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Priyanka’s secret friend – 2

by rickishi
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What ? Aman is your boyfriend ? Monty starts laughing

Aman is a below average looking Dork, whereas you have the body of a supermodel and also drives Superbike. He is not even as tall as you

I don’t believe you, Also why are you wearing that helmet ? Are you Embarrassed to be seen with this loser Aman ? Monty asks

Of course not, Priyanka replies, how about we have a challenge ? If you beat me, I will remove my helmet

But if you lose, then you will never bother Aman again. Priyanka still wearing the helmet says

Good, since We both own superbikes, lets race. Monty says and brings his bike. Who reaches the opposite end of this ground and drives back first wins ! Monty says

3.2.1…Go.. Priyanka starts the bike with a wheelie and Zooms with high speed. Monty also driving a superbike picks up speed. Priyanka expertly wades through the field in high speed and Monty starts falling behind. All are shocked at the bike skills of this unknown slim girl

Soon Priyanka reaches the other end and turns the bike. Monty is struggling to catch up with Priyanka, Priyanka finally comes first and stops the bike doing a Stoppie.

All the college students are clapping in admiration of this unknown lady biker. Monty is throughly embarrassed

Aman can’t believe that Priyanka is helping him so much ! I don’t know how to thank you ! Aman says.

Shh…Dont tell anyone, but my bike engine is modified ! Priyanka whispers to Aman. No wonder I won

So monty, Now that I have beaten you in the bike race, neither you, nor your friends will bother Aman, Priyanka still wearing the helmet says.

This is not fair, Monty says in anger . Aman was supposed to compete with Me, not you .

You want a fair fight ? How about we compete in strength ? Priyanka asks. I see that you workout regularly in a gym, but are you as strong as a girl ? Priyanka asks

Monty is furious ! How dare you ? I don’t want to beat you up only because you are a girl, otherwise my one punch on your stomach and you will be gone ! He says

Ha…Good ! let’s have the same challenge then, punch me on the stomach, let’s see how strong you are ! Priyanka replies . Monty and others can’t believe What they hearing ! Aman is scared for Priyanka now

Priyanka with still her helmet on. Opens the zip of her sweatshirt, and exposes her abs and stands ready , all are surprised at her slim but muscular abs .

I will teach this girl a lesson ! Monty thinks and punches her stomach with all his might

Priyanka just steps back absorbing all the force into her abs. That was it ? Priyanka asks . All are shocked at her strength ! Now it is my turn , she says

wow ! Priyanka is now using her newly trained boxing skills, Aman realises

Priyanka now takes a boxing stance and using a proper angle punches hard into Monty’s stomach !

Monty is pushed a few feet behind due to the force of her punch, and has become motionless due to the pain ! Unable to speak he groans in pain and bends down

My Stomach ! Monty groans when Priyanka still wearing the helmet now walks near him, bends down and easily lifts him up on her shoulders into a fireman lift

Aman and his classmates are shocked to see a slim girl in bikers attire and a helmet covering her face , standing there lifting a muscular guy on her shoulders !

Ma’am please spare me, Monty pleads folding his hands, while still lifted up on the shoulders of the slim unknown girl

Listen…Nobody should trouble Aman, Priyanka announces to all the college students while still carrying the muscular Monty on her shoulders. If anybody bothers him , then he will end up carried like Monty on my shoulders, Priyanka says

And Monty’s girlfriend will carry Aman daily to the classroom. until he has recovered, Priyanka smiles

What ? Aman and monty react in shock !

I was joking ! Priyanka laughs and lowers Monty to the ground. Are you free after classes today ? Priyanka asks Aman

Yes , Aman replies. Then we have a date tonight , Priyanka says and leaves on her bike

Oooh.. all the classmates of Aman respond after hearing that

It is evening now, Aman comes out of the college limping . Priyanka’s bike is standing near the gate , Priyanka is busy looking at her cellphone while leaning against the bike , still wearing the helmet and bikers attire

Aman slowly walks near the bike and notices something different. Is this really Priyanka? Aman wonders , Priyanka herself was taller than Me, but now she is towering over me ! Aman thinks

Priyanka.. is that you ? Aman asks

Oh.. Hi ! She replies looking down at Aman who is almost a foot shorter than her.

You are Aman right ? Actually I am Priyanka’s friend , she asked me to pick you up , she says

Ohh.. but where are we going ? Aman asks looking up at the tall biker girl, who is also unrecognisable due to helmet

You will accompany us in Priyanka’s gym, she replies. Priyanka and me workout together you see. Our session will start soon , let’s start right away, the tall biker girl says

The tall girl still wearing the helmet sits on the bike and starts the engine, she then notices Aman limping towards the bike . Oh , I forgot….Priyanka said that I should help you as you are injured, she says and stands up

Aman feels intimidated as the tall girl walks towering over him, and comes close

Hey wait ..what are you doin.. no .. Aman exclaims

The tall girl easily scoops up Aman on her arms into a High cradle like he weighs nothing !

