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Mr Whiskers – 1

by rickishi
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It is peak summmer time in the afternoon. Sagar is sitting inside his house watching tv. He is just lazing around enjoying vacations, drinking soft drinks, eating chips and cooling himself in the AC as his parents are outside. Suddenly the door bell rings

Who came to disturb me now ? Sagar things grumbling and opens the door . A slim girl with long hair wearing a long black skirt and a big hair band on her hair is looking at him with hope

Who are you ? Sagar asks lost looking into her big black eyes .

Hi, I am Sania, I live in the last house on this road ! She says pointing towards her house .

Ok , how can I help you ? Sagar asks , acting like he does now know her . But the fact is Sagar has been having a huge crush on her since younger days, but he never had the courage to talk to her nor even come near her ! All these years

Oh my god Sania is has grown so much taller now. She not only looks taller but also much more cute when near ! Sagar thinks to himself as he is fawning over her looks from inside , but showing himself as a very serious and composed person from outside

Can you help me please ? I am looking for an old stray cat whom I used to feed daily at my home, but he has not come at all from a few days ! Sania says choking with her big eyes almost in tears

He would never miss coming to my home daily. But now he is nowhere to be seen. I am really worried about him ! Sania says . Almost ready to cry

Ok, relax . I will help you , don’t cry like this ! Sagar says and invites her in. Sagar now realizes that Sania has grown taller than him and he is looking shorter than her ! Oh man, this is embarassing ! He thinks

Sagar takes a cola bottle from the fridge and asks her to sit on the sofa. Ok I get it, you were very attached to that cat, but I don’t own it, nor do I know where it lives, so how can I help you ? Sagar asks Sania looking above at her

Mr Whiskers, thats what I would always call the cat , Sania says and sits on the Sofa, Sagar now comes near her to give the cola for her to drink . Mr Whiskers was always there to support me whenever I was feeling lost and lonely ! Sania says

Sagar is giggling. Mr whiskers ? What a stupid name for a cat , he thinks. Don’t laugh at my cats name ! Sania says looking at Sagar giggling, Mr Whiskers has the thickest and longest moustache among all the cats . When comes purring and rubs his face on you, they prick you like Little needles, I miss him so much ! Sania says with teary eyes

He was a stray cat with no-one to care for him. But still he would show so much of affection and love to me, Sania says . Just a little food and care is enough for the animals to love you so much, they really are capable to pull you from depression 🥺

And now when he is in trouble, I am unable to do anything ! Sania cries and pulls Sagar onto her lap as he is standing in front of her . Sagar is shocked as he loses balance and falls into tall Sanias lap . Goodness ! What are you doing ?

Sania is so much in grief that she lifts up Sagar on her lap, hugs him tightly and starts crying loudly with tears in her eyes 😭 . Sagar is literally crushed by her long arms as he is helplessly lifted up on her lap 🥴

The soft drink bottle which Sagar is holding in his hand somehow does not fall . But he is now lifted up on the lap of the tall Sania who is sitting on the sofa crying and hugging Sagar with grief

Sagar looks below is and surprised how his legs are high up from the floor while sitting on the tall Sanias lap . Oh my god ! I might be looking like a little kid lifted up on the lap of a slim but tall girl ! That too in my own house and on my own sofa !

My parents will get a heart attack if they see my like this ! Sagar thinks . Sania is crying hard hugging him with tears in her eyes , she is tightening her hug in sorrow and Sagar is feeling more pain now .

This strong girl will crush me like a tomato on her lap if this goes on like this, I must think of something to console her. If she is so strong when she is sad, Imagine how strong she will be when she is happy, or angry ? Sagar thinks in fear 😰

Here , listen to me ! Sagar says and places the cola bottle in front of her , don’t cry like this, specially with me lifted on your lap like this . Please drink the cola and console yourself, I promise that I will help you find Mr whiskers. Monty says

Will your really help me ? Sania replies in happiness. Oh thank you ! Sania says and hugs Sagar more tightly as he is still sitting on her lap. Sagars eyes almost pop out as he is crushed more tightly inside her arms now 😑

But I still don’t know how I can help you to find Mr Whiskers ? Sagar asks while looking up at Sania who is drinking the cola .

