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Sister in law (part 3)

by rickishi
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Next day sameer is inside bathroom taking a bath, he then realizes he has forgotten towel, he wears his undies and comes out and sees Anya looking at him

Oh Anya, can you get my towel he says , she looks down towards him in lust, wow look at those thick healthy hairy thighs ! she says and suddenly comes towards him, she bends down and starts feeling his behind and thighs, sameer is somewhat surprised

What are you doing ? Sameer asks surprised , come on, not all women realize the beauty of the male body. Ayesha says still feeling his thighs, suddenly she wraps her arms around his Behind and easily lifts him in a front lift ! Sameer lifted above, then looks down at her longer hair and realizes it is Ayesha wearing Anya’s clothes !

Come on Ayesha, what is this ! Sameer says still carried by her, he realizes he is getting pressed against her chest , oh jiju you recognized me again ! let me enjoy the moment of carrying you, Ayesha says looking up.

Are you crazy? put me down ayesha ! he says again firmly, she puts him down with a frown on her face. Sameer remembers what Ayesha had did to Sid the previous day and is actually scared for his life now. He walks back in fear

Anya then suddenly comes in and is furious to see Sameer only in his underwear in front of her sister . don’t you have the decency to cover yourself in front of your sister in law ? she says and throws a towel at him. Ayesha leaves the room embarrassed. This Ayesha is getting more lusty and stronger as days are progressing, Sameer thinks. This is not looking good

The next day Anya and ayesha have gone to their mothers place , they have a big pet dog , sameer is really scared of that dog and always makes sure the dog is tied when he visits , as sameer nears the gate Ayesha comes to unlock it and let’s him in, forgetting about the dog

Suddenly the dog starts running towards Sameer aggressively. Sameer shouts in fear , Ayesha realizing her folly suddenly scoops him up into a high cradle so that the dog cannot reach him high up ! Sameer is shocked that Ayesha cradled him so easily within a flash ! the dog does not give up and jumps to bite him

Ayesha bounces sameer up on her arms in the air to prevent the dog from reaching sameer, who is now lifted in a cradle by her, she then shouts at the dog to go in, the dog goes inside

Sameer is relieved that he is saved and realizes he is still carried by ayesha on her arms ! thanks a lot , you saved me now, put me down now ayesha . Sameer says

What ? How did you find out that it was me only jiju ? Ayesha asks dissappointed. Of course, who else can carry me so comfortably ? Sameer asks while still lifted in her arms, now please put me down na, sameer asks

No ! she says smiling, still carrying him on her arms. come on your sister or mom will see us, sameer says . Dont worry jiju, both have gone shopping, and won’t come back soon, Ayesha says to sameer who is still carried in cradle

since I have saved you today I think you should return the favor by letting me carry you Ayesha says , don’t worry it will still be our little secret she says and winks, embarrassed sameer says OK.

Wow ! this is such a lucky day , I get to carry my jiju till whenever I want she says and still carrying him on her arms she starts turning in circles , sameer starts feeling dizzy carried on her arms and hugs her tightly

Aaaw is this not cute ? my jiju is like a baby carried in my arms and so much scared, she says and enters the house in dancing steps still carrying him on her arms , sameer can’t believe what is happening. she carries him on her arms and sits on a sofa with him on her laps to watch tv, sameer wants to get down but she holds him on her laps

Come on jiju , I always wanted to watch a full TV serial with someone sitting on my lap, please let me fulfill this wish, Ayesha requests sameer and hands him a soda cup, sameer who is aware how strong and crazy Ayesha is, chooses to remain seated on her lap for his own safety

Grumpily sameer sucks the soda cup straw still sitting on her laps while she munches on popcorn watching tv carrying him on her lap. she is excited , this is so cute , I am watching tv with my beloved jiju on my laps and hugs him warmly , sameer still on her lap is almost crushed by her strong arms. Sameer notices that her arms, legs, thighs everything is much larger than his.

Soon Anya and her mom comes in, Ayesha then says she will meet her friends and leaves , sameer knows where she is going ,but does not say anything, just then some kids from sameers neighborhood come and speak to Anya and her mom.

Aunty, Anya didi is so lazy to even walk from sameer bhaiyyas house to here, she needs auto whereas we can easily walk that distance they laugh, ayesha didi is opposite, she jogs daily that distance . And that day she was carrying sameer on her shoulders that too he fell on her from such high distance !

Anya is surprised, what ? how can ayesha carry a fully grown man like sameer ? she asks , arey aunty not just on shoulders she was cradle carrying him too later ! we thought it was you first ,but later realized it is ayesha didi. The kids laugh

Anya is furious with sameer , why did you make that poor girl do such things ? are you not ashamed to get carried by your sister in law ? and she is younger than me ! poor girl

Sameer is angered, she herself comes always to show off her strength , and yes she is very strong and she knows it, and don’t feel sorry for her, she is more crazy and aggressive than you think ! do you want to know where she is now ? come with me he says and takes her in his car towards Sid’s house.

