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The Wizards daughter – 4

by rickishi

We should not lose time, now that we have the Royal Wizard on our side, we should attack them at once ! the Commander of the soldier says

If you will attack in horses, then it is a bad idea. Grandmaster Wizard has gotten deep ditches dug on all sides, and covered it with stick and leaves . your horses and men will be trapped ! Ishaan says

Believe me , I noticed this when the female wizards were bringing us to dump in the middle of battlefield, Ishaan says to the captain

This is not good, the Royal Wizard says, The Grandmaster would have already sensed Me and Shirin coming through the Portal, and I am sensing that he is preparing himself well , not only with Magic , but also in warfare.

Grandmaster would have prepared with no flaws for this battle , If I know him. the Royal wizard says

Call off the attack, the former King will also join tonight in your camp, lets Finish off the Grandmaster with a different strategy, The Royal Wizard says . The captain agrees and all retire to the camps

Grandmaster wizard is now thinking alone, inside his tent.

So the Royal Wizard has now joined forces with the enemy, and he also saved them from the trap which I had laid for their soldiers after so much of planning…. Curse You ! Grandmaster Thunders

I should not waste more time, I am sensing that even his daughter Shirin is getting powerful, my next action should be swift,effective and decisive. otherwise my other female wizards will also start getting distracted , the Grandmaster thinks

What ? even the underwear of the future people is so bright and spotless ? the soldiers exclaim as they are resting in their camps now . look at his stainless white teeth and smooth skin. his features are more feminine that even real women ! they all laugh as Ishaan is standing embarrassed between them

Hey, I heard this future Boy and The Prince, both got kidnapped single handedly by the Royal Wizards youngest daughter, is that true ? A soldier asks drinking wine

What ? Impossible ! I dont remember a thing ! the Wizards younger daughter shouts, stopping the flute she is playing .

Yes, that is true ! Ishaan says. come here , he holds the younger daughters hand and pulls her to the middle. catch me, Ishaan says and jumps into her arms . the girl manages to catch and carry his full weight in her arms in a cradle.

The soldiers are impressed at the strength of the petite girl and and start cheering at her, we knew it was possible. specially when we saw her lifting up the prince on her hip in the middle of the battlefield today ! they exclaim

Mayah now walks in half drunk between them. and notices the wizards younger daughter carrying Ishaan in a cradle while looking surprised at her own strength. Ohh.. so we got competition now eh, Mayah exclaims in jealousy

The Royal Wizard, Shirin, Commander of the soldiers, and the former king. are now discussing among themselves for the next strategy inside the tent.

You are not able to understand, The Royal Wizard says. A female wizard, even without being enhanced magically can overpower your soldiers easily . and the Grandmaster has at least a fifty of them in his service !

Yes, we hear of fully grown, strong men overpowered and kidnapped single handedly by the female wizards, regularly at the borders. The Captain says, but my soldiers are much greater in number, he says

What is that noise outside ? Shirin exclaims as she hears Men shouting . all of them come out of the tent to see what is happening in the eating area

Mayah has lifted up two big heavy soldiers, one each on her shoulders and is flexing her biceps , All are shocked at her brute strength !

Yeah, this is a female wizard you are seeing gentlemen ! Mayah laughs holding a mug of drink in one hand and flexing her biceps on another, her muscles are now visible in full glory, as the Two fully grown burly soldiers are looking in shock while carried by her

Still carrying the two men on her shoulders, Mayah gulps down her drink from the mug in one hand. Hey you ! she calls another shocked soldier, Punch me here, she says and exposes her abs

Ishaan, the soldiers and the Prince are shocked to see her well developed rock hard,eight pack abs !

The soldier comes near the tall and strong Mayah and punches her stomach with his full might , Mayah is least affected by the hit and is laughing still. is this all you got ? keep punching more she says

Your Boys will be easily defeated by my former friends, Mayah says laughing to the captain. while still carrying the heavy soldiers on her shoulders each. The third soldier is still punching her abs.

I am sorry to say this, But most of your soldiers would probably end up dead, and some of them, on the beds of the female wizards Mayah says laughing. Hey, fill up my mug, she commands

The captain is looking in disbelief. Are you already shocked by Mayahs strenght ? wait till you see her enhanced Magically ! the Royal Wizard says

Mayah, spell out your enchantment. activate your real strengh ! the Royal Wizard says

Dad, the Grandmaster will know ! Shirin says .. Dont worry, the Royal Wizard replies

Drunk Mayah without giving much thought, chants her spells and her tattos start glowing

The Soldiers lifted on Mayahs shoulders start panicking , the soldier still punching on Mayahs Abs, now starts feeling like he is punching a stone and stops, holding his hand in pain

Mayah is looking more powerful and strong now, as she is standing there carrying the two soldiers on her shoulders now. the Captain is terrified and looking in horror now as Mayah is looking more intimidating with her tattoos glowing

This Captain, will be the enemy your shoulders will be facing once they attack the GrandMaster, Royal wizard says

Fine, she is very strong , But they say Mayah was already famous for being Big and strong, The Captain says. The soldiers in my side are still more in number. he says

Hey You Soldiers ! the Wizard says, come here, hold Mayahs hands and try to pull her from her place..

