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The shield maiden -1

by rickishi
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In ancient times where war was common between kingdoms . Some kings in secret would train their family women, usually daughters as their shield maidens, which means personal body guards .

The daughters would be so vigorous and well trained, they could match the best of assassins and warriors and defeat them easily ! Trained for high strength ,speed and stealth. the girls were also taught ways to disable and overpower their enemies easily

Forgot the common men, even the king and Warlords of many kingdoms, were no match against the strength and Speed of these princess. The kings trusted these shield maidens with their lives and that’s why they trained the women of their own family for this

Princess Amyra is the shield maiden for her father. She has been trained vigorously since her childhood for this, not only in sword and shield. she has expertise in Archery and close combat fighting skills . She is exceptionally good in hand to hand fighting

But none other than the close family of the king knows about the training Amyra has taken since childhood, in secrecy.

To the common people, she is a beautiful and dutiful princess who takes part in all festivities and traditions of the kingdom. and is a gentle and caring woman, but from inside she is a fierce and well trained powerful warrior who can become merciless and kill people at will with no limit !

The king was wondering how to find a suitable groom for the princess, since she is now of marriagable age . But the fact is, she is easily stronger than all the men, and they will find it tough to handle her as a husband

But before the king could start any such matrimonial discussions, there was a sudden attack by a new enemy. This enemy was very mysterious in its warfare and was easily winning over the neighbouring kingdoms within a short span of time

Nobody in the kingdom had expected that this enemy will be very soon at their own doorstep. The army of the enemy sneaked in very soon and before they could react, There was a siege by the enemy on their palace !

The king was taken by surprise as the enemy was fully ready with siege equipment and within a short time, their main gate of the castle was broken down ! Their main army was cut off and the king was defenceless

The enemy soldiers were all hooded and wore heavy armour and weapons, the kings soldiers had never faced such powerful soldiers and were getting beaten easily. The fighting style and tactics of the enemy was completely new to them

Princess Amyra finally wears her shield maiden armour and with a heavy sword in each hand, she is standing with other bodyguards as a last stand for her father. waiting behind closed doors

Her biceps are looking toned and her shoulders wide, as she is carrying a heavy sword in each hand which, a normal man can carry with difficulty even with both hands

The door starts to break and the enemy army barges in ! Amyra is surprised, as it is led by tall and strong young girls as they attack in a tactical formation. They are led on by the enemy king. look, he is the one wearing robes and covering his face with a mask ! One of the guards say

Amyra is no weak girl, she stands tall at almost 5.11 in height with tremendous strength. she charges with her gaurds on them and starts to fight, her twin swords are creating a havoc on the enemy, her armour is heavy and strong. The blows and kicks by the enemy is having no effect on her

Amyras hit from her swords are powerful and the tall female soldiers are finding it difficult to withstand her blows. She is striking continuously with her swords one after another and many soldiers are getting their shields and swords cracked

she easily overpowers the tall female warriors while her other soldiers are getting beaten or struggling, Amyra manages to break the formation using her strength and stamina, the enemy side has never faced such a strong resistance till now !

She grabs two enemy soldiers and lifts them up together on her shoulder each and runs towards the enemy king who is leading the attack, the arrows shots Pierces the helpless soldiers on her shoulders while she barges in carrying them

She kicks away another tall female warrior and comes straight face to face with the enemy king ! and she is shocked, the enemy king is short and fat , not more than 5.5 and wearing a hooded robe and mask, he is wearing a heavy armour and is struggling to move with it

Amyra is more confident now as she realizes that the enemy king is a wimp, she throws the dead soldiers from her shoulders, and with her twin swords charges at him. She lands powerful strikes with her twin swords, the enemy king drops his sword, shaken by her powerful hits and his shield cracks

Amyra now puts back her swords into the sheath with a victorious expression on her face, she then grabs the enemy king and with a groan lifts him up into a overhead lift and shouts a loud victory cry !

