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man of the house part 2

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Ayesha carrying Sameer on her shoulders and walking notices the car and is relieved to find some help at last , what is wrong with your phone bhabhi ? Ayesha asks , it is always out of network these days . Reshma comes out of the car and comes near Ayesha who is still carrying Sameer on her shoulder. How come Sameer is with you ? And oh my god he is bleeding ! Let’s take him to the clinic first , Reshma says Reshma notices her husband’s bike fallen on the ground. You place Sameer bhaiyya inside car and drive it to that clinic near our home , I will bring the bike , Reshma says to Ayesha who now carries Sameer and puts him in the rear seat of the car , as Ayesha starts the car and begins to drive , Sameer regains a little conciousness and watches in surprise from the back window of his car , Reshma easily lifts the heavy bike from the ground and starts riding it while following Ayesha who is driving the car now .
Sameer can’t believe how the ladies in the house are managing problems using their strength. Soon they reach clinic , and Ayesha gets out of the car and helps Sameer stand on his feet by supporting him. Reshma comes in driving the bike and parks it . The small clinic has very less staff and even the nurse is on leave . Ayesha you go and bring a stretcher . I will take care of bhaiyya , Reshma says . Ayesha runs inside the clinic . Sameer is in a semiconcious state and is shocked to see that his shirt is now heavily stained with his own blood . Oh my god ! I have lost so much blood ! He shrieks . Don’t panic bhaiyya Reshma says , worried herself . We cannot waste more time she says She stands in front of Sameer with her back towards him , come bhaiyya , sit on my back into a piggyback she says. I will take you to the doctor she says, before Sameer could realize she grabs both his hands and places it around her neck, she then bends forwards lifting Sameer onto her back and with a bounce seats him into a piggyback ! Sameer can’t believe his little sister is now lifting him up into a piggyback now ! And before he could say anything , Reshma starts walking briskly towards the doctor carrying Sameer piggyback.
The first aid is now over and Sameer is now resting on the clinic bed . I cannot believe you carried me so easily Reshma ! Sameer says . Arey what is great in that ? I have carried you so many times before I got married and moved to my husband house Reshma says . What ? Don’t lie , I would never let you carry me Sameer laughs . Oh come on bhaiyya , Reshma says , you remember ? Many times you would fall asleep watching TV , or while reading in the study room . How do you think you would reach your bed ? What ? But I thought I would have walked half asleep myself and reached bed , but yes I never remember it . Of course you don’t remember bhaiyya because I would carry you to your bed ! Reshma says .
Sameer can’t believe what is she saying ! Don’t lie , he says . Can’t I not feel if anybody is carrying me when asleep ? Sameer says . You would sleep so tightly bhaiyya that it was almost impossible to wake you up , and you would be so deep in sleep even when I would pick you up into my arms and carried you cradle into the room ! but yes , I really enjoyed those days . I felt complete as a girl and a younger sister , taking care of her elder brother and carrying him when asleep . It is after so many days that I got another opportunity to carry my elder brother , Reshma says fondly Ayesha comes in with medicines and food , the doctor then says that Sameer needs to be in observation till evening and asks them to let him rest . Ayesha and Reshma then come outside the clinic .
Thanks for protecting and looking out for my brother , Reshma thanks Ayesha . But how did this happen ? Why was Sameer with you ? Reshma asks . Actually bhabhi … Ayesha replies nervously , I was teaching Sameer to drive bhaiyyas motorcycle. What ? Reshma asks in surprise. I know Sameer can’t ride a bike , he was never able to learn even in college , but you could have given your scooter na. reshma says . Actually bhabhi , I never mentioned that I have a scooter to Sameer , Reshma is further shocked . But why ? Actually I wanted to spend some time with him closely , and teaching him bike would be a good opportunity, I felt , Ayesha says .
