It is midnight and starts raining slowly when an auto comes in front of a house. A young tall man pays the money to the auto driver and comes out with his luggage. He then notices that the gate of the house is locked
Damn it ! He thinks to himself , looks like Reshma forgot to keep the gates open, she was always forgetful like this , and now It has started raining , I will catch a cold if I stay out . He thinks
Just then he notices that he can jump inside climbing the compound , Maybe I will jump inside the compound and directly knock the door . Maybe like this , I can avoid waking up the neighbors he thinks . He takes his bag and slowly climbs on to the compound . He looks to jump to the other side when he notices that it is totally dark and can’t see the floor to jump into
He takes out his mobile and calls Reshmas number. this number is not reachable…he gets a voice message
The guy is unable to recognise the girl as she is in dark . Arey it is you ! She says , why are getting in climbing from the compound ? She asks . Arey Reshma has locked the gates no , he says . Still looking at the dog scared , as it is growling at him
Just then a dog comes in growling and barking at him and the man is terrified ! Shit , now what to do ? And what if the people here mistake me for a burglar ? The people will thrash me up ! He thinks , Benzo quiet ! a girl says and comes from inside the home towards him
The girl is unable to make Benzo quiet and it starts raining heavier now , unable to find any other way, she stretches her arms towards him . Come climb down onto my arms she says
Oh sorry about that, why are you waiting now ? Jump down no , the girl says . If you stay like this, the whole neighborhood will wake up !
Arey , how can i jump down ? The floor is dark and also your dog is ready to bite me ! He says still sitting on the compound wall .
The guy can’t believe what she is saying ! The girl then comes closer to him, don’t waste time ! She says and stretches her arms and grabs his knees in one arm from below and she pushes another arm below his back
Are you crazy ? The guy asks , how can you carry me like a kid ! He says , arey dont waste more time the girl says and pulls him from the top of the compound into her . The guy closes his eyes expecting to fall down now
He opens his eyes and is shocked to see that girl is carrying him on her arms into a cradle now ! Oh my god , how can you carry a guy like me ? He asks in shock . Just then the dog comes in to bite him
The lights suddenly turn on and Reshma opens the door. The sight near the gates shocks her ! Ayesha , little sister of her husband. is carrying Her elder brother Sameer in a cradle ! And that too she is standing in one leg while trying to shoo away their dog Benzo !
The guy shrieks in fright , Benzo ! move away the girl says , still carrying him on her arms and tries to shoo away the dog with one leg
Sameer still cradled on the arms of ayesha gets angry . What is wrong with you little sister ! Sameer exclaims still carried cradle by Ayesha , can’t you help your elder brother and sister in law ?
Reshma starts laughing at the door when, Oh my god ! never had I Imagined even in my dreams, that I will see my elder brother carried on the arms of my husband’s little sister , that too standing on one leg !
Arey , since i am already carrying you. I will put you down inside the house itself where it is dry she says and starts walking towards the door . Sameer is shocked at Ayesha’s strength and how comfortable she is walking while carrying him
Sorry bhaiyya , Reshma says and ties up Benzo , Sameer is relieved now when he realizes that Ayesha is still carrying him on her arms ! Arey put me down ayesha,he says
Sameer is finally relieved that he is back on his feet and realizes that Ayesha is much smaller and shorter than him ! Arey ayesha , you seemed to have not grown up at all since we last met ? Sameer laughs
Ok ok .. sorry you both . Sameer apologizes and all Retire to bed in their rooms
Nothing like that ! Ayesha says , It had been three years since we last met , I was 5.0 then. Now I a full 5 foot 3 you know , ayesha says . Just because you are almost six foot in height does not mean you tease others sameer ! Reshma says . Dont forget that you came inside the house carried on arms of ayesha !
He then goes to the bathroom and comes out after a while to see the maid wiping the floor with wet cloth . Please wait till the floor is dry sirji , otherwise your wet feet will stain the floor and my effort will get wasted, the maid requests and leaves
Soon it is morning and Sameer wakes up yawning , he remembers how Ayesha had carried him up into a cradle and can’t believe how a girl who is much shorter and lighter than him is able to carry him for such a long time
Ok fine , sameer says and waits there feeling bored when Ayesha comes in with a cup of tea for him .
Good morning sameer , why are you standing inside the bathroom doing nothing ? She asks . The maid said that my feet is wet and would stain the floor if I walk on it , Sameer says
Oh, that’s not good . If Bhabhi looks at dirty floors , she will get angry , ayesha says . Come sit on my hip, I will carry you from the bathroom to be bed Ayesha says and raises her hands to make room for Sameer to sit on her hips
Sameer can’t believe a much smaller and younger girl is offering to carry him on her hips ! What ? I can’t do that , what will my sister think of me ! And how can you carry a heavier guy like me ?
Ayesha starts laughing, come on.. remember you entered the house yesterday carried by me on my arms ? Any average girl can carry you , now come , the tea will get cold she says . The bathroom is half a foot above the bedroom floor
