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Home Tuition – 4

by rickishi
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The new year party music is playing loudly now, and Aryans helpless screams is not audible to anyone

If you finish off your tution teacher, then how will you pass your examination ? Aryan asks while still struggling. as he is lifted up in a bearhug by the tall Nagma .

Nagma realizes her folly and leaves him , Aryan is now gaping for breath , Nagma is sliding back to depression and turns back to leave , suddenly Aryan holds her hands .

See ? you have improved now ! Aryam smiles , what do you mean ? Nagma asks. At least you did not beat me up black and blue like your exboyfriend ! he laughs

Nagma looks at him annoyed. Look, I am not at all interested in those slim girls , they are not my type , Aryan says .

Then who is your type ? Nagma asks . YOU ! he says looking at her eyes .Nagma reacts with a shocked expression !

Aryan comes close to her to kiss her , but can’t reach her lips ! Nagma smiles and bends down to kiss him .

Both start to kiss . Nagmas neck starts to pain, she lifts him a long way up up in a front piggy and brings him to her level, then both start kissing each other hard passionately .

Soon Aryans gets turned on and Nagma, is surprised. See ? I get turned on when carried by any girl Aryan laughs embarrassed , as Nagma feels her stomach as she has lifted him up

God, You are a bigger pervert than me ! Nagma laughs and slaps Aryans behind hard creating a loud sound. Aryan still lifted up by Nagma is rubbing his behind in pain as she puts him back to the floor

Hey ,the apartment management has fixed a new lift in our apartment now, come let’s have a ride in the new lift she says excitedly, even before Aryan could react , she holds his hands and pulls him with her

Soon they reach the new lift, all shiny and freshly painted.both get inside and she pushes the basement floor which connects to the swimming pool . as the lift is going down , she stops it in between .

What happened ? Aryan asks , It was a dream of Mine to piggyback someone in a lift , come hop on my back she says. Aryan promptly jumps , but there is a problem , the combined height of tall Nagma and him in piggyback is more than the roof of the lift !

his head hits the roof and she bends down with him on her back apologizing . Hey let’s try donkey ride she says and with him still on her back leans on to a lifts wall and holds on to a support rod.

Aryan is turned on now , she starts to tease him by curling and contracting her spine as a result Aryan is feeling like riding a wave, Aryan looks at himself sitting on the back of the much taller Nagma and feels like he is riding a big horse in the mirror

Nagma then starts to jump and do squats with him . Aryan is not able to control himself , soon she breaks into a sweat and stands with him in piggyback, still bending slightly and breathing heavily.

Nagma turns back and starts kissing his lips. As he grabs her from behind, the more intensely she is kissing him still carrying him piggyback. Both do this for quite a good while

Nagma lifting up Aryan on piggyback is breathing heavily and kissing him , while turning behind moaning slowly

Soon they realize it is getting very hot, both feel this should not go out of hand, and come out of the lift .

she slaps his backside again coming out

Soon dinner is over , Nagmas father and mother have retired to the bed in their room. Nagmas mother has carried her father in her lap and is watching tv , the usual way they watch tv every night

Just then , still sitting on his wife’s lap, The father says . I think we should get Nagma married to Aryan..

What ? Nagmas mother says in shock !

Yes, They both are having an affair ! dad says .

So , That rogue Aryan betrayed us ! Mom says in anger

No No . I think he is actually the calming factor for our Nagma he says , How is that ? she asks

yesterday when I went to smoke upstairs, I saw her dancing with Aryan carried on her shoulders, Dad says

So what is new in that ? her mother asks , she has been carrying people from a long time !

But today evening I saw Aryan running to his house with door left open, and then I saw Nagma following him mad with anger the dad says

OMG ! Nagmas mother exclaims . She gets really violent when angry since younger days , I still remember she had beat up her ex boyfriend black and blue , he was so scared of her . he cancelled the engagement !

But Aryan knows how to calm her , the dad says. I was worried and peeped inside to see what Nagma will do to Aryan. Then what happened ? Mom asks

She was mad and was crushing Aryan by lifting him in a bear hug ! Dad says. But then he said something and she immediately cooled down , then they spoke to each other like lovers and kissed ! I think both of them love each other . we should propose alliance with Aryans parents

What ? Aryan is no match for her ! the mother exclaims in disbelief , he is not even tall to her shoulders level and fat too. she deserves someone much better, Mom says

And what happened the last time ? when she chose someone matching her size and height ? did it not end badly ? the father asks .

