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by rickishi
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Aryan has studied a bit about girls and their thinking, and he concludes that Nagma might just be using him as an emotional support .

Once she gets over the heartbreak, she will promptly dump me and move on. I have seen this happening many times with my friends too, he thinks

Dont you ever fall in love with her ! he warns himself. beautiful and tall girls in our country are so rare, an army of boys would be behind her trying to impress .

what chance do I have when she can pick the best of the best ? he thinks. Better finish her tutions and get done with her

So the next day both are in the room studying, and Aryan is looking at his fat tummy and feeling it with sadness, then he looks towards Nagma, she is biting the top of pen and staring at him instead of studying.

Come on, what is in your mind ? Nagma asks. You are feeling embarrassed at your lack of fitness arent you ? Nagma says, specially after what happened yesterday.

Ya you are right Aryan says embarrassingly . Come on ! there is nothing to be embarrassed by that , she says, I am not in the fittest shape myself now, I used to go to gym daily , play basketball and jog daily too. But stopped all once I fell in depression .

What ? She feels she is not fit and yet she is so strong ! Imagine how strong she will be in peak of her fitness ! Aryan wonders

I actually like boys if they are fat or heavy you know , Nagma says,

It will be kind of a challenge to pick them up she says, It gives a feeling like I am carrying a huge teddy bear and would like to turn and turn carrying it.. Kind of a cute feeling it gives you know ? she says smiling and closing her big eyelids in a cute pattern.

All these words are somehow titillating Aryan, but he controls himsef… Fine , Lets get back to study he says

Wait ! Nagma says, If you want to lose weight, I know a few gyms nearby . I will take you today evening and show them ,maybe we both can join if you are ok she says. Aryan agrees, hoping that it will bring more opportunities to see Nagmas capabilities

It is evening and Aryan is in front of the apartment ,Nagma comes in her scooter from garage, the scene of her sitting on the scooter really impresses him, she is wearing leggings, and those legs just look so long, so long, they never seem to end !

Aryan is lost looking at Nagma with her long hair flying in the wind , when She stops and tells him to hop on.

Aryan has not fully recovered from the cramps and he stands on the scooter foot rest and sits across the seat. Nagma is hardly shaken by his weight which is shaking the balance of the scooter. hey have you tried riding a bike ? Aryan asks.

Riding a bike is easy , but where will I store my stuff in a bike ? Scooters have huge storage space, Nagma says .

Well thats a shame Aryan says and again starts to admire at her long legs . they both reach one gym. Sorry mam, the gym owner says, the gym is full . They both go to another gym and the result is same . Then they go to the last gym in the town, the gym owner says, sorry mam you are not allowed ! to Nagma

But why ? asks nagma in frustration . Well you had beaten up a person long back remember ? He owns most of the gyms in town, and he has issued a circular with your photo that you are banned !

Nagma is slowly slipping back into past depression while going back and Aryan realizes it. He starts thinking fast what should be done to divert her attention.

Hey so what if we cannot go to a gym, we can atleast have daily walks. I saw from your apartment window outside a beautiful park with walking tracks Aryan says. Oh yes says Nagma, it has been a very long time since I have been there, lets go !

Both reach the park and start walking briskly, Aryan is huffing and puffing, while Nagma is deliberately walking slow to match his speed.Finally aryan is completely drained out and stands in a shade.

Nagma stands beside him giggling at his lack of fitness. Just then a voice comes

” Look who we have here !”

Aryan who has bent his neck downwards, senses some one in front ! He soon realizes this is another tall girl and looks up high above

Nagma and the other tall girl are looking at each other with a passionate anger.

Wow ! and I thought Nagma was the only tall girl in this town , Aryan thinks

He then realizes that he is dwarfed by both these tall girls . but Nagma actually is almost an inch taller than this girl.

How come you stopped coming to basketball coaching Nagma ? Did you feel that I am too good as a rival, and quit altogether ? She laughs

Dont forget I was the best player in the camp Nagma says, Of course you were , the new girl says grinding her teeth in anger, and because of you I lost opportunities in many tournaments , and when my opportunities were almost finished, you quit too. I was so Mad at you !

The tall girl then looks below at Aryan, who is this joker ? …ahh your new lover ? I really felt happy when your old boyfriend dumped you, and now you are forced to date chumps like these … she begins to laugh

Aryan gets annoyed, I am not her lover , just a well wisher and a friend. And looking at your attitude, even if Nagma was not there, you would still not have made it big he says. You would still be the sore loser like now.

The tall girl is furious , How dare you talk to me in that tone ? you short fat slob ! she thunders.

But suddenly she starts smiling and comes near Aryan, she looks at Nagma smiling. You like to lift up boys and throw them on the ground right ? And beat them up black and blue ?