Wiping her eyes with tissues , Sania is now feeling better. I have seen Mr Whiskers lying on the terrace of your house every morning, before he comes to my house for milk and biscuits, Sania says . I am hoping that we might find him there , can you take me there ? Sania asks coming close to Sagar 🥺

Sagar is feeling nervous as Sania is towering over him and looking below , he is feeling her breath as he looks up and his heart is beating really fast as he is very close to her . Of course, let me get the terrace door keys , Sagar replies stammering in nervousness 😐

Sagar and Sania now climb up the terrace when Sagar remembers that the passage to terrace door is blocked by a metal drum and unused old furniture and scrap material. The metal drum is not very wide and can be lifted up with difficulty by a person if empty

But the drum is filled to the brim with heavy scrap metal items . I hope this Sania will cancel her plans to look for that stupid cat, when she finds out that the way is blocked by that heavy metal drum and old furniture ! Sagar thinks

Sania climbs up to the passage and is surprised to see so many things blocking her way to the terrace door. What is this old drum doing here ? Sania asks Sagar. These are old items we have kept on the passage to terrace, since we rarely go there . Sagar says

You better cancel your plans, this drum is so heavy, me and my father were able to move it here with a lot of difficulty. It is impossible to move it by two of us ! Sagar says , I can’t leave my cat because of some heavy drum on the way, Let’s move it ! Sania says and comes near the drum looking around how to move it

As I said , it is impossible to move by it by just two of us you know. Sagar says when he hears Sania grunting, he looks towards her and is shocked to see her lifting up the heavy metal drum All by herself ! Sagars mouth is open wide with disbelief ! 😳

Wrapping the drum around with her long arms , Sania has lifted up the old heavy drum from the front, the top which Saina has worn has moved up and her rock hard abs is also visible to Sagar. Goodness ! She is much stronger than she looks ! Sagar thinks. And look at her rock hard abs, does she do heavy workout ?

Breathing heavily and with a grunt Sania carries the heavy drum herself and walks a few steps . Sagar moves away from her fearing that she might drop the drum on his feet. Sania moves the drum out of the way, she drops the drum back to the floor with a heavy thud and it echoes around the house !

You were right, the drum is heavy ! Sania says breathing heavily. What are you made of ? Sagar shrieks in disbelief ! Me and my dad struggled like anything to bring that drum here and you alone lifted it up and moved it aside , he says 😨

Yeah , I am quite strong you know ! Sania says feeling shy . but there is no need to make that a big issue, most girls are stronger than boys , ok ? Sania says

Sagar is still looking in disbelief . Hey how about this old bed ? This is still on the way Sania says and lifts up the heavy bed on one side .

Sagar is looking with an open mouth with further shock. That old bed is a heavy solid teakwood furniture ! You lifted it up on the side like a cardboard box ! Sagar shrieks 😱

Why ? Was I supposed to struggle while lifting it ? Sania asks holding that heavy bed still from the side . Enough of wasting time ! Sania says and places it a little on the side making enough way to pass through.

Sagar now takes out the keys to the terrace door and inserts it in the big and old rusty lock. The lock has rusted and is not opening. Sagar is using all his strength to turn the key and make the big old lock open

Ouch ! Sagar cries as is his wrist gets sprained as he turns it too hard to open the lock . Don’t try too hard ! Sania says and grabs Sagars hand to examine. Sagars heart misses a beat as the taller Sania comes close , towering over him

No girl has ever held my hand like this ! Sagar thinks as he feels the warmth of Sanias hand , he looks down and realises that’s Sanias hands are way bigger and his palms look like it belongs to a kid when held by Sanias bigger hands !