A dozen soldiers grab her hands each and pull her with all their might, Mayah with her tattoos glowing and strenght enhanced easily pulls them back

The soldiers next tie her to two horses, and try to pull her with all their combined might. Mayah still standing strong carrying the two soldiers on her shoulders, budges a bit as the ground below her starts to crumble because of the pressure

Mayah now Growls a litle and her tattos glows a bit more, She takes a better grip standing and pulls everyone back !

The captain is shocked and falls down in disbelief looking at Mayah who is now looking formidable with her tattoos glowing on the muscular body, and her long black hair waving in the wind

My god, what kind of devilry is this ? the captain shrieks in shock, She looks like some mythical beast in the old stories ! is she a human any more ? he asks

Ishaan and the rest of the soldiers are mesmerized looking at the tall and Muscular Mayah , in her full glory. With her tattoos glowing, her black long hair waving in the wind , the hapless soldiers lifted on her shoulders are now almost invisible covered by her thick black hair waving in the wind

Thats Enough Mayah ! the Wizard says , release yourself from the spell, he says looking at Mayah in her eyes

Mayah now realizes the spell and her tattoos stop glowing.

I am very thirsty now, she says putting the soldiers down from her shoulders, and not Just for drinks you know. she says.

Sure, you deserve a good night of rest, the Royal wizard smiles, Take whatever you wish from here ! he says

Mayah grabs a Mug of drink in one hand, and scoops up Ishaan on her shoulders and enters her tent carrying the helpless Ishaan on her shoulder, as the soldiers cheer

I cant believe that each of the female wizards will be this powerful ! the captain says in horror.

This is not all, what you saw is just the strenght of one female wizard, imagine them when they are attacking with Magic together ! the Royal wizard says . your whole army will be easily crushed !

Shall I cancel the attack then ? my men have absolutely no chance against these strong female Wizards ! The captain says in despair

No , We will use your army as a distraction, I have a different plan of attack, the Royal wizard says to the captain

If I know the Grandmaster right, I think I already know what he will do next, The Royal Wizard says feeling his long beard.

Shirin, are you confident with the training you have been recieving , ever since you came back from the future ? The Royal Wizard asks .

Yes Dad, Shirin replies with a little hesitation. But how can we two female wizards. face the fifty plus female wizards of the Royal Wizard ? she asks

Dont worry my child, the Grandmaster has forgotten the Enchanted tower , which is located in our kingdom. The Royal Wizard says smiling

The Enchanted tower ? what is that ? I have never heard of it …Shirin asks .

Let all of us meet at the captains tent in an hour, I will tell of this ancient secret to all he says

Soon all are present along with the captain in his tent

The Enchanted Tower is an old Ancient Stone tower, which had been built secretly on the highest peak of our kingdom, the Royal Wizard says

The Ancestor of the present king, was a very good friend of the Leader of us Wizards, at that time.

Both of them decided that for the benefit of the kingdom as a whole, this Enchanted tower could be installed on the highest peak. This was when all the wizards were together and worked for the common good of the kingdom

This tower amplifies the power of all the wizards who fall under its reach, even now It is amplifying the strenght of all wizards here. He says

Because of the effects of the tower, the power and strenght of the wizards increases many times over.

Impossible ! the captain says. you mean our enemies are also getting strenght from the same source as you ? and that too from the peak which is many miles away from here ? How come nobody knows about this ? He asks

Like all evil things in this world, even this was started with good intentions, the Royal Wizard says.

There was a big training school for wizards from all over the world in this kingdom, so the Leader of the Wizards explained the benefits of having this tower to the king then. and both agreed to get this built in secret

Even today the site where this tower is situated, is unknown to common people. and this tower is the main reason the wizards of this kingdom are the most powerful. once they move out of the borders, their powers are reduced to a greate extent

But how is this possible ? Shirin asks. A tower which amplifies the strength of all wizards under its reach ? I cannot believe this !

Oh, But I can understand ! it is like the cellphone towers in my time, which gives signals to all the mobile phones under its range ! Ishaan says . all look at him in confusion

The top of the tower has a rare ancient artifact, it basically draws power from the North star, the star which is important for all us wizards. And transmits it to all the followers of magic in an invisible form.

