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The Ex-girlfriend (part-3)

by rickishi

Armaan comes from the backdoor of the house to avoid the girl wearing mask, he crosses the backyard and climbs on the wall to reach the street behind, he is now holding the top of the wall and ready to jump on the road facing back, when he looks down

The same girl in mask and glasses is standing on the road now, looking at armaan who is dangling from the compound wall. curses ! Armaan thinks for himself, I got caught now. The girl is now looking with angry expression in eyes

I knew you will surely do some mischief like this, the girl says. And how can you jump from that much height ? She asks. Armaan smiles in hesitation while still dangling on the wall. Sorry, he says. Sorry is not enough my hero, The girl says. Now you will have to listen to what I say, the girl says

Now what more should I do ? You have already made me your workout partner, Armaan says. Of course, the girl says. But now you will have to sit on my shoulders, the girl says. Armaan cant believe that this girl wants to carry him again !

The girl walks and stands below him, slide down and sit on my shoulders my hero the girl says, holding the wall. Armaan with no option slides slowly and hesitatedly sits on her slim shoulders from above.

Armaan now with his full weight on the masked girls shoulders, is scared that the girl might collapse, or lose balance. He looks down when the girl raises her hands , here hold my hands she says, Armaan holds her hands and balance himself. Tightening her grip while holding armaans hands, she says. Sit tight, I will squat now

Armaan cant believe what she is saying! Here he is worried that she might not be able to carry his weight, whereas the girl is planning to do a squat workout carrying him! Before he could react, the girl starts squatting down and rising up carrying his full weight on her shoulders.

Armaan cant believe what this girl is made of ! The girl after completing a set of squats is now breathing heavily and sweating, armaan still sitting on the girls shoulders is feeling her warmth and her deep breath. Armaan is getting turned on and the girl carrying him on her shoulders senses that

Ehh.. Can you put me down ? Armaan asks, still sitting on her shoulders. I know why you are feeling uncomfortable my hero , the girl giggles and winks while looking up. She proceeds to complete another set and Armaan’s is feeling uncomfortable, he is also losing balance sitting on her slim shoulders and his pants are feeling a bit tight

The girl is in no mood to put him down, please put me down, If my parents or neighbors spot me sitting on the shoulder of a young slim girl, what will I answer them ? armaan folds his hands almost ready to cry. The girl is worried, Arey dont cry ! If people see a fully grown young man sitting on the shoulders of a girl and crying, it will create a scene ! Relax, she consoles armaan sitting on her shoulder

The girl in mask then puts him down, happy with the workout. You are lighter than you look. I never imagined myself that I am strong enough to lift and squat a fully grown up guy like you. The girl says stretching her arms, Armaan is now concentrating hard to control his mood

Thats good Armaan says. So shall I leave now? Armaan asks. Actually there is another thing I want to practice with you, the girl in mask says and comes near armaan tying her curly hair into a knot. Armaan is a little scared and starts walking back. See, I already told you, I am engaged. Armaan says

Relax my hero, the girl laughs, I will not force myself upon you. Since you are in this situation.. Piggyback or shoulder squat is not possible.. So.. I wanted to test whether I can lift you up on my arms in a cradle , she says. Armaan is getting desperate. Again you want to carry me ? Yes.. The girl says pushing Armaan completely against the wall.

Armaan thinks it is a good time to find out the real identity of the girl, in a swift move, he quickly grabs her mask and removes it ! The girl has worn another mask inside it.. What ? You wore two masks, one over another ? How can you even breath inside those ? Armaan asks in shock

The girl angrily grabs his hands and pins him against the wall forcefully. I knew you would play some mischief like this, so I had worn multiple masks, she says. Suddenly she starts smiling, but again. You would not have recognized me even then, I know how easy it is to fool you boys, like how it is so easy to lift and carry you. The girl says

Now cooperate with me my hero, the girl says. Armaan is getting desperate when the girl lifts him up again into a cradle easily and starts squatting. Armaan lifted on the girls arms into a cradle is feeling more turned on as the girls warm and heavy breath is reaching his face , lifted up and down on the arms of the masked girl, Armaan is feeling a little scared, but somehow he is also feeling secure on the strong arms of the girl in mask . the girl is staring at Armaan and is seeming to enjoy carrying him more on her arms than working out

Soon the workout is over and the girl leaves, Armaan who was overpowered, lifted and carried by the girl for workout all this time, now walks to the front of the house when Aqsa, his ex-girlfriend arrives. Both are inside his house having coffee.

Aqsa hesitatedly says, Armaan. Dia had come to meet me a few weeks back . And…. I told everything about you, aqsa says

What everything ? Armaan asks. About how you get turned on only when overpowered, lifted and carried.. Aqsa says. What ? Armaan shrieks in shock.. In devils name, what have you done ? He asks

I know, I screwed up, Dia left saying she was getting second thoughts about marriage, but I convinced her that it is not so bad. and to think about it taking time, Aqsa says.

How could you do this Aqsa ? Armaan asks in shock. What will I do if dia cancelled the wedding ? It will be a bad thing for everyone. Who needs enemies if we have friends like you ? armaan slaps his forehead in desperation

Arey, don’t worry, It is my responsibility for this marriage to happen, ok ? I will meet her again and convince her, Please Trust me in this. Aqsa pleads

Armaan is now sitting worried with his hands on his head, when Aqsa comes to him. Please don’t take tension like this. You know I feel turned on when I see you worried and tense

What ? Armaan reacts in shock when Aqsa easily lifts him up into a front piggyback. Armaan is shocked and tries to free himself from Aqsas strong grip, but aqsa is too strong for him and is standing strong carrying his full weight on her.

Have you gone mad ? We had agreed that we will put our past behind, and be just friends, armaan says, stills carried in a front piggyback by Aqsa. I know… Aqsa says. It is just that …I have been alone for long, and I miss overpowering and making love with you, Aqsa says looking at up at Armaan. What ? this is not right, leave me ..Armaan pleads

Armaan is feeling helpless being overpowered and lifted up by aqsa… please, I dont want us to be lovers, just buddies… friends with benefits you know, I promise that we shall be only friends after your marriage, Aqsa says and starts climbing the stairs while carrying Armaan in front piggyback. She starts fondling his behind with her palm .

What should I do now ? She knows all my weak spots. Armaan thinks in desperation, she also seems to have gotten stronger ! he thinks. Aqsa still carrying armaan in a front piggyback jumps on the bed while still carrying him like a koala, and before armaan could react, she overpowers him and pulls away his clothes

Overpowered and being forced upon by Aqsa, helpless Armaan gets turned on and soon Aqsas passionate and Armaans helpless moans are heard inside the hoise

To be continued….

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Anonymous April 28, 2020 - 11:50 pm

Tmkoc pr bhai

rickishi April 29, 2020 - 8:59 pm

Tmkoc matlab ? Mai samjha nahi

Amlan raj April 29, 2020 - 7:50 pm

please next soon
it was very much time had taken to upload this one

rickishi April 29, 2020 - 8:58 pm

Thanks, we will upload next in 2-3 days

Am May 1, 2020 - 4:00 am

Hi. Your story is great. Have you thought of converting to comic or it is not allowed in this site?

admin May 1, 2020 - 5:11 pm

thank you, i dont know how to make comic if you can create some images by storyline go ahead!!

Kaz May 2, 2020 - 2:20 am

Love this, but can we have big and tall women piggyback small men, that will be lovely.

rickishi May 2, 2020 - 5:12 pm

I am in process of writing a similar story


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