Is it hurting too much ? Sania asks looking down at Sagar with concern. Not much, Sagar replies lost in her big eyes . Come , Let my try it . Sania says and with a groan manages to open the rusty lock with a loud click ! Sagar is now sure that Sania is not only taller but much stronger than him 😲

Sagar now opens the terrace door with the tall Sania searching for the cat behind him looking over his head . Sagar and Sonia now walk into the hot terrace which is heated up like a pan due to the hot afternoon sun . Sagar shrieks in pain and steps back

I cannot walk on this hot terrace with bare feet ! Sagar says holding his feet. I am not wearing My shoes and my feet will burn ! He says .

Not a problem at all, I am wearing shoes and can walk on the roof without any problem. Sonia says. Good, then you have a look around and come back, I will be waiting here , you will have to climb those stairs to reach the top most level of the terrace ! Sagar says pointing to another big stretch of stairs

You must be joking ! How can you let a girl alone on the top of a terrace, that too on some other person’s house , right in the middle of a hot afternoon ? She asks . No sir ! You are coming with me , Sania says 😏

Sania stomps her feet and stands in front of the scared sagar towering over him looking down at him with an expression of domination. Sagars throat starts feeling dry. Did you not hear what I said ? My feet will burn on the hot terrace floor ! Sagar protests looking up at Sania

But that problem is solved right ? Sania replies with a smile . I am wearing shoes, so I can walk on the terrace, she says.

But how will I come with you ? My feet will burn on the hot roof ! Sagar says .

How will it burn ? I will be carrying you na ! Sonia says casually

Sagar cannot believe his ears ! This slim slender looking girl is planning to carry me ? Is she in her senses ? Sagar thinks . 😳

I did not know that you have a good sense of humour ! 😃 Sagar laughs.

Don’t laugh, I am serious ! Sania says looking down at him in anger , when it comes to my cat. I can carry any man for any amount of time ! Sania announces 😠

Sagar gets a little intimidated as Sania towering over him looks at him with an imposing stance . I can’t believe that the girl who was my crush since so many years is now commanding and dominating over me ! Sagar thinks

Sania now steps into the sun wearing her shoes . The sun is quite hot today ! She remarks and looks at Sagar who is still inside the door .

Sagar is lost looking at bright and soft skin of Sania glowing in the sun, her silky long hair looks like a smooth stream of water running down her shoulders

Come na , Sania says and stretches out her long hands towards him, come close so that I can lift you up on my hip ! Sania says

Don’t feel shy, I will assure you that no girl will drop a boy abruptly if she lifts him up you know , specially when carrying him on her hip. so don’t feel scared, you can trust me ! Sania says asking him to come close 😊

How can you carry an unknown man just like that on your hip ? Are you not embarrassed to do that ? And how can you bear all my weight on your slim body ? Sagar asks . Come on ! What is the use of being a girl with slim hips if she cannot carry a boy on it ? It is too easy for us , don’t worry ! Sania says 😊

Ok, she is taller than me, but she is slim and slender, how can she find the strength to carry a plumpy guy like me ?

Sagar notices that despite Sania being tall and her waist and hip being slender , she still has a perfect figure and has enough curve on her hip to seat a grown man comfortably. Sagar is unsure and comes close to her , still unknown to what Sania will do next 🤔

Sania with a smile comes close to him and bends down, Sagars heart is beating fast , Sania wraps her arms around his butt from the side, lifts him up and places him on her hip . holding Sagar tightly on her hip, she stands up carrying his full weight on her

Sagar is now lifted up on Sanias hip while she is standing comfortably carrying him in a hip lift !