Aman lifted up high on the arms of the tall girl, is shocked to find himself so much above from the ground. Oh god.. what are you doing ? Aman says and hugs her tightly looking down in fear

Awww… Priyanka did say that you are very cute !! The tall girl laughs while still carrying Aman on a High cradle

Amans classmates are now laughing, looking at him lifted up on the arms of the tall girl wearing a helmet and bikers attire

Why did you lift me up in cradle , right in front of my college and classmates ? Aman asks in despair.

Come on, you are acting as if no girl has ever lifted you up. the girl laughs and carries him to the bike, placing him on the seat, she lifts up her leg straight and mounts the bike.

Soon the tall biker girl zooms through the traffic and reaches the gym location, with Aman sitting tight holding her from behind.Priyanka is waiting for them in her gym attire .

Wait on the seat, the tall girl says and applies the side stand , getting up from the bike , she now comes near Aman who is still sitting on the rear seat

Aman is scared as to what will this strong tall girl do next. Grabbing him by his backside with both hands, she lifts him up from the bike seat and places him on her hip !

not good ! Yesterday Priyanka was carrying me on her hip and today this tall girl ! Aman laments, he is already feeling warm below

He looks at the reflection on a nearby car and realizes that he looks like a kid lifted on the hip of his mother .

Oh no ! Why is this happening with me ? Aman laments when the tall girl starts walking towards the lift carrying him on her hip , she has still worn the helmet on her head

Please put me down, I am feeling uncomfortable, Aman pleads the tall girl who is now standing inside the lift with him sitting on her hip

Arey, stay a little while , we will reach the gym soon, The tall girl says . The lift reaches the Gym floor and the door opens . Priyanka is standing in front of the door and spots them inside the lift

Oh my god Diana.. you are looking so hot ! Priyanka exclaims

What is so hot in carrying a guy on your hips ? Diana asks laughing while still carrying Aman on her hip, could you remove the helmet now Aman ? Please.. she asks

Diana… ? It means this tall girl who is standing with me carried on her hip is ? Aman realises in shock

Aman now removes the helmet from the tall girl who is still carrying him, and is shocked !

Oh my… it is Dlana P who was carrying me all this time ? Aman realizes, his body now gets more warm

Of course Diana, I never realised a tall girl will look so hot when carrying a shorter guy on her hip so comfortably ! Priyanka says , I am feeling so hot .. I must try this with Nick sometimes, Priyanka giggles

Come let’s start with our gym schedule ! Diana says and walks out of the lift and places Aman on the floor

But there is a problem Priyanka says , there is a power breakdown, the gym is completely dark and the treadmills are not working

Oh.. no worries, we have a great gym partner right ? Diana smiles , both Priyanka and Diana look towards Aman , Aman is getting a feeling that he is in trouble now …

Aman my friend.. can you assist us with our gym exercises ? Priyanka smiles

Please agree na , we will not take long . And we will finish soon as there are not much partner workouts we know of . Diana says

Sure, but how can an injured guy help a girl for workouts ? Aman asks in confusion

By becoming the weight for the girl to workout with . Priyanka smiles . What ? I should carried again by you both strong girls ? Aman asks in despair

Come on. You just relax and let us girls do all the heavy lifting Priyanka says and stands behind him with her back towards his back,

locking his hands with hers, Priyanka bends down and Aman is now lifted up on a back to back lift ! Oh my god , she lifted me up so easily ! Aman realizes when Priyanka starts doing half squats with him lifted on her back

Aman is almost feeling himself upside down, as his legs are high up. Diana is busy doing stretching exercises as Priyanka completes a set of squats and lowers Aman gently from her back

The tall Diana now removes the bikers attire and Aman is mesmerized at her strong and fit body and figure, while wearing workout gear

He is now all yours baby ! Priyanka smiles at Diana and starts her bending exercises.

Sure .. the Tall Diana replies and comes near Aman , are you ready ? She asks at Aman looking down .

Aman looks at himself standing beside the tall Diana and realizes that he looks like a kid in the mirror.

Diana suddenly scoops up Aman on her arms into a High cradle , Aman is scared finding himself up again , on the arms of the tall Diana

Oh my god, why are you carrying me up again and again ? Aman asks .

Sorry, but we usually carry boys for workouts when there is a power breakdown.

Don’t worry, we are good at it ! Diana replies

Still carrying Aman easily in cradle. Diana says, hug me tight . Aman does as told

Tall Diana Still standing with the much shorter Aman lifted on her arms in a cradle , starts walking briskly towards the other end of the big Gym carrying Aman on her arms

Aman is shocked at the tall Diana’s strength. Oh my god, I find it difficult to carry even smaller and lighter girls and here these super fit girls are exercising by carrying me around !

Diana walks back and forth the full length of the gym, carrying the scared Aman like a kid for a few times and puts him down after she is done .

Priyanka now suddenly stands behind Aman ..