I have seen Aryan smiling when carried by her , he seems to have embraced her aggression and strength well. He even knows how to calm her down . her ex boyfriend had none of these qualities .

I think you are right The mother agrees with a frown.

But wait ! they were kissing yesterday ? she asks , picking her husband from lapsit into a cradle . This is not good ! they should at least wait till marriage ! she says, while carrying and putting her husband on the bed. I will do something about that the father says ..

Soon it is next day and Aryan and nagma are on the studying table , Aryan has still not been able to lose weight and looks at his tummy sadly, then he looks above and Nagma is again biting the pen and staring at him with her big eyes and a wide smile .

Give it up nagma laughs , I love guys when they are chubby and heavy . it gives a good exercise when carrying them, she smiles . Nagmas parents announce again that they are going for a walk and close the door .

Aryan is trying to explain Nagma about a topic in studies, but she is unable to understand despite repeated explanations

I don’t know , how to explain this to you ! Aryan exclaims . you can by sitting on my lap ! Nagma replies pointing to her lap and closes her notebook with a thump

The very next minute Aryan is on Nagmas Lap and Kissing her tightly , his hands are squeezing her body , and she is massaging his backside with equal aggression and lust , both are kissing and moaning

Still carrying Aryan on her lap.she is about to open his zip, when Aryan hears a slight sound from the door ! he says Stop Stop. immediately and in a hurry gets up from her lap and sits on the chair , Nagma is annoyed , Why did you stop ? she asks .

Nagma then spots her mom and dad entering the room quietly .The parents both then get embarrassed seeing nothing wrong happening and leave the room apologizing, both Aryan and Nagma are relieved

Thank God you noticed the door open ! nagma says.

This is not over ! Aryan says, I noticed today that both your parents were watching us suspiciously . looks like our affair secret is out !

What ? Nagma reacts in worry

Just then Aryan gets a call, it is his brother . He is shouting from the other side. What scandal are you doing there with your babhis cousin ?

We got a marriage proposal from the parents and they are saying you both are already in love ! have you seen that girl ? she is like an electric pole ! she will slam you like how a dhobi does to clothes. if angry, she will eat you RAW. Aryans brother shrieks

His bhabhi suddenly snatches the phone from his brother and says, I am so happy devarji ! Nagma is a nice girl. But she lifts and carries people a lot and is very strong . I hope you don’t mind her tall height, he he .. She says

his bhabhi and brother both start arguing with each other and the call disconnects . Aryan now realizes that the cat is out of the bag , and is causing a huge pandemonium between their families .

Hey, I have an idea ! How will it be if I become pregnant by you ? Nagma suggests , then nobody will be able to oppose , she smiles in a evil fashion . please dont give such brilliant ideas ! Aryan replies folding his hands

The coming days lots of discussions and fights happen within both families and finally realizing that both of them are in love , all agree for marriage. All marriage rituals are over and the focus now shifts , as always in… the first night room .

Nagma enters with milk glass in her hands and finds Aryan no where in sight , haa …! Aryan jumps on her back from behind ! Nagma is standing do solidly even the milk glass does not fall down As Aryan just jumped on her piggyback.

Aryan is shocked at Nagmas strength ! Nagma starts laughing , places the glass on table and still piggybacking him starts to bounce him rapidly on her back and turning in circles laughing, Aryan is getting somewhat dizzy .

Just then suddenly a little girl opens the door , looks at the sight of groom in sherwani piggybacked by the bride in red dress and starts laughing , her mother comes and takes her away apologizing .

Both are a bit embarrassed, the first night room is in Aryans flat and the room doors bolt is defective, also not many relatives who are here for marriage know this is the room for first night .

A minute later Nagma has picked up Aryan on her laps and both are kissing passionately, suddenly Aryans aunt comes in, realizes in shock her mistake and goes back apologizing

Aryan is irritated, is this our first night room or some public hall ? he exclaims, Just then Nagma receives a phone call , oh is it ready ? she whispers.

