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The Ex-girlfriend (part 4)

by rickishi
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There is only a week for marriage when Aqsa is driving her car in heavy rains, she enters a big mall for shopping and enters the parking lot in basement, she parks her car and opens the door, but the floor is flooded with rain water.

Oh no, the floor is flooded with knee high water ! My leggings will be ruined, Aqsa thinks. She is wondering what to do when Dia comes nearby with her car and spots Aqsa. Hi Aqsa, what are you doing here? Dia asks, happy to see her.

I have come to shop for clothes for your wedding only, Aqsa says. Wow, thats cool! Dia says. Dia who is wearing shorts below and a sweatshirt above, wades through the water and stands near Aqsas car. Lets go together for shopping then, let me help you out, Dia says and comes near Aqsas seat

Dia.. Why are you coming so close to me ? Aqsa asks as Dia comes very lose to Aqsa sitting on the car seat, bends down and easily lifts her up into a cradle from the car seat. What? When did the slim and weak dia become so strong? Aqsa thinks in shock, when dia carrying aqsa in a cradle turns around and starts wading through the water, carrying her full weight on her arms

Aqsa is surprised how strong and firmly Dia is walking through the water carrying her full weight, dia comes to a dry spot and places aqsa on the ground. Wow dia, when did you become this strong ? Aqsa asks. When you told me about armaan, I was actually feeling myself as weak and low in confidence, dia says

But then, I remember carrying my elder brother in childhood and running around the house, so I tried lifting him again. Dia says. So what happened? Aqsa asks. I was easily able to carry my elder brother ! Dia says. And then I realized that I don’t know my own strength. Since then I am going to gym and also practicing to lift and carry boys ! Dia says in excitement

OMG ! You are going to gym now? And you lift your elder brother? He looks heavy ! Aqsa says. Of course, but I am strong too, see. Dia flexes her biceps and Aqsa is surprised to see her well defined muscles, Dia now removes her sweatshirt and turns back flexing her biceps, Aqsa is stunned to see the well defined and hard shoulder and back muscles of Dia.

My god ! Look at those rock hard muscles, Aqsa exclaims feeling her muscles with her hands, Dia now comes near Aqsa and easily lifts her up into a high front lift, like she weights nothing ! Aqsa is scared to see herself lifted up so high by a slim girl. So how are you feeling ? Dia asks Looking at aqsa smiling, while still carrying her.

Oh my god. I am used to lifting up people, not getting lifted, please put me down, Aqsa says. Dont worry, when I can lift boys easily, girls are lightweight, Dia says and puts Aqsa down. I want to make sure that I am the strongest woman Armaan has ever met in life, Dia says winking . Oh my.. Armaan will be in a huge trouble in his first night, Aqsa thinks

Soon the marriage date approaches, a reception is planned a day before marriage. Dia and all her family are ready on the stage, Except Armaan, his full family is present there. Why is Armaan taking so long ? Aqsa thinks and enters the grooms room to bring him to the stage

Armaan has climbed up the room window and is about to jump out. Aqsa is shocked ! What in the world are you doing? Aqsa asks and runs near to Armaan. Please let me go, I am in love with some other girl. I tried convincing my family, but nobody is listening, Armaan pleads. Are you crazy ? Aqsa thunders. Before armaan can react, Aqsa pulls him from the window and catches armaan on her arms into a cradle

Armaan is shocked that Aqsa is comfortable carrying him in a cradle, when Aqsa starts walking out of the room carrying Armaan on her arms. What is wrong with you ? Aqsa asks, everything is ready, the poor girl Dia likes you so much and excited for marriage, and here you are starting a new drama now ? Aqsa asks while carrying him cradle, she then puts him on the ground after exiting the room

Please, I am unable to forget that girl, My love for her is deep, Armaan says emotionally. Oh my god ! What do I do now ? I have made a promise that I will make this marriage happen Aqsa thinks to herself .

Hey look a crow ! Aqsa distracts Armaan, he looks above when suddenly Aqsa bends down and lifts up armaan on her shoulder, and forcibly starts walking towards the stage carrying Armaan who is struggling to free himself

The guests in the reception are shocked to see the groom lifted on the shoulders of a slim girl and being forcibly carried by her towards the stage ! Armaan is shouting and aggressively shaking to free himself, but strong Aqsa is managing the violent shaking with her strength

Armaans grandmother, who cannot see properly hears armaans desperate shouting and asks her another granddaughter, as to what is happening. Dadi, Aqsa has lifted up Armaan bhaiyya on her shoulder and forcibly carrying him to the stage, she says.

The grandmother cant believe what she is hearing! In my days, we would hear of boys kidnapping girls forcefully by carrying them out of marriage. And here a girl is carrying a boy forcefully on her shoulder into a marriage ? What is wrong with todays generation !

Climbing the stage while still carrying the struggling armaan like a dacoit kidnapping a helpless woman on the shoulder, Aqsa places him in front of Dia.

Dia is shocked to see her groom arriving on the stage forcibly carried on the shoulder of a slim girl !