Will you help me now Aman ? She asks smiling

Do I have a choice ? Aman asks

Good ! She says and bends down between his legs from behind. Oh no.. what is she doing ! Aman thinks when Priyanka slowly rises up with Aman on her shoulders

Carrying Amans full weight on her shoulders, Priyanka now stands up with him sitting on her shoulders. Oh my .. look at your abs ! Diana exclaims

Aman looks at the mirror and is surprised to see Priyanka’s abs which are looking rock hard with eight pack ! While she is standing there effortlessly carrying him on a shoulder sit

Aman had never imagined , that one day he will find himself lifted up in a shoulder sit on his favourite actress.

Will you put me down now ? Aman asks

No.. you be seated on my shoulders until I finish my squats, Priyanka says and starts squatting with Aman still carried on her shoulders. Tall Diana helps with balancing Aman as Priyanka is performing squats now

Aman is finding it hard as he is getting uncomfortable slowly, thanks to being repeatedly carried by the tall and strong actresses

As Priyanka is squatting with Aman lifted on her shoulders, her leg and ab muscles are popping up hard . Aman is just sitting helpless on her shoulders, while looking at Priyanka’s ab muscles in amazement

Soon Priyanka finishes her sets of workout and puts Aman down

My turn ! Diana says. What ? Aman asks and before he realizes, Diana bends down and lifts him up into a firemans lift !

Aman is looking in disbelief as Diana starts squatting now with him on her shoulders. Diana’s abs are looking toned and hard as she slowly bears his full weight on her long legs as she is squatting. Priyanka now takes out her cellphone

Yeah ! I am the alpha woman, Diana says and flexes her biceps , Priyanka starts clicking pictures.

Aman is terrified looking at his situation in the mirror, as he is lifted helplessly on shoulders of the tall Diana while she is flexes her biceps showing her muscles

Oh my god, this tall strong girl can crush me easily, if she wants ! Aman realizes in shock

Hey, shall I make Aman on my single shoulder for a pic ? Diana asks

Are you serious ? Priyanka laughs, you are already so tall, if Aman sits on your shoulders, his head will hit the roof !

Come on, Aman will adjust , won’t you Aman ? Diana asks looking at Aman who is hanging on her shoulders helplessly. Aman has no other option but to agree

Making Aman stand , Diana bends down from the side , bringing her shoulder between his legs. Aman is more than sure that Tall and strong Diana can easily lift him up

With one go, Diana now stands up with Aman lifted up on her shoulders like a kid. Carrying Aman on her single shoulder, Diana poses standing. Priyanka clicks a pic as Aman bends down trying to avoid the roof above

These pics will go in my insta account ! Diana says . No no.. please Aman pleads while Still sitting sidewards on her single shoulder, I am already a joker in my college, this will get worse

Come on, how can we let a dear friend like you get humiliated ? Diana smiles looking above at Aman

You have been so decent and cooperative with us. Priyanka says, we will make sure to hide your identity.

I am really pleased at how composed you are despite being lifted and carried by us attractive and strong girls. Specially when your “thing” has gotten hard , Diana exclaims giggling

Yikes ! You found out ? Aman replies in embarrassment as Diana puts him down

Relax, it happens with many guys, even Nick has this issue , Priyanka winks at Aman

Diana is now riding the bike back to Amans house, Aman is sitting behind holding her and enjoying the memories of how he was lifted up continuosly by his favourite heroines

Soon they reach Amans house. Aman is now standing in front of the bike while Diana is sitting on the bike wearing bikers attire and a helmet to cover her identity, as usual

Thanks for the lift Diana, I never imagined that I would spend such a good time with my favourite actresses like this ! Aman exclaims in glee

Come on. The pleasure is ours , Diana says . But you forgot one last favor for us.

What is that ? Aman asks confused

Tall Diana gets up from the bike and stands in front of Aman and bends down to his face level

You should let me carry you till the house entrance, Diana smiles. Priyanka specifically requested me to do this !

What ? Again .. Aman replies when Diana still wearing the bikers attire and helmet scoops up Aman onto her arms in a high cradle

I am getting used to being cradled by you now, Aman exclaims hugging her as he is lifted on her arms

Aww..you are always welcome to get lifted on my arms .

Whenever you feel like getting carried , just ask me ! Diana smiles and starts climbing the steps while carrying Aman on her arms

Diana is halfway climbing steps when she hears a terrified scream from a lady from behind

Still carrying Aman in cradle, Diana turns behind

Curse it !!! It is Neelima aunty , our nosy neighbors. She is always suspicious of me , Aman exclaims in shock

Aman, who is this boy ? And why is he carrying you in cradle , like a hero carries the heroine in movies ? Neelima aunty asks in suspicion

I have caught you many times ogling the girls in our locality before, but now you are getting even worse !

I am observing from a few days that this strong boy picks up and drops you on bike daily, and not just that, he lifts you up in cradle too daily !

What kind of new perversions are you having now .. are you starting to get interested in boys also now ? Neelima aunty questions

Oh no .. I am screwed !…Aman exclaims in despair..

To be continued…

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