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Mr Whiskers – 3

by rickishi
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Sania now rides towards Sagars house with him sitting behind the Himalayan bike . Sania reaches the gate riding the bike when she notices Sagar has slept off while hugging her from behind in the rear seat 😴

Sania just giggles and carefully gets down from the side using her long legs , while holding him so that he does not wake up. Sagar usually watches movies till late night and falls asleep soon at evenings

Sania holds his upper body as he is still asleep on the rear seat of the bike . She gently hugs him as she stands beside him on the bike , she now holds him and smoothly lifts him up into a cradle

Sania carrying the fast asleep Sagar slowly starts climbing the stairs carrying him in cradle and reached the front door. Oh no ! The keys must be in his pockets ! Sania thinks . Sania now sits on the steps carrying Sagar on her lap and still hugging him from the side , gets the keys from his pocket

Sania now kisses Sagar on the cheeks and with a groan stands up carrying Sagar into cradle again. She places him on a chair in the courtyard and opens the door. Carrying the still sleeping Sagar in cradle, she places him on his sofa and kisses his cheek again . Sania leaves feeling happy for what she did 😁

Sagar wakes up when his parents ring the door bell and is confused as to how he reached the sofa ! It is next day again and Sagar is in no mood to go outside. Suddenly he hears a knock from the window. My room is on the top floor, who has come here ? He thinks 🤔

He looks through the window . It is Sania, she has climbed from the backside to his window ! Are you out of your mind ? What will people think if an attractive girl climbs into the window of a man’s room like this ? Sagar shrieks

So you think I am attractive ? Sania asks feeling happy, how is my outfit today ? She asks and shows him what she is wearing. Sania is wearing outdoor wear and shorts . My god she looks much cuter in this ! Sagar thinks . I have also got a small backpack with water, snacks and some things . I am ready to search MR whiskers today, Sania says

I even tied my hair in a single high ponytail. It is easy to manage in this heat you know ! Sania says . Alright , you are looking good, now before anyone sees us like this, get down and wait at the corner of the road. I will tell my parents that I am visiting friends and will come there , Sagar whispers 🤫

Ok ! Sania smiles and using her long legs which look much longer and shapely now in her shorts , she climbs down easily . Sagar comes out of the house lying that he is meeting friends

Sania is now waiting on the road corner sitting on the bike she won from Aman . Come, she says and slaps on rear seat of the bike. Sania is now speeding on the bike with Sagar holding her tightly. Sania is happy to have Sagar sitting behind her and holding her in fear as she is speeding

Sania suddenly applies brakes as Aman is standing there with another 2 goons . He is very angry and looking at Sania. This is that girl ! She and her useless boyfriend took my bike away by cheating me, let’s catch them and teach them a good lesson ! He thunders

Sania turns the bike on the opposite direction and zooms away with full speed. Sagar is holding onto Sania for his dear life , Aman and the goons with him are chasing Sania on their bikes . Sania zooms on the road on top speed . Sagar is praying to God

The goons also speed up their bikes on full throttle , but are unable to match Sanias speed. This girls bike riding skills are good ! The goons say. Sania increases the throttle and the bikes front wheel rises up for a few seconds. Sania steers through a curved road bending the bike on the side with a deep angle and is still on high speed. Sagar is sure they will fall !

The goons try to adjust the speed with the curve on the road, but one of them loses balance and falls , Aman and another goon are on another bike . Sania now slows the bike and waits till Aman and the goon come near them

Good, you made through that curve without falling, let us see if you can catch me now ! Sania says and raises the throttle again, doing a wheelie Sania speeds away with Sagar holding her in fear . Sania now goes away from the road into open field , The motor bike starts shaking and vibrating as it has gone off road

Sania drives the bike on a muddy slope and Sagar is literally thrown up and down on the bike seat . Aman’s bike gets stuck in the mud and they are unable to move. Yes ! I defeated them ! Sania says in happiness and stands up while still riding the motorcycle. She now raises throttle again and comes back to the road 🏍️

Sagar is relieved that they came out of this situation alive ! Sania now rides the bike through open land filled with weeds and wades through a small path riding the motorcycle with complete control and confidence. Soon they reach their destination, The housing block on the other side of forest to search for Mr whiskers

