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Daddy’s little girl (part 2)

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A few days later JD sees Jia standing nervously before him .
 Dad this is my boyfriend Sameer , she says , JD is not seeing anybody beside her, where is he ? he asks , Jia turns around and pushes Sameer to the front.

JD is shocked beyond belief , this chirkut (weakling) is your boyfriend ? he was completely invisible when he was standing behind you ! he says . Jia signs her father not to insult him . JD is shocked that Sameer is just as tall as Jias shoulders , she has held is hand and he observes that her hands are larger than his, he is completely dwarfed by jia .

Jia takes him to her mother and JD is shocked . what kind of a girl likes to have a shorter and smaller guy as her husband ? I knew she was different, but this is extreme ! JD calls his son and tells how Jia has chosen a guy almost her shoulders height to marry . 

His son is not really surprised. Jia is strong and powerful herself dad , she does not seek that with her partner . Besides most guys are put off when Jia displays her liking to carry people . Sameer seems to like it . In fact he himself asks her to carry him many times , His son says

JD is not happy , Jias mom looks at Sameer and is taken aback , but then she smiles at Jia naughtily , you liked a light husband is it not ? she smiles , someone you can carry around whenever you are in mood , Jia says yes blushing. Sameer is courteous and nice with Jias family. 

JD then calls him and speaks to him in private . How did you first meet Jia he asks , The first day in college he says . I was being ragged in college on the first day, the female college bully Indira with her friends were ragging me. She had picked me up in a cradle and had lowered my head and raised legs carrying me on her arms and had held me almost upside down , thats when I saw her he remembers fondly .

She was looking so sweet and innocent in a salwar , Indira was proud of her strength, but when she saw another girl taller then her , she called her . She then challenged Jia to carry me and passed me to her ! what happened next JD asks, Jia picked me up in her arms so easily, I felt warm in her strong hands and shoulders he says.

Indira challenged her to show her strength further . Jia then put me down and then caught my armpits and lifted me overhead ! the seniors were shocked , Jia then challenged and defeated all of them in arm wrestling including Indira , and they all never bothered me , he says . Jia became my best friend , she was protective and caring towards me , she would carry me on a shoulder sit in concerts , forcefully carry me on shoulders and take me into classes when i wanted to bunk. Carry me piggyback while I would stand in long ques , and many more he says

So when did you propose to her ?JD asks him. No way uncle he says , I always felt she is too good to me . Besides no girl will ever fall for a guy shorter and smaller than her and I knew that , also she would carry and show off her strength with other boys and girls too, So I thought I was another one among her friends . 

She was and still much above my league, she was somewhat like goddess or a movie star whom you would just admire . Then what happened ? JD asks , do you remember that graduation day uncle when she posed by carrying me ? It was you ? JD is surprised.

Yes uncle, I actually I got confirmed for a company in campus placement that day, after carrying and posing with me I realized she was acting different that day. Same evening she herself proposed to me ! I took a week to accept her proposal because I was thinking it was another prank by her ! and laughs

JD feels this guy is not so bad , he tells him . I am planning a family outing in a resort next week , would you mind joining us ? we could all know each other better . But you will stay in a separate room ! no hanky panky until you get married ! Sameer laughs nervously and agrees. JD then invites his sons girlfriend also for the same . soon Sameer takes leave and Jia is happy and positive about the future

Soon it is next week and JD with his son and daughter arrives with his wife, and would be son in law and daughter in law in their Jeep. they all check in to their respective rooms. 

it is evening by now, Jia sneaks into Sameer room and Her brothers girlfriend sneaks into his room. JD feels all should have dinner together, he goes with his wife to his sons room and opens it without knocking and is stunned at the scene there ! His son is on a piggyback on his girlfriend who is wearing a saree , he is also fondling her cheeks tightly , she is enjoying it thoroughly and turned around kissing him, she is also fondling his behind with her hands . 

JD is shocked and his wife is somewhat impressed. Your son is kinkier then you she says , JD silently closes the door and realizes what his daughter could be up to ! he rushes to her room and it is empty , he then rushes to Sameers room which is also not locked , he opens it slowly to see Jia has picked up Sameer in her hips and Sameer is kissing her fondling her Neck !

