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The birthday – 2

by rickishi
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Nagma, please put me down, atleast let me wash my face ! Kabir pleads as he is still lifted up high on a front lift by Nagma, he has still closed his eyes because of the cream on his face

Come on ! It has been so long since you have met your close friend, can’t she even carry you in happiness for some time ? Nagma laughs looking up at Kabir who is confused

Jia is wondering why Kabir has still not come , Kabir sir ! Are you done ? The snacks are getting cold . She says and comes searching for him

The scene in the washroom shocks her ! Kabir with his face still covered with cream is lifted up by a slim and beautiful woman in formal dress, Kabir is looking confused and helpless lifted up high in a front lift by the woman !

Oh my god , who are you ? And how did you enter our office ? And not only that. You are lifting up and teasing the men of our office like this ! How dare you forcibly lift up the men , specially when we are here ! Jia thunders

Oh no ! Jia spotted Nagma carrying me ! When Nagma and me were together many years before, these juniors had not even joined office, now all these youngsters will get to know about Me and Nagma ! Kabir laments , still lifted up helplessly by Nagma

I am impressed Kabir, the young girls of the office are quite assertive ! Nagma says and puts him down . Don’t speak rudely Jia, Kabir says and wipes his face with tissue . Nagma is the area manager of our company, she is the boss of us all . Kabir says to the surprised Jia

Jia is in surprise, oh. You are Ms Nagma ! Sorry I did not recognise you, Jia Apologizes. It is ok , Nagma laughs, I have been working in another office since many years, I came to this place after such a long time, so much has changed here she says looking at Kabir who has lost some hair and has a paunch

But you look exactly the same ! Kabir laughs in hesitation. Come on, dont make jokes like that, even I got married and have kids now , I have gained a little weight too , Nagma replies feeling a little shy .

No way madam ! you can easily make anyone think that you are a fresh joiner from college ! Jia says looking at how attractive Nagma is

Kabir is standing worried as Jia walks back to get snacks and cake in plate, when Nagma walks close to kabir . I follow you in social media, your wife is so beautiful ! And your kids are so cute ! She says . Oh thanks Kabir replies

All the colleagues are now sitting on chairs having snacks when Kabir comes with his plate, there is no empty chair. Oh ! The birthday boy has no chair, Nagma says and then shows him her lap. I think all men who have birthday deserve to sit On a woman’s lap ! Nagma says . All the girls are looking with their eyes wide open

Nagma holds Kabir’s hand and pulls him into her lap . Neelima starts eating her cake with bigger bites looking at Kabir sir lifted up on Nagmas lap .

This is how you treat birthday boys ladies ! Nagma laughs patting Kabi. Tahsin and Nishat are looking at each other with a naughty expression , Jia is feeling little uncomfortable looking at the scene

So what are we going to wear for the evening ? Neelima suddenly asks when Jia says shhh…. All become silent . Nagma is giggling and Kabir is looking in surprise

Kabir wants to go home early as his wife Asma had asked in the morning, If I have to go early then I will have to take cab or Autorickshaw. It will get late if I take the office bus ! He thinks, just then it starts raining heavily outside

Kabir packs up and comes out of the office when the rain stops, but there is digging work going on the front of the office building, the whole place has been dug up and full of dirty water and mud . Oh no ! I cannot walk in the mud with this new shoes ! Kabir says to himself

Nagma also comes out packing her things and finds Kabir looking outside. hey Kabir, I am moving back to the hotel, I will catch a flight from there to my city at midnight ! I will miss you, She says . Oh , happy journey then ! Kabir wishes

What happened, why are you waiting here ? Nagma asks . Look for yourself, there is mud and slush outside . My wife has gifted new shoes to me today, I cannot let it get dirty ! Kabir says

Aww.. you are still as cute now, as you were 10 years earlier ! Nagma replies, no wonder the office girls seem to have a thing for you, Nagma says . The office girls ? Kabir asks . Don’t pretend like you don’t know , you naughty boy ! Nagma laughs and wears her backpack

Since it is your birthday , and we have met after such a long time, I think you deserve to get carried like a princess by me ! Nagma says . Kabir starts laughing, your backpack itself might weigh like a 30kg and you want to carry me also ?

Of course ! You care so much for your wife’s gift, which means you love and value her so much. How can a woman not lift up a man like that when necessary ? Since you don’t want to get your shoes dirty, it my duty to help you out ! Nagma says and comes near him

Do you seriously want to carry me ? Kabir asks in shock looking around. Of course ! Have I not carried you before when we were together ? Let me have the pleasure of having you in my arms again ! Nagma says .