Sania gets down in front of the gated community, the locality is filled with posh and rich houses and both are awestruck by the beautiful and luxurious houses . How can I find Mr Whiskers amongst these big houses ? Sania thinks and starts looking through the gates 😥

There is a house with a tall compound, Sagar sit on my shoulders. I will carry you and have look across the compound wall ! She says . But the people in the house will not be happy if we snoop like that ! Sagar says 😲

Suddenly Aman and the two goons stop in front of them riding bikes . There you are ! Aman shouts , you both will get a nice thrashing today, and I have special plans for your Sania , he says looking at her in lust 😡

Sania is fed up of the irritating attitude of Aman, this is it ! Let’s us finish this once and for all, I have even dressed up correctly for this situation , she says and puts down the backpack. One of the goons suddenly comes and grabs Sagar , Sagar is struggling with the goon when Aman and the other goon come infront of Sania

Sania starts warming up by jogging and little bit and wringing her hands in the air . The goon comes to grab Sania when she catches hold of his and and turns herself while body twisting his hand fully, the man shrieks in pain and because of the force with which she turns, he himself falls down on his back

Aman angry at her , comes and punches her belly with full force , Sania is hurt a bit , but recovers and smiles back at him, is that your most powerful shot ? I measured your strength fully on Sagars terrace only that day. Come give me your best punch ! Sania challenges him 😏

Aman starts punching her belly back to back with punches using all his might, Sania moves back a little due to the impact of the punches , Aman starts getting tired when the other goon whose hand Sania had twisted , now gets up in anger

He walks towards Sania in anger when she sprints towards him and jumps over , landing her knee on his chest using her full weight on the hit. The goon literally flies behind due to such a powerful hit and starts crying in pain holding his chest 😭 lying on the ground

Aman now comes from behind and kicks her on the back hard. Sania is very angry now 😡. I could have knocked you out within a minute everytime you fought with me, but I was soft on you because you are from our locality, till now . But now I have decided how to crush you ! Sania thunders

Sagar is biting and scratching the other goon while he is still struggling with him . Before Aman could react , Sania does a somersault and in a flash comes in front of him and punches his belly, Aman gets back in pain when Sania grabs him in a front lift and carrying him, runs towards a wall and rams him against it !

Aman is feeling like his while body has broken like a glass pane when Sania again slams him while still carrying him against the wall. Aman is unable to move at all. Sania now shifts his body on her shoulders and is carrying him in a firemans lift

The goons whom Aman has hired now come to help him when Sania warns them . I am warning you, if you think you are dealing with some helpless common girl, then you are doing a big mistake. Sania says and with a groan grabs Aman and slowly lifts him from her shoulders above into a overhead lift like a professional power lifter 😯

All the men there are shocked and in disbelief 😰, looking at Sanias strength. Oh god ! Look how she has lifted up a grown man on a overhead lift, she will finish us ! The goons say and ride away on their bikes . Hey wait for me ! Aman shouts while still lifted up overhead by Sania

Sania is bearing the full weight of Aman by lifting him overhead and still standing there . Why are you still carrying Aman like this ? Sagar asks . Of course you dont get to lift a boy overhead daily right ? Sania laughs

Aman lifted up folds his hands from above , please spare my life , I will never even look at your direction in my life ! Aman cries in pain and pleads Sania . That’s a good boy ! Sania exclaims a puts him down, I always melt for boys who agree and listen to me after being overpowered and carried by me ! She says .

By know you must know, I train in gymnastics, MMA and also do powerlifting as a hobby ! Sania says , mess with me and prepare for big trouble ! Sania says

And here, take your bike keys Sania says and throws the keys to the fleeing Aman . Hey but how will we travel back ? Sagar asks . Did I not say I have arranged for everything in my backpack ? Sania says smiling 😌 while Aman speeds away on his bike

Sania opens the backpack and brings out roller skates. But I don’t know how to ride on a roller skates ! Sagar replies. Don’t worry, I know na , She says. But there is only one pair , what will I do ? Sagar asks . Sania only gives a wide grin 😁

Sania now wears the roller skates and rolls a small round on the street, she turns and jumps like a ballerina and stops near Sagar turning in a dance move . Sagar is looking at her with his mouth open . She looks so gracious and beautiful in those shorts and skating on the wheels 🥺, her long black hair is waving like dark clouds filled over his sky