The enemy soldiers are shocked to see the strong warrior princess lifting up their king overhead, and are ready to surrender. Just then the enemy king who is now held up overhead by Amyra takes out a powder from a pouch and blows it on her face below, Amyra loses conscience !

Amyra regains conscience later and finds herself in long chains inside her own prison ! The chains tied to her is long enough to walk around the cell. She then spots her father sitting on the floor with bandages tied to his wounds

Looking at her father lying with bandages, Amyra is in despair ! crying she runs towards him lifts him up into a cradle straight from the floor ! Amyras father is no small man and is close to 100 kg

I am so sorry father, I failed you. Amyra cries, I had trained so hard for this day and the enemy king was even lifted up overhead by me, still we lost by such a close call ! She cries looking into her father whom she has lifted up in a cradle

Don’t cry my daughter, you fought so fiercely, no daughter in history would have fought for her father like that ! Her father says, I believe you were victorious, but the enemy king won by treachery ! He says Still lifted up in her arms

The enemies were so scared by your strength, they almost dropped their weapons in fear when you had lifted up their king overhead, and were shouting with that power in your voice. I am proud of your strength my daughter ! He says

her father now consoles her. he says to her that this enemy king is actually a master of magic and warfare. and thats how he easily defeated their army. Magic ? Amyra asks in surprise

He has proposed an agreement with us ! The father says. Agreement ? But I thought he attacked to usurp your throne ! Amyra says with her father still lifted up in cradle by her

Your strength and bravery has impressed the king so much. He has offered his hand for friendship with me ! Her father says. What ? Are you saying the truth ? Amyra asks in disbelief

he will make me king again and will return my kingdom, but I will have to give him a tribute regularly, with my army ready whenever he wants and…

And what father ? Amyra asks. He said he is impressed by you and wants you in his army, you should abandon your position as a princess and must serve him as an elite warrior ! in simple words, you will be on exile ! he says with teary eyes. Amyra is shocked, but like a good daughter, she is ready to sacrifice herself for her father and family, she gives her consent .

The king with a heavy heart agrees to send her to the enemy king. The enemy envoy keeps his word and returns the kingdom to the king and gives his throne back with respect. Giving back her swords, the enemy envoy invites the princess to his location at the earliest

The princess now moves to the enemy kings location as soon as her father sits on his throne. The place is on the remains of an ancient crumbled fort, why will any king like to live in such a cursed location ? Amyra thinks and reaches the main door.

The maids come and collect the famous twin swords from the princess and gives a message that the king wants to meet her in private. she agrees and waits for the king. an hour passes and then the doors open. Amyra looks towards it and is shocked !

The enemy king is being carried by the maid in a piggyback ! still with his hood on and a mask covering his face. He directs her to carry him and lower him down in front of the princess. The strong maid does as said, Amyra notices that even the maid is taller than the enemy king. what a short wimp, she thinks .

Surprised to see me lifted up by a woman ? The king laughs, I am unable to walk because you had lifted me up overhead in the battle and when you lost conciousnes because of me. I fell all the way down from your hands and injured my leg ! He laughs. But seriously, I feel very safe and protected when a strong woman is carrying me, he says looking at his maid

I am Rohan ! the enemy king introduces himself. I was the one who defeated your father. Amyra suddenly raises her fist, you short wimpy coward. let’s see how you defeat me in a physical fight ! she throws a punch at him, he dodges it, she then grabs him and lifts him easily into a bear hug

King Rohan squeals in pain as he is crushed inside the taller and stronger Amyra’s arms, Amyra is about to slam him on the ground when the tall maid suddenly grabs her from behind and places a knife on her neck. Put him down ! the maid threatens, Amyra puts Rohan down slowly

Rohan, the sorcerer king is actually impressed by Amyra’s abilities and strength. the maid then says, she is a wild horse my Lord , are you sure you still want her in your army ? there are already many waiting to get close to you she says seductively.