How will it be If I do the same with this guy ! She says . No ! Nagma reacts in shock

The tall girl suddenly walks towards Aryan menacingly and grabs his arms , bends down and lifts up his full weight into her shoulders

Aryan now hanging upside down on the tall girls shoulders is in disbelief ! what in the world just happened ? This girl lifted me up as easily as Nagma does ! He thinks

Laughing, The tall girl starts walking towards the parks fountain with Aryan lifted on her shoulders helplessly struggling . The tall girl is about to throw Aryan into the fountain

Just then Nagma runs in front of her, How dare you touch my Dear ones ! she thunders and gives a loud and hard slap to her

Strong Nagmas slap is so hard, this girl immediately loses her balance , she drops Aryan and falls on him. Aryan realizes that this Tall girl has fallen on him now.

Some elderly people rush towards these tall girls in disbelief ! There was a time when big strong men would fight over beautiful girls, but here these two beautiful girls are fighting over this fat boy ? An old lady says in shock

Oh Aryan, are you alright ? Nagma shrieks in concern and pushes away The tall girl whose ears are still ringing due to the slap by Nagma

Aryan is feeling dizzy because of being lifted up suddenly and being held upside down on the tall girls shoulders , and then by falling down and the tall girl falling on him

What happened ? I think I broke something, he says feeling his legs and hands . Oh no ! Nagma exclaims in concern

The tall girl now recovers and is mad at Nagma, you miserable wretch , she says and comes to punch Nagma . Nagma Dodges the tall girls punch and gives a hard punch herself to the tall girls stomach

Aryan is shocked at the impact of the tall Nagmas punch , I could have never withstood such a blow like that . He thinks in fear

The tall girl is taken aback by the punch , but she recovers from the blow easily and smiles. Not bad girl, you still pack a punch, she says . Aman is in disbelief !

The tall girl now removes her sweatshirt. Nagma and Aryan are shocked to see the tall girls muscles as she flexes her muscular biceps and shoulders !

what ! Biceps, a six pack ? Have you taken up bodybuilding now ? Nagma asks her in shock .

How about we have a fight ? One on one. Girl to girl, the tall girl challenges. Why not ? I am always up for a fight , Nagma replies with a confident smile .

The elderly people who are walking now intervene and start advising both that it is not good to fight like that. All think it is better to leave this issue

Dont you dare mess with my friends ! Nagma thunders at her as she leaves . Aryan now realizes that his foot has sprained badly and he cannot walk !

Nagma is feeling guilty because it was her enmity which resulted in this situation for Aryan. I know you might not like this, but just co-operate she says

She then turns her back towards him, jump on my back she says . Aryan does not know what to say.

How can I jump so high on your back with my injured leg. And also you want to carry me in full public view ? He asks , what will people say ?

A tall girl is carrying a healthy guy piggyback ! that’s what people will say. Nagma smiles. How cute the scene would look na ? Just imagine..

Now you listen to me, Nagma says and bends down between Aryans legs and rises up carrying Aryan piggyback. Aryan hugs Nagma tightly to balance himself from behind as she hauls up his full weight on her piggyback

The onlookers are shocked ! Aryan though not surprised , is a bit embarrassed for being toyed around by Nagma like this .

One old man says, I never imagined this kind of extreme role reversal will happen in my lifetime. girls these days are becoming so tall and strong, and boys are getting weaker and shorter !

Another lady familiar to Nagma says, oh , this is nothing, this girl used to lift a lot of people before

Nagma then walks in carrying Aryan into the apartment, the watchman exclaims looking at her, oh ! you found a new person to lift ?

the boys of the apartment then come out and says , look , our apartment lift has found a new load to carry ! Aryan starts laughing, so you are the famous apartment lift eh ? Yes, Nagma laughs hesitantly

Hey chotu, she calls a boy, while still carrying the fat Aryan piggyback. Pick up the cellphone from my pocket and click picture of me piggybacking him na . Nagma requests

Ok didi, but henceforth you should not lift me up suddenly from behind and start turning speedily in circles , the boy says

Alright, now click the picture Nagma says and bounces Aryan on her back once to pose . As chotu is clicking pictures, Nagma is effortlessly posing and even stands on one leg while carrying Aryan piggyback

Aryan who still lifted up by Nagma, hugs her from behind to keep balance as she is now standing on one leg. is unable to believe what is happening with him ! After the photo session, Nagma continues carrying Aryan towards the apartment

she puts him down near the stairs. How can I carry you upstairs she wonders. The watchman comes to offer help. But nagma looking at the old watchman politely refuses the offer.

Didi, I have seen you lift lighter people before, but how will you lift and climb the stairs with this heavy guy ? A boy asks .