Sagar is under disbelief as he realises that he is now sitting on Sanias slender hip ! I can’t believe this ! Sagar shrieks 😲

How can the slim and slender hip of Sania carry the full weight of a plumpy and heavy guy like me ? Sagar thinks , and look at her still smiling with me lifted up on her hip ! He thinks. Sania is now looking at Sagar while carrying him on her hip and standing on the terrace

Are you comfortable sitting on my hip ? Sania asks . Sagar is feeling a little hard below as he is feels soft and warm lifted on the slender hip of Sania . Sania now still carrying Sagar on her hip, hugs him a little more tightly and his face comes close to Sania’s 😧

Sagars heart is beating fast and he also starts feeling tight inside the crotch when Sania still carrying him on her hip looks up at him. Shall we start searching for MR whiskers ? She asks

Yes , Sagar replies nervously. 😥

Sania starts walking on the lower part of the terrace calling out Mr whiskers . Where are you dear Whiskers ? Please moeow ! She says and starts walking around the terrace carrying Sagar on her hip like a kid . Sagar can’t believe Sanias strength !

Sania carrying Sagar on her hip now leans over the terrace and bends on a window sill to see whether the cat is there. Sagar on hip of the tall Sania is terrified as she is leaning from the edge of the terrace and he is literally hanging on her hip as she has bent towards the edge 😰

Oh my god . Please don’t drop me ! Sagar cries and hugs her by wrapping his arms around her shoulder tightly . Sania also loses balance by his sudden movement and she almost falls from the edge of the terrace 😰. Using her strength, she pulls away Sagar using her waist

Oh my god ! We both would have fallen down from the terrace ! Sania shrieks to Sagar and hugs him more tightly with him still lifted on her hip 😵‍💫. I should be more careful when I am carrying a boy on my hip ! She thinks

Sagar is again crushed inside her strong arms while he is still lifted up on her hip helplessly 😫. If I had slipped away from her hip, I would have fallen to my death ! Sagar thinks in fear 😥

Sania is now catching breath with Sagar who is still lifted on her hip and both are recovering from the shock . Sania is breathing heavily still with Sagar carried by her on her hip , still on the terrace 😮‍💨

The strong sunlight is beginning to make them tired . Can we go inside now ? Mr whiskers is not here ! Sagar says . What ? But you said there is a higher part of the terrace too ! Sania says pointing to the long flight of stairs with Sagar held on her hip with her other hand

What ? Impossible ! I demand you put me down from your hips right now ! Sagar demands 😠. I cannot go there lifted up and carried by a girl , specially on her hip ! Sagar says

What is wrong if I carry you there ? Sania asks 😲. I have already carried you since a long time, I can carry you in some other way, if your are not feeling comfortable ! Sania says . But please help me find my Mr Whiskers 🥺 Sania says

Sagar still carried by Sania on her hip, feels sorry looking at her teary big eyes as she is looking at him with hope , and his heart melts 🥹. It is not like that, I am actually very comfortable sitting on your hip and I am sure you are strong enough to carry me for any amount of time . Sagar says

Then what’s the problem ? Sania asks .Arey can’t you understand ? The upper terrace is visible to almost the whole area. If any of the area aunties spot me like this being carried by a young tall girl, specially on her hips. It will become the gossip of century ! Sagar says 😰

Ok ok. I understand, if people start gossiping that Sania had lifted up Sagar on her hip and roaming on his terrace, we will be doomed ! Sania says and puts him down . Sagars feet now burns again . He runs back into the door inside the shade

I can’t leave MR whiskers just like that. Just because the roof was hot, he has not come to our house from a week. I cannot stay in peace untill I find him ! Sania says . 🥺

Well who is stopping you ? Sagar says peeking from the door inside the shade, you can anyway climb the stairs and look around on the upper terrace, is there any rule that you should carry the owner of the house on your hip and search for your cat on the terrace ? Sagar asks 😒

Aah. You will not understand, 4 eyes are better than 2 ! Sania replies . I want you to be with me when I will search for Mr whiskers, specially in an unknown place . Why don’t you go back downstairs and get your shoes ? Sania asks .🤨

Actually the dogs on the street have Bitten off my shoes, and I don’t have another pair of shoes 😐 . Sagar replies. Sania starts giggling, that’s why cats are better than dogs ! She replies 🤭