We wizards in this kingdom are so much used to its power, we have completely forgotten about its existence. The royal Wizard says, thats the main reason Wizards become weak once they come out of the kingdom border, he says

But Dad, if we somehow destroy that Tower, even we will get weak along with the other wizards, Shirin says

The ancient leader of us Wizards , built this tower along with the king, for the good of the kingdom.

What use is it, If it helps the enemy now ? The royal Wizard says . It is best that this tower is destroyed now, he says

But we have a problem, we cannot open a portal to reach there as the Grandmaster will sense it. and this task should be done tonight, before the Grandmaster launches a fresh attack on us by tomorrow morning . the Royal Wizard says

This is bad news, it is already night time and it is impossible to reach before morning by foot. A fast rider should rush there riding a quick horse immediately. The captain says

Not just that, the Entrance to the tower is sealed by an ancient magic, Only a person of the Royal blood along with a wizard can open this together. The wizard says

ohh.. I get it, It is like in those Spy thriller movies, two people should turn the keys together for opening the locker ! Ishaan says excitedly

All again look at him in confusion , Ishaan thinks it is best to keep quiet now.

The Royal Wizard now turns to the Young Prince, Now is the time to prove your worth. A good chance for some one of Royal blood like you , he says

Ride along with My daughter Shirin, She is trained enough to figure out the Ancient Spell which is used to seal the tower entrance. and together you both gain entrance, climb the tower and de-activate the artifact, destroy it if you must ! the Royal Wizard says to the Prince

Without the Enchanted tower, the Female wizards and even the Grandmaster himself would lose their powers greatly. you can open a portal and come back easily then, The Royal Wizard tells his daughter

Shirin and the Prince now come out with a bag stored with food for the journey. Lets take Mayahs horse, it is big and strong like her. Shirin smiles

The prince is trying to lift his leg up and reach the saddle of the horse, so that he could climb it

Shirin already wearing the heavy bag, easily scoops him up into a high cradle from behind. carrying him on her arms, she raises up her toes and places him on the horse.

The prince is shocked that he was lifted up so easily by Shirin in a cradle ! you have become stronger ! He says to Shirin as she climbs up the horse , but how ?

Of course, thanks to the Wizard training I have been recieving, Shirin says and sits behind the prince and grabs the reigns of the horse

Daughter, I hope you will concentrate on the task, and not get “Distracted” . The Royal Wizard says smiling .

And dont remove that dark robe you are wearing, Grandmaster will not be able to sense you with that , he says

Of course dad. Shirin smiles and both leave riding fast on the horse

Grandmaster is walking inside his tent in worry now. I Sensed Mayah activating her powers a while back, and Now I am suddenly not sensing Shirins presence in the Enemy camp. What are you plotting now Royal Wizard ? the Grandmaster thinks

They would have realized that their soldiers are of no match against my Female Wizards, thanks to Mayah. But what could their next step be now ? He thinks

The Royal Wizard knows Me well and is very Cunning, I should Attack swiftly the first thing in the morning, before he does any more surprising moves . The GrandMaster thinks .. Prepare for Battle my students ! he shouts and goes out

The Sun will rise in an hour , Shirin and the Prince reach near the Enchanted tower Peak riding horse, Both are tired and thirsty after a night of riding the horse

Both stand Near a long staircase which leads into a very old looking stone tower, which has a shiny looking top

What ? should we climb so many steps now ? The Prince exclaims in despair

Shirin looks around observing the place

This place is supposed to be an ancient Abandoned site hidden from the common people, But how come it is so well maintained ? Shirin asks

Who cares ? The Royal Wizard said it is up to me. to climb on that tower and remove that artifact, A good chance to prove the Royal blood flowing in my veins ! The Prince exclaims enthusiastically

A few minutes later, Shirin climbs the top of the staircase with the Prince now lifted on her hip. Is this how you wanted to prove your worth ? Shirin asks looking at the Prince who is totally exhausted climbing just half of the staircase

Lifted on the hip of Shirin, the exhausted Prince is hugging her and breathing heavily, what did you say ? The prince asks looking up at Shirin while still lifted on her hip

Nothing dear, Shirin smiles. I am glad we are spending some time alone together, Shirin says and Smooches him on the lips

As Shirin is busy smooching the prince, carrying him on her hip with her eyes closed, the Prince suddenly opens his eyes wide shocked

Oh my God.. Dead bodies ! they are walking .. The Prince shrieks in fear and hugs Shirin tightly while still carried on her hip

Shirin still carrying the Prince is shocked to see both of them surrounded by very skinny and old looking people who are almost looking like skeletons

Hurry, Destroy these walking dead bodies with your Magic ! the Prince shrieks , Hiding his face while still lifted up by Shirin

No.. they are not dead, Shirin says, they are just very old people.

