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The train journey (Tall girl story)(part 1)

by rickishi
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Aasma and armaan are travelling in an auto rickshaw (tuk tuk) towards the railway station. Driver bhaiyya, please hurry.. Aaasma requests the driver while looking at the time

Why are you worried so much? Armaan, her elder brother laughs, there is still half an hour left for the train to departure, he says

You don’t understand bhaiyya (elder brother) , once we reach the station, we also have to meet shirin and then search for all our seats, Aasma replies in tension.

What ? Your irritating friend shirin is also coming ? Armaan asks in a displeased tone. Of course , It is obvious na , It is my schoolmates marriage ! We all friends will attend it. Shirin, Misha, Hina are also coming, Aasma replies happily

Oh no, how will I manage with only girls around ? Armaan asks in anxiety. That’s your problem my big brother, I told our parents that I will go with my friends alone, but they only insisted you to accompany me.. and that too, for my safety ! Aasma laughs

Ha ha.. Enough, Armaan mocks her, I cannot handle the tantrums of one girl like you, and now there are 3 more girls, who will save me ? Armaan asks in desperation

Relax bro, we girls are there na, we will make sure you are safe, Aasma giggles. Soon they reach railway station. Armaan is carrying the luggage while Aasma is calling up her friends in mobile phone . Soon they reach the platform and Armaan is exhausted

Why don’t you carry your luggage ? Armaan asks Aasma, how long should I carry both our luggage ? He asks. Please adjust bro, see I have worn these 4 inch heels, How can I carry luggage, when I am somehow managing to walk myself properly, Aasma says

Armaan now realizes that his little sister Aasma, who is actually an inch shorter than him, is now looking 3 inch taller than him wearing the heels, This is not good ! I will look so short in front of my little sister now ! Armaan thinks, he walks upto her and compares himself to her height and is embarrassed that she is looking much taller than him, thanks to her good posture

And here I came wearing thin slippers (flip flops), I better stand away from her, otherwise her friends will make fun of me, that I look shorter than my little sister , Armaan thinks

Armaan spots a fat girl with glasses sitting on a bench, hey is that not your friend shirin ? Armaan asks. Aasma starts laughing. bhaiyya, it has been more than 5 years since you last saw my schoolmates. All the girls are now grown up and look much different now , Aasma replies

Armaan then notices a tall girl climbing down the steps from a distance, Armaan is surprised at her very long and shapely legs and is really impressed by her height . wearing denim jeans revealing her slender but tall figure and a tight shirt , the girl climbs down the stairs carrying her suitcase

Armaan standing below and looking at that tall girls legs, is feeling like he is looking at tall towers from the ground. suddenly the beautiful tall girl smiles at him and starts walking towards Armaan, Armaan is feeling nervous. Why is this tall girl walking towards me? He thinks

If this tall girl stands in front of me, she will totally dwarf me, Hope she goes elsewhere, Armaan thinks. but the girl starts walking towards him, and as she is nearing him, Armaans eyes start looking up and up.. as she is slowly Towering over him, finally she stands in front of him and Armaan is embarrassed that he only reaches in height till her shoulders !

Hi Armaan, the girl says with a smile, while looking down below at him, Armaan is shocked, how does this tall girl know me ? Armaan thinks. Hi Shirin ! Aasma shouts and both hug each other. Wow you have grew taller, Aasma says realizing that she is still looking shorter, compared to shirin despite wearing heels

Yeah, you know na, it is in my family, shirin smiles. Armaan embarrassed that he is fully dwarfed by his own little sister in heels, is now looking much shorter than the tall shirin. He Simply walks away.

Unbelievable ! How did this Shirin grow so tall ? Armaan thinks in shock standing near a shop. When suddenly hot tea falls on his shirt and chest, burning him. Armaan cries is pain as more hot tea from the shirt soaks in and touches his chest

Oh, I am so sorry ! a girl comes close to him and starts unbuttoning his shirt in panic, trying to wipe out the tea using tissue paper. Armaan still in pain is surprised to see a girl getting so close to him, her breath is touching his nose and her long thick hair is blocking his eyes

The girl is apologizing repeatedly and cleaning his chest off the hot tea while bending down towards him, With the girl so close to Armaan, he suddenly realizes that even she towers over him ! Arey, it is ok. Armaan says, trying to move away from this tall girl to avoid more embarrassment

No no.. It is my fault, the girl says, Towering over him and trying to get close. I spotted my friends and rushed towards them in excitement, forgetting that I am holding a cup filled with tea, and I tripped on the way spilling the tea on you, please forgive me, the girl says in repentance

Armaan already embarrassed of being dwarfed by the tall girl, cannot go further as a wall is blocking him, the girl concerned about Armaan corners him and comes close to him while Towering over him, trying to clean the remaining tea and examining the burns, her long thick hair is now covering Armaans face, Armaan is feeling suffocated now

Aasma senses that her brother is not nearby, she starts looking for him. after looking around she suddenly spots Armaan cornered by a much taller girl, she has bent her face close to him and her thick long hair is covering both their faces, unable to see the tall girls face, nor able to see what they are doing, Aasma suddenly feels that the tall girl has overpowered her elder brother and pushed him against the wall

Oh my god, what is that tall girl doing to my brother ? Aasma shrieks. What happened ? Shirin asks and looks at Armaan, oh no what is that big girl doing ! Your big brother is looking so short, small, weak and helpless while being towered by her ! Quick lets go before she forces herself upon him and does something terrible, Shirin says and both start running

The tall girl has finished cleaning up Armaans chest and steps back, when Aasma and shirin stop in front of them. Misha ! It is you ? What were you doing with my elder brother ? Aasma asks. What ? This tall girl is misha ? My little sister Aasmas friend ? Armaan realizes in shock

What ? This little.. I mean guy is your elder brother ? Misha asks, trying to control her laughter. Yes, what were you doing to him ? Shirin asks.

I spilt hot tea on him by mistake, so was cleaning it off using tissues, Misha says. Armaan is embarrassed as he is surrounded by three tall girls now , completely dwarfing him. Aasma receives a call on her mobile, Hey ! It is Hina, she is already inside the train now, hurry the train is starting now, Aasma says

The train has started moving and picked up speed, Aasma, Misha and shirin easily run and get inside the train, the shorter Armaan is struggling to catch up with the train running on his shorter legs

Suddenly a hand comes from the door to help him, Armaan grabs the hand and is surprised that the palm and fingers are much bigger than his, holding the hand, armaan is pulled inside with his full weight into the train

Armaan is now breathing heavily and relieved that he managed to get inside, he looks to thank the person who helped him and is taken aback. Another tall girl in salwaar is standing there, looking down at him, Armaan looks up and realizes that this is the girl who pulled him in easily

Thanks a lot miss….. Hina. Aasma says. This is the fourth girl I was talking about bhaiyya, Aasma says. Misha and shirin are also standing beside her

Armaan now realizes that he is the shortest person among all these tall girls, he is now looking completely dwarfed by the tall girls surrounding him

Armaan is literally crying inside now , what have I done to deserve this ? He thinks. This journey will only bring more humiliation and embarrassment to me, Armaan thinks as he looks above at the girls

To be continued…

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