I find both annoying, Sagar frowns. 🙄 Sania looks at him with displeasure, Animals are better than humans in everything, and they deserve our love ! Sania says and looks towards the staircase

Hey ! The staircase has a tall grill on the side and it completely covers the person who is climbing the stairs while bending down ! Sania says in excitement 😃

Sagar starts getting a feeling that time of getting lifted up by Sania is not over yet. Ok , so what are you thinking ? Sagar asks in suspicion 🤨

I can climb up the stairs without being seen you know, Sania says with a smile 😏. I will bend down on my knees and Crawl over the steps and climb up ! She says . On my all fours

Fine, so how can I come with you then ? Specially without keeping my feet on the hot floor ? It is impossible without being seen . 😁 Sagar replies

It is possible, I will Crawl on the steps to the top carrying you in a pony ride ! Sania announces. What ? Lifted up by a tall and hot girl on her hip itself was too much to handle, now she will carry me in a pony ride ? Sagar thinks, his crotch is already feeling tight

You have worn a skirt, will your knees not get bruised ? Sagar asks . I have come prepared for that, see .. Sania says and lifts up her skirt a little, she has worn knee protection bands on her legs . This girl thinks way ahead ! Sagar thinks looking that the knee protection bands seems really tough

Sagar is still inside the door with this legs a little wide open and thinking, when Sania shouts. Stay how you are standing now . Don’t move ! She commands. Why, What happened ? Sagar asks surprised 😳

Sania comes in front of him and squats down. What is this crazy tall girl doing ? Sagar thinks on confusion when Sania turns her back and crawls between his legs . Hold on to my shoulder ! Sania says and stands up lifting Sagars full weight on her back

Lifted up in a piggyback by the tall Sania, Sagars head hits the top of the door frame . My head ! Sagar shrieks when Sania moves front bending down , feeling guilty of hurting Sagar because of her antics

I am so sorry ! Sania says carrying Sagar on piggyback and looking up. Sagar rubs his head and as the pain subsides, he realises that Sania has been carrying him in piggyback all this time !

Are you crazy? You are carrying an adult male on a piggyback in full public view ? Right on top of my house ! Sagar says . Come on ! Sania laughs and bounces him up once and makes him sit properly on her back . You said that Nobody can see us here yet, right ?

Yeah, but I am feeling very uncomfortable lifted up piggyback by a girl ! Sagar says and hugs her tightly from behind. But I am very much comfortable carrying boys piggyback you know ! Sania says , It is my favourite pass time 😏

What do you mean ? Sagar asks surprised, still lifted up in piggyback by Sania . I carry my elder brother and all my cousins when they visit us in holidays you know, if there is a competition to piggyback boys, I will win easily you know ? Sania smiles 😁

You mean to say , you are not at all feeling difficult to carry my full weight like this ? Sagar asks in surprise. Difficult? You are one of the lightest boys I have ever carried ! Sania laughs and lifts up one leg , carrying Sagar and her full weight on one leg only now

Sagar is is disbelief ! Here I am struggling to lose weight and this tall girl is carrying me on one leg and is also laughing ! He thinks . Enough now we need to find Mr Whiskers now ! Sania says

Good, so will you bend down and carry me on all fours right ? Sagar asks as Sania again bounces him up and locks her arms around his legs , seating him more comfortably on her piggyback. I have better idea ! Saina says taking a deep breath 😊

Better idea ? I don’t want to be seen lifted up piggyback by a a girl by anyone ! Did you forget ? Sagar asks . Don’t worry, nobody will see you, because it will be too fast ! Sania says lifting up her ankles . Hold on to me tightly, she says

Before Sagar could react , Sania in a single breath runs upstairs on the grilled staircase, carrying Sagar piggyback. She does not stop at any place and within a few seconds, she sprints upstairs carrying the full weight of her and Sagar in a piggyback

Sania climbs up and stops under a shade on the top most part of the terrace breathing heavily. Sagar is speechless as he is still lifted up by her piggyback ! Unable to believe the strength of Sania !

