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The Shield Maiden -2

by rickishi
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I had gone outside to meditate and do workout ! Mayra says, there are no equipment or facility for my training here ! What should I do ? She says to Sonia. I am making use of stones and trees to exercise myself outside near that small waterfall

Don’t worry, Rohan is working on something, which can make you stronger and also undefeatable, he will come to meet you after a few days. By that time you train yourself well and be in your best of shape and strength ! Sonia says , she takes Mayras twin swords and places it in a box

Why have you taken my twin swords ? Mayra asks. Sonia starts laughing, I have seen you overpower and defeat men with bare hands, why do you need your swords ? Besides , Rohan needs your swords also to combine them with your new powers. Sonia says , you need to increase your mental strength through meditation, that’s more important

But what are planning to fight against ? I have no idea for which war we are preparing ? Mayra asks . Relax , Sonia says . You will get to know soon , you take rest and train well. Breakfast will be ready at 10.00 in the morning, Sonia says and places dinner at Mayras table . The food is very nutritious and also contains exotic fruits

Sonia wishes good night and with a little effort carries away the box of Mayras heavy twin swords with her. Wow, this diet really is very carefully selected ! Mayra thinks, but she is really hungry and devours it like a hungry tigress, her appetite has also increased

Mayra goes to sleep, but she dreams of Koi laughing in the forest , riding a cow and playing flute . She is unable to make out anything from the dream . It is morning soon, Mayra gets up very early in the morning to train herself well

After warming up, she starts running into the forest and comes to the same place where she met koi. Mayra is alone now as it is not even dawn yet. She starts tying heavy stones to her body, she lifts up a heavy boulder overhead and starts squatting

Just as sunrise happens, Koi comes to the place with his animals. Mayra is doing pull-ups with heavy stones tied to her legs. Koi is stunned looking at the rock hard shoulder and back muscles which are flexed as Mayra is doing pull-ups on a tree branch

My princess, why are you punishing yourself so much ? Koi asks unable to believe her strength. I need to train as much as possible, I have a mission to do. Mayra says . She unties the the rocks and with a groan lifts up a heavy tree trunk on her shoulders

Koi is in disbelief ! Princess Mayra, atleast 4-5 fully grown strong men are needed to lift up a tree trunk , you are carrying that alone on your shoulders ! Am I still dreaming ? He asks and pinches himself. Mayra laughs while still in a little discomfort carrying the heavy tree trunk

I must be able to squat with this tree trunk on my shoulders ! Mayra says . Koi is looking with his mouth open. After walking a few steps, Mayra drops the tree trunk and it falls with a heavy thud on the ground

Can you sit on my shoulders ? Mayra asks Koi. Koi climbs on her shoulder like a monkey on a tree and sits on her shoulder confidently without thinking twice. As Mayra stands up with Koi sitting on her shoulders effortlessly, he exclaims . Wow !

What happened ? Mayra asks looking up at the plumpy koi sitting on her shoulders. Your shoulder muscles have become slightly harder than yesterday when you piggybacked me and climbed that hill ! Koi says in astonishment

Mayra is happy with the muscle gain she has achieved in one day, she starts performing deep squats with Koi’s weight . Mayra is not at all getting tired and goes on doing squats for such a long time, Koi starts yawning as he is doing nothing except sit on Mayras shoulders from a long time

What is the matter my plump friend ? Mayra smiles looking up at Koi. Hey ! Whom are you calling plump ? I am a bit healthy that’s all. But you can see my masculine body is no less than anybody ! Koi says and flexes his biceps, it has nothing but flab in it

Mayra smiles, hold on then, get ready for a jerky ride ! She says and starts performing lunges with Koi still sitting on her shoulders. Koi grabs Mayras head to support himself as she does deep lunges and gets up

After quite a long session, Mayra is tired working out and Koi is sweating due to the sun shining a little brighter now. Oh, what is the time now ? Mayra asks looking at Koi who is wiping his sweat while still sitting on her shoulders. It must be close to 9.30- 10.00 he says looking up at the sun

Oh no ! I must return, Mayra says and starts running towards the old caste. Hey what about me ? I don’t want to get caught by those tall strong women in that old castle ! Koi shrieks, what If they catch me and give me cleaning work ? Oh, I am sorry, I completely forgot that you were sitting on my shoulders ! Mayra says and lowers him down

