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Explorers of the galaxy – 2

by rickishi
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Yana, Nia and Zora are speeding on their hover bikes

The computer waits till rover gets into the ship and then starts flying behind the bikes with invisibility cloak on

Oh god .. Let this all be a dream ! Sameer is praying as Zora is driving with Sameer sitting on her lap

Suddenly a wartank starts following from behind in high speed

Oh no ! A killtank is behind us now. Nia, shouts I will divert this machine, you protect the male at all costs ! She shouts at Zora and Yana

Why is that guy in that tank attacking us ? Sameer asks Zora .

Who said someone is driving this ? That is a machine run by artificial intelligence ! Zora replies . Don’t you know we are in war with the Robotoids , since forever !

It is only now under the leadership of Queen Sheena that we are now fighting back against the machines effectively ! Nia says

This is not good ! The Humans and Robotoids in this planet are having a war since a century , looks like they are targeting all the males in this planet as they are weak ! The computer says

Before anybody could react , the automatic tank targets its cannon on Zoras Bike and fires on it. Zora moves the bike and escapes the missile , but the explosion from the ground flings the bike

Zora rolls over to the ground , Sameer is about to crash when Yana grabs him in the air and carrying him cradle rolls over onto the ground

Sasha is now on the backseat of the hoverbike without control now as Yana has jumped away !

Unbelievable ! All these female soldiers are guarding Sameer with their lives ! Does a female have no value here ? Sasha asks and moves forward to control the hover bike

Yana is now on the ground with sameer lifted in cradle , don’t worry boy ! Nothing will happen until we are alive, yana says

Nia sets a timer on her hover bike and sets it in direction of the killtank . this is for all our menfolk you have killed ! She says and jumps away

The hover bike crashes into the killtank and explodes with a huge force . Nia and and zora jump in front of Sameer to protect him from the force of explosion as yana is already covering him, while carrying him in cradle

Sasha now figures out, to how to ride the hover bike and rides it near them .

Ladies , I think you need my help ! Sasha replies . Zora, Nia and Yana look at each other , still recovering from the burn injuries

This time, I will carry the male ! Nia declares

Sameer is now sitting on Nia’s lap hugging her while Zora is driving the hover bike, Nia is enjoying Sameers weight on her lap and is patting his butt

I thought I will have Sameer for myself, but now this whole planet girls are after him ! Sasha grumbles sitting behind as Yana is driving

After a long journey they enter the gates of the humans Town, the guards are excited to see a new male ! Sameer notices that there are very few males and all are dwarves in size compared to the women

Most of the males are either lifted on hip or on shoulders of the women, who are much taller and stronger than the men. Most of the giant females have a male carried piggyback with shopping bags on their hands

Goodness ! The men are weaker in this planet ! Sameer thinks . As Yana drives the hover bike near the queens Palace , a crowd gathers to look at Sameer . Some women have their shorter men lifted on a shoulder sit

Get on my hip ! Nia commands Sameer, A male can enter the palace only if he is lifted by a woman, these are the palace rules ! She says

Yana and Zora also get in with Sasha , Nia enters carrying Sameer on her hip. The queen now enters the court. Sameer is stunned looking at the Queen !

Almost eight foot in height and with thick black hair, the Queen is gorgeous and hot, lifted on the tall Nia’s hip. Sameer immediately gets hard on and Nia smiles sensing it as she has lifted him on her hip

Hold your horses cute boy. You will get exactly what you want from Queen Sheena , Nia whispers . what is this giant lady saying ? Sameer thinks

Hail Queen Sheena, today we have got you an exquisite gift ! Nia declares and bows to the queen while still carrying Sameer on her hip

I am pleased by your work Nia ! Queen Sheena replies in excitement looking at Sameer . A man who is taller than 5 foot , and he is attractive. He will be my Royal companion ! Sheena declares

Nia now lowers Sameer to the ground , Go ahead , you are now the official property of Queen Sheena ! Nia says pushing him by his butt

As Sameer walks near Sheena looking high up, Queen sheena holds his armpits and easily lifts him up like a kid in the air. Noticing him and his body from all angles while still holding him up in the air . Sheena is impressed looking at him

This male is not only tall, but his skin is smooth and is plump ! I will mate with him ! Sheena says , and hugs Sameer into a front piggyback, kiss me boy she commands