I really like this tall strong horse he tells. and this girl is important for our next plans too he says, The maid looks at Amyra jealously, maybe this girl is strong, but I don’t trust her ! The maid says

Don’t worry, Rohan says and jumps on the maids back in a piggyback again, the tall maid is least affected by the fat king jumping on her back. she starts caressing his behind while staring at him looking above

She will soon obey me and will fight for me with her consent he laughs. he leaves still riding on the maid piggyback. Amyra laughs at her fate and at the confidence of the dwarf Rohan. what a clown of a king, she thinks. and he does not even have the guts to show his face !

Amyra has not taken bath or washed her face since the day from battle. Sonya, the kings favorite maid who came carrying the king piggyback to meet Amyra, takes her to the Royal bathing section for females.

The other maids are busy taking bath when Sonya brings Amyra there, take your Bath here she says .

Amyra grumpily washes her face off the warpaint and wets her hair, she then ties her hair into a tight ponytail, all the maids are shocked looking at Roshni’s beauty in real. She is stunning ! one of the maids say

Soft clear skin , long black hair, a tall stance , slim waist , and long shapely legs ! they all exclaim in wonder. ya ya.. she is of Royal blood, what can you expect ? But atleast she is not the tallest , Sonya exclaims in jealousy.

Of course But don’t forget, it is your king who is the shortest of all here ! Amyra shouts in anger. Wait till you know him completely, Sonya says, you will be singing a different tune then ! she says, all other maids agree.

She is so beautiful for someone who fought so valiantly that day ! one of the maids say, how do you know that ? Amyra asks surprised . Who do you think were the female soldiers who attacked you at then end ? Sonya says, it was us !

Of course and Amyra defeated you easily ! another maid laughs . Amyra starts recollecting that day and realizes in shock that it indeed was these same maids ! What ? But how ? She thinks

Amyra now removes her clothes and is almost naked when the maids are surprised how toned and well defined her muscles are ! Oh my, she has biceps and shoulders which look strong like men ! A maid exclaims. Look at her stomach, she has hard looking abs !

Sonya comes close and feels her rock hard abs. My my, impressive ! She smiles

One of the maids gives an old gown of hers and Amyra wears it, Yet she looks attractive even in that stale old gown, she looks so gorgeous. but it is a little tight around her biceps and shoulders! The maids laugh

Sonia brings Amyra to her room which is another ruined place with a door. There is another door to this room which leads into a forest. I wanted King Rohan to keep you in prison, but he said he has confidence in you and that you will not desert our army ! Sonia says and leaves

Amyra places her twin swords on the weapon holder and starts warming up, she starts doing workouts as per her daily training of shield maiden. She is almost done and sweating when she hears a flute from inside the forest

The person playing the flute is really talented ! Amyra thinks and opens the door towards the forest, she starts following the melodious tune coming from the flute and reaches an opening between the forest

There are cows and sheep grazing and a plump guy who looks quite young is lying on a tree branch playing the flute without a care of the outside world. The animals seem to be mesmerized by his flute and all are grazing around him . Amyra forgets her grief and sorrow, she smiles after a long time hearing the tunes

The plump boy finishes playing his tunes and looks below, he spots Amyra and gives a scared expression, princess Amyra ! Is that you ? He asks in shock, the plump boy is in ordinary clothes and looks like he works in a local dairy farm

Hey, How did you recognize me ? Amyra asks in surprise. Come on, you are a gorgeous princess, everybody knows you. specially Young’s guys like us, he says blushing. Oh my god, he is so cute ! Amyra thinks looking at the plump guy and his innocent face

Wait a minute, are you really the princess ? Or a lookalike ? He asks suspiciously. Of course I am the princess, the king lost to the enemy and sent his daughter into exile, dont you know ? She asks . Yes, I heard rumors about something like that ! The plump boy says. I will not trouble you more by asking questions my princess , he bows

Let me introduce my goats and cows to you ! The plump guy says and stands up on the tree branch, he points to a cow, this is Rosy he says when suddenly the tree branch on which he is standing on cracks and bends down suddenly, as he is too heavy