What if your husband comes to know ? Kabir asks . Nagma starts laughing, I am famous in my family for carrying everyone ! My husband, my father in law, my brother in law’s. There is no one I don’t carry regularly ! She laughs

Nagma stretches her arms around Kabir and easily scoops him up into a cradle carry. Kabir is shocked at how easily she lifted him up into her arms despite him being taller and heavier than her ! Wow, you came up into my arms so easily, have you been dieting Kabir ? Nagma laughs. Carrying a birthday boy in a cradle has its own pleasure ! She says

Oh my god, of all the girls who have lifted me up today , Nagma is the one who lifted me up so effortlessly ! Kabir thinks . Nagma now walks out carrying Kabir in cradle and walks slowly balancing herself and Kabir on her arms .

Kabir realizes that he has been lifted up in cradle by Nagma for quite a long time now as Nagma walks through the mud and walks quite a long distance, they now reach the gate, because the whole place has been dug up, Nagma is standing on a small pile of mud and the road is a few feet below. Kabir gets a feeling that Nagma is planning to jump down while still carrying him

Hold on tight ! Nagma says . Wait , I will get down. Kabir is about to says when Nagma still carrying Kabir on her arms in cradle jumps on to the road ! Kabir closes his eyes and hugs Nagma tightly now . Nagma lands on the road absorbing his and her full weight on her legs

Come on open your eyes ! You have not changed a bit ! Nagma laughs. Did you seriously think I will drop you ? was I not able to carry you easily even when we were moving around together then ? Nagma asks looking into Kabir who is still lifted in cradle by her .

Then Let me give you an update, I am stronger now ! Nagma laughs and bounces up Kabir high into the air ! Flung up from the arms of nagma, Kabir is on air for a split second when he comes back and is caught back by Nagma into her arms . Kabir is breathing heavily in fear while Nagma is laughing !

Neelima who is also leaving early is standing near the office door and is looking at disbelief at how Nagma literally flung a fully grown man like Kabir carried in a cradle by her and caught back , and top of that she is laughing !

Poor Kabir sir, I was thinking I impressed him by piggybacking him near the bus, but here he is being lifted up and even thrown in the air by stronger women like Nagma madam ! She is really a boss ! Neelima thinks

Nagma is laughing and getting ready to bounce him up again when Kabir’s mobile phone starts ringing. It is my wife ! Kabir says to Nagma, she puts him down now .

Hey baby ! You are coming soon taking and Autorickshaw or cab right ? Asma asks . Yes , I have already started ! Kabir says . Good ! Don’t get late ! Asma says . Ok sure ! Kabir says

Ok my old friend, get back to your wife , let’s meet again when the time comes ! Nagma bids adeau and gets into her cab . Kabir now walks to a nearby auto stand. He gets into an Autorickshaw and heads towards the house

Kabir is quite near to his house when he notices that the road is blocked by a fallen tree, thanks to the heavy rains and wind . The Autorickshaw driver refuses to drive ahead and leaves after dropping him on the road . Oh no ! I will have to walk through the slush and spoil the new shoes ! Kabir thinks when a sports bike stops near him 🏍️

Two riders wearing biker gear and helmets are on the bike . Hello Kabir sir ! Two familiar female voices greet him, the bikers remove their helmets, It is Tahsin and Nishat. Oh my , these two girls look so cute together in biker gear ! Kabir thinks

Did you both leave early too ? Kabir asks . Yes, we are going to … Tahsin closes Nishats mouth from behind. Kabir is puzzled . We were passing through this road and noticed that it is blocked, but there is another shortcut we know . Shall we drop you ? Nishat asks

Well, I don’t want to spoil these new shoes, my wife has gifted these just this morning, Kabir says . Then you can come with us na, can you ride this bike ? We will sit behind ! Tahsin says, It has been so long since a boy has sat on our bike , Nishat says with wide eyes

Actually I don’t know how to ride a bike, I only ride gearless scooters, Kabir says in embarrassment. Oh my , that is so cute ! Both Tahsin and Nishat say together. Kabir is surprised. What is cute if a guy cant ride a bike ? Kabir asks. It is good na, then we girls can ride the bike with him behind ! Nishat says

Tahsin sits a little more behind leaving gap between her and Nishat who is driving the bike. Come sit in between sir, it will be a pleasure to have dropped you on our bike ! she says, specially since it is your birthday today. Kabir is confused , you want to drive triples with me sitting in middle ? Kabir asks in disbelief !