Sania puts Sagar down on the shady patch on terrace and recovers from the sudden sprint . Suddenly a slight meow sound is heard . Mr whiskers ! Sania shouts in happiness, but there is no cat visible.

Sagar is still standing on the shady patch on the top most part of the terrace as Sania is hearing carefully to find out from where the low meows are coming . Despite the sharp sunlight, she is running around the terrace frantically searching for the cat 😯

Sania hears the meows of the cat from the top of a tall platform over which the water tank is placed . The meows are coming from near the water tank ! Sania shouts jumping as high as possible. But the platform on which the water tank is placed , is almost 8 foot high.

Yes the the meows are coming from up there , I need help Sagar ! Sania says and looks towards Sagar who is still standing on the shady patch on terrace. Sagar is standing barefoot on the shade and looking at his mobile. Sania stomps her foot and stands in front of him, towering over him

Sagar looks up at tall Sania from his mobile and is a little nervous, as she is looking below at him in anger . How can you let a girl search her cat all alone on the top of your terrace ? That too in this harsh sunlight ? Sania asks 🤨

What do you want me to do ? I am on barefoot and I can’t walk on this hot terrace ! Sagar says . Looking up towards her . Ha, that’s not a problem, I will carry you again ! Sania says and bends down . Sagar tried to break free, But the tall and strong Sania easily scoops him up into a cradle

Lifted up into a high cradle by the tall Sania, that too on his own house terrace. Sagar is not happy. Are you crazy ? You said you will not carry me in this location because almost the whole area can see us here . How can you break your promise ? Sagar shrieks in despair

Sania suddenly becomes silent while still carrying Sagar in cradle . Don’t shout , I think we are being watched ! She says in worry 😲 . Oh no ! Sagar says and hugs her tightly while still lifted up in her arms . My reputation will be ruined now !

A man is looking at them hiding behind the terrace in neighbouring house, he now stands up realising that both of them know that he is watching them . Well well , look what we have here ! the favourite crush of the boys is standing on the terrace carrying the wierdo of the locality , on her arms ! This is propestorous ! He says 😒

Oh no ! that’s Aman, our area bully ! Sania shrieks while still carrying Sagar in cradle. Of all the people in this area, we had to seen by this jerk ? Why God why ? Sagar cries

Shut up you wimp ! A man thunders and jumps into the terrace. I have been having my eyes on this sexy Sania since long , but here you befriended her so well that she is roaming around carrying you on the terrace of your house. And that too in such a short span of time. This is unbelievable ! Aman says and walks towards Sania 😏

Sania is way more beautiful and tall for an average guy like Sagar, look how she is easily carrying him like a kid ! What a wimp he is ! Aman laughs and scans Sania from toe to head . Sania puts Sagar down in anger and Sagar immediately runs towards the shade

Look Aman, I never liked your attitude, and I have no time to argue with a bully like you ! Sania thunders in anger . And instead of helping a cat in distress, you are ogling at girls like me ! How senseless can you be ! Sania says in anger

Relax, Come with me, I will treat you like my own little pussycat. You can hit with me with your little paws and cuddle up on my lap when you are tired ! Aman laughs . Sagar is surprised how Aman is talking to Sania like that without any respect or consideration 😠

Sania is getting angry now. Why you . If you can’t help us then just leave us alone and don’t bother us ! Sania says stomping her feet . Wow ! You look more cute when angry ! Aman replies in lust looking at her dress. Now I want to have a good time with you ! Aman says and comes close to her

Sania loses her cool and gives a loud slap on Aman’s cheek. The slap echoes around the whole terrace, Aman loses balance and falls down by the impact. Sagar is scared realising how strong and violent Sania can become !