 JD is shocked to realize both his kids are kinky perverts and goes back to his room . he sends a message in phone to both his children that if they become parents before marriage, he will shoot them with his own rifle !

Jia and Her brothers girlfriend both come out of the rooms embarrassed after a while . Jias mom is laughing. Why are you laughing JD asks his wife , these two are getting out of our hands, being men they are enjoying getting carried , JD wife tells relax , why can’t a men get carried ? even you have been carried by me many time ! JD laughs I don’t remember you carrying me. 

Whenever you fell asleep on the couch watching tv , how do you think you would wake up on bed the next morning ? JD is shocked !

All have dinner and are return to their rooms and it is morning . All come out with workout gear and rent cycles . JD again looks at a familiar scene , Jia is riding cycle and Sameer is sitting on the front rod with his legs on one side . and here her brother is sitting behind and his girlfriend is riding the cycle .
JD realizes Both his kids are not normal , breakfast happens and JD watches from his balcony another familiar sight ! Jia has piggybacked Sameer and her brothers girlfriend has piggybacked him, and then proceed to do a piggyback race !

JD is shaking his head in disappointment. meanwhile Jia has lost the piggyback race and her brother is bouncing slightly on his girlfriends back boasting her strength , you thought you were the toughest eh ? see how I have trained my girl ! he is laughing. 

Jia is shocked she was beaten by a much smaller girl . Sameer meanwhile is almost asleep on jias back. they play some indoor games in the resort for rest of the day
Soon it is next day and all are relaxing in the hotel lobby after breakfast.

JD gets a phone call and suddenly he tells his troupe , get ready there is a wildlife safari in another half an hour , hurry up. Jia loves wildlife she looks around for sameer in a hurry , he is lazily taking a nap on a reclining chair with shorts , she runs towards him and pulls him up on her shoulders and runs carrying him towards his room .

 All others are laughing. JD poses as if he has nothing to do with them . They all climb a jeep and enjoy the safari thoroughly , JD observes that jia makes Sameer sit on her laps whenever he is not looking towards her in the jeep.

In the final stage of the safari all are tired and sweating, the guide introduces them to a small dam built in that place to save water for the animals . the water flows in a river from the dam and there is a small island in between the river .

Jia , Sameer and Her brothers girlfriend Wade through the knee deep water and are standing on that island . Jias brother is having some telephonic conversation. The dams technician is an old friend of JD , he goes to meet him .

The technician meets him and is surprised, how come you are here ? there had been huge rainfall in upper region and we are releasing the water from the dam, it is dangerous to stay nearby ! JD is shocked and rushes to river only to find that the water has increased the current, and it is too dangerous to swim. 

JD asks the technician is it safe in that island as his family members are there ! the technician says the island will not get strong currents , but it will be submerged for a while , water level could rise up to 6 feet on that island he says .

JD is desperate, except for Jia , nobody knows to swim well in family, and he is weak due to a injury on leg and can’t swim. he calls on her phone explaining situation and not to swim, and he tells all to hold on to the railing on that island as water level will increase . slowly the water level increases and reaches almost Jias height ! JD is praying to God , Sameer and his sons girlfriend and not visible. 

suddenly he sees Sameer climbing and sitting on Jias shoulders, JD is happy , next His sons girlfriend climbs and sits on her other shoulder ! Jia is showing unbelievable strength by carrying two fully grown people on her shoulders and also managing to keep her head above water ! JD is shocked as well as happy looking at the scene

The technician meanwhile has ran back and closed the dam doors . as water level starts coming down he is shocked to see a slim girl carrying two people on her shoulders ! who is that lady Hercules , he asks . JD proudly says it is his daughter !

A few months pass and Jia and her brother are getting married to their respective spouses together, reception and photo session is done and the photographer says to stand in the final photo in their favorite pose . Jia cradles Sameer , her bhabhi picks up her brother in cradle and her mom sweeps up JD in her arms in cradle and all say CHEESE, only JD has a shocked expression !

the end

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