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The bicycle dairies part 1

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It is early in the morning and a city bus starts from a bus stop after passengers get in , a young man comes late and starts chasing the bus, Tushar is running and struggling hard to Keep up with the bus as he is not fit . He cannot afford to lose this bus as it is his second day at work , he starts huffing and puffing , suddenly he stumbles on a stone and falls on his face, he is still on the ground cursing his fate when a cycle stops near him , A long leg of a girl in jeans touches ground , he looks up to see a attractive girl on a bicycle with riding gear on, She is also wearing his company ID card .Hey , you are that new guy from our company no ? did you miss the bus ? are you hurt she asks getting down. Tushar being single of average height and no special features was largely invisible to girls throughout his life , he is surprised an attractive girl is even talking to him , he is mesmerized by her black long hair, shapely hips seen through her tight dress and boobs of perfect proportion, she walks towards him and Tushar is embarrassed realizing that she easily towers him

Come I will drop you in my bicycle she says , I am roshni ,I saw you at the training yesterday. the next bus to our company will come after another hour and you will not get any autos too here , I know a shortcut from here and you will be in the company even before the bus she says . How come you are riding a bicycle ? Tushar asks , I like to be eco friendly roshni says. I like to walk, cycle and be close to nature , I come to work daily in cycle she smiles , Tushar is in awe , he notices that there is no carrier behind the cycle . How will you take me ? he asks ,come sit on the front bar she points to it . Tushar is embarrassed, can you also pull my weight on the cycle ? he asks . Roshni laughs, you have no idea how strong girls are don’t you ? don’t worry , come sit she points , Tushar hesitantly sits on the front bar , Tushar has never been so close to a girl, her perfume is coming to his nose and her hair is touching his face , she easily starts cycling ahead with him seated in front .
Tushar is surprised she can easily pedal through uphill with both their weights combined ! she now turns the cycle through a shortcut , the way is through a old unused park , there is a small pedestrian bridge across a lake wide enough to go in cycle , as they are passing on top of the high bride , Tushar looks down and starts feeling dizzy ! he starts getting vomiting sensation and starts shaking violently. Roshni manages the balance and crosses the bridge and stops at the end , Tushar head is spinning , Roshni understands what could have happened, she puts the cycle on stand , takes the water bottle , Comes to Tushar and sweeps his feet off in a cradle on her arms ! Tushar is shocked at her strength, she hurries carrying him to a nearby bench and sits down carrying Tushar on a lapsit telling him to relax ! Tushar is now about to vomit, Worried roshni gets up from the bench carrying Tushar and carries him to trees nearby , Tushar pukes while Roshni is patting his back , I did not know you had vertigo she says . Tushar is feeling weak and cannot talk too, he tries going back to the bench when Roshni says wait and scoops him on a cradle again and carries him to the bench! she sits on the bench carrying him on her laps and gives her water bottle to him , Drink this water she says and let’s him recover . Tushar drinks the water and now rests his head on her shoulders like a child still carried on her laps for some 5 minutes and recovers, then he suddenly realizes Roshni has been carrying him around all this time and gets up suddenly !

Oh my god you are so strong ! you carried me around like a baby ! how come you are so strong he asks . Roshni laughs , you obviously have not had any girlfriends otherwise you would have known any average girl can do what I did ! Tushar is mesmerized, come we will get late now Roshni says , have some glucose at work and she holds his hands and walks towards the cycle , Tushar is both shocked and pleased at this experience. Both reach the office and get on with their work. Both meet each other occasionally , Tushar also purchases a new cycle and both start cycling to office daily . Many colleagues make fun of Tushar as he is moving around with a much taller girl

Tushar has a team mate , Jia, Jia is a slim girl of athletic build and an inch taller than Tushar, but shorter than roshni, but she is a very delicate attitude girl always in pink clothes with a very girly behavior .she is jealous of him roaming around with roshni , it seems she has a crush on Tushar , there is a cultural show planned by the company and Tushar , roshni and Jia are performing a dance item for the show , all of them meet after work daily and rehearse for the dance on the terrace of the office building. One day only Tushar , Jia and roshni are left as all others leave , Jia and Tushar go towards the lift when Roshni says wait . why waste power only for 3 people on lift be eco friendly , let’s take stairs , Jia and Tushar find no problem in it and all take the stairs , only there is a problem , Tushar looks down from the 5th floor and his head starts spinning .
Roshni now remember his problem and curses her forgetfulness ! Tushar is now shaking and soon will puke ! Roshni then says , oh no ! his vertigo is striking again , he will puke now what to do ? Jia is surprised roshni knows so much about Tushar, but she gets a bigger surprise when Roshni picks up fully grown Tushar in a fireman’s lift ! and starts climbing downstairs carrying him comfortably ! she takes him to the men’s restroom where he pukes, since all have left office , there is no problem . Jia is standing outside still shocked at roshnis strength , she then receives another shock as roshni emerges out carrying Tushar cradled in her arms ! She carries him into the lobby and sits on the sofa carrying Tushar in a lapsit , Jia gets water which Roshni makes Tushar drink it. Jia then asks roshni , what are you made of ? you are so strong , you are carrying him like a baby ! Roshni laughs, this is nothing , even you can carry him if you want ! roshni then remembers she has a glucose packet in her backpack at her seat , she stands up from the sofa cradling Tushar and places him on Jias lap ! she then says she will be back .