Oh my god ! Sania treated me so gently and even carried me around with care, but she is really strong and aggressive when angry ! Sagar thinks . Amans head is spinning by the impact of her slap and sits on terrace, his hands start burning on the hot surface and he shrieks in pain

Ha, you can’t stand even a slap from me, imagine what will happen if I punch you ? Sania asks looking down at Aman . Aman is furious ! How dare you slap me like that ? I will not let any girl disrespect me like that ! Aman says in anger and punches hard on her stomach.

Oh my god ! This is escalating into a very serious situation ! Aman realises and starts recording with his cell phone . The faint meowing voices start again and Sania gets distracted by it . Aman takes the chance and punches her on her stomach again repeatedly and then tries to punch on her face

Sania distracted by the cats meows dodges the punch by Aman on the face. She bends down and punches back at his stomach. Aman is literally paralyzed by her single punch on his stomach, he realises that he is finding it difficult to breath . Sagar recording all this is horrified ! This tall Sania looks slim and delicate, but her punches are really powerful

Mr Whiskers ! Sania shouts and totally abandons the fight she was having with Aman . Looking around, Aman recovers from the punch Sania had given to his stomach and slowly stands straight. He barges towards Sania like a football player and punches her against the wall of the platform on which the water tank is placed. Sania is overwhelmed by his sudden attack

Being hit against the wall , Sania is in pain. Annoyed that Aman is disturbing her search for Mr Whiskers, She slams her elbow into Aman’s back . Aman gasps in pain when Sania kick his belly with her knees , Aman is literally motionless now due to her heavy blows and falls down in pain

Sania now grabs Aman who is on the terrace floor and pulls him up, she lifts him up into a firemans lift carrying his full weight on her shoulders. Sagar is capturing all this on his cell phone and is shocked to see the tall Sanias raw power and strength 😰

Sania now grabs Aman who is lying on the floor in a choke hold, Aman starts crying in pain now . Sagar is shocked at how strong Sania really is and starts fearing her 😨, while still taking video

Please leave me. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please stop ! Aman begs to Sania. Sania is pleased that Aman is finally overpowered by her , that’s like a good boy ! She smiles and loosens her hold on him 😊

Now that it is proven that I am the alpha female here, all will obey my commands. Sania announces . No ! Aman protests, just because you hit a few lucky punches does not mean you are the strongest. I am the real man here, not like this wimp Sagar. I am the alpha ! Aman says 😠

Why don’t you prove it ? Sania says and brings two metal buckets and a rod lying on the corner of the terrace . She fills both the metal buckets with heavy concrete bricks, and hangs it on both the sides of the rod. Let’s see who can squat the maximum carrying this like weights ! Sania announces

Sagar tries to lift the rod with both the heavy buckets hanging and somehow manages to carry it only for a few seconds. Aman squats a few times and collapses . Oh my god, these buckets are almost my weight ! Aman thinks . 😥

That’s it ? Sania asks looking at Aman. You are weaker than I thought, Anyways it’s My turn, she says . Sania starts squating with the rod and heavy buckets hanging to it . Sanias legs looks rock solid and her thighs and calves look super muscular through the skirt as she is squatting 😲

Sagar and Aman are looking at her terrified as she squats more than 20 times her shoulders and abs are also getting more and more toned as she continues the squats . Sania now with a jerk lifts up the weights from her shoulders and onto her arms into a overhead lift . Aman moves back in fear looking at strong but slim Sania lifting overhead, the weight which is almost equal to his ! 😨

Sanias shoulders and biceps are looking toned and hard as she is standing on the terrace carrying the heavy weight over head . Who is the alpha female now you loser ? Sania aska Aman. I better not challenge her anymore ! Aman thinks

The meowing is heard again and Sania drops the rod with buckets . Look ! Between you both, I forgot completely about Mr Whiskers ! Sania despairs 😧

Both of you , climb on that platform immediately ! Sania commands . We will climb immediately once we find a ladder ! Sagar says. There is no time ! Sania replies , look how hot it is and the sunlight is so sharp, the poor cat will get dehydrated ! Sania says 😰

Wait a minute, All this circus is happening for some stupid cat ? Aman asks. Enough wasting time ! Sania says looking up at the platform. Sagar , sit on my shoulder ! Sania says . Sagar can’t believe what he is hearing, why should I sit on your shoulders ? Sagar asks 🤨

A girl will ask a guy to sit on her shoulders, only if she trusts him ! I will carry you on my shoulder so that you will climb on that ladder and help Mr Whiskers ! Sania says . Now hurry up, sit on my shoulders. Sania says and bends down .