Just then Nagmas mom comes, what has happened to Aryan ? she asks ,

Oh no ! If your mom comes to know that you were carrying me piggyback till now, she will kill me ! Aryan whispers to nagma. Arey don’t worry, Nagma laughs and tells the whole story. The mother is worried too

Maybe I could have carried him in my younger days ! Nagmas mom says , what ? Aryan responds in shock

Nagma turns to aryan and says, now do you know where my strenght and attitude comes from ? She laughs

Most of the men now have left for work. So it the ladies who will have to carry you now . Nagmas mom says

Anways, lets support him and take him up, the mom says. Both the mother and daughter support him and slowly climb the steps. They climb one flight of steps very slowly, Nagmas mother loses her patience by now.

Come on Nagma, I had carried your dad all the way to the terrace once in my younger days, you can atleast carry him to his flat ! Mom says . Aryan is shocked, She used to carry your dad too ?

Nagma laughs of course ! I still do . Now stand on that step, Aryan silently stands on a step, she now poses in a piggyback and says , Hop on my back again

Aryan hesitantly climbs onto her back. Nagma bounces him to position properly. Her mom says, thats more like it, Now Deliver him to his flats and come back home she laughs and starts climbing the steps to her home

Nagma is slowly climbing steps one by one. Aryan looks below. Combined with the elevation and lifted on the tall Nagma, he gets scared of the height ! he hugs her tighter, Nagma seems to enjoy it .

Come on, dont worry my Teddy bear she says, I Wont drop you. As Nagma is climbing the stairs her body starts to warm up, the warmth soon reaches Aryan and he starts getting turned on.

Nagma then says, Hey this makes a good workout , you know that ? Aryan is surprised . What ? no way. I feel if you carry heavy weights regularly it will damage your body !

What nonsense she laughs, tomorrow after studies, I will show you some thing. She then carries him in front of the door, and keeps carrying him until he gets the door keys and opens it. She drops him at his bed and leaves . I hope nobody noticed what Nagma did to me, he thinks

The next day Aryan is back in Nagmas room and again finds her Biting at the pen and staring at him, this time with a naughty smile too. Study time is over and Nagma makes him sit with her in front of her computer, she then logs into her social network site and shows all her childhood and recent photos .

As expected, it is filled with her lifting different people . Even her mom ! Wow , your mom was a beauty in her younger days ! exclaims Aryan

You think I have inherited her looks ? Nagma asks twirling and playing with her hair. He then looks at her closely and jokes.. Naa.

Nagma is furious , How dare you say I am not beautiful and grabs his legs and waist and pulls him into a high cradle, this along with her tall stance makes Aryan Feel like he will hit the roof above !

She bounces him on her arms once , Am I not beautiful ? NO Aryan jokes again, she then bounces him higher are you sure ! Yes Yes. he says scared that she might actually throw him away !

Nagma then stops bouncing Aryan , but still keeps him carried on her arms, She then walks back to the chair in front of the computer and sits on it with Aryan on her lap. Aryan notices that though she has him in lapsit, his legs are still very far above the ground. carrying him on her lap still, she starts using the mouse in one hand and starts showing her old photos

In one of the old photos she has carried her father in a lapsit, In another one, she has cradle carried a cousin and posing for a photo. Her college pics are full of her carrying almost all her friends in a cradle and posing.

There is one pic where she has picked up her mother in a front lift. And there are some very old photos of her mom piggybacking her dad ! My mom is the original Lifter she exclaims. I grew up seeing her lifting all relatives and friends, It is no big deal for me she laughs.

Then amongst the older pic, a pic with her standing with a big muscular guys comes up, almost as tall as her. Oh, she exclaims , thats my old boyfriend ! Aryan is amazed , you mean you carried and beat up this huge guy !

Forget it , she says and deletes that photo from her profile. Ever since you came in my life , I have come out of that depression, It is like you have made me forget him she says, Looking at Aryan with her big eyes

Something takes over aryan and he starts to clear the strands of hair from her face. though he is sitting on her lap, Tall Nagmas upper body makes her face still on same level as Aryans

He notices Sitting on her lap that her body has suddenly become warm, she starts moving her face close to his and touches her lips on his, Aryan backs off, but she grabs his shirt and pulls him back and both kiss passionately

Suddenly the front door makes noise as it is being unlocked by nagmas parents and both get back to their seats,still shocked at what just happened .

Aryan is quite nervous as he is afraid what will happen if he has a relationship with nagma now . his reputation will be spoiled , he looks at nagma and she is again biting the upper part of the pen and staring at him with a naughty smile through her big eyes .

Aryan thinks of changing the subject. I am having issues with water supply, There is no water coming into my kitchen, he says

Oh there is a water Pump room on the terrace, upon which there is a big water tank. All the valves for water connections are present there, maybe the mantainence people have turned the line towards your kitchen off. We can check there . Nagma says

Good, where can we find a ladder to reach the tank ? Aryan asks . You don’t need a ladder , Nagma replies

Then how Do I reach the tank ? Aryan asks

Sitting on my shoulders ! Nagma replies

To be continued…

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