Sameer is turned on and kisses her in the mouth, Sheena hugs him tighter while carrying him and starts moaning and inserts her tongue fully into Sameers mouth

We will now take leave Queen Sheena, we don’t want to hinder your moments of pleasure . Nia says as Zora and Yana are looking in jealousy , Sasha is devastated

What have I done ? Because of me Sameer has become a slave to that gaintess queen ! Sasha laments as Yana locks her up into a cell

Sheena now enters her royal Room with Sameer lifted and while still kissing him places him on her bed . pulling away Sameers clothes, she notices his clothes are different

Queen Sheena undresses her royal clothes and Sameer is shocked to see her toned and strong body, her biceps and shoulders are well defined and her abs have strong looking 6 pack

Thanks to you , I will now have offsprings who will be taller , Sheena says . I cant believe my luck that I have such an attractive male to mate with ! she says and pounces upon Sameer like a tigress and starts licking and kissing his body

Sameer is shocked to find himself overpowered and forced upon by the tall Queen ! Lifting Sameer from the front Sheena now starts kissing him while carrying in front straddle , Sheena and Sameer’s moans can be heard to even Sasha now in the prison

What a horrible planet this is ! Sasha says to herself alone in the cell and starts looking out from the window

Sheena has lifted up Sameer in front lift and kissing him passionately now . Sameer is helpless and soon getting exhausted as the Queens lust is too much for him to handle

Sameer is now exhausted and crying when Sheena lifts him up into a cradle . sitting on the bed with sameer carried on her arms, she continuous to kiss him deeply as Sameer is struggling to breathe

Outside, a flying drone with invisibility cloak records this and now flies towards Sasha’s cell . Sasha is glad to have finally been found by the ships computer

Don’t worry Sasha, We will figure out how to free you. The computer communicates through the drone while Sasha looks out of the window

What about Sameer ? Sasha asks . The tall Queen is lifting and mating him with great lust, I hope Sameer can withstand her drive , the Computer replies . Once the queen is done mating with him, there is a chance to save him the computer says

My other drones scanned the rest of the planet . The humans in this planet are in a bad state, there is a war going on from a hundred years here . the artificial intelligence in this planet has almost wiped out all the males

The artificial intelligence here has named itself Robodroid, it has shot down even our drones. they are very aggressive. But they are facing a shortage of fuel now and they are quite less in number, the computer says

This is horrible ! Sasha says . The situation in this planet has totally changed since we last came here , the computer says . The humans here don’t have enough males and since the males are weaker and important to reproduce, the AI is targeting and killing them

That’s why the women here are so protective of the males ! Sasha realizes .

There is another option, You and Sameer can get free with the permission of the queen , if we offer her clones of sameer for them to mate. The computer says , they will be happy to have more males to mate with

Oh, can we make clones of sameer so soon ? Sasha asks in surprise . Of course , we already have his skin, hair and blood samples . If we initiate now, his clones will be ready in a day ! The computer says

This is really a good Idea ! Sasha says pleased

It is early in the morning and Sameer is patted gently awake by Queen Sheena while carrying him on her lap. You look so cute in your sleep. one day all females in our planet will have a male sleeping on her lap llke this, she says

Wake up cute buns, do you know the duties of a male to his female. Queen Sasha asks. Sameer replies No, shaking his head

A woman must be fit and strong, and her male should help her in her workouts you know. Queen Sheena smiles

Sameer is now sitting on Sheena’s shoulders as Sheena is now squatting with his full weight on her shoulders. Sameer is shocked at Sheena’s strength as he loses count of how many times she squats carrying him. Sheena now does lunges carrying Sameer in a fireman’s lift

Sameer is feeling like a weightless ant sitting on the strong muscles of Sheena, when Sheena easily slides him from her shoulder into her arms in cradle. Sameer is turned on by her strength now

Sheena now places her legs in position and lifts him up into a overhead lift now. Sameer is shocked !

Sheena rises Sameer up and down while carrying him overhead using her arms and even squats with his and her full weight ! Sameer is unable to hide his poke now

Satisfied after many squats, Sheena places Sameer on ground and stands in front of him. Sheena looks like a gaintess in front of him, when she exposes her six pack abs

Practise punching on my belly, don’t hesitate. Use your full power! She commands. Sameer starts punching her belly and is shocked to see it is least affecting her!

