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The train journey (Tall girl story) (part 2)

by rickishi
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Armaan is now getting intimidated standing in front of all the taller girls looking at him together below, when Hina shakes her hands with him, darn ! my hand looks so tiny inside her palms, armaan thinks in embarrassment

It has been so long since we saw your older brother Aasma, Hina says looking down at armaan. But I think he has become smaller, hina giggles, All the girls smile

All enter the coach and are placing their luggage on the rack above, Tall Shirin places her luggage above comfortably and asks Armaan for his luggage

Thanks, but I will put my luggage myself, Armaan says… Ya.. But we can put it up easily, since we can reach above easily you know… Shirin says. Armaan is controlling his anger

All select the seat berths, the girls select the top most berths, leaving the bottom berth to Armaan, hey why did you leave the bottom berth to me ? Armaan asks

We thought it will be easier to you, as it is nearest to the floor.. Misha says. These girls are leaving no chance to humiliate me. Armaan thinks

They travel overnight in the train and it is early in the morning, Armaan wants to use the bathroom urgently, he comes to the toilet and tries to open the door, but it is jammed, armaan tries to push the door by force and uses all his might, the door is not opening

Armaan is thinking what to do when hina comes near him, is the door jammed? She asks and tries to push herself, but is unable to open herself. We can try together to push the door open, hina says. But how ? There is place for only one person to stand in front of the door and push, Armaan says

If you dont mind.. I Have a plan, hina says hesitatedly, what is it ? Armaan asks. You stand in front of the door and push it using your both hand, and since I am taller, I can reach the door using my hands from above, so we can push it together from below and above, hina says

Armaan who wants to use the toilet urgently, has no other option, the tall hina stands behind Armaan, easily reaching to the door above Armaan . Armaan is feeling a little warm as Hinas body is touching his body from behind. Both push the door together and it opens with a jerk

Thanks a lot armaan says looking up to hina. See ? It is not bad to have tall girls around is it not ? Hina smiles. Now finish and come soon, even I want to use it, heena laughs looking below at him

Armaan is now brushing his teeth in the train wash basin, when his little sister Aasma comes carrying a toothbrush and paste, bhaiyya, how long will you take ? She asks, as she cannot see herself in the mirror to brush. Use the basin on the other side of the coach and don’t disturb me, armaan says blocking her view inside the mirror . Aasma leaves stomping her feet in anger

As Armaan is brushing he notices someone brushing from behind, Armaan turns around to see who it is. Tall shirin can easily see her face in the mirror as Armaan comes only up to her shoulders and her view is not blocked, while standing behind him8

Armaan is embarrassed to see himself completely dwarfed by the tall Shirin from behind in the mirror , he quietly gets away. Aasma is laughing

Armaan carrying toothbrush and paste is going back to his berth when suddenly Hina blocks his way, she comes close to him with a warm expression on face, Armaan is feeling intimidated as Hina Towering over him, comes close and Armaan walking behind is trapped between her and a wall

Will you let me use yours ? Hina asks with a deep tone. what thing of mine do you want to use ? Armaan asks in fear looking above . Your toothpaste ! Hina smiles

Hina, Aasma, shirin and Misha are waiting for the train to make a stop. look girls, we have only 5 minutes until the train starts again, we have to purchase breakfast items from the station before the train starts, Hina says

Misha, you purchase, samosa, kachori or any breakfast item available on the platform for us, Aasma you get tea for all in this flask, shireen you purchase water bottles and snacks from the stalls. What will you do then ? All ask Hina

I will take care of Armaan, hina laughs, Armaan is furious !

