ? You are Towering over me in height now. And even your biceps and shoulders are bigger than me, see.. he says and compares his to hers 

Oh no !! Shirin exclaims in despair and pulls back her sleeves. Her biceps are looking bigger and muscular, what has happened to me ? she asks in worry, chewing the food harder 

You have absorbed the last of the power from the Crystal before it got destroyed. The royal Wizard says. Even I did not anticipate this, but it seems to have enhanced your strength permanently my daughter ! he says

What ? this is horrible ! Shirin exclaims chewing the food in her mouth, I was already feeling uncomfortable being the stronger among us, but now I am bigger and taller also now ? She asks The prince

Ishaan and Mayah now enter the food area , and are surprised looking at Shirin who is looking bigger and taller than The Prince now. 

Whoa Shirin ! how did you make gains with your biceps ? are you talking some Protein supplements ? and how did you manage to bulk out your biceps and shoulders when there is no gym nearby ? Ishaan asks in awe 

What are you talking about ? All ask in confusion 

Forget that ! how did you grow taller Shirin ? has your dad found some magical medicine for it ? please give some to me also na. Ishaan asks 

Not bad Shirin, Mayah exclaims in jealousy, looks like you have been working out with those chariot wheels and heavy ropes, Mayah exclaims and walks around her realizing that she is taller now 

She suddenly removes the top shirin is wearing . All are shocked to see Shirins who has become muscular with a V-shaped upper body now !

Unbelievable ! look at her biceps, shoulders, triceps, they are are rock hard ! Ishaan exclaims in shock touching it. And how the heck did you gain a six pack in one night ? Ishaan asks in shock 

I have no idea what you are talking about, but Dad said I absorbed energy from the ancient tower when It was destroyed, Shirin says 

Ha.. so you feel you are stronger now eh ? Mayah says in jealousy and pulls Ishaan who is lost touching and feeling Shirins muscles, towards her 

Grabbing Ishaan by his butts, Mayah lifts him up into a front piggyback now. She looks at Shirin who is looking confused at her own transformation

Lets see how strong you have become Shirin, Mayah says while still carrying Ishaan in a front piggyback. Since you have finished your breakfast, shall we have a small strength competition now ? She asks. warm up and meet me in the training arena, Mayah says  

Shirin is surprised. what ? But I am not prepared . Shirin says , and How Do I warm up ?

Do you know what is the best way for a woman to warm up ? Mayah asks laughing. while still carrying Ishaan , how ? Shirin asks 

Lift up your man ! Mayah laughs and still carrying Ishaan in a front piggy, she stands up on one leg and waves with her one arm

still holding Ishaan up in a front piggyback with one arm, and carrying both their weights on one leg. she does a single leg squat and walks out laughing 

My my.. that was Hot ! Shirin says and looks at the Prince below, while towering over him. 

Shirin now runs out of the tent playfully carrying the helpless Prince on her arms in a cradle , Wow !! you have become much lighter now , Shirin exclaims and bounces him up high into the air from her arms . The prince is feeling helpless and falls back into her arms . Stop handling me like a toy ! he pleads

Still carrying the helpless Prince in cradle , Shirin suddenly pulls him closer and kisses him tightly , while still carrying him in cradle. what are you doing ? The prince asks in shock 

Warming up silly ! look at Mayah, Shirin smiles. Mayah still carrying Ishaan in a front piggyback is lost kissing him on the lips now
Wish me luck, Mayah says and puts him down 

The Royal Wizard, Captain of the army and all the soldiers now come to see the competition. 

With Mayah weakened by the destroyed tower and Shirin with her newly gained strength, this is going to be interesting, the Royal Wizard exclaims 

Mayah and Shirin start with the old style wrestling ,and both hold each others hands and start pushing each other . Mayah and Shirin start exerting their full strength

Ishaan and the Prince are shocked to see Shirin able to withstand the strength of the strong Mayah. Shirin slowly starts dominating and starts pushing mayah behind.

Mayah is feeling weaker than usual, when the big and strong Shirin now bends below and lifts up mayah into a firemans lift ! 

I don’t believe it ! I never thought anyone could overpower and carry Mayah Like that ! Ishaan exclaims in shock 

Look at her muscular abs while she is standing effortlessly carrying Mayah ! The Prince says covering his mouth in shock 

Still Carrying Mayah on her shoulders, Shirin now flexes her biceps , amusing the crowd nearby .

