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Mr Whiskers – 2

by rickishi
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Goodness , do you workout daily ? Sagar asks in disbelief feeling Sanias well toned and hard biceps , despite that she looks very slim as her sleeves cover her muscles . I don’t workout silly, I am a gymnast ! Sania says and poses with her arms sideways like a professional gymnast.

Wow ! Does gymnastics make people strong ? Sagar asks , still looking at her in awe . Of course, you should never challenge gymnastic students when it comes to strength. Sania says and twirls once with her hands lifted up. Sagar is mesmerized looking at her long black hair as she turns ☺️

Aman now comes riding his Himalayan bike . Oh wow ! You have this bike ? Sania says excited. Aman get down, I will ride the bike ! Sania declares. What ? Aman and Sagar look in surprise

Of course ! I have been driving motorbikes since childhood. In fact my brother’s use scooter at home, but I prefer bikes, Sania says . No way ! This is my new bike, I will not allow some girl to ride it ! Aman says 😒

Sania comes near him and looks down menacingly . Should I remind you again that I am the Alpha female of this group ? Now get down before it gets more late to search my cat ! Sania thunders . Aman gets down . Tall Sania climbs on the bike and her legs easily touch the ground as she sits on the tall bike

You know motor bikes are more suitable for girls. Sania says , come you both sit behind. What ? You will ride triples on this bike ? Both ask. Of course and don’t worry I am more skilled than boys when it comes to riding motorbikes, look she says and starts the bike , she raised the throttle and does a wheelie as she moves forward ! 😯

Aman and Sagar are convinced that Sania can ride easily . Soon they are sitting behind Sania on the heavy bike. Sania easily maneuvers the heavy bike and both come near the old abandoned park .

Who said this is a park, this is a forest ! Sagar says looking at how big the place is and the trees have grown long and thick without any mantainence. Yes ! Aman says, this is a private land actually and not a park. There is even a small river which flows through this forest somewhere inside . People mistake this place as a park because it is inside the city

But don’t get fooled, the forest is quite big and you will have to walk a long distance between the woods to reach the other side ! Aman says. 😏

The entrance to the forest is gated and is locked . Come lets jump over the compound and get in ! Sania says . Sagar is worried looking at the dense trees . Aman being the fitter one tries to jump , but the compound is too High 🙄

Sania is giggling to see the shorter boys struggling. Aman gets angry, he brings some big stones and piles it up one over other. Soon he jumps and grabs the top edge of the compound .

Aman gets scratches on his elbows and knees and somehow climbs the top of the compound. Sagar decides that he need not go with them now. You both carry on ! Sagar says to Sania , now that my help is not required, you both search for Mr Whiskers, I will go back home

No ! Sania says and holds his hand, how can you let a girl go alone in the forest with a pervert like this ? I won’t feel safe without you ! She says . What ? You are the Alpha female remember ? You can single handedly overpower Aman, then what is there to feel unsafe ? Sagar asks in surprise 🤨

You don’t understand, I am strong only when I have the men I trust with me . Otherwise I will feel lost and without confidence, please don’t leave me like this 🥺, Sania says looking down with tears almost coming from her big eyes . Sagars heart melts again as Sania grabs his hand tightly and it is starting to hurt

Aman hearing this is not happy . Will you both come now ? It will be evening soon, He says standing on the compound wall . Even If I want to come, I cannot climb that high compound, see Aman has got scratches, Sagar says

Arey why do you boys worry to climb up when girls are nearby. Sit on my shoulders ! Sania says and squats down . What again ? Sagar asks in despair. Come on, which girl has ever offered to carry you till now ? I want to carry you only for searching my cat , please sit on my shoulders ! Sania requests 🥺

Sania with Sagar sitting on her shoulders slowly stands up with his full weight carried by her . You know I somewhat feel happy when I carry you , maybe because you are lighter than you appear ! Sania laughs looking at Sagar 😁

Wow no sooner you got me to sit on your shoulders, you suddenly changed your mood also ? Sagar asks surprised . Come on, which girl will not be happy if a boy sits on her shoulders ? Sania says and walks towards the compound while balancing his weight carefully on her shoulders