As Mayra is running towards her room, she senses that her stamina seems improved, she barges into her room and is taking deep breath when Sonia arrives . Breakfast is served at the common hall, you shall come there daily ! She commands and leaves

Mayra is in the hall of the crumbling castle, there are holes on the roof with pigeon nests and the whole place is dusty with old furniture and cobwebs . This castle can collapse anytime ! She thinks

Breakfast is served and it again contains high nutrition food and rare vegetables and fruits . All the other tall maids also seem to work out regularly, all have toned muscles and abs and they are also eating the food in a hurry . Wow ! Looks like all of them workout heavily ! Mayra thinks

Good morning my warriors ! Rohan enters the dining area lifted up by Sonia in cradle . He has still covered his face with cloth and has a hood on head. Mayra is getting an urge to attack him immediately there itself . But feels it is not a good idea

Sonia who is still carrying Rohan in high cradle now puts him down . Tasha ! Please bring the components, Rohan says . Another tall strong maid comes carrying a metal pot filled with a glowing liquid, this girl has impressive physique ! Mayra thinks when Rohan, dwarfed between all the tall maids including Mayra walks to the center of the crumbling hall

There is a mirror frame which is empty and hanging on the roof of the dining area. I need the female bearer to carry me ! Rohan says. Tasha bends down and Rohan sits on her shoulder, Tasha easily now stands up and hands over the pot to Rohan who is sitting on her shoulders

Wow , this girl is quite strong too ! Amyra thinks and notices that Tasha has tattoos all over her body with magical signs, it seems the tattoos seem to connect in lines and finally end at the back of her neck

Rohan now reaches to the mirror frame and pours the liquid on the frame , the liquid fills up the frame and freezes immediately and is now held up like a glass. Amyra is in disbelief ! The liquid froze immediately even in this temperature, and is now acting like a mirror inside that frame !

Still lifted up on a shoulder sit on the tall Tasha , Rohan now takes out a small book from his pocket and starts reading it in a low voice. Tasha who is standing solid with the full weight of Rohan , is a tall maid who is also a sorceress in training , Tasha is also reciting some spells and her tattoos start glowing slowly from below as she carrying Rohan on her shoulders

Tashas Tattoos start glowing and the glow starts rising up and touches Rohan who is sitting on her shoulders, the glow in the tatto ! Is it some kind of energy that is flowing from Tasha to Rohan ? Amyra thinks

The glow from Tasha’s tattoos reaches Rohan and his voice starts getting heavier as he is reciting the spell , soon the echoes start coming from his words as he starts shouting

the mirror starts glowing and it’s light suddenly fills the whole room. Myra is confused when the glow becomes very bright and she is not able to see anything now.

The glow suddenly goes away and all of them are now standing inside a beautiful palace , the carpets are grand and clean, the curtains are flowing with bright colors, the furniture is grand and has beautiful paintings and shiny wares all around. Where are we ? Amyra shrieks in disbelief

You are in the same castle , but 3000 years in the past ! Rohan says as he is still sitting on Tasha’s shoulders. What ? Amyra replies in shock , she notices the room and realizes in shock that it is actually the same crumbling castle ! This is impossible ! You took us back in time ?

You all are now in the same place , but in a different time period, this castle was home to the most powerful of magicians. Just then they sense a group of magicians carrying a body with them, like they are taking it for a burial. What is happening ? Amyra asks .

The group of wizards carrying the body now climb down the steps and go inside a place ready for burial. The body is tied up Very tightly and secured with chains and covered with multiple bags and spells scribbled over the body

Amyra and the whole group are able to see , but not touch anything. They are simply looking through a window in time , Amyra and the whole group move to the courtyard where everything is visible from above

The body which they are taking for cremation starts moving violently. Oh my god, they are burying a living person ! Amyra says. Dont pity him, He is neither living nor dead, Rohan says, they are burying the greatest master of black magic to have ever lived in the world ! Rohan says

Amyra is looking in surprise. When the group starts walking hurriedly , the eyes of the body starts glowing when they throw it into a pit, one of the sorcerer pours fuel and immediately lights it on fire, the pit blows up inside with a huge flames