Dia, please forgive me, Armaan says. I am in love with another girl, I cannot marry you and spoil the lives of everyone. Please let me go, he says and gets ready to escape from the stage, when Dia stands on the way to the exit blocking it

Armaan tries to run away from the stage when Dia grabs him while he is moving and easily lifts him up into a front piggyback. The guests in the reception are shocked to see bride lifting up the taller and heavier groom forcibly into a front piggyback and forcibly carrying him in front of Aqsa, on the stage. Armaan cant believe even Dia is stronger than him ! And how easily she grabbed his full weight while moving and lifted him up like a koala bear!

What is happening ? The grandmother asks shocked. Dia has now lifted up Armaan bhaiyya forcefully and is now carrying him in front of aqsa ! The shocked grand daughter says. What ? How did these two girls become so strong ? They are lifting carrying and toying with my grandson ! Somebody save him! Grandma says

Dia is quite angry at armaan, still carrying him in a front piggyback, she has hugged him forcibly and crushing him with her arms. Who is this girl you are saying you are in love with ? What is her name? Aqsa asks. I don’t know, Armaan says in pain. What ? The girl exclaim in shock

Still being lifted up in a front piggyback by Dia and crushed by her arms, Armaan then says. There was this one girl who did partner workout with me for a few weeks, she would wear a pollution mask and was not recognizable, She never told me her name, but she seemed to know everything about me.

Are you crazy ? Aqsa asks, just because some girl did partner workouts with you daily, and did not even bother to give her phone number or address, you fell in love with her ?… Oh my god ! Are all the boys this stupid ? She exclaims. Has she come to this reception, do you know who it is? Dia asks

No, Armaan says. How can you fall in love so deeply with a woman whom you don’t even know ? Dia asks and puts armaan down. Arey that girl knew everything about me, and she liked to overpower and carry me daily for workout in the morning, armaan says in tears. I would get lifted up on her arms into a cradle daily, and her strength would only increase daily thanks to the daily workout. Armaan says

I would feel so weak, helpless and overpowered by her dominating strength, while she carried me in a cradle on her arms and squatted. Gradually I fell in love with her ! Armaan says.

Oh my god ! She trapped you with her strength and domination ! I can’t believe this, Aqsa exclaims in shock. So you really love that girl despite not knowing who she really is ? Dia asks giggling.

Yes armaan says, but why are you giggling like this ? Armaan asks surprised. Dia suddenly bends between armaans legs turning sideways and easily lifts him up on her hips while grabbing his behind. Armaan and Aqsa are shocked as to why Dia is happy and showing her strength by lifting armaan on her hip now!

Armaan lifted on the hip of Dia suddenly gets a very familiar feeling being carried by her. Dia, how did you become this strong ! You had already carried me into a Front piggyback in front of everyone, besides already I am humiliated with Aqsa coming in carrying me on her shoulder. And now you are lifting me on your hip. Please leave me, Armaan says desperately and folds his hands

Arey dont cry like this ! Dia says worried, If people see a fully grown man lifted on the hip of a young girl and crying like this, what will they think ? Dia says consoling him, while still carrying him on her hip.

What? Armaan realizes in shock, that masked girl would say exactly same statements like these, how do you know this ? He asks dia, who is now giggling while still carrying his full weight on her hip

This is the same hip you would get carried on daily, my hero, Dia says. I was the masked girl who would practise lifting and carrying with you daily. She says and starts feeling his behind. Armaan lifted on her warm and soft hip is getting a very similar warmth and comfortable feeling like when carried by the masked girl

Impossible ! Armaan says, looking down at Dia who is carrying him on her hip, that masked girl had spectacles and different colored eyes, she even had curly hair. whereas your eyes color is different, your hair is silky and you dont even wear glasses, You are playing some tricks with me. Armaan says

Arey I am wearing colored contact lenses, thats why my eye color looks different, Dia says, even the hair is fake, I really have curly hair, she says and with the other hand, she removes the wig exposing her curly hair, she then covers her mouth and nose with a cloth and Armaan is shocked that the masked girl is really Dia!

So what do you say now my hero, Dia says while still carrying Armaan on her hip and feeling his behind, you are marrying the same girl with whom you fell in love with, while being lifted and carried by her daily, Dia says. Armaan and Aqsa cant believe that it is the same Dia whom they thought was too weak and slim. She lifted and carried Armaan for workout daily and now is much stronger.

Armaan still lifted on hip of Dia notices Dia looking deeply in his eyes, all this is too much for Armaan to digest, His head starts spinning and he collapses on the shoulder of dia while still carried on her hip

Dia and Aqsa both shout, Armaan ! In concern. Arey why are the girls shouting armaans name now ? The grandma asks, unable to see clearly. Armaan has fainted on stage grandma, the granddaughter says. Oh my god ! Somebody please save Armaan, the grandma says

Don’t worry grandma, Dia bhabi has lifted him up safely on her hip, he is safe now, the granddaughter says. What ? The grandma is shocked ! Why are these girls toying with my grandson like this, her head starts spinning when armaan and Dia’s parents run towards the stage

The end

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