Sameer agressively punches her six pack abs with all his power and slowly starts getting exhausted after continiously punching her rock hard abs for a long time, he starts breathing heavily and his wrists start paining

Wow.. Nothing turns on a woman more than a puny male trying to hit her ! Sheena laughs and grabs Sameer by his butts and lifts him up into a front piggyback

Smooching Sameer tightly on the mouth Sheena is squatting up and down carrying him when the gaurds notify her that there are visitors

Sasha is with Yana and Zora in the Queens palace now

I hope Sameer is doing good , Sasha thinks when The Queen arrives to her throne with Sameer sitting on her single shoulder

Oh my.. Sameer looks so gorgeous sitting on the queens shoulder ! Nia exclaims . Even Sameer is happy to see Sasha

Queen Sheena is shocked to know the existence of these space explorers and that Sameer is actually a human being from earth. But she is not impressed with human clones for mating

We dont want human clones ! The Queen Sheena thunders ! We want natural born males, not some machine manufactured ones.

And us taking help from the machines ? This is undoubtedly a trap ! She says while caressing Sameer who is sitting on her lap

Please dont think all machines are bad ! Me and the computer in our ship never involve in the happenings within planets, we just study and monitor planets and move on . And as you know Sameer belongs to some other planet, and a natural born and grown up male. Sasha says

Till now, I thought humans are extinct everywhere except in our Planet , Sheena says and since this cute boy is an alien, No wonder he is tall . She says

Do you want to go back to your planet ? Sheena asks Sameer who is sitting on her lap . aww.. You poor thing, I will not keep you here for long she says and kisses his lips

I will free you both, but It will be part of a deal ! Sheena says . you will have to help us destroy the main base of the Robotoids using your invisible spaceship , Sheena says

Impossible ! Sasha replies , our drones have been shot down near that place, it is heavily fortified ! We are explorers not warriors

Dont worry , there will be a 3 day solar eclipse from tomorrow, Sheena says . on the the third day, the Robotoids would have lost much of their power.

Just transport me and my warriors near the power generator , once their power storage is offline , we will take out their main computer

Are you sure this will work my Queen ? Nia asks . of course , we can end this war forever ! Sheena says

Yes..my spies have been active near that base since long. We know their daily routines, and their main power storage is under repair. This is a fine chance to destroy them.. And then we women can enjoy with the the short and hairy men in peace ! Sheena says caressing Sameer by the butt

Till then this cute boy will be under my service , Sheena says . and stands up carrying the little Sameer on her hip. Lets meet tonight she says . and carries Sameer on her hip back to her Room

It is evening and Queen Sheena enters the Royal bath with Sameer sitting on her shoulder. Undressed Sheena now carries Sameer in cradle and walks into the fragranced pool, kissing him deeply on lips, Sheena now bends down with him on her arms into the water

The Queen is right ! The computer says in the spaceship, Nia and Sasha are also there now.

I calculated the planets orbit around the two suns, from tomorrow both the suns will be aligned one behind the other , and at that time , the biggest planet in the solar system will directly block both the suns light completely to this planet

So the planet will be under complete darkness for three days . The Robotoids rely completely on solar energy of the two suns . so all their patrol and weapon systems will be running in minimum capacity . I expect flight to be relatively easy into their base. The computer says

Of course, we have fought with the evil Robotoids since a generation, and they have always attacked us. they will never expect us to attack sneaking like that in the dark ! Nia says

This battle is important to us also. The ship computer says , when we tried to contact them, they shot our drones, the Robotoids sent their own explorers to find us, It says. The robotoids are looking to use our newer technology

We have a more advanced technology, if the Robotoids capture us, we will be dismantled and the humans will have no chance to survive against our technology in their hands

A computer scared for its own safety by another ? You are no different than us Humans ! Nia laughs

Humans are machines too. The computer says, they are just made from carbon and organic materials , the computer says . even Artificial intelligence develop their own personalities , and there are some who worship a god too ! Computer replies. Nia is speechless !

Meanwhile in the palace, Sheena using her long thick hair, makes a swing by tying it on her arms , come baby sit on it , she says to the little Sameer

Sameer hesitatedly sits on the swing made by her hair and held by her strong arms . Sameer is now like a child swinging with his full weight on her hair and held up on her arms

Nia , Sasha , Zora and Yana now arrive with their weapons and armour, they Spot Sameer swinging on the Queens long haitr

My my, the Queen is enjoying this male to the fullest !