It is impossible for anyone to survive it ! Amyra says. The wizards are now about to leave when the body despite in flames suddenly floats up in air , the scene is horrific for Amyra who is viewing it from a distance

The body now breaks the shackles and gives out a loud scream with a high pitch. While still floating in the air, all cover their ears as the voice is too shrill !
This is impossible ! Zoltan is difficult to kill even when the alignment of the planets has happened, Rohan exclaims sitting on Tasha’s shoulders

The body now starts absorbing energy creating a firewall which starts growing in size, after making a huge fireball, it is about to throw it on the group of wizards when the wizards start chanting spells together and cast it on the body with great effort

The body suddenly dissapears in thin air ! Amyra is in disbelief, but the huge fireball created by the body falls on the wizards and all are on fire now . The wizards are running for their lives and there is total chaos now as all are on fire

The time window is draining Rohans life force ! Tasha shrieks in concern looking up at Rohan who is still sitting on her strong shoulders, the glow of her tattoos is losing its strength and. Rohan is chanting spells with great effort when he finally loses his energy and suddenly Amyra and all the tall maids are back into the current time

Rohan , still sitting on Tasha’s shoulders is almost unconscious now as he was maintaining the time window with all his energy. Master Rohan ! Sonia cries and lowers him from Tasha’s shoulders into her arms in cradle. Rohan becomes unconscious. Thank you Tasha for maintaining his energy level through your body ! Sonia says

Do you understand now ? Tasha says to Amyra, the sorcerer whom all the wizards were desperately trying to finish off is Zoltan, the master of dark magic. He is an ancient sorcerer of evil ! All the sorcerers had captured him with great effort and paying a heavy price ! Tasha says

They say he can only be killed when the planets of the solar systems align in a specific order, and that happens approximately every 3000 years ! He is very hard to even capture, let alone killing him ! Tasha says . I have been researching with master Rohan about Zoltan, and his magic, he is an ancient conjurer of horror ! Tasha says

Oh great, that means he was killed when all the sorcerer’s cast a spell together right ? Amyra asks . You don’t understand, Tasha says. The wizards in their deseperate last attempt, only managed to push Zoltan into the future, they could not kill him !

Future ? Then when will he come ? Amyra asks confused, they pushed Zoltan 3000 years in the future ! Tasha says . But but.. it will be in the present then ! Amyra realizes in shock , which means he will be coming to our time now !

Exactly ! Tasha replies , Rohan belongs to the blood line of one of the wizards who had managed to capture Zoltan with such an effort. There are none others left with this knowledge now ! Tasha says.

Zoltan was such a powerful wizard, he could disrupt the whole world with his powerful magic. His aim was to ensalve the whole world and become a dark master of all living beings ! If he comes now, there is absolutely nobody who can resist him

Rohan has been preparing for the return of Zoltan alone , and has been amassing the shield maidens of all the kingdoms of this region to tap their strength for his magic ! Tasha says looking at Rohan who is still unconscious and lifted up in cradle by Sonia

Sonia now places Rohan on his bed when Tasha goes to collect some water . I don’t understand, what can shield maidens do for a sorcerer ? Amyra asks Sonia.

A wizard can tap the physical strength and the strong will of a female warrior if he sits on her shoulders and her magical tatoos are aligned with his , he can do that only if it is a woman who is carrying him

The shield maidens are the most powerful warriors in this region currently at this time, and Rohan knows a technique to channel the strength of a shield maiden to amplify his magical powers and spells .

Tasha was carrying Rohan on her shoulders for exactly that purpose ! Sonia says . The stronger the woman carrying him, the more powerful will be the sorcerer’s magic ! Sonia says

Wait a minute ! Tasha is also a shield maiden ? Amyra asks . Of course , all of us are shield maidens here ! Sonia laughs, we act like his maids only to hide our identities. Rohan says we shield maidens are the only warriors who are capable of facing a sorcerer In the current time …!