Reshma is shocked and elated , oh my god . You like Sameer ? I thought he was not your type she says . What do you mean he is not my type ? Ayesha asks . I mean he is weak , can’t drive bike and also he is too nice and decent to impress girls . All my friends felt he was a nerd and unmanly Reshma says . So what bhabhi ? I am strong , can drive bike and I really love his personality, whatever shortcomings he has. I will compensate for it Ayesha says . I will care and protect him forever , please propose marriage with him for me na , bhabhi. Please .. Ayesha pleads
Soon it is late in evening and Reshma drives back to home with Sameer sitting behind , Ayesha reaches the house driving bike and opens the gate for Reshma to park the car inside . As Sameer gets out of the car , benzo the dog comes near Sameer growling , Sameer is scared but cannot run , Reshma comes near Sameer and shouts at benzo to leave , but benzo is still nearing Sameer growling and Sameer is panicking . Reshma then protectively comes behind Sameer and lifts him up into a cradle. Sameer is surprised that he is being carried by his little sister again ! Ayesha ties up benzo . Oh bhabhi , this is so cute ! This is how you would carry Sameer when he was asleep na ? She asks. Reshma now steps into the house carrying Sameer into cradle .
Just then a noise is heard on the terrace of the house Ayesha runs upstairs and Reshma follows with Sameer walking behind her , As ayesha opens the terrace door , she notices a man pulling the clothes kept to dry . Bhabhi , I think I caught the thieves who steal clothes kept for drying in our area ! Arey Ayesha you be careful, the thieves could be dangerous Reshma says , Ayesha runs behind the man and grabs him from behind and lifts him up, the man’s struggles violently and manages to free himself , but Ayesha grabs him again and easily bends down and lifts him up into a fireman’s lift ! Sameer and Reshma are absolutely stunned at the strength of Ayesha as she is standing solidly , lifting up a much heavier man on her shoulders, just then another bearded and burly man comes in .
What is happening here ? He shouts Oh my god , this man must be his partner , Sameer you take care .. Reshma says and before the man could do anything, she punches him hard on the stomach , the man groans in pain and bends down , and before he could realize, Reshma also bends down and lifts him up into a fireman’s lift with a little effort . Sameer can’t believe what he is seeing ! His little sister has beaten and carried up a much heavier man on her shoulders, and on the other side , the slim Ayesha is also standing solidly carrying a heavy guy on her shoulders. Both the heavy men carried on the shoulders of the girls are struggling hard but unable to get free .
The bearded heavy guy lifted up on shoulders of Reshma them folds his hands. Madam , don’t you recognise me ? We are not thieves ! He says All thieves say the same when caught , Sameer call the cops Reshma says , Sameer tries calling , but the network is not reachable, never mind , we shall carry them into station ourself Ayesha says with the heavy guy still struggling on her shoulders The heavy guy carried on Reshmas shoulders folds his hands again , madam . I am Babu , your local cable fellow , we received complaints from neighbor’s and came to check , the cable on top of your house was cut , I tried calling you but your phone was not reachable and below your dog benzo was there , so we climbed up from the side and were locating the cable which was passing through the clothes you had put to dry he says .
Sameer switches on the mobile phone torch and throws the light on his face , Ayesha looks at his face and recognizes him . Are this is really Babu bhaiyya Ayesha says . Reshma puts him down and apologises . Oh and please put down chotu , my new assistant, Ayesha madam , Babu pleads . Oh sorry, Ayesha says and puts chotu down from her shoulders I am really thankful madam, Babu says to Ayesha . Arey Babu bhaiyya, I am actually sorry, I would have called police thinking you were thieves Reshma says . Forget the cops I was really scared that you both strong girls would have carried us and thrown off the terrace Babu says nervously .. all laugh Soon it is night and they have finished dinner , A sound near the gate is heard and Reshma opens the door and goes near the gate with a torch , Sameer comes out from his room and comes near the door , Ayesha stands behind him. switch on the light na , Ayesha says to Sameer .
Reshma points the torch and notices a man standing on the compound outside , oh it is you ! Why are you coming like this , Reshma asks . What shall I do ? Your phone was not reachable the man says struggling to balance Be careful you will lose balance ! Reshma says and runs towards the man who is almost falling How come benzo is quiet ? Sameer thinks and switches on the outside light , he then notices benzo coming just below him growling, oh my god this stupid dog is coming at me instead of checking who is at the gate ! Help he screams and jumps into Ayesha , strong Ayesha catches him into a cradle , keep quiet benzo she shouts . Ayesha now carrying Sameer on her arms into cradle watches in shock at Reshma who is now carrying her own husband into a cradle ! Oh my god ! Why are you carrying my elder brother on your arms ! Both shout together ..
The end

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