Aman grabs Sagars hand and pulls him up from her shoulders onto the compound. Sania walks towards the gate now. Where is she going now ? Sagar asks .Tall and strong Sania jumps and grabs the gate top rod. Hanging on she uses her toned shoulders and back muscles to pull herself easily , she then climbs onto the other side easily and jumps down 😲

Wow, she did it gracefully like a gymnast ! Aman says . Sania now walks near when Sagar and Aman are still standing, they have to jump a long distance to reach the ground . Aman jumps down and falls with a thud . Landing on his backside. He cries in pain 😕

Sagar is worried and is looking down when Sania stands directly below the spot where Sagar is standing on the wall. Don’t even think to jump yourself on the ground ! Sania says imposingly. Then what do you suppose I should do ? Sagar asks

Jump into my arms , I will catch you in a cradle with my hands ! Sania says pointing her arms towards him. Impossible ! You will never be able to lift up my weight, specially when falling down from such a height ! Sagar says in disbelief 😯

Aman is getting impatient and also angry as he was hoping that Sagar will not come with them. Come on you clumsy fellow, we don’t have all day He says and throws a stick at Sagar

Sagar already struggling to balance is further shaken as he is hit by the stick and he loses balance and falls down ! 😨

Sania standing below catches his full weight falling down on her arms into a cradle lift . Sagar is in disbelief 😰, did you just catch my full weight into a cradle lift yourself ? He asks looking into Sanias eyes in shock

Of course, how can a girl let a boy fall down on the ground like that, it is her duty to save him na . Sania says looking at Sagar while still carrying him on cradle . Aman is shocked to realise that Sania is even stronger than he had thought of before 😐

All three are now walking between the trees and reach quite deep in the forest . Sania is looking around calling for Mr Whiskers, there is no cat in sight or heard . Sania is getting more and more worried . They reach the small river and are surprised that it is overflowing

Looks like the rains from 2 days have fed the water well and the river is overflowing, we can’t even walk through it now, the current is too strong ! Sagar says . Come lets go back

No way . Sania says and grabs Sagars hand , look there is an old tree trunk which has fallen, why don’t you boys carry it and place it like a bridge on the river ? Sania says . Sagar and Aman are now trying to move the fallen tree trunk with difficulty. Sania is getting impatient

You boys are so weak ! Sania says giggling. Move you both , she says and grabs one end of the tree stump and lifts it from the side . Both the boys are surprised that she is able to move it . She now makes it stand using her strength and walks towards the middle and with a groan lifts up the tree trunk 😲

Sagar and Aman are terrified looking at Sanias strength ! This girl single-handedly lifted up that heavy tree trunk on her shoulders ! Sania carries the tree trunk slowly and her shoulders and abs are showing the muscles and they are looking rock hard !

Walking slowly carrying the tree trunk, Sania throws it across the river . The tree trunk is now like a bridge. Aman still on disbelief climbs over and crosses the river . Come Sagar ! Sania says , let’s go

No ! I am scared ! Sagar replies, that tree trunk is not wide enough, and I will surely lose balance ! He says . Sania starts smiling, I know why you are saying this . You want me to carry you na ? Sania asks looking deeply into his eyes 😏

What ? No ! Sagar protests . Come on ! Don’t lie, when I first lifted you up on my hip on that terrace, your cheeks had gone pink, and the way you were looking at me when I carried you cradle near the compound, it was priceless ! I think you like it when I carry you ! Sania says ☺️

Of course, I mean which guy will not like it when he is carried by a beautiful girl ? Sagar says .oh my , this is so good to hear ! Do you think I am beautiful ? Sania asks grabbing Sagars hand and looking into his eyes when Aman shouts from the other side to hurry

I am so glad, I think you deserve to be carried by me to the other side ! Sania announces. Again ? I am tired of being carried by you again and again ! Sagar complains . What did I say you about that alpha female thing , forgot already ? Sania says towering over Sagar 😶

Aman is looking from a distance and is surprised to see Sagar walking behind Sania and standing on front of her back. Now what are they doing ? I am looking for a chance to teach this Sania a lesson, but this moron is hovering around her like a fly always ! Aman grumbles. I must get rid of this loser first 😡

