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The photo shoot (part 1)

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Vicky is watching tv at his house, sitting on sofa eating junk food when he receives call on his mobile from an unknown number. He receives the call, it is from the flats secretary . Can you please come? We are having a photo session, she says. Sorry, I am not interested Vicky says

Suddenly sabina, Vicky’s little sister grabs the phone from the secretary , please come bhaiyya (elder brother) , they are having a photo session with me, And I need you, She says.

No way, already all are teasing that you have grown much taller than me. I will not come, specially with you nearby. Vicky says

I will do chores of yours also at home, I will let you watch your favorite channels in TV also, please come na bhaiyya , sabina  pleads. Ok vicky grumbles and comes down near the apartment garden

The secretary has brought a camera and has made all things ready for the photoshoot, Hi vicky, we are planning to print an annual magazine for the apartment, we are planning to put your sister on the cover page, the secretary smiles. Yes bhaiyya! Sabina says in excitement 

I will shine on the cover page with this new saree I have worn ! and since I have grown tall also, I will look super fab now ! she says. This is a perfect chance for me to get famous, sabina says

What a showoff ! Vicky  thinks to himself about Sabina. But why have you called me? Vicky asks. The secretary gets a little nervous now , did you not tell him why we called ? She asks Sabina

Eh.. Bhaiyya, actually… Sabina says hesitantly. Actually since I am around 5.10 tall, they were looking for a boy who is less than 5.0 feet to pose as a little brother. But there is no boy of that height here in our apartment.. So.. 

So what? Vicky asks. We thought we will show you as my little brother for the photoshoot!  Sabina says in hesitation.

Vicky is furious !

Are you looking for new ways to embarass me? The apartment people know us both, how will they believe it? He asks 

Arey you look so short in front of your little sister, and she towers over you so high, the secretary says, measuring Vickys  height with her palm and comparing it with Sabina.

Your hands and legs are also smaller, anyone will believe it. We only have to photoshop the face, secretary says. Sabina Towering over Vicky bends down with folded hands, bhaiyya please agree na. You can watch only your shows for a month on TV, also I will drop you daily to college on my scooter, please… 

Fine, Vicky agrees. They take a few snaps with Vicky totally dwarfed by his little sister ,  The secretary now looks at Vicky  with a wierd and hesitant smile,  can you let your little sister… lift you on her hip? She asks.

Vicky cant believe it!  You want me to pose for the photo carried on the hip of my little sister ? Look how slender and delicate her hip looks while she is wearing that saree, will she be able to carry my full weight on it ? No way ! What will I tell to mom, if Sabina gets injured trying to carry me ? Vicky shouts

The secretary looks at Sabina, Sabina again bends down speaking to Vicky, come on bhaiyya, all my friends lift their brothers playfully, can you not let your little sister lift you, atleast for the photoshoot ?

I will give you a share of my pocket money also this month, And If I get hurt, I will not tell mom that I tried carrying you also. please let me carry you .. Sabina pleads. 

Oh, you will share pocket money ? Fine Vicky agrees, thanks bhaiyya,  Sabina says happily and grabs him by his underarms, lifts him up above and seats him on her slim hip. Vicky cant believe what just happened! 

His little sister is not just taller, but has become strong enough to lift up his full weight and carry him on her hip ! And she is even posing comfortably. My god, sabina is clearly stronger than me now, Vicky thinks as sabina is busy posing for camera while comfortably carrying him on her hip. I better stop bullying her from now, Vicky thinks

This is perfect! The secretary says clicking photos. Sabinas slim hip looks so perfect in sari while lifting her elder brother on it. Try adjusting the jewelry belt tied to your waist, your brothers behind is covering it, she says

Sabina is feeling happy. this is so cute bhaiyya, I have carried you for the first time in my life, that too on my hip. I never realized you are so light and liftable bhaiyya, Sabina says and hugs him tightly while still carrying him on her hip. Aww this is so cute, the secretary says while clicking photos 

Vicky, can you pose in a different way now? The secretary asks. Now what? Vicky asks, feeling suffocated as he is being hugged tightly by his little sister Sabina, while still carried on her hip. Since summer has already started, Vicky and Sabina are both sweating, specially Sabina who has been carrying Vicky on her hip from long 

I think we need to take a break, Sabina says, fanning herself with one hand while still holding her elder brother Vicky on the other hand on her hip. Ok, maybe we can rest on the garden seats for a while, she says. All now sit on the chair, Vicky is sitting beside Sabina and wiping sweat from his face

The secretary gives a bottle of drinking water to Vicky , as Vicky is drinking water, the secretary gets an idea, how about you both pose for a photo in the least stressful position  ? She asks, How is that? Vicky asks.

Instead of on bench, sit on your little sisters lap. Let sabina carry you on her lap. A brother carried on his sisters lap will look so cute. The secretary says

Vicky is not exactly impressed by the the idea, but Sabina is excited, arey that is so easy. Come na bhaiyya, sit on my lap, Sabina says and sits putting her long legs and thighs in position, and points to her lap.

Vicky hesitantly sits on her lap and realizes how small he looks sitting on her lap, and how easily Sabina is lifting him comfortably on her lap, Sabina hugs vicky tightly while still carrying him on her lap

After clicking some pictures, the secretary gets another idea, Can you pose sitting behind your sister while she rides her scooter? The secretary asks 

Vicky still carried on Sabinas lap turns to her, you have a drivers license, but can you ride doubles? He asks. Sabina puts Vicky down from her lap. Dont worry bhaiyya, when I can carry you secured and safe, easily on my hip and lap. what is a scooter? She asks 

Sabina now comes driving her scooter, hurry up the secretary says, it is getting dark, also your make up is wearing off, the secretary says to Sabina . Oh No.. I spent a lot of time in parlor for this… bhaiyya ! Sabina shouts and suddenly comes near vicky, Towering over him and in a hurry 

It is getting late, I will put you on scooter seat lifting you, Sabina says, what.. Wait no.. Vicky says and before he could react, Sabina grabs his butts with both hands and like a swing, lifts him up into a front piggy.

The secretary feels the scene is very good. She starts clicking photos while Vicky is looking shocked as he is forcefully carried by his little sister in a front piggy, like a koala

Can you kiss your elder brother on his cheeks, while still carrying him in front piggyback? The secretary asks while clicking pictures. Sabina still carrying Vicky , pulls him towards her and kisses his cheeks. 

Sabina then suddenly notices her mom, who had gone shopping, looking horrified and shocked at the scene ! 

To be continued… 

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