Sameer reluctantly comes near her and moves his crotch near her waist , ayesha balancing the tea cup in one hand pulls his butt onto her waist in one hand and easily lifts his full weight on her hips
Sameer is embarrassed and surprised at Ayesha’s strength as she now walks towards his bed carrying him on her hips . As she is moving towards the bed, he notices in the mirror that he looks like a big baby carried on the hips of much smaller Ayesha ! He just prays that his little sister Reshma does not see this scene
Soon it is breakfast time when Reshma calls Ayesha and Sameer to the table . As they have having breakfast, Reshma thanks Sameer for agreeing to stay at their house until her husband will come back from his abroad trip . Come on Reshma , Sameer says , this is the least I can do to my little sister .
Yes , we need a man in the house you know , Ayesha smiles winking at him , sometimes he will support us and sometimes we lift and carry him she whispers. Sameer does not have a good feeling hearing this
You can use my husband’s vehicle for work until you stay here bhaiyya , Reshma says . The vehicle will also not get rusted she says . Oh thanks sister. Sameer says gladly and takes the keys , he reached the garage door and tries to lift up the shutters , to his surprise, it is jammed and he is unable to lift up the shutters .
Ayesha then comes there. Sameer gives up and walks away when he hears the shutters opening. He looks back and is surprised to see the much smaller Ayesha lifting up the heavy shutters herself ! Sameer is embarrassed to realize that the shorter Ayesha is much stronger than him
The shutter opens and Sameer is disappointed to see it is a motorbike . Your brother would ride a bike ? Oh no ! I thought it will be a scooter Sameer says . Why what is wrong ? Ayesha asks , I don’t know how to ride a bike , Sameer says embarrassed.
Ayesha is giggling when sameer starts walking back . Just then the starting sound of the bike is heard
Sameer is surprised to see ayesha driving the heavy bike and coming towards him . Oh my god ayesha ! You can drive this heavy bike ? Sameer asks in shock .
Which age are you ? Ayesha laughs , even your little sister Reshma can ride the bike easily . Sameer is embarrassed that all the women in the house can drive the bike and he being a man cannot !
Hey Sameer , since you will have no vehicle to drive , shall I teach you how to drive ? Ayesha asks , looking at his eyes deeply , what ? Sameer is shocked, what ? People will laugh ! He says . Arey nothing will happen Ayesha smiles . Nowadays girls driving bikes is common, she says and shifts to the back of the seat giving room for Sameer to sit. Come sit na, she invites Sameer . Sameer reluctantly sits on the bike
She holds his hands from behind , Sameer feels a strange warmth as she comes close to him . See you press clutch, apply gear on foot, release clutch and accelerator at same time she says and starts moving the bike with sameer sitting on front. Slowly the bikes picks up speed whereas Sameer starts feeling warm , Ayesha places her face on his shoulder from Behind and her warm breath starts making him more warm
Sameer is feeling a bit uncomfortable and her turns back and says , Ayesha I am feeling a bit wierd , the ladies on the road are giggling to see a man learning a bike from a woman , suddenly a low lying branch comes on the way, Sameer watch out ! Ayesha says , before sameer could react , the low hanging branch hits Sameer hard on the head , they both lose balance and fall with the bike on side of the road
Ayesha wakes up and feels that she is not hurt , she then looks at Sameer lying on the road , I am sorry Sameer, i should have been more careful she says and is shocked to see Sameer bleeding on the head and is unconscious ! Sameer regains a little concious and is shocked to see Ayesha trying to kiss him on the lips .
What are you doing ? He asks in a feeble voice , arey I was trying to give CPR Ayesha says , who gives CPR to an accident victim Sameer says slowly and becomes unconscious again.
Ayesha tries calling Reshma on mobile , her mobile is not reachable, she tries calling nearest hospital and still there is no network, it slowly starts drizzling again and Sameer is losing blood
Sameer starts gaining conscience and confused to see himself hanging upside down and moving forward, he looks up to see the shapely butt of Ayesha and then realizes in shock that she is walking while carrying him in a fireman’s lift on her shoulders ! Sameer wants to speak , but is unable, while at the same time shocked that a much smaller girl is walking on the road carrying him on her shoulders.

Just then , Reshma gets a call from a shopkeeper from the same road Sameer and ayesha had an accident on.

Madam Ayesha is walking on the road carrying some on the shoulders , it seems she had an accident he says . Reshma is outside taking benzo for a walk and is unable to hear clearly on her mobile as usual . Whatever she hears she is shocked ! Ayesha had an accident .. someone carrying on shoulders, oh my god . Is she being kidnapped ? Even my husband and Sameer bhaiyya are not there , what do I do ? She panicks

Soon Reshma is driving her husband’s car and hurrying towards that road praying to God , she tries calling Ayesha and gets the same message , network not reachable. She observes a person walking carrying another person on shoulder, there she is ! Oh my god who could be carrying out weak and little Ayesha she exclaims and stops her car in front , she looks outside and is shocked to see that not Ayesha , but her elder brother Sameer is the one being carried on shoulder, and the lifter is her husbands little sister , Ayesha ! .. Reshma is stunned looking at the scene

To be continued….

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