As he stops near Sid’s house Anya is scared , oh no why did you bring me near Sid’s house ? that crazy fool will attack us. Attack ? sameer laughs , he will be struggling to save himself, he says. from whom ? Anya asks. see yourself from whom.. he says and both climb the wall and peep through the same Window

Anya looks and can find no one, stop wasting my time! nobody is there, look on the bed closely sameer says. Anya observes carefully and suddenly she realizes it is Ayesha lying on bed over Sid with her hands forcibility pushing Sid’s

what is she doing ? Anya thinks , then through her hair sees her lying on sid and kissing him deeply while she has pinned his hand forcefully, anya is shocked at how she is dominating him ! she is forcibly pushing Sid on the bed and same time kissing him deeply , sid is struggling to catch breath.

Tall and big ayesha has completely covered sid along with her thick black hair and only his thin legs are visible below between her hair, ayesha is thoroughly enjoying the kiss, whereas sid is finding it difficult to handle

Anya can’t believe what she is looking at ! enough.. enough..! sid mumbles , I am getting suffocated !

So soon ? Ayesha says. I will let you go only after I am satisfied kissing you !

Enough ! sid cries, my mom might come anytime now, Sid pleads. Ayesha is too much lost in pleasure to even hear him, overpowering him by pinning him down on bed, she just keeps Kissing him more deeply

Meanwhile Sid’s mother comes back to the house is on ground floor and starts hearing Sid’s cries. now what is my troublesome son up to now ? she thinks, his craze for that girl during college days has ruined him, now neither does he work nor has any plans for future she says and starts climbing the stairs slowly.

Sids mom comes up to the room and finds the door locked . oh no ! she exclaims in worry , he has attempted to harm himself a few times , and I heard the girl he was crazy about got married too recently !

Meanwhile Ayesha slows down the kissing , as Sid is totally drained out, please stop ! Sid pleads , I am exhausted. Ayesha is still not satisfied .

Don’t worry, just relax, I will do all the work she says and easily picks him up into a front straddle , and then catches him by his behind and starts kissing him, Sid is helpless and just let’s her do whatever she wants. Anya can’t believe her little sister is so strong and passionate that she has carried a grown man and kissing him without even a slight feeling of being tired !

Sid’s mom is worried as to what he would do , she peeps through the keyhole to see Ayesha from back, she is not able to understand what is happening, tall ayesha with her thick black shiny hair is completely covering sid from being visible to his mom.

Who is this tall person with such long hair and where is sid ? is he inviting criminals ? oh no she says and rushes to get duplicate keys of the room. meanwhile ayesha is lifting sid by back side and thrusting her tongue into his mouth, Sid is too exhausted and just moaning slowly carried by her , Ayesha moans in pleasure still lost in the long deep kiss when Sid’s mom opens the door .

What Sid’s mom sees makes her numb in shock ! the same girl for whom sid had gone crazy, has lifted him up in a straddle and kissing him tightly ! how could a slim girl lift a fully grown man like that ?

Ayesha is looking like a big spider, which is devouring her fully grown son , who looks like a small helpless prey. her head starts spinning and she falls down with a thud and faints , Sid and Ayesha notice that and Ayesha puts him down , she wears her clothes and goes towards Sid’s mom

Sid is crying, Don’t simply cry, we need to help her , she bends down and easily scoops his heavy mother into a cradle ! just then sameer comes in with Anya, Sid looks at sameer and suddenly becomes mad and angry , he charges at him, Sameer panicks

Sid charges towards sameer aggressively in anger when suddenly, the worried Anya catches sameer by his armpits and lifts him up easily and places him on her hips into a hiplift !

Don’t you dare harm my husband she thunders still carrying sameer on her hips protectively and pointing her finger at Sid.

Sid gets frightened looking at the tall strong woman lifting up a grown man easily on her hip and threatening him, but then he notices it is Anya . he is fully confused , if you are Anya then who is this ? he turns to see Ayesha carrying his mother on her arms. I am ayesha sid, Anya’s younger twin sister she says

Anya still carrying her husband on her hips shrieks at ayesha, I never even had a faintest idea how strong, aggressive and crazy you are !

The very guy who chased and harassed your elder sister , would beat up her boyfriend and stalked her. you overpower, carry and have sex with him forcefully ? what kind of a girl does that ?

Cool down Anya, sameer says. Are you ok baby ? Anya then turns to sameer and starts checking whether he is OK while still carrying him on her hip

Sid is confused and shocked from all sides , the girl for whom he became crazy and screwed up his life, has carried up her husband on hips and caring to him like a baby , and the same girls younger sister pretended it is her, carried, overpowered and kissed him and is now standing in front of him carrying his own mother on her arms in a cradle . He laughs shockingly and faints

the end …

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