Enough ! the wizard says. We know that Shirin is stronger physically, lets see when Mayah is magically enhanced, The Royal Wizard says 

But dad, What about the Grandmaster ? Shirin asks , putting Mayah down

With the Enchanted Tower destroyed, the GrandMaster cannot use his magic till far distances, he will have to come close enough to pull off any tricks now. The Royal Wizard says 

Mayah now chants out her spells and her tattos start glowing, she starts getting stronger. Shirin gets ready to face the Stronger Mayah now 

Suddenly Mayahs Tatoos start glowing Red ! 

What ? it is The grandMaster ! Shirins Dad exclaims in shock when Mayah loses control of herself, her eyes start glowing in red and she points her hands towards Shirin and throws a fireball which explodes when it touches her

She soon rains explosive fireballs on everyone. Suddenly A big Red flash comes from above which makes everyone blind for a while

All are shocked and confused when Mayah in an instant, speeds near The Royal Wizard and lifts him up on her shoulder in a flash

Before anybody could react, she zooms towards the Princes father, and lifts him up the king on her other shoulder

Grandmaster comes out from between the soldiers laughing and removes his disguise, My plan worked flawlessly ! he says and opens a portal

Mayah carrying the struggling Royal Wizard and the King on her shoulders each, walks into the portal. Shirins father is overwhelmed in shock to do anything

The GrandMaster passes through the portal now laughing and it closes 

Father ! I cannot believe this ! Shirin shrieks in shock and despair as she kneels down in sorrow

Coming out of the Portal, the Grandmaster is laughing as Mayah, who is still in control of the Grandmaster. drops The Royal Wizard and The king on the ground

I did not expect to see you fooled and outwitted so easily my old friend, Grandmaster says to the Royal Wizard smiling 

Still in shock, The Royal Wizard and the king are lying on the ground in pain when Mayah comes and ties them up

It will take some time for your Daughter Shirin and The captain to come here, But by that time, you will be dead and my army will be ready for the battle. GrandMaster says 

But when your Army will see The King and your severed Head on a pole, They will surrender without question. And this my friend, will how this War end. GrandMaster says

I never knew we both will die like this, The king laments as The female wizards now start collecting around the Royal wizard and the king 

Mayah comes out of the Grandmasters Tent with a big sword for execution. collect some wood from the fireplace and make these both stand on them. I want these to die by burning, and then I want their heads chopped and stuck to poles near the entrance. GrandMaster says 

All is not lost, I still have one last trick.. Royal Wizard whispers to the king, But I need to delay it as much as possible, so that Shirin can come closeby, he says 

The female Wizards take some time to collect the firewood , they build a pyre on which they plan to make The Royal wizard and the king stand on it. Mayah now comes in with the sword after sharpening it on a rock 

We dont have much time ! Grandmaster says. The kings Army will be heading towards us in full speed, hurry. he says and comes near the Royal Wizard and the king , who are still lying down with their hands tied on the ground 

Suddenly GrandMaster senses something, Mayahs old horse. which the Wizards younger daughter had used to kidnap the Prince and Ishaan . suddenly comes near him on its own, from the stables

GrandMaster notices that the Horse eyes are glowing blue.

My old friend, as you know how to control Humans, even I know something about controlling Animals you know.. the Royal Wizard smiles 

No…..GrandMaster exclaims in shock !

the Horse has a small bag Tied near its saddle, it suddenly starts glowing blue and explodes towards everyone standing around it.

All the female Wizards and Grandmaster who were around the blast. are now paralyzed in magic due to the blast and are lying motionless 

The Horse which is unaffected by all this, simply walks away eating the grass on the ground 

How long should we stay like this ? and how long will all of them remain paralyzed ? the king asks . I dont know, I have used this for the first time myself, The Royal Wizard replies . But Shirin should arrive any moment now

A portal now opens and Shirin comes in, Father ! she says in happiness to see him alive, she unties the King and her father when The grandmaster and Mayah start recovering from the Magic 

Mayah, crush all my enemies together ! he thunders , tightening his control on her . Mayah whos eyes are now glowing red starts chanting her spells. her tattos also start glowing in red 

Shirin now starts chanting her own spells, Blue tattoos start appearing on Shirins muscular body now and starts to glow 

I still have tricks of my own friend, The Royal Wizard smiles at the Grandmaster

What ? Your Daughter has become a full fledged Female wizard now ? Grandmaster asks in shock . Shirin Flexes her biceps as the tattoos which were not at all visible before, is now glowing in blue now !