Now we will peep over all the house compounds in this locality ! Sania announces . But how can we reach so high ? Sagar asks . Not we baby, you are ! Sania says smiling . Oh no ! This is not going to be good ! Sagar thinks

Sania now rolls near Sagar and squats down. Sit on my shoulders, you will look from above into the compounds while I roll over with you sitting on my shoulders. It is a very simple plan ! Sania says . Sagar is in disbelief 😕

Skating on wheels itself is a tough job and you want to skate carrying me on your shoulder ? And that too through the whole length and breadth of the locality streets ! How can you do it . Relax Sania smiles , let’s finish with this street for a start . Sania says ☺️

Sagar prays to God and carefuly sits on the shoulders of Sania, Sania is herself struggling to balance and stands up slowly carrying Sagars weight while struggling to balance herself on the roller skates, holding a pole she stands up now managing to balance herself 😥

Ok, how many people have you carried on your shoulders while riding on the roller skates? Sagar asks worried . None ! Sania says , you are the first person to have even sat on my shoulders when I am roller skating ! Sania says. What ? Sagar reacts in shock when Sania starts moving downhill carrying Sagar on her shoulders.

Oh my god ! Some one help ! Sagar shrieks and Sania is herself scared as she balancing and riding the roller skates with difficulty with Sagar sitting on her shoulders. Sania manages to find balance After going some distance and finds confidence, she starts picking speed now

Sagar feels Sania can manage his weight and also skate now with him on her shoulders. He starts looking below through the compounds of houses as he is high on Sanias shoulders 😥

Hey I see a an orange cat resting inside the lawn of this big house ! Sagar shouts . Ohh, is it Mr Whiskers ? Sania replies looking above , In the excitement, Sania fails to see a pavement and trips, both fall down . Sagar hurts his knees 😑

Oh my . I am sorry ! Sania apologizes as Sagar recovers from the fall and stands up limping. Because of my obsession with Mr Whiskers, I am troubling you so much ! She says looking into his eyes . Arey you tell all this after finding Mr Whiskers, let’s go to that house now ! He says

Sure, get on my shoulders again ! Sania says . No way ! Sagar protests, don’t start throwing tantrums now, when I am close to getting Mr whiskers ! Sania replies angrily

The watchman of the bungalow is surprised to see a girl coming on rollers skates carrying a fully grown man on her hip. She smoothly stops near the watch man while still carrying Sagar on her hips and enquires about the orange cat 😺

Please speak to the owner and her children, they have a lot of cats as pets , the watchman says and opens the gate . Sania carrying Sagar now enters the gate and the cat lying on lawn of the compound is actually Mr Whiskers ! 🥺

Mr Whiskers ! Sania shouts and drops Sagar from her hip, she removes the roller skates and runs to the cat lying on the ground . Mr Whiskers recognises Sania and rubs it’s face against her cheeks in affection 🥰

Who is this ? And why are you troubling our sick cat ? A tall woman asks coming from inside the bungalow . Sick cat ? What has happened to Mr Whiskers ? Sania asks in dismay 😨

Arey he is recovering from the operation he had a few weeks back, the tall lady comes and looks at Sagar limping. Operation ? What happened to Mr Whiskers ? Sania asks in shock 😲

Arey it is nothing, we just got him neutered ! Our pet cat has been very naughty and getting all the female cats around to have kittens . So we got an operation done so that he does not become dad anymore ! She laughs 🤣

And why are you calling him Mr Whiskers ? His name is ginger , that’s the name we have given in the veterinary clinic too. The lady says . What ? Is this not a homeless stray cat ? Sania asks , I have been feeding him with milk and biscuits from months ! Sania says in surprise

Milk and biscuits ? We have been feeding him the best of cat food and healthy treats ! The lady says , infact he goes to the best cat groomers and veterinarian in town , but he always comes back shabby playing in the mud ! The tall lady says . He even loses the belt and badge when goes outside every time 😑

What ? Seeing Mr Whiskers shabby and always hungry , I thought he is a homeless cat ! Sania replies in disbelief. Arey this cat is a glutton and always over eats , we have been keeping him on a diet from a few months but surprised why he was still plumpy . Now we know why ! The lady says

Sania slaps her forehead in disbelief 🤦🏻‍♀️. Sagar is looking at her angrily 😡

The end ….

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Please stop making girls taller than boys . PLEASE it takes 50% fun out of it.


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