Jia is surprised she is easily able to carry Tushar in a lapsit ! she makes good use of this chance and rests Tushar head on her shoulders and hugs him tightly , Tushar now wakes up and is shocked to find himself on Jias laps . Jia ? even you are carrying me now ? Jia laughs of course , I never knew you will be so light , and she tries getting up still carrying and she is surprised she able to stand up carrying him from a lapsit to a cradle ! Jia is really impressed with her strength where as Tushar is embarrassed while Jia starts bouncing him on her arms laughing. Soon the next day all practise till late and are finished for the day . all 3 are now having some fun and laughter when Roshni tells come we will have an arm wrestling match, Tushar thinks since he has been embarrassed many times by roshni and Jia , maybe he can gain some respect by this , roshni and Tushar competes first and to his shock roshni defeats him easily ! Tushar is further embarrassed, he then looks at shorter and slimmer Jia, both compete and he is shocked even Jia defeats him , Tushar can’t believe both the girls are stronger and outmatched him ! the girls are now celebrating , see we are the stronger sex ,not you boys and start dancing around him , Jia suddenly wraps her arm around his waist and other arm around his knees and picks him up in a cradle ! Tushar is further embarrassed, Jia then starts turning round and round carrying him in her arms when roshnis says to stop , he might puke ! Jia is happy that she now can compete to gain Tushar attention using her strenght and puts him down.

They finish practise and plan to go down , wait Roshni says again , be eco friendly let’s take the stairs ! Tushar flatly refuses , you want the same thing like it happened yesterday ? he says . Trust me this time I will not let a situation like that happen again. Here she says bending against him , jump on my back grab me tightly and close your eyes ! Tushar is kind of interested and embarrassed, and Jia is getting jealous, why are you so eager to carry me ? Tushar asks , arey this is a type of workout she says jump on . Jia then says , hey if it is a workout then I will carry him after halfway ! Roshni agrees , he jumps on her and rests his butt on her slim back , she nicely catches him and bounces him to adjust the position for piggyback. he holds her tightly and closes his eyes , Roshni starts descending down the stairs , jia is watching interestingly how easily roshni is handling his weight .
They are halfway and Jia starts jumping , put him down ! I want to carry him ! Tushar had never even thought in his wildest dreams that he would be toyed around by two girls and that too in competition one day ! he has still closed his eyes on fear as roshni puts him down , Tushar with eyes closed now is asking where shall I jump ? , Jia then says wait just stand there, she then bends between his legs and slowly raises up carrying him on her back smoothly into a piggyback ! Tushar is shocked by her strength, whereas Jia is making use of the situation by running her hands around his thighs and butt ! Roshni feels mischievous now, she takes her hanky and ties it around Tushars eyes , Tushar is not happy , what is this ? he asks , don’t worry roshni laughs now you won’t see down even by mistake . Jia then continues climbing down and is walking more than the usual time carrying him ! Tushar is wondering what is happening , he soon senses that Jia is walking on a flat surface now still carrying him ! he asks where are we going ? nowhere , here she says and puts him down on a seat , Tushar opens the scarf tied on his eyes and is shocked that Jia have as carried him all the way into the parking lot and had put him on car bonnet ! both start laughing looking at his expression

A few days later all 3 are planning for an outing to a nearby resort which also has trekking and camping . all this is of course initiated and planned by our nature lover roshni , Jia says let’s take a taxi and go there , Roshni says let’s be eco friendly ! we can go on mine and Tushars cycle , Jia will ride your cycle while Tushar can take turns sitting on my cycle front and later on Jias, Tushar is annoyed , why should I not ride the bike ? Jia laughs , come on you are the boy of our group , the weaker sex ! you can’t beat me in arm wrestling , how can you cycle with me seated for such a long distance ? Tushar is embarrassed. soon they start the next day, Jia is riding Tushars cycle and Tushar is sitting on the front bar of roshnis cycle . Tushar is surprised both the girls are showing tremendous stamina as they are riding without break , but Tushars butt is paining , he changes the cycles regularly

to be continued…

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