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Arrange Marriage part 1

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Meet our hero Saahil. a typical young man in a stable job, he comes from a traditional family who value their status in society, his father is quite stiff with him and is very concerned about their standing and reputation in front of others

And our Saahil as you would have guessed has lift and carry fetish like all of us here . Lift and carry turns him on more than even sex. And yes he knows that this is a unusual fetish like us and has kept it a secret from all. being of average height of around 5.6 and weighing around 65kg , he was not much of a stud , any naturally never had girlfriends.

Saahil had reached marriageable age and his father now wants to marry him . despite being strict, his father was quite liberal from inside , he tells Sahil to register in a matrimonial site and shortlist girls he likes , from his own community that is

And our Sahil as expected, shortlists tall , big and capable looking girls , mostly athletes, dancers, fitness enthusiast. His father is a bit surprised looking at his choice of girls . but says to carry on anyways and start seeing them . But our Sahil does not like to hide things , he decides he will be frank atleast with the girl he is going to marry . and the meeting of girls begins

Girl 1: What are your likes ?
Sahil : The usual stuff , music movies , oh and yes I have a fetish for lift and carry
The girls smile disappears suddenly
result : Rejected by the girl

Girl 2 : What are your likes ?
Sahil : the usual bla bla.. and yes getting lifted and carried
Girl gives a weird and hesitant smile
result : Rejected by the girl

Girl 3 : What are your likes ?
Sahil : the usual bla bla.. and yes getting lifted and carried
Girl : In a louder voice, I think we are done
result : Rejected by the girl

This pattern continues with all the shortlised girls

Sahils dad is deeply concerned, what is that you do that all the girls immediately reject you ? Sahil is at a loss of words. I think it is enough his father says, I will shortlist some girls from some of the people I know myself and be careful not to spoil my name !

Sahil is a bit disappointed, but he knows there is nothing much he can do now . Soon his father fixes an interview with the daughter of a colleague of his , The girl, ya, our heroines name is Reshma

What ? Reshma ? that nerdy wierd kid of your colleague ? the last time I saw her was in childhood, thin,shabbily dressed, tomboy with bracers and a sharp irritating laugh ! Sahil protests . Come on , his father says, have you seen her recently ? and shows her Photograph. forget her face , first thing he searched for is her height in the profle, 5.2 ! . and in the photo she does not look more than 45kg ! My life is doomed , Sahil sighs , that’s because by his father’s tone , it was clear he wanted Sahil to marry this girl only , all this interview stuff was just a formality

Soon enough, Reshma and her parents come to visit the house , Reshma had sure grown into a beautiful woman, slim, long thick hair till her waist, graceful and way too feminine . Sahil is not really that impressed, though he is surprised she is not weird now like in childhood. after a while it is clear that both his parents are really impressed by Reshma . Dad then says, you want to speak in private ? Sahil , the cunning guy knows he has a chance now, tell her about his fetish and she will drop him like a hot potato !

Both enter room

Reshma : Sahil, I never thought we would end up like this , I am so excited. It has been a long time is it not , she is twirling her, hair , her eyes have a sparkle and her gaze is fixed on him, it looks like she has already fallen for him
Sahil : Ya , I never expected too , BTW I like this, that , bla bla . and yes getting lifted and carried by girls !
Reshma : eh ? never heard of this hobby before, is it even possible ? a girl able to lift a guy ? I mean girls are usually weak
Sahil : Of course have you seen humpty Sharma movie poster ?
Reshma : Ya , but I thought it was special effects

Sahil shows video of the poster making and Reshma is amused . Wow ! she must be freaking strong ! No, Sahil says it is about technique, and shows video again

Reshma is intrigued : Shall we try that here ? I still feel it impossible

Now our Sahil was not prepared for it, but hey, will a landc fan leave any chance to get carried ? he stands on the floor, Reshma comes and bends down, picks him up in a front lift with a grunt and holds on for a few seconds, Wow, Reshma says excited by her own strength. I can actually lift you ! and here I was thinking I am really weak, and puts him down

Just then sahils dad comes in, you both are finished ? both say yes, Good the dad says , let wind up

Later that day , message comes that Reshma has given her consent, and our Sahil is actually happy !

Sahils dad is happy that finally some girl has accepted him , He fixes engagement after 4 months and marriage next year , 4 months would be enough for both of you to understand each other his dad says . meanwhile Sahil is already daydreaming about how Reshma will be carrying him after marriage

The next day, Sahil receives call from an unknown number , It is Reshma , it was a nice meeting yesterday she says, we should meet More often , come near my workplace tomorrow and we will have lunch together she says . Sahil agrees . now he is thinking how to bring up landc topic again in front of her

They both meet up the next day. Reshma is more bubbly and enthusiastic compared to first time they met. Meet my friend Shirin and her boyfriend, she introduces them. our office lovebirds. and Sahil here ,is my fiance she says . Oh, Shirin exclaims with a naughty expression. congrats she says. I can tell only one thing about Reshma , be ready for shocks she says , and they both go to help themselves in buffet

Sahil is a bit confused, but then says , about that lifting we had done that day, do you think you are strong enough to carry longer ? Just then Reshma says , umm.. I think so. hey let’s wash hands and have lunch , and both enter the handwash section . Sahil is washing his hands and Reshma sneaks from behind and suddenly lifts him in a front lift , from behind ! Sahil is shocked , Reshma gives a mischievous laugh, but puts him down with a grunt , you are not light she says. meanwhile her friend Shirin and her boyfriend happen to see the scene and they come to them concerned. Is everything OK ? looks like there was some physical action going on

Reshma says, nothing . I was just playing pranks on him by carrying him suddenly .shirins boyfriend looks at Shirin and says, look at Reshma ! you never did that to me ! Shirin is amused, what’s there in that ? here, she says and comfortably picks up her boyfriend in a front lift . Reshma is amused, wow Shirin ! I never thought you were this strong , That’s nothing Shirin says, I have been carrying my brother’s like this from childhood. both laugh . meanwhile our Sahil is very serious

because after so much lift carry happening Sahil is feeling tight below ! he excuses himself and goes to the restroom. only to return after a long time . Soon after lunch Reshma says she had started daily morning walks at a park nearby , join me she says . Sahil excited agrees, he knows by now that Reshma likes to surprise him and will pull out a prank anytime, which could end up with lifts !

The next day they both meet in the park and walk, Sahil is surprised Reshma has a good stamina. after the walk he holds her hand and takes her to a secluded location. he nervously speaks , about that lifting thing , have you ever did a shoulder lift ? Why are you so nervous ? Reshma laughs , that’s no big deal . how is it done ? he then explains I will bend over on one of your shoulders and you pick me up . she follows his instructions and with a good effort picks him up on her shoulder. but there is a problem, his balls are getting crushed . put me down he says in pain . But Reshma is excited

Wow. I am feeling like a movie villain kidnapping a helpless heroine . look at you lying helpless On my shoulders and crying haha… she starts slapping his butt and laughing. suddenly they hear a shocked voice , they turn and see an old couple watching the scene ! the old lady had covered her mouth in shock, Reshma put Sahil down and stands respectfully. You younger generation are really weird the old man says . I feel worried looking at you all. Sahil tries to argue back , but Reshma holds his hand . gives a sign to keep quiet . She seems to respect elders and Sahil really likes this quality in her

The old couple leaves and Reshma says : Hey this weekend my office has organized a party in a resort, we can even bring our fiancé . Sure I will come says Sahil , his excitement has now multiplied !

to be continued…

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Nice story and narattion..likes much.and waiting for part 2..when did it posted?


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