Tasha is the daughter of your neighbouring King. I am the daughter of the first king whom Rohan had defeated, but he is such a gentle person. He explained everything to my father and returned the kingdom without any condition. Except me for his small army

Oh my god ! No wonder all respect Rohan so much ! Amyra thinks . You should realise that Rohan has been training to defeat Zoltan alone without any guidance and only with the help of ancient scrolls and texts . He fears it is impossible to defeat Zoltan alone, that’s why he needs us, the shield maidens ! Sonia says

We shield maidens are only around 15 , and we have no idea how powerful Zoltan will be. Rohan is desperately searching for any knowledge available to enhance our strength and resist Zoltans magic . Sonia says when word comes that Rohan wants to meet Sonia and Amyra

Rohan is sitting on Tasha’s lap as she is making him drink milk and regain strength. Rohan has mustered enough strength to talk now . Amyra and Sonia, I am trusting you both for a mission I am planning for tomorrow. I need to search for a very rare ore, which is present in an ancient abandoned mine in the hidden valley, Rohan says who still carried on Tasha’s lap

But the hidden valley is a days ride on a horse, and you are so weak ! Amyra says . I have no option, I was studying ancient scrips about Zoltans magic and got to know that the weapons embedded with that ancient ore is the only way to fight against him , Rohan says. Rohan is still covering his face using the hood

The alignment of solar systems will happen soon, we cannot lose any more time , no amount of preperation is enough if you look at how powerful Zoltan is, we are the last line of defence for humanity ! Rohan says . But you yourself fear that Zoltan is undefeatable ! Amyra replies, what is the use of fighting him ?

Ha.. Rohan reacts with a spark in his eyes. Even If we are to be defeated, we will give him such a fight, he will remember it until he lives ! Let’s make sure of it . Rohan says , Nobody just walks into our world and take it in a platter. At Least we can give him a tough time taking it ! Sonia and Tasha grab both Rohans hands giving him confidence

Amyra, Tasha and Sonia are now riding on their horses on the way to the hidden valley . Rohan with his hood and mask on, is sitting in front of Tasha on the horse . After travelling till it is dark, a thunderstorm starts as all of them are traveling slowly on their horses. Please don’t start rains god ! Sonia pleads

They now reach the top of a steep hill. The horses cannot move uphill, there is no way ! Rohan says opening an ancient map. The door to that old mine is hidden, only ancient wizards knew how to enter them ! Rohan says , the door is on the slopes of this hill, let us leave the horses here and climb the slope. If we find a flat surface , we will put up a tent there

Sonia, Tasha and Amyra are climbing up the slope slowly and cutting the plants making way for Rohan and also for them to come back, it is now really dark and it also starts raining slowly. All the girls are a little tired , but they still have energy to search the hidden door. Rohan is tired and breathing heavily

Amyra lights up a glass lantern, keep the flame low ! Rohan says, we should not alert the people around that we are searching something ! Rohan says breathing heavily. Rohan cannot keep climbing like this, his energy is draining. Tasha says and gives him water from a pouch

Tasha is now carrying Rohan piggyback and also climbing the slope, her shoulder and biceps are showing the full toned shape as she carrying both their weights and climbing up using her arms. Amyra is impressed by Tasha’s strength .

Sonia is on the front with the lantern cutting weeds and moving ahead, Tasha is in middle carrying Rohan piggyback and climbing the slope, Amyra is looking around for the safety of the group with a bow and arrow ready for defence

It starts raining very heavily now . Tasha is standing under a boulder and protecting herself and Rohan from the rain, whom she is still carrying piggyback.

We may have to put a camp here ! Sonia says , yeah atleast let me cook fresh stew, this place looks safe enough, Tasha says opening the bag Sonia is carrying, while with Rohan still on her piggyback . No wait ! Rohan says. I can recognise the markings on thie boulder, we are actually in front of the hidden door now !