If I can lift up and slam and heavy guy like Aman, then I can surely carry you right ? I have already carried you on my lap, hip and on arms too. Why are you worried ? Sania asks. Besides you have no other option than to obey the Alpha female ! Sania says 😠

Sagar does as Sania says and soon , Sania is carrying Sagar on a shoulder sit . Aman is looking at Sania in surprise as Sagar is no light guy. Sitting on Sanias shoulder Sagar looks over the platform. That is not Mr Whiskers, they are kittens ! Sagar says and 3 of them ! He says. And also there is a black mamma cat 🥺

Oh my god , Kittens and a mother cat ? we should rescue them immediately ! Sania says . Keep sitting on my shoulders Sagar ! Sania says and squats down back again with Sagar also coming down as he is sitting on her shoulder . Why did you put me down, I would have picked those kittens and given it to you ! Sagar says

Aww.. you are concerned about those kittens too ? Sania asks looking into Sagars eyes 🥹. I thought two people will be more helpful on the platform. Hey Aman come here ! Sania commands. Aman has no other option but to listen to her

Sit on my other shoulder. Sania says , I will lift you up both together ! Sania says . Impossible ! Aman laughs, I agree you are strong enough to overpower one guy, but carrying two fully grown men together ? That’s impossible ! 🧐

Aman and Sagar are now facing each other in surprise, realising that they are now sitting up on the shoulders of a single girl 😐.

Sania has lifted up both of them together, each sitting on her single shoulder. Sagar and Aman now climb up the platform. Soon Aman and Sagar come with orange color kittens and hand it over to Sania. Sania is pleased !

Come my little babies ! Sania says holding all the 3 kittens. Sagar brings a basket with a towel so that the kittens can be placed safely inside that, soon all the three kittens and Mamma cat are comfortably lying in the basket , Sagar get them milk and bread

Sania is happy and lifts up Sagar into a front lift . I am so happy ! Sania says looking up at Sagar whom she has lifted up , I did now know you were nice to animals too ! Sania says while still carrying Sagar from the front

Thanks to you, I rescued Mr Whiskers kids ! She says . But How can you say that the kittens are Mr Whiskers kids ? Sagar asks Sania. All the kittens are orange colored , and they all have thick whiskers, don’t you see ? Sania says looking at those kittens with love 🥺

Yeah, these are kittens of that female black mamma cat which steals the milk packets kept in front of my home every morning ! Aman says angrily. Then Mr Whiskers must be that orange cat with big moustache which is usually roaming around with that black cat ! Aman says 😾

So you have seen Mr Whiskers ? Do you know where he is ? Sania asks Aman with a spark in her eyes . Yes, he usually comes from that old park down the street to this platform daily. Aman says . But I have not seen it from a week, Aman says fearfully as Sania is looking at him with a sharp gaze 🤨

Oh ! Then we must search that park today ! Sania says . Who knows Mr Whiskers is lying in that park all alone , helpless, Sania says. Sure , I will also come , wait till I get my motorbike, then we can go together to search the cat . Aman says looking at Sania in lust.

Are you crazy ? Sagar whispers to Sania , why do you want that pervert Aman with you ? Come on, he seems to know that old park well, besides 6 eyes are better than 4 right ? To search Mr Whiskers. Sania says. But we cannot trust a man like Aman ! Sagar replies

Come on. You have already seen how easily I can overpower him. There is nothing he can do against my strength. Sania says and flexes her bicep. Sagar feels her biceps and is shocked to see that they are rock hard !

To be continued..

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