Tina and Mina are speaking from the other side . oh, and remove that stool you used to put it up there she says and ends the call .

Aryan is frustrated ! how come we are not getting privacy even at our first night ? Aryan says in despair

Nagma gets up and holds his hand , come let’s spend some time on the terrace she says , Aryan agrees and both go out

As they are climbing the stairs to terrace , the two girls are coming down giggling , they both look at Nagma and say, go easy on him and handle with care. Both laugh and leave .

Aryan is confused and before he can realize , Nagma scoops him up in a cradle ! what are you doing ? Aryan asks.

My dear husband , I have arranged our first night in another place , Nagma says while cradling him and climbing steps . Aryan is shocked .

On the terrace ? are you crazy ! how can you find privacy there ? Not on the terrace my love she says , On the roof of the pump house ! Nagma says

Aryan is shocked . I knew you were kinky . but this is insane ! Nagma puts aryan down and bends down between his legs and picks him up on her shoulders easily .

Aryan climbs the roof from her shoulders , still hesitant he spots a rolling bed, thick blankets , milk and a small lamp already present there . You had planned this before ? yes nagma says

I always had this dream to make love with my husband on terrace , cold outside , But we both warm inside the blankets you know. Nagma says as she comfortably jumps and hangs on the pump house roof and pulls herself up easily on top !

Relax , nobody but me can reach this high she says and slaps his backside !

Both stand looking at the scenery when Aryan says he wanted to see how it looked standing above the tank.

she again scoops him up into a high cradle and places him on the top of the tank and climbs up , The scenery looks beautiful from here Aryan says in amazement while standing on the tank

But it is cold here . Nagma stands behind him and slowly slides her hands inside his shirt , Aryan get startled , she starts massaging and stroking his chest and abs when Aryan in his enjoyment starts to lose balance . he decides that it is better they get down now , even the wind is blowing hard now

Nagma gets down from the top of tank and stretches her hands towards him , at least jump into my arms now she laughs , Aryan does the same and she catches him comfortably in her arms !

with him still cradled by her she starts to kiss him slowly. she slowly moves towards the bed and gets down to her knees , while still carrying Aryan in cradle. and slowly puts him on the bed kissing . Both are already hot in lust and the cold outside is not bothering them .

Aryan then says , please let me fondle your hot and long legs . sure she smiles , Both remove clothes, Aryan then makes her lie on her stomach and starts to kiss and caress her long legs from the bottom, he slowly moves front kissing and caressing her legs and reaches her slim waist , then he lies on top of her and starts to press her body from behind and bites her ears

Nagma suddenly starts to do pushups with Aryan on her back and starts laughing doing that . Aryan is shocked to see her doing pushups with both their weights combined

Stop doing that you show off ! he says, Nagma then suddenly raises her behind and then her upper body, with Aryan still on her into all fours and suddenly Aryan finds himself on her in a ponyride !

Aryan can’t believe he is being toyed by her thanks to her sheer strength ! Nagma then starts to tighten and loosen her spine on which Aryan is sitting and he finds himself like being ridden by a wave, at this point Aryan is fully turned on by her strength and after a while simply lies on her and starts feeling her body passionately.

Nagma stops the ride and raises her upper body , she carries him into a piggyback while standing on her knees and reaches her hands behind to his backside and starts caressing it, at the same time turns around kissing him on the lips .

Both seduce each other like this for a good while ! come it is time she says and throws him on the bed and pounces on him , covers themselves with the thick blanket covered fully and soon she is dominating him on bed.

Meanwhile The relatives of nagma and Aryan find the first night room empty and surprised, where they went missing in their first night ?

Aryan phone begins to ring on the terrace just beside where these two are humping with the blanket fully covered on them , It is his brother calling .

Aryans hand comes out from inside the blanket searching for the phone , Just then another bigger hand emerges out , Nagmas of course. It catches his hands , her palms covers his smaller palms fully and forcefully pulls it back into the blanket !

soon she starts stroking him riding aggressively while still inside the blanket. Aryan tries to tell Nagma to let him answer the phone but can’t as she is kissing him aggressively too.

The phone ringing stops but aryans moans start increasing In volume

the end….

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