Thats great ! Amyra says , atleast we can enter the mines and escape the rain and cold. Rohan has climbed down from Tashas back and is cleaning the carvings on the stone and trying to read with the light from the lantern

It is not so easy, what is written here is ancient text and nobody has the skill to read it now ! Except a very few people ! Rohan says. Tasha feels no point in waiting and starts collecting firewood

Rohan takes out a brush and a metal nail to clear the mud and deposited dirt on the ancient carvings, cleaning the carvings and trying to read the inscription on the rock. Rohan is looking higher and higher till it exceeds his height

Sonia is sharpening her swords with a stone and Tasha is ready to cook a stew as she has lighted up a small fire with a vessel tied over it . Amyra is reading a book when she realises that Rohan needs help, but is embarassed to asks them

Do you need a lift ? So that you can read those inscriptiona which are carved high above ? Amyra asks. Yes, but I am hesitant to ask since you all are tired , Rohan says . Come one, you have given your whole life for this effort, we girls are merely lending you our muscles ! Amyra giggles

But I also need someone to hold the lantern while I am cleaning the inscriptions with my both hands ! Rohan says . Don’t worry, I can manage ! Amyra smiles and sqauts down, sit on my single shoulder, Amyra invites him pointing him to her shoulder

Rohan sits on her single shoulder. holding Rohan secure with one hand, Amyra holds the lantern in another hand and stands up easily. Sitting on the tall Amyra’s single shoulder, Rohan is able to read the inscriptions easily while it is lit up by Amyra who is holding up the lantern in other hand

Sipping the stew, Tasha looks at Amyra standing near the rock carrying Rohan on her single shoulder while also holding the lantern up on the other hand . Oh my , look how perfectly Amyra has lifted up Rohan on her single shoulder ! She exclaims looking at Sonia

Yes, are you thinking what I am thinking ? Sonia asks Tasha . I think our Sorcerer Rohan has finally found the perfect Shield maiden to amplify his powers , look how solid, muscular and balanced Amyra is while carrying Rohan ! He looks so perfectly held up on her shoulders while she seems completely comfortable carrying him

You are right ! Tasha says , it seems Amyra can carry Rohan till eternity, Rohan is definitely suited for a super strong shield maiden like Amyra, and on top of that she is very attractive too ! She giggles. I am glad we finally think alike ! Sonia says and sips the stew made by Tasha. Not bad Tasha, you cook well for a former princess ! Sonia laughs

I found it ! Rohan exclaims in happiness. This door does not contain magic at all, In fact this rock is a metal slab which is disguised as a side of a rock . This stone slab is acting like a door to the mine entrance, we must really salute the ancient miners for this excellent idea ! Rohan says

we simply need to lift up this heavy slab like a shutter ! He says as he finally makes sense of the carved inscription. Oh, but I thought it will be some easy magical spells ! Amyra says looking up at Rohan who is still sitting on her single shoulder

Come on, this is not a treasure, it is a mine , we need 10 strong men to lift up the slab , by inserting two rods on the holes and pushing the slab up using that metal cylinder like a fulcrum and lever , Rohan says reading the inscription

Tasha and Sonia both together bring a rusted and dusty big rod lying in a ditch nearby , both have used up their full strength to bring one rod. Let me help with the other rod ! Amyra says and puts Rohan down. Lifting the other heavy metal rod from one side, Amyra makes it straight and lifts up the while rod on her shoulders. Tasha and Sonia are in disbelief !

Rohan is immensely pleased by the raw power of Amyra . Carrying the heavy metal rod which even five normal healthy men cannot carry, Amyra drops it near the metal cylinder. Amyra is dusting off the dirt from her rock hard shoulders , when Tasha and Sonia struggle and place both the rods near the fulcrum

Amyra pushes the rods into the respective holes , all are now convinced that Amyra is the strongest person there, and by a huge difference. With the two rods in place under the slab and placed like a see saw with the metal cylinder as base. Tasha , Sonia and Rohan push one rod while Amyra alone pushes the other rod, as they give all their strength, the slab slowly starts moving up

All are giving their full strength when the slab moves up enough for a person to crawl through. Rohan immediately speaks a spell to hold the slab in its place using his weak magic when Tasha pushes a boulder under the now lifted up slab

The boulder is strong enough to manage the weight of the slab leaving a gap enough for a person to slide inside . All now slide inside and Sonia brightens up the lantern. The mine looks spooky with a thick layer of dust on the equipments, as it has not been used for a very long time

They all walk carefully and are reaching the ore deposits when Sonia and Tasha’s tatoos start glowing. What is happening ? All the three girls ask Rohan who is now looking worried

To be continued….

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