Of course, what kind of a girl will not like a boy sitting between them on a bike ! Nishat smiles , Kabir looks at the time, it is getting late and he decides to do what these twins want. Nishat is now driving the bike with Kabir sitting behind her and behind him Tahsin is sitting on the seat

all the three now drive through another path and reach Kabir’s house from behind . Arey we have reached the backyard of my house , we need to reach from the front ! kabir says . sorry Sir, see the road to the front of your house is blocked ! Tahsin says . Showing him how the road is completely damaged from a distance

Dont worry sir, you can climb from behind and reach your home right ? Nishat says . It is not that easy, the wall is very high and there is nothing to hold on to ! Kabir says , also my shoes and clothes can get damaged and dirty

hey sis ! Tahsin says to Nishat , looks like we have to do something which we are very good at ! She smiles . Oh yes , nothing new there ! Nishat says rolling her eyes and walks near the wall . What are are you both thinking ? Kabir asks

Nothing great kabir sir, just sit on Nishats shoulders, she will transport you to the top of the compound in no time ! Tahsin says checking her mobile phone . What ? Are you both serious ? Nishat is literally half my size ! Kabir says

Don’t worry Sir, Nishat is the best lifter of guys on her shoulders, she is the number 1 ! Tahsin says . Oh really ? Who is the number 2 then ? Kabir asks in disbelief. That would be yours truly , me ! Tahsin says.

Kabir is speechless ! Don’t worry sir , in childhood whenever a boy wanted to climb up somewhere high, he would always call us ! Nishat says . Yes Kabir sir , probably no other girl has as much experience as us when carrying boys ! Tahsin says

There is not a boy in our locality who had not sat on our shoulders, we were always called the ” lifter sisters” ! Tahsin says . This is ridiculous, I was already shocked when you both carried me piggyback and cradle in the lift , but a shoulder sit ? That’s impossible ! Kabir says

Oh great , another person who underestimates our strength looking at our size ! Tahsin says . Nishat do what we always do ! She says and winks at her . Sure ! Nishat says and turns to Kabir, shall we have a bet? If I am able to carry you on my shoulders on a shoulder sit , you will give me a hundred bucks ! She says

Done ! Kabir says, if you cannot then you will give me 200 bucks ! He says . Without a second thought, Nishat agrees. Nishat now squats near the wall and asks him to sit on her shoulders. Kabir I’m hesitation sits on her shoulder.

Nishat in a single breath stands up carrying his full weight on her shoulders comfortably and says tada ! This technique works everytime with the boys without fail , Tahsin laughs . No wonder Kabir sir also fell into this trick

Kabir is repenting for his overconfidence now . Why did I put a bet against these crazy girls in the first place ? when they bounced me up carrying piggyback and cradle in the lift, I should have realised that they are much stronger than they appear, and now I am sitting on Nishats shoulders like a fool ! She evens looks so happy and satisfied when I am sitting on her shoulders !

Kabir sir ! Nishat says looking up as he is still sitting on her shoulders, where is my 100 bucks ? She asks showing her palm. Put me down na , I will reach to my wallet and give it you ! Kabir says . Tahsin now gets down from the bike and comes near Kabir who is still sitting on Nishats shoulders.

Look at this girl ! Having a man sit on our shoulders is itself getting so tough these days and this Nishat is asking for the challenge money ! Kabir sir, forget about you giving a hundred bucks to Nishat, I will give you a hundred bucks ! will you sit in my shoulders ? It has been so long since I have given shoulder sit to a boy ! Tahsin requests

Oh my god, what are you both girls made of ? you both might be twins, but you each are as strong as 2 people ! where I have got myself stuck into ? Kabeer laments , suddenly his phone starts ringing, still sitting on Nishats shoulders Kabir looks into his phone, oh no my wife is calling ! And here these two girls are doing competition to carry me , Kabir says

Tahsin, looks like we have to finish this task as soon as possible ! Nishat says feeling uncomfortable and is lifting up one leg in discomfort, but why Nishat ? Tahsin asks . you have carried much heavier guys for longer time before ! She says.

That’s not the problem, I need to use the bathroom , Nishat says. Oh no, now that you said it, even I am feeling the same , Tahsin says feeling uncomfortable. Nishat is now looking up at Kabir who is still sitting on her shoulders and is sweating in discomfort, Kabir is still confused whether to answer his wife’s call

To be continued

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