Yana exclaims ..I dream for a day when I will have a man for myself and I will lift him up and wrap him with my long hair fully , she says

Don’t worry girl, once we end this war , Sasha has promised clones of Sameer for us, and they can breed too . Nia says, I will retire from the military and settle with the clone, and start a family too !

What ? Even we want a male ! Zora and Yana reply in unison

Soon it is night and there is a small feast in the palace . Queen Sheena has lifted up Sameer on her shoulder and giving a speech to the giant warriors

We will make use of the 3 day long eclipse to split out and sneak near the Robotoids base. and on the final day, on my signal we shall attack the base together and win this war ! Sheena says with Sameer still sitting on her shoulder

Victory will be ours ! All hail queen Sheena ! The warriors say

Soon it is the third day and computer now flies the spaceship with invisibility cloak into the base . all the defences of the Robotoids are down and Sameer is shocked to see so many huge machines !

The Computer instructs the warriors , all the important points to disconnect the power and how to move about without getting detected, avoid cameras and don’t fire your weapons. If you do as I say , the main computer will realise the situation when it is too late

Do you see human ? Machines if they become intelligent are no better than humans , if these Robotoids are allowed without check, they will try to attack humans in other planets also .

The ship slowly descends near the main computer base and the tall female warriors come out and sneak into the main base .

Nia comes out with Sameer sitting on her shoulder, she walks near a platform and helps Sameer climb on top of it. Sameer switches off the main monitoring system and cameras

As the warriors enter the main base, they start disconnecting the power cables connected to all the buildings and guns silently, and slowly most of the base is completely offline.

The Robotoids main computer suddenly wakes up sensing so many of its devices offline . Realising that the base is under attack by the humans . It initiates its defence system

Just then all the female warriors around the base attack, destroying the functioning defence system

Some Males are also participating in the battle by sitting on the shoulders of the gaint females and firing guns, while the larger women are firing with bigger guns below. The males also climb up on females and enter buildings planting exolosives

The gaintess warriors are thrilled at the bravery of their short menfolk

and finally the Main computer is left defenceless as the female warriors along with Sheena stands in front of it

Queen Sheena simply cuts off power to the main computer signalling an end of the war . All the warriors shout in glee . Nia runs inside carrying Sameer in a shoulder sit in jubilation

Bring the tall male to me ! Sheena commands

Queen Sheena lifts up Sameer and carrying him in a front piggyback kisses him tightly as all cheer .

Lifting up Sameer on her arms, Sheena now places him on her single shoulder, as he is sitting on her single shoulder , Sheena raises her one arm

Our War with the machines is finally over ! We gaint women can live in peace with our little men now. She announces,

humans from Earth, the space exploring computer and it’s clone are our friends . You are always welcome she says. The computer will also gift some of Sameer’s clones to my trusted warriors . As an aid to mantain our population numbers, she announces

After a few days, Sasha is now near the entrance of the Ship with Sameer lifted on her shoulder, both wave goodbye

Queen Sheena carrying Sameer on her single shoulder is now the official emblem of our kingdom ! Nia says. All female soldiers are now supposed to salute with a male lifted on her shoulders, she says .

Nia , Zora and Yana each have a clone of Sameer lifted on their hips. Queen Sheena bids them farewell and the spaceship now dissapears into the sky

My poor clones ! How will they survive in this planet ? Sameer asks, while still sitting on Sasha’s shoulders

The spaceship is now back in space as they start on a route to another inhabited planet

Sasha is now sitting on a chair with Sameer on her lap and both are kissing deeply with the vast deep space visible from the window

Sasha lifts up Sameer higher into her arms while lost kissing him, from her lap . when the Computer now interrupts them

Sasha ! as I said you can both choose to wipe out your memories and be together in a planet of your choice, it says.

Of course Not ! We are loving the things as it is now ! Sasha says still carrying Sameer on her lap. And how will you manage without me ? Sasha asks , and besides , I have many questions

how did you get the base plans and understood the defence systems of the Robotoids so easily ? Sasha asks the computer . and more importantly why did you break the rule of not interfering in a planets politics ?

Me and the Robotoids AI, were made by the same people ! The computer says , it is just an older model.

their base and defence system is based on standard plans which I already know of, the computer replies

What ? Sasha and Sameer shriek in shock , as Sasha now stands up carrying Sameer in cradle with a shocked expression

To be continued…..

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