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Daddy’s little girl (part 1)

by rickishi
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Colonel JD is a retired army man who is now settled in a small town within hills . He has purchased a large farmhouse inside which he resides in a bungalow with his family . A wife with two children, a boy and a girl . His son is already 25 years of age and is working , his daughter is now 19 and finished her graduation

JD now thinks that once his daughter gets married , he can Marry his son too. Either let her choose a boy herself or let us find a groom her mother says . His son already had a steady girlfriend and probably will marry her once his sister is married. Things look good ! JD feels

Jia , colonel JD ‘s daughter has grown up into a beautiful girl . tall like her mom standing at around 5.10 , slim with long black hair and fair skinned , she had a very good figure. JD is sure she will marry a guy who is really handsome and well off .

Today is her graduation day and JD has reached her college to witness the same with his wife . Tall jia is towering almost all her classmates standing for a group photo on black robes . She is like you , JD says to his wife , tall with long black hair. But she has that cute face thanks to you , Jias mom says looking at her daughter in pride.

Soon ceremony is over and jia comes to her parents and shows the degree and certificate. her friends call her for a photo among friends , Jia tells her dad to take a photo in his mobile and runs to pose , JD reaches for his mobile and puts it in front of him and shouts ready ? without looking at them directly , yes they say , he clicks the pic and opens it to check whether the pic had come OK and is shocked !

Jia has picked up a guy in a cradle and is posing in the pic , shocked he looks at them directly and she is still carrying him on her arms and laughing. She then puts him down and comes back.

All are returning back in their Jeep and JD is still shocked at Jias carefree attitude with the opposite sex and more importantly her strength. He mentions this to his wife , she says it is common among younger generation to lift and carry each other these days for fun , I used to carry only girls when young , Jia carries boys too she says

The next day Jia is practicing basketball in her house when her older brother is proposing a gym in the house , JD does not feel it is necessary, Jia too agrees with her father . Her brother tells he has become weak since he started working as he is not getting time for gym, Jia tells it is not necessary to go to gym to be strong , come here she called her brother and picks him easily on her shoulders !

JD is shocked whereas his wife is laughing, Jias brother is around 6 feet and not a light guy and here she is easily carrying him on her shoulder casually . Come on put me down you show-off ! her brother says irritated still carried.

What happened big brother ? embarrassed your little sister can lift you ? Jias mother asks laughing. come on mom, you know Jia was able to carry me easily even in childhood, why is she showing off now he says, still carried . JD is shocked , Jia is so strong ? he asks “Of course, she is a girl , she is stronger than boys ” her mother says . Jia puts her brother down laughing and receives a phone call and leaves

JD is amazed at his daughter, Since today is a holiday let’s visit the park in our town together , Jias mother says and all agree , all visit the park and are climbing down the steps back when suddenly Jia stands at the last step and turns around showing her back to her brother , hey bhayya ! remember when we used to play as kids ? Jump on my back .

Her brother is not really keen , come on playing like this being adults we will look like cartoons , JD is surprised. Suddenly Jia says hey, there are some raw mangoes hanging on the tree , I will carry you piggyback, you pluck it . Her brother now agrees and jumps on her piggyback.

JD is shocked to see his fully grown son being piggybacked by a girl younger and smaller than him ! that’s my girl his wife shouts as jia bounces him on her back to adjust on her back, but he is not able to reach the mangoes yet .

That’s when the park watchman comes . arey jia he smiles , repeating your childhood days is it ? he asks. this is a small town , everyone knows everyone here . Hi ramu kaka she greets while jumping with her brother on her back so that he could reach those mangoes . JD is still in shock

Ramu kaka says, he cannot reach those mangoes on your back , ask him to sit on your shoulders , like how you both used to do before ! JD is more shocked , Jia puts her brother down and again rises up with her brother on her shoulders , In a shoulder sit and cleanly lifts him up comfortably, she even jumps a little so that her brother can reach the mangoes ! Jias mother is excited seeing the mangoes and JD can’t believe his eyes .

All are now relishing the raw mangoes whereas JD is shocked to realize his girl is so strong and everyone in the town knows that except him ! A few days later Jia comes to her father and says there is a send off party in her college auditorium and it will get late till night and requests him to pick her up from there , JD agrees .

He comes in the Jeep into the auditorium late and the party is still going on with loud music . He hears announcements in the Mike despite the loud music . And the student of the year prize goes to Sandeep they announce in the Mike ! all start cheering up , and here he comes on Jias shoulders !

JD is baffled , he runs inside and sees Jia carrying a grown up a heavy guy in a shoulder sit and climbing the stage comfortably and dancing as well ! all welcome Sandeep on stage . We should thank Jia for being the official lifter of our college, the announcer laughs .

We are proud of you Jia the announcer says , you were responsible for all to know this fact that girls are equal to and in fact stronger than most boys ! all applaud . Jia is looking down with humility , Hey will you put down Sandeep now ? he says and all are laughing

we know you are accustomed to carrying people but we can’t felicitate him on your tall shoulders , the announcer laughs . Jia lowers him down to ground and JD can’t believe this scene ! 3 cheers to our official college strong girl, they announce. JD is seen shocked with his mouth open !

Next days JD’s son and his girlfriend visit him, she is much smaller than him reaching almost his shoulders, JD is happy with the girl , he feels they make a perfect couple . A guy should always be bigger and taller than his wife he believes, something he was not , coz his wife is almost his height , so is Jia . His son, girlfriend and Jia are all together and mom comes in with tea .

JD is chatting casually and is telling Jia that she is free to choose her companion for life and they will be happy whoever the boy will be . JDs son is happy because he can get married after her marriage . Jia is blushing and is trying to say something , Her father then asks his son to get the old albums of his family which is kept upstairs in the Attic to show to his girlfriend .

The son goes and his girlfriend follows . Jia then says she wants to say something. JD says let your brothers girlfriend leave and we can discuss this freely , now where is my son ? he climbs upstairs. He opens the door of the Attic and is shocked ! Jia looks at her father shocked and climbs up

Her big brother is sitting on his smaller girlfriends shoulder and searching a shelf on the top ! his girlfriend is unfazed despite carrying a larger man on her shoulders and looking up in curiosity, then suddenly she realizes she is being watched and moves away leaving the brother hanging , he loses balance and falls . Jia is giggling , JD silently comes back with Jia following him.

I can’t believe such a small slim girl can carry a heavy guys like your brother JD says to jia .Come on dad Jia says, she is a girl she can easily do that , Her brother and girlfriend come down embarrassed, soon the girlfriend spends some good time with them and she leaves to her home

Jia then comes in front of her father , her brother is standing behind her and giving encouragement for her to speak . She tells Dad, I have a boyfriend ! I want to marry him , Her dad becomes happy , good .. thank God you are not having an arranged marriage like me .

Even though I was worried you might have scared all the guys in this town by your strength , you have not disappointed me ! get him tomorrow he says and turns back

yay ! Jia shouts, what is the boys name JD asks again turning back and looks that jia has carried her big brother in a front lift and jumping in jubilation ! she puts him down in embarrassment and says “Sameer”. I hope you get more serious and stop all this showing off after marriage JD says . Jia and her brother look at each other with worry in their faces now

to be continued…

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