Gym Accident – 2(FF lift & Carry)


Tina can’t  believe that her mom is suspicious about her sexual preference ! Come on ma , why are you getting this kind of doubts about me ? She asks shocked .Come on you are almost 30,  Interested in body building and being muscular , and you reject almost all the guys I show you, don’t hesitate, tell me if you are interested in girls , I am a modern lady . Tina’s mom says 

Oh my god ma ! Please have no doubts , I am 100% , no.. in fact 200% interested in boys  ! Please don’t speak about your suspicions to your friends and neighbors now , Tina pleads 

Sonia is driving her scooter and going in the city when she spots Tina lurking around suspiciously on a street , what is this girl doing here ? Sonia thinks and parks her scooter nearby , she notices tina walking around aimlessly and simply passing time on the same street from some time . Hi Tina ! sonia comes to her , Tina is not very pleased to see her , what are you doing here ? Sonia asks 

Nothing actually, Tina smiles weirdly , suddenly Sameer comes out of a shop talking in his mobile when Tina starts panicking , Oh my god ! Come let’s sit on that bench there , tina pulls sonia and both sit on the bench , what ? Were you following sameer all this time ? Sonia asks in shock . Yes ! Tina says, oh my god , he is coming this way only , Tina says . Quick sit on my lap ! Sonia says 

Sameer comes there talking on phone and notices Tina sitting on the tall Sonia’s lap and chatting . Hi Tina , how are you feeling now ? Sameer asks with a smile . Hi sameer , both of them reply weirdly , so how is your leg now ? Sameer asks, thanks to your treatment , my leg pain is almost gone now , Tina replies with a sparkle in her eyes , while still carried on sonias lap.

Then why is sonia still carrying you ? Sameer asks . Arey we sometimes just do that casually you know, Tina is my best friend , sonia says while still carrying tina on her lap and hugs her warmly ,Tina is literally crushed inside the long arms of the tall and strong sonia , while still carried on her lap

Oh , you both look really cute like this sonia , sameer exclaims , Tina is elated . Hey sonia , I heard there is swimming classes being conducted in your apartment, I was hoping to join that too. It has been long since I stopped pursuing swimming as a hobby you know . Sameer says 

Of course , we will tell you when the classes start , Tina says . Ok then , see you there , sameer says and bids goodbye. Arey he is leaving , Tina says concerned and tries to get up from sonia lap when sonia grabs her and pulls her back into her lap.

Stop stalking him you desperate girl , sonia scolds Tina while still carrying her on lap. You are making me look weird in front of my childhood friend . And I can’t believe I am helping my neighbor stalk my childhood friend ! Sonia says while still carrying Tina on her lap

Thank you so much for helping me sister , Tina says and hugs the taller sonia while still carried on her lap, sonia is now crushed inside Tina’s muscular arma , enough sonia says . Already many people look at me weirdly for me being so tall,and now if they see me hugging a older muscular girl , while carrying her on my lap, they will freak out ! Get up from my lap ! Sonia says 

A few days later , Sonia is busy speaking with Romy near the gym , Sonia has locked Romy with her eyes and talking slowly , she has gotten him lost with her words , slowly she comes close to him and while towering over him, holds his behind and pulls him near to her slowly , still talking and keeping him engrossed with her words , she bends down and is about to kiss him when suddenly Tina comes shouting 

Romy leaves embarrassed when Tina comes near sonia, Sonia is angry at Tina barging in at the wrong time ,why did you shout and come Tina ? Sonia scolds her while towering over her imposingly, I had planned for this moment from a week and was looking at reasons to come close to Romy , finally I had got him lost with my sweet talk and was about to kiss him when you dropped in suddenly ! Sonia says 

Oh, I am sorry, but I am tensed here ! I saw sameer enter the swimming pool, now I want to go too, I have worn the swimming dress, but covered myself with a gown, how do I look ? Tina asks and removes her gown, sonia is surprised by her well defined muscles and six pack . You look great Tina , don’t waste time now, sonia says

Tina being very self conscious goes towards the swimming pool looking at Sameer and while lost looking at him, jumps into the deeper side of the pool, it is then in water she realizes that her swimming skills are not so great .Short Tina now starts struggling in water . Suddenly some one grabs Tina from inside the water and rises up carrying Tina on hip

Tina clears her eyes off water and is surprised to see it is the tall sonia who has carried her on her hips and standing in the water , she realizes in embarrassment that carried on the tall Sonia’s hip, she is high above water , but would have drowned if standing on her own legs in that same level of water 

Wow sonia, you saved her really quickly, Sameer says and swims close to her . Tina hugs sonia while carried on Sonia’s hips, looking at sameer coming towards her. If you don’t mind , I can teach Tina how to swim in deep water you now , sameer says smiling , sonia is happy that sameer is also showing interest towards Tina. Tina on the other hand can’t believe her luck! 

Meanwhile Sonia’s mom is shocked to see her tall daughter lifting the much heavier and muscular Tina on her hips and standing inside the swimming pool ! Oh my god ! It seems what Tinas mom was suspecting could be true ! She thinks .She waits until Tina finishes swimming with sameer and comes to her later 

Tina , What is it between you and sonia ? Your mom was telling that she was carrying you on her hip a few days back ? Some apartment members were saying you were sitting on her lap in the city and now , she was carrying you again on her hip. Are you both interested in each other ? Sonia’s mom asks in suspicion

What ? Oh my god ! No aunty , I am interested in thay guy sameer , who is there in that pool, even Sonia is interested in Romi ! Tina says . Are you telling the truth ? Sonias mom asks , Romi is so much shorter than sonia, how can she like him ?
Arey promise aunty . In fact if there was no law and order , Sonia would have already kidnapped romi, carried him to her bed and forced herself on him you know , Tina says 

What ? Sonia’s mom shrieks in disbelief 

The end ….


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