Sagar now jumps on Sanias back and Sania absorbs his full weight on her back, she now holds his legs in a piggyback and starts walking on that log carefully carrying Sagar in a piggyback. Aman is surprised as Sania balances herself carefully and Sagar had closed his eyes in fear and has hugged tight while lifted up in a piggyback by Sania

Sania balances herself well and manages to cross the river . Sania walks near Aman now still carrying Sagar. Why did you carry him across that river ? Aman asks . If a boy is scared and feeling insecure, then it is the responsibility of a girl to carry him safely from there na ? Sania replies and puts Sagar back on his feet

They now reach a cottage and Sania is calling Mr whiskers. Sagar knocks the cottage door to ask whether they have seen a cat. A family is living in the cottage and has many kids . Yes, an orange cat with big moustache used to come here daily ! The kids say

Ohh. Is my Whiskers your cat ? Sania asks in hope . No, it only used to pass near our house, we think the cat lives in a locality on the other side of the park , but he has not come from a week here ! The kids say , we all miss that orange cat ! He was very loving and gentle ,They say 😕

Poor Mr Whiskers, who knows what trouble he is in. Let’s go to the other side of the park and into that locality ! Sania says . Impossible, I have had enough of acting like an assistant to you and your stupid cat ! Aman replies in anger

Did you forget that I am the alpha female of the group ? You agreed to listen to me after I defeated you in strength ! Sania says . So what ? I demand a rematch, let us prove who is stronger in front of all these people ! Aman says .

Wow a boy and a girl having a strength competition ! This is exciting, the kids says . One of the kids bring a small table, have a arm wrestling competition, let us see who wins ! The kids say . Aman and Sania now lock hands and are using their strength. Aman uses his full force but is unable to push Sanias hand

Sania starts laughing, Aman and Sagar are scared. Sagar, why don’t you help this wimp ? Sania asks . Sagar also holds Aman’s hand and both push with their full might, even then they are unable to defeat Sania ! The kids are laughing

Sania now easily uses her strength and defeats by pushing the combined hands of Sagar and Aman. The kids are cheering Sania. The girls are always stronger they say. This is not enough ! Aman says angrily, let’s have a push ups challenge he says

Aman starts doing pushups and continuous doing it for 30 reps. Wow uncle is strong ! The kids say. What will I get it I defeat you ? Sania asks Aman now . You take whatever you want ! Aman says . Then you should give me your Himalayan bike for a week ! Sania says . Fine , you can have it , Aman says in confidence

Sania now bends down for pushups, and suddenly calls Sagar. Come lie on me ! She says . All are in disbelief ! You want to carry even Sagar and do pushups ? This is impossible

Come on, what is the fun of being a girl if you don’t carry boys and prove your strength ? Don’t worry, lie one me with your full weight ! Sania says. Sagar lies on Sania and is surprised when Sania starts doing pushups carrying Sagar on her !

The kids are counting and Sania slowly does the pushups ..29..30 and Sania is the winner ! The kids shout and Aman is embarassed that Sania beat him even after carrying Sagar and doing the pushups 😰

All cheer Sania, Yeah ! Sania in gladness grabs Sagar with her single hand, pulls him towards her , lifts him up on her hip and screams in gladness.. who is the strongest here !

Sania carrying Sagar on her hip now and flexes her biceps , her well toned biceps are popping out from her sleeves . All the kids are amazed to see the tall and slim Sania flexiing her biceps while carrying a grown man on her hip . Hey Aman , hand me the keys of your bike ! Sania commands while still carrying Sagar on her hip. The kids are giggling

Aman hands the keys. Great we will scan that locality on Aman’s bike tomorrow morning ! Sania announces while still carrying Sagar on her hip. Tomorrow again ? Sagar asks looking at her while still sitting on her hip 😲

Of course, it will get dark soon now, and please come with me tomorrow, I will feel helpless and weak without you . Sania asks Sagar while still carrying him on her hip. 🥺 The kids are giggling

Sagar is unable to say no and agrees. Yay ! Sania screams in happiness and puts Sagar down . Looks like this tall girl likes to carry that plumpy guy always, the kids say. Come I will carry you piggyback all the way back to the gate ! Sania says

What ? Aman cries in dismay

To be continued…….

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