The plump guy screams as he falls down when he is caught into cradle in the arms of the strong Amyra, the plump boy is in disbelief ! Lifted up in cradle, the guy feels the shoulders and arms of Amyra and finds them to be rock hard . Oh my god ! You caught my full weight into your arms so easily! He exclaims

Amyra starts laughing while still carrying the plump guy in cradle. Heavy boys like you should climb tree branches only if you have girls below to catch you in her arms, if you fall down, she laughs. The plump guys cheeks have turned pink

I can’t believe I am lifted up in the arms of the princess of our kingdom ! The plump guy says. I think this is a privilege, how many citizens get an opportunity to get cradled in the arms of their kings daughter ? He says

I can’t believe this ! You are much stronger than you look. A minimum of two strong men are needed together to carry me in the village, but you alone caught my full weight into your arms, that too when I was falling from such height ! He says

Well, what to do, we girls are strong na, Amyra laughs and asks him to feel her biceps. The plumpy guy feels her biceps and gives a shocked expression realizing that they are so big and hard. Don’t feel shy, you can jump into my arms whenever you are feeling like getting carried ! Amyra smiles

Are you serious ? No girl has ever offered to carry me, specially a princess ! The plump guy says. Come on, any girl will feel powerful and confident if a guy wants to get carried by her ! She laughs

Maybe some other time, I think we should go back now, it is getting dark, The plump guy says feeling nervous and gets down from her arms When a growl is heard from a distance.

Oh no ! It is the wolves of the forest, If I don’t scare them away, they will grab our sheep and eat it, where is my bow ? He looks around and realizes that it is kept on top of a small hill on a distance. Oh no ! By the time I reach the top of that hill running through that path, it will be late ! The plumpy boy says in despair

Amyra spots a blanket used by the plump guy and picks it up. You can reach to that bow and arrow faster by climbing up the hill ! Amyra says. I can’t, the guy says looking at his tummy. Amyra laughs and grabs his hands turning behind, she then bends down lifting him up into a piggyback easily with a high bounce

What are you doing my princess ? The plump guy asks in shock when she uses the blanket and ties him to herself like he is some baby. With him tied to her tightly as she is carrying him piggyback, Amyra starts climbing the rocks towards the top of the hill carrying both their weights

Amyras biceps and triceps are bulging stiff as she is using her immense strength to pull hers and the plump guys weight together upwards, as she is climbing over the steep hill, boulder by boulder through the rocks carrying him piggyback. The plump guy is in disbelief as he hugs her tightly for his life from behind

Amyra climbs to the top and grabs the bow and some arrows, the wolves are almost near the goats when Amyra still carrying the plumpy guy piggyback aims the arrow. It is too late, the arrow cannot reach that far ! The guy says .

This is a good bow, it will reach that distance if you pull the string hard enough! Amyra says looking at the guy in piggyback on her. She aims the arrow and using her arm strength pulls the bow string a long way back. Oh God, I have never seen anyone strong enough to pull the arrow so much on that bow ! The plumpy guy exclaim

He is scared that the bow might crack while Amyra is finding it a little difficult to aim while carrying the guy piggyback and in the strong wind. Aiming carefully, she shoots the arrow. The arrow strikes just beside the wolfs face and it runs away yelping

This is impossible, Not even the best of warriors have shot an Arrow so far accurately while carrying a fully grown man on a piggyback like this! The plumpy guy exclaims as he is still carried in piggyback by the princess. Say thanks to the royal training I have received ! Amyra smiles and opens the knot on the blanket she has used to tie the plump guy on her piggyback

I am forever in debt for your help my princess ! The plump guy bows to Amyra. come on ! You are embarrassing me , she laughs. I better go back to my room and get some rest now , Amyra says. Will you be here tomorrow also ? And what is your name ? Amyra asks

My name is Koi, I come here daily in the evening, he says . Koi ? It seems like the name of a fish ! Amyra laughs and says goodbye. Amyra runs back into the room. Sonia is waiting for her inside

May I ask, where the princess was all this time ? Sonia asks sternly. Oh no.. I am caught ! Amyra thinks

To be continued…

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