She creates a Ball of flame on her hand and throws it on Mayah, Mayah tries to dodge it, but the flame follows her and explodes with a bang, she is thrown against a Rock due to the impact 

Mayah gets up with anger and chants some spells creating huge Ice spikes, she throws it towards Shirin. Shirin dodges them and creates a shock bolt , the shock waves hit Mayah and she now falls down unconscious 

GrandMaster wizard is in disbelief that Shirin has mastered magic in such a short time. He raises his staff and binds Shirin forcefully in his Magic, Shirin is unable to free herself by the Grandmasters Magic

The Royal Wizard chants some spells and the Grandmasters Staff slips away from his hand and reaches his hands. Taking GrandMasters staff and his staff in another hand, The Royal Wizard Fires a Energy bolt , GrandMaster is thrown in the air because of the force 

Give up now ! You are defeated, The Royal Wizard says. Surrender and maybe your life will be spared 

GrandMaster gets up angrily and creates a Spherical shaped force field around him. Nothing can penetrate this force field, he says .

Shirin now gets up after freeing herself from the GrandMasters magic and throws multiple fireballs at the forcefield, but it cannot pass through the forcefield

The Prince, Ishaan and the full army now come on horses . The Prince and the Captain now try to destroy the force field using swords and axes, but nothing happens . The army now takes the female wizards who are still paralyzed into captivity

Give up now, GrandMaster says to the Royal Wizard. Dont think I have given up. you might have defeated me this time, but I will reply with double the ferocity next time he says laughing 

The Royal Wizard loses his patience, he chants some spells and a portal opens Inside grandmasters force field. the portal starts pulling the GrandMaster with great force inside

Impossible ! How can you use your magic and open a portal inside my Force field ? GrandMaster asks in shock. and where are you sending me ?

I did not want to do this, but you leave me no choice, The Royal Wizard replies .I know you cant swim, he smiles feeling his long beard

Noo…..GrandMaster shrieks as he is fully pulled into the portal, As soon as he reaches the other side of the portal, he falls into the middle of a big ocean. pulled down by his own heavy clothes, GrandMaster is unable to swim for long and starts drowning 

There is a Big Celebration in the Royal Palace now. The King has taken back his throne and Marriage between Shirin and the Prince has been announced . The Royal Wizard is now entertaining the audience with his amusing tricks, his younger daughter is playing flute as always 

Shirin and The Prince are now dancing together romantically, Ishaan is sitting in Mayahs lap, while she is sitting on a chair with a mug on her hand. Shirin and Mayah are looking gorgeous wearing the Royal gowns and Jewelry

Hey, shall we take a picture ? Shirin asks Mayah and Ishaan. Picture ? how is it possible without a camera in this age ? even My cellphone does not have a charger . Ishaan replies 

Of course, we always take pictures on special occasions, Shirin says. A painter now comes with his color brushes and canvas.

What ? you meant a painting ? we cannot stand still for so long , until that painter will finish his painting, Ishaan says

Relax, leave that to us girls. Mayah smiles and looks at Shirin

Mayah and Shirin suddenly bend down and lifts up their men in a high cradle . Ishaan and the Prince are surprised 

Now you boys relax on our arms, Shirin replies laughing as the painter starts his painting with the boys lifted up in cradle by the girls

It is now 2020

Ishaan and Mayah have now arrived into the future , so that Ishaan can now continue with his life, which he had left behind 

Mayah has plans to explore the future world, and is staying with Ishaan as a girlfriend. Both make a trip to a nearby hill which is a popular tourist spot. The tourist guide is now showing important places in the tourist spot

Ishaan is finding it difficult to climb the long staircase, Mayah now climbs to the top carrying Ishaan Piggyback

These ruins are said to be the remains of some magical tower, which existed here thousand of years ago. The guide says 

It is said that at time, an evil wizard had become powerful even than the king, and finally a war happened. as a result, the wizard was defeated and the kings continued to rule. the guide says 

the only historical proof we have of this time is an old painting which has surprisingly been preserved for so long , the guide says and unveils a very old painting protected in a showcase 

Ishaan lifted in a piggyback by Mayah . looks at the painting and is surprised, it is the same scene when The royal Wizard and Shirin arrived in a portal , to stop Ishaan and the Prince being crushed by the horses

I cannot believe this ! Ishaan exclaims, Who painted this ? 

I am sure by someone who was present when this happened, see even your white and spotless underwear is visible clearly, which Shirins dad used as a flag ! Mayah giggles 

What ? Ishaan exclaims in embarrassment 

The end ….

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