The train makes a stop and all girls swiftly run around making purchases. Soon the train starts again and the girls are distributing the food items

Armaan compares what he had got and is angry. What is this ? Armaan thunders, you have given me the smallest samosa, smallest water bottle and least Tea in the cup, this is not fair. I am the oldest among the group

Misha sits beside Armaan, show me your hand she says, and compares it with hers, whose hand is smaller ? She asks. Mine, Armaan says in embarrassment, she then stretches her legs, whose legs are smaller ? Misha asks again, Mine armaan replies in embarrassment

Look at all the girls shoes and yours, whose shoe size is the smallest ? Misha asks, Mine again Armaan replies

Then technically, you are the smallest person in this group, then why are you complaining ? Misha asks rebuking Armaan

Enough Misha, Hina says. Stop behaving badly with Armaan like that, she says. More and more of us girls are getting taller than boys these days, do all of them treat the boys like that ?

Hina sits beside Armaan now, Armaan realizes hina is probably the tallest amongst the girl as he compares her thighs and arms, with Misha and finds hers are larger

Don’t you dare treat Armaan badly anymore, hina says and hugs armaan, armaan is scared as he is looking like a kid hugged by the much taller Hina

Armaan is the only boy amongst all us girls, it is the duty of us girls to take care of him and treat him well. Hina says, while still hugging Armaan, Armaan is getting a little scared to be hugged by a much bigger girl and inside the long arms of hina.

Oh, this Hina ! she always had a soft spot for short boys, Misha says.

All are now sleeping in their berths when suddenly Armaan realizes that Asmaa is not to be seen, he then realizes that the train has stopped in a station, he thinks Asmaa must have got down in the station to purchase something. But the train starts moving

Armaan starts panicking. where is Asmaa ? He asks and runs towards the door. Armaan is now about to jump down from the rail coach, he is on the edge when suddenly some one grabs him from the waist and pulls him back. Armaan is shocked that someone pulled him back so easily

Armaan tries to break free from her arms using all his might, but is surprised that the girl is much stronger and is holding him forcefully by locking him in her arms

What do you think you are doing ? She asks looking down, while forcibly locking armaan in her arms. Armaan turns back looking above and is shocked and intimidated to realize it is Hina, who is holding him forcefully in her arms !

Asmaa had gotten down into the station, but has not come back, and now the train is moving. Armaan says looking up. Arey your little sister had gone into the bathroom you silly. Hina laughs and releases him from her long and strong arms

Oh that’s a relief, Armaan says. You should not act so rashly risking your safety and life you know, Hina says imposingly and comes towards Armaan, Towering over him. Armaan walks back and stands with his back on the wall, in nervousness as the tall hina leans towards him, while Towering over him

Looking down towards the scared Armaan who is cornered by the wall, Hina gives a warm expressions with her eyes and her breathing becomes heavier. What are you trying to do hina ? Your intentions don’t look good to me, Armaan says in fear looking above at Hina

Using her big palms, Hina starts running her fingers on his hair. you look so cute when you are scared and intimidated, do you know that ? Hina says looking deeply below into his eyes. Armaan is confused and scared

Hina comes close to him while looking down, and feeling his hair with her hands, shall I kiss you.. Hina asks. What Armaan responds in shock ? Shhh.. Please don’t tell Asmaa, Hina says.

Intimidated and pushed into the wall by the much taller and stronger Hina, Armaan does not dare to say No.

Armaan is expecting Hina to kiss his forehead and leave, but hina bends down and starts kissing his lips. Armaan cant believe whats happening with him !

Hina bending down grabs armaans waist and pulls him towards her, tightening her kiss and embraces him tightly with her long arms. Armaan locked up inside Hinas long arms has his eyes wide in shock, while still being kissed by her

Armaan is literally overpowered and helpless, being kissed tightly in the lips by the much taller and stronger Hina, suddenly the toilet door opens with a loud jerking sound. Hina leaves Armaan and runs back to her berth. Armaan is breathing heavily after the long and tight kiss

If being humiliated, dwarfed and disrespected by the taller girls is not enough, the tallest and strongest of the girls is now flirting and hitting on me. Why is this happening with me ? Armaan thinks in desperation

Armaan is now scared to return to his seat and sleep in between the tall girls around him.. I hope I reach the destination safely tomorrow morning. Armaan prays

To be continued….

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