Still lifting the Prince on her hip, Shirin closes her eyes to sense the surrounding people

I am sensing Magic inside them…Not only are they very old, but they were all Wizards once…Shirin says

What ? Is this some kind of Retirement home for the former Wizards ? The prince asks and gets down from her hip

I dont believe this ! an old woman speaks up in happiness, The Enchanted tower will finally be destroyed ! she says in glee

What do you mean ? Shirin asks . You came to destroy the Ancient Enchanted tower is it not ? the old lady asks.

The Ancient Wizard had foretold, that one day A couple in love. one of royal blood and another a Wizard will come together to destroy the Ancient Tower, she says

The power from this tower had given us unusual long life, with this gone, we will finally end our lives in a natural way, the old lady says

Are you sure This boy is of Royal blood ? another old man asks .

We were expecting a Boy coming up carrying a girl. But here the boy is lifted up by this slim and gorgeous looking girl, I feel this girl is of Royal blood and this weak guy a wastrel . All the old people laugh

Dont take their jokes seriously kids, come I will show you the way , the old lady says

She shows them into a gated compound, the gates are sealed shut. Go ahead, both of you kiss and place your palms together on this stone slab, the old lady says

Shirin and The prince kiss hurriedly and place their palms on the stone, the gate does not open, You both are not kissing pasionately, the old lady says. Until you both prove that you are in love, it will not work

I know how to bring out the passion, Shirin smiles she comes close to the prince now. Just relax my prince, she says and slowly scoops up the prince into her arms in a cradle. all the old people are surprised

Still carrying the Prince on her arms, she brings him close and both kiss deeply. Both feel warm and then place their hands together on the slab. The gate opens

The Enchanted tower is situated on a high platform surrounded by a pool of water, A shining rock is floating on top of the tower. What ? this tower is alteast 10 meters high ! Shirin says still carryin the prince in cradle

Dont worry, I am a Royal Prince, I have come prepared for this , but you have to let me down, he says

The Prince takes out a long rope from his bag , he ties a hook to the rope and throws it on top, the hook fixes itself perfectly on the top of the tower, trapped against a rod. that was a perfect Hook, the prince says . Dont worry, the Tower has been built using Stone bricks which are pointed outwards, we can easily climb on them, he says

Holding the rope, he starts to climb up the tower, placing his foot on the stone bricks, but after climbing a distance , His hands and legs start to pain. he jumps down leaving the rope, he notices that his palms are now bruised due to holding the rough rope.

Oh no, it is almost Morning, the Grandmaster can attack any time, I cannot lose more time, Shirin thinks

Let me help you my Prince, Shirin says and stands in front of him and turns showing her back. jump on my back she says

The prince jumps on her back, adjusting the Prince on her , as she is carrying him piggyback . she asks him to grab her tightly

Shirin now grabs the Rope and starts to climb the Tower, while carrying hers and the Princes full weight on her in piggyback. The Old wizards and the Prince are unable to believe Shirins strenght !

The Grandmaster has assembled His Female wizards and warriors outside his camp now

Our attack should be quick, Ruthless and Precise. the bodies of all our enemies should be in their graves by afternoon today, The Grandmaster says .

Lets march towards our enemies in full force, and wish them “Good Morning” . the Wizard says as the Wizards shout

Shirin still carrying the Prince piggyback now climbs to the top of the tower, The Prince looks down below and is terrified at the height. he hugs Shirin more tightly

Carrying the full weight of the prince piggyback, Shirin is finding it difficult as the Tower is narrow on the top, She decides to destroy the artifact while still carrying him. The Artifact is a Big glowing crystal.

The Prince still lifted in a piggyback By Shirin, Reaches out to the crystal and holds it in a firm grip, Shirin holds the crystal and using her strength , breaks it

The Artifact breaks with a big glow visible for miles, Shirin and the Prince are blinded for a while

The Grandmaster senses the Enchanted tower being destroyed from a distance , Noooo !!!!.. he screams in disbelief !

The Prince who has grabbed Shirin tightly while lifted on her piggyback, notices that the top of the tower is cracking from all sides now. Oh no, this ancient tower is not strong enough to hold two peoples weight ! he realizes

A glowing light now comes out of the Broken crystal artifact pieces and comes towards Shirin. Shirin is already struggling, as she has lifted up the Prince in piggyback and trying to balance in the small space

The glowing light enters Shirins chest and Shirins eyes suddenly starts to glow. The Prince looking at all this while still carried by her piggyback screams in fear !

The Tower now crumbles and Shirin while still carrying the Prince on her piggyback, Jumps from the tower with all her might towards the ground !

Thats it.. we are dead now ! The Prince thinks looking how